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Author Topic: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya  (Read 1737 times)

Offline Ysveta

For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« on: February 25, 2017, 11:02:41 PM »
This was the day. Ysveta was going to find her mother.

She had only be searched a few months before, and after a couple failed attempts at finding the woman, Ysveta had decided to do some research. After asking around a bit in the candidate barracks with the more social and experienced of the candidates, Ysveta had a pretty good idea of where she could find her. She was a Prairie Wing rider, so Ysveta was going to look there first. Hopefully, she would be able to pick her mother out of a crowd, but having never really talked about Yinaya with S'vet before he died, she didn't really have an idea of what kind of person she was looking for.

It was the hair that she was hoping would stand out to her. When she had met S'vet, the first thing that had stood out to her was his tight blonde curls, so if her mother didn't have the same perfectly straight her as her, she would probably question the truth of her parentage.

Connecting with her birth parents had never occurred to her before now. She had never felt abandoned in the creche, it was simply a fact of life for many of the children in there, and after all, a young Weyrbrat had a lot of things to distract themselves with. And then, when she had finally met her father, she didn't need him. Ysveta knew how music worked, she didn't know how... candidacy or dragons worked. But she just had this feeling that being a candidate was what she was supposed to be doing, even if it had no basis in fact or anything she had experienced before.

The only thing she had known was music, but her mother knew dragons.

So she would find her and just... see how it went from there. Deep breath. It won't be weird. Hopefully she wants to know about her children. She will. It'll be fine.
But if Yinaya didn't want to know about her, she would steel her nerves and walk away, it was just something that she would have to move on from.

Ysveta's head snapped up from where she had been staring at the ground thinking, tapping her hands against her thigh in her anxiousness, the riders were back from their drills, landing in the middle of the Weyr bowl to gather for a final send off it seemed. She stood, her fingers still playing at her thigh, her eyes trained upon the group, waiting for them to disperse.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Yinaya

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2017, 01:01:35 PM »
Going through the motions of Drills was just… monotonous and bothersome. Yinaya had been flying Thread almost her entire life. Both her and Rantasyth knew the motions. Knew where they belonged in a Fighting Wing almost as well as they knew how to fly at all. It’s what they’d been trained for, what they had Impressed for.

It brought Yinaya to a darker place. A serious place where her entire life had been eat, sleep, fire, and thread. The Green Pair might not have been able to fly as long as a Bronze or a Brown, but they had the Thread scarring to prove they’d paid their time in the air.

But Yinaya wasn’t an anarchist either. She understood that the Wing needed to preserve the knowledge, that they needed to maintain physical fitness and cohesion. But neither did she go out of her way to help those in her wing that were struggling. She just couldn’t find it in herself to care. As far as she was concerned, Thread was gone and she’d not live to see it again. Or she hoped she wouldn’t!

The younger generation was the responsibility of those in a rank, that wanted the chore. Yinaya just wanted to enjoy life now.

When dragon drills were done, Rantasyth landed heavily. She wasn’t a small green, at least not in regards to being dainty or delicate. Drills often put the Green in a mood. As much as it reminded Yinaya of a darker time, it rubbed off on Rantasyth.

“Sorry,” Yinaya grumbled to her Green as she slid off of her. “I should really think about other things when we’re up in the air.”

Rantasyth perked up a little at that. You really should. I don’t remember all of that but I don’t like being reminded either, the Green answered honestly.

Idly, Yinaya wondered if it was the very fact that Yinaya couldn’t help but remember that kept her Green from rising for Flights. Not that it particularly mattered. Her Green seemed quite happy not to participate. Yinaya was so lost in thought as she made her way toward the weyrhall, she didn’t even notice that someone might be looking or waiting for her.

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Offline Ysveta

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2017, 05:24:38 PM »
Ysveta tried to keep track of where all the green riders dispersed to once their dragons had dropped them off. Because that was basically all she had to go off, black hair (she hoped) and a green dragon.

