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Author Topic: Approved X'kis [07.02.2549 9th Pass] | Brown Rider  (Read 1860 times)

Offline Kyya

X'kis [07.02.2549 9th Pass] | Brown Rider
« on: February 27, 2017, 02:09:43 AM »

Play By:

First Name:
Whatever you like.
Date of Birth:
07.02.2549 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Ista Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Currently Eimerra

Your Reflection...

Appearance: X’kis is every inch of him a soldier. He stands tall and straight backed, with blue eyes that exude a comforting warmth when he looks at you. He’s soft spoken, with expressive features and the more-often-than-not appearance of a makeshift beard soften a sharp jawline. His hair, cut to a medium length, curls at the end, a lovely honey brown that turns a burnished Gold in the sunshine and an inner strength emanating in his motions.

Wearing nothing but simple clothes, be they riding leathers or casual attire, and adorning himself with neither trinket nor accolade, this man is the perfect embodiment of a duty-bound brown rider. He’s unobtrusive, calm and always seems as though he’s listening to you. He looks like the sort of man you want fighting by your side or standing behind you as you do your duty.

He has suffered some, in the past, and a burn covers his left side, starting just below his pectorals and brushing his hip. The largest by far of the scars that decorate his body in ways trinkets do not. Over twenty turns fighting thread has left him with minor threadscoring on his extremities, a particularly nasty one decorating his face. A thin line almost circling his left eye and sliding down his cheek to be lost beyond his collar bone. He does not hide these, however, though doesn’t wear clothes that will bring unnecessary attention to his battlescars.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: X’kis was practically born a refugee, owing his life to those who had risked theirs to save him. Impressing so young meant he was assisting in the war against the sporadic threadfall that devastated Pern for a quarter of a century, and with the losses faced throughout much of his formative years, X’kis found himself bound by duty to the weyr and the people he defended. While it was never an easy task, he met each day with a steady determination, and would mete out the catastrophe by internalising as much of his emotional turmoil as necessary. Despite the constant threadfall not having returned since the 9th pass, there will always be a part of him hardened to the possibility that one day, before he’s able to take that final leap between with Maelboroth, he will find himself wing-to-wing with other dragons facing off with the menacing silver threat once more.

Response to dragon color mutations: So Fort Island held more surprises then new predators and the unexpected deaths of a child or two, but what’s the point in stressing over a few new colours? X’kis has never been the sort to judge a dragon by their appearance. It is what they do with themselves that matters. So apart from the oddity of the mutated colours, this brown rider sees only more dragons to help protect the future of Pern.

Who are you...


Weyrlings/Candidates : Candidates, and moreso the weyrlings that are produced from them are the future of the weyr. They’re the ones that will replace the old, the sick, or the dead one day. During the catastrophe, it was the weyrlings working hard to graduate that ensured fighting wings stayed in the air. They gave the riders hope. Candidates did their duty despite the losses they would oftentimes incur on the sands themselves, despite their own backgrounds. They gave the dragonets the freedom to choose their bonded and kept dragonet losses down. He thouroughly enjoys the chance to see both candidates and weyrlings and will often try and catch up with their own lessons if given the chance. He will try to time his returns to the weyr around hatchings for this very reason, eager to see the impression of the next generation of riders.

Search Dragons : His uncle being a searchrider was definitely a critical part of his love of the empathetic blues and their equally empathetic riders, however even beyond them, these partners who have this innate ability that no-one quite understands are worthy of recognition. Sure the hatchings could rely purely on the crechlings turned weyrbrats that are often the first identified to stand, but these riders will find gemstones among the Pern populace, caring not for someone’s background. Without them, X’kis did not see a way for them to ensure such a high impression rate for newly hatched dragonets. And every time he is not required to grieve for the loss of one so young, he finds himself mentally thanking the searchrider responsible.

Drills : X’kis sometimes feels as though his entire life has been made up of drills, and then carrying out those drills in real life scenarios. Instead of resenting the oftentimes repetitive instruction, X’kis revels in the chance to participate, often taking a few hours out of his return to the weyr to join one of the wings in drill training (often, Prairie Wing since they focus so heavily on them) if and when he finds himself time to do so.

Prairie Wing : Prairie Wing and it’s Wingleader, Z’tai are regarded highly by X’kis. Their dedication