She inched a little closer to the group of riders, trying to get closer looks at their faces, in case perhaps some sort of primal memory kicked in, something like what the firelizards had, and she just... happened to connect.

It didn't happen.

Hovering around the edge of the flow of riders, she ended up making the decision to start to weave between them, taking closer looks at their faces and features, trying to see if she could possibly recognise herself within them. She stopped someone, and opened her mouth to ask the riders name, but there was something about the eyes that didn't make sense to her, so she just said sorry, blushing slightly and slipped out of the crowd again.

Okay. You have to go back in there. This is the time. Get it done. She whispered the little mantra to herself, with her eyes closed, removed from possibly getting in the way of anyone who was walking into the hall. And it was when she opened her eyes, determined to keep trying that she saw her.

By herself, not talking to anyone, walking towards the Weyrhall.

It was her. Or maybe it wasn't. But if she didn't ask quickly, her potential mother was about to walk into the Weyrhall and get lost in the crush of bodies that always milled around in there at lunchtime.

She darted forward, reaching a hand up to tap her on the shoulder, and then rethinking the move, because she had been told before that people didn't like to be touched without permission. "Um... Excuse me? Do you have a minute? I wanted to ask you something. Are you Yinaya? Because if you are, I'm your daughter."

There. Straight and to the point. It would be a pretty easy end to the conversation if she just turned around and said, nope, I'm not Yinaya. Awkward perhaps, but easy enough to brush off.

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Yinaya

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2017, 03:31:32 AM »
Yinaya really was dawdling. There was no rush to the weyrhall. It wasn’t that she wasn’t hungry, just that she didn’t really care to shove or rush. But neither did she see the girl dodging about the other riders. It wasn’t until Rantasyth stopped walking, and thus caused Yinaya to look up at the Green, that she heard the girl talk.

And boy did she talk!

Did all of that come out in one breath?

Yinaya actually started to smile, trying to process what it was she said.

Something about being your daughter? the Green clarified, leaning down to look at the girl. Even nosing at her, though gently, with curiosity.

While Yinaya didn’t discredit what the girl was saying, and wouldn’t say there wasn’t some resemblance there, she was curious why the girl thought that. So, she asked, “Why do you think you’re my daughter?” While Yinaya certainly wanted to believe it, she was also curious. Reconnecting with her missing children had been one of her grand goals – even if not all of them had turned out the way she’d wanted.

Not that she could blame’em.

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Offline Ysveta

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2017, 03:44:59 AM »
Not being around dragons much, Ysveta was slightly perturbed by the sheer size of the green, however, wasn't completely off put, and smiled happily at the green, the stress of actually getting this right, having faded away when she had asked someone, there was no point worrying about it now, she was going to find out whether or not she was right soon enough.

"Sorry, but it's your hair. It looks like mine. I've been looking for my mother since I was searched. My father didn't have hair like mine, so I thought it had to come from somewhere." That and a little bit of digging for information, and she had come up with her dragon colour and wing.

Ysveta mulled over this conversation, the woman was being nice enough, even if Ysveta had just made such a strange declaration to a complete stranger and gotten her guess wrong. Sure, she hoped that she was right, but if she wasn't, at least it didn't look like she was going to laugh outright in her face. Maybe she could help her, if she wasn't in fact, Yinaya?

She smiled up at the greenrider. "Your name is Yinaya, correct? And there's not any others with the same name here on Fort Island? Because otherwise I am going to look like a fool."

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Yinaya

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #5 on: March 14, 2017, 04:05:03 AM »
Yinaya was quite impressed, all things considering. Both at the courage of the girl and that she would come up to her with naught but a feeling at that their hair was similar. Though there were a bit more than that. Though, if she were to be honest, Y’kin had come at her with similar hopes though he’d heard her name.

Feeling a bit sheepish, Yinaya offered the girl a smile. Maybe she should’ve clarified her name sooner. Yinaya shooed off Rantasyth. The Green was quite curious and a bit excited too. What if this was one of their kids? “Yes, sorry about that. I am Yinaya. What’s your name?” This was so close to Y’kin, she half suspected the boy had put the girl up to it. Then, to alleviate her concerns, she smiled all the more. “And I assure you, there’s no one else that goes by that name. I checked.”

Which was actually true. Sort of. When all the dragon riders were being dispersed into Wings, she was the only Yinaya called out to be sorted.

Rantasyth pranced in place before she nosed at the girl again. That means that this is one of our  daughters, yes?

A little unsure, Yinaya asked carefully, “Is this a ‘you’re happy to see me’ things or…? I can understand if you wouldn't be... ”

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Offline Ysveta

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #6 on: March 14, 2017, 04:28:42 AM »
"Oh, of course, my name is Ysveta." Well then, if she truly was the only Yinaya, there could be no other possibility, unless the creche folk had led her astray, but what was the point in worrying about that?

It was a little surreal, knowing that this rider was her mother, Ysveta hadn't really needed a parental figure before, the creche had been good to her, the harper hall had been perfect, but she was in completely uncharted territory now, and had no idea who to turn to except for the mother she had never known. And if Yinaya was happy enough to help her, Ysveta wasn't too proud to ask.

"Yes. Yes, I'm happy to meet you." Smiling up at Yinaya she continued. "I've never... needed anyone before. I've had music and I've had myself. But now... I'm not so sure." She shrugged. "If you're happy to see me, then I'm happy to see you. But, I too, would understand if you're not interested in getting to know one another. It's been a long time, I just thought now was as good enough as ever, when everything is so strange for me that is all."

Ysveta was still a little unsure on that count herself, whilst this meant something to her, she had no idea whether it would mean anything to her mother. Perhaps it was more of a 'Well that's nice. You can go now.' Ysveta supposed she would simply have to play with whatever hand she was dealt.

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Yinaya

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #7 on: March 15, 2017, 05:36:43 PM »
Rantasyth was quite thrilled, and trilled her excitement. Mirroring Yinaya’s. While it had been the Green Rider’s mission since Y’kin found her to find her other children, it was quite a surprise when she found out that some of them had been looking for her. That had never really crossed her mind. Why… Why would they do something like that when she’d been the one to leave them in the crèche?

At least, that had been her initial thought behind it. Y’kin sort of straightened that out for her too.

With a laugh, Yinaya actually pulled the girl into a hug. Ysveta. Her daughter. Her heart was racing, she almost thought this was just… not real. A day like this, a seemingly normal day, and there she was. Had just walked up, as sweet as you please. A woman, no less! Grown just as Y’kin had been! Though he’d had a dragon of his own! She was just… had missed out on so much… “I’m so sorry I just…” Yinaya began before she suddenly stepped away, sheepish but still smiling. “I just… I…” Words failed so she smiled and tried to shoo away Rantasyth from nosing at the girl.

Needed anyone? Did that mean…? “Did… you need something now?”

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Offline Ysveta

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #8 on: March 16, 2017, 03:22:05 AM »
Ysveta was happily pulled into the hug, it felt a little weird, but it didn't feel bad at all. And it was a big relief that indeed this was her mother, and that she seemed happy enough to have been found by her.

"You just what? What is there to be sorry about?" There was no heat in her voice, just curiousity, however, after she asked, Ysveta actually grimaced a little bit, that was probably one of those questions she would have been advised against asking. Usually when people had given up on finishing a sentence, they got annoyed when you ask them to complete it anyways.

"Sorry, you do not have to answer that, I am trying to think before I speak." Shaking her head in answer to Yinaya's question, Ysveta continued. "It is not anything urgent. I just thought that now that I am a candidate, and it is different to anything else I have ever known, that it would probably be useful to have my mother the dragonrider to ask questions." She smiled at those words, her mother. "That is, whenever you had time, and if you wanted to. I was a harper before this, and so, being searched only a turn ago, is... Well, it is a very different lifestyle."

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Offline Yinaya

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #9 on: March 29, 2017, 07:18:08 AM »
Yinaya was smiling so much it was beginning to hurt her cheeks. That was probably a good thing though. A very good thing. She waved away Ysveta’s apology. “Don’t worry. Feel free to ask me whatever you like.” And Yinaya meant that. She had absolutely nothing to hide and, really, if answering any manner of question helped Ysveta then all the better.

So, she did just that. “It’s just hard to realize how much I’ve missed out on,” Yinaya clarified, gesturing to Ysveta. Her smile was still in place, but there was a softer edge to it. “You’re grown, hm? I wish I could’ve been there for more of your life.” Yinaya shook her head and waved her hand again. “Ah, but that’s hardly fair of me, is it? I wasn’t there and I don’t expect to be forgiven for that.” Nor could she exactly change what she’d done or why she’d done it. Thread was falling. Yinaya hadn’t exactly expected it to ever stop. “So it’s just nice… being able to see you, to be able to stand here when it’s not. To have this opportunity.” Yinaya ran a hand through her hair. “For you to not hate me for it all, I guess.”

Yinaya clasped her hands behind her back so she’d stop messing with her hair. “A Harper? That’s wonderful. Though hearing that you’re a candidate is possibly better.” Yinaya gestured to Rantasyth. “If we can do anything for you, of course we will. A turn isn’t so long to be standing, not really. Would you… Would you like to join me for lunch?”

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Offline Ysveta

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #10 on: May 01, 2017, 10:46:52 PM »
"Nothing interesting, I assure you. I suppose it would have been nice to be able to show you some of my compositions, to be able to share that with someone who was... well, obliged to care." Ysveta grinned, with a twinkle of mischievousness in her eyes. But truly, it wasn't something she worried about. It had been more than enough for her to be able to write in the first place, she didn't need acceptance and praise at every corner. "In any case, they still exist in the Hall somewhere, and I know one or two of my compositions were granted the opportunity to be played at major events. Next time they are played, I shall point them out to you, and it will be like you never missed anything."

With a broad grin at the idea, Ysveta continued. "I would love all the help I can get... From both of you." Bowing her head respectfully as she had been taught, she addressed her mother's green directly. "I very much apologise, I was not informed of your name when I went searching for you both."

Admittedly, it had been a lapse of thought, in her searching, she had been stupid enough to just run with the idea of green rider, and only now, understanding more as her candidate lessons went on, that that was a major mistake to make, but she had been so excited, and nervous, to start the process of finding her mother.

"I'd love to join you." She said, starting to walk towards the Weyrhall.

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Yinaya

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #11 on: May 21, 2017, 01:22:25 AM »
Yinaya tried not to outright laugh when Ysveta mentioned that she’d be obligated to care. It seemed such an odd thing to say – had it been a joke? Surely. Yinaya found that she definitely wanted to hear these compositions, to greedily absorb as much as she could. To make up for missed time. Not out of a sense of obligation or even guilt, but a very real desire to know her daughter. “Does this mean you could play… eventually… for me? Whenever you have free time, of course.”

Yinaya started to walk toward the weyrhall, but only a couple of steps before she nearly tripped over herself before she did laugh aloud. “Oh. Wait. You don’t know my dragon’s name?” She didn’t meant to sound both incredulous and terribly amused, but that someone might pass along her name without her dragon’s was, well, amusing.

Rantasyth wasn’t offended or even off put. Instead, the Green had been tailing them and still nosing at Ysveta. She didn’t seem to think that personal space was a thing when it came to Yinaya or her offspring – their offspring. That they’d just met didn’t seem a thing of consequence. My name is Rantasyth, she answered simply, with a soft, affectionate thrum as she watched Ysveta. You will play for me too?

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Offline Ysveta

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #12 on: May 21, 2017, 06:59:19 PM »
"I would. Personally, I am not the best at performance, but I studied hard enough with the basic instruments to be able to play my compositions. Admittedly, some are a little hard for me, but there are definitely a few that I would show you." She thought about the specifics, wondering when she'd be most likely to be able to get her hands on an instrument or two. "We are allowed free time from seven, if you're available one evening? I could go borrow something from the Harper Hall or one of my room mates."

Ysveta couldn't help but watch as her mother laughed, trying to dissect the reason. It was funny that she didn't know her dragon's name? Right. Ysveta supposed that dragonpairs were inseparable, so it was strange that she hadn't been told both. Perhaps she had been once, but the name had been harder to remember for a toddler in the creche.

With Rantasyth nosing her, she wasn't entirely sure what she was supposed to do. Was that a good sign? Most dragons seemed to have a little bit of personal space when it came to people they hadn't met before. But the thrum seemed like a good sign, so she let the dragon simply.. continue. "Of course, Rantasyth! I would love to. For you both."

Since Ysveta had decided the nosing was a good sign, she held out her hand to Rantasyth to give her a scratch on the eyeridges if the dragon wanted it.

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Yinaya

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #13 on: February 10, 2018, 02:32:12 AM »
Yinaya stepped next to Ysveta, hooking her arm through her daughters so they could walk together. After patting Rantasyth’s nose. That seemed to pacify the Green’s nosy curiosity, at least for the moment. That and Ysveta did say that she would play for both of them.

“I’m generally free in the evenings as well. After dinner so… about the same time too, yeah. I’d be delighted to have you play for us.” Which she was genuinely excited and looking forward to. That one of her daughters happened to be so talented… It was lovely.

Now that they were walking together, Yinaya did lead her into the weyr hall. Her arm still looped through Ysveta’s. “If you’d like, we can later tonight? Unless you need more prep time? We can also spend some time oiling and tending to Rantasyth, hm?”

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Offline Ysveta

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #14 on: April 19, 2018, 03:22:34 PM »
Ysveta started only slightly at the easy way with which Yinaya seemed to interact with other people. How it had just been second nature for her to just... loop their arms together as if it were nothing. And it was nothing, but it wasn't at the same time. It was just such an easy show of affection, and something quite unfamiliar to Ysveta.

With her mind bringing up a visual of her own schedule, alongside that of the Prairie Wing schedule, Ysveta silently agreed that indeed their schedules would line up at about that time. "Tonight? I would love to." How convenient, that the day she had decided to seek out her mother, she had been scheduled on for post-breakfast clean up, instead of any of the other meals.

Eyes widened at the offer of oiling Rantasyth. She knew her lessons involved such things, and that some other dragonriders liked to avoid the mammoth task in favour of handing it over to eager, young candidates or Weyrbrats. But it was always a privilege for Ysveta. Being up close and personal with a dragon? Rantasyth? Her mother's dragon? Most definitely.

"You would let me help out with Rantasyth?" Just in case her mother decided to change her mind... she wanted to give her an out.

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Yinaya

Re: For The First Time [03.10.2589 ~ 12pm] Yinaya
« Reply #15 on: April 22, 2018, 09:50:55 AM »
Ah, to be young again! Yinaya couldn’t even remember a time before Rantasyth. Her life had been so much thread and training that anything before that was just a haze of... well, vague generalities. She knew what it must be like without a dragon. She could observe it even now, but she couldn’t remember it. That was too long ago, with too many other things clouding up her memory.

Too much time.

Rantasyth rumbled her agreement. What was a time without her anyway? Not important, surely.

Yinaya smiled all the more at the question. Oiling her dragon was such a mundane task that, to see someone eager for it, was adorable. Exciting. “Of course. You’re free to poke in my weyr anytime. I’m sure Rantasyth would love the company and I certainly don’t have anything more going on.” Yinaya wanted Ysveta to feel free to swing by for a visit. Even if they’d only just met.

Entering the weyrhall was always a nice feeling. Like shrugging off the weight of a long day. Even if Thread didn’t fall anymore, this was a place of comfort and relaxation. Where everyone came together for meals, general chatter, and just... letting it all go. Yinaya led them to the line so they could collect their rationed meal. Rather than sitting with her Wing, Yinaya opted to let Ysveta decide where they should sit. With the candidates, at one of the empty ends of the tables... Yinaya didn’t much care where.

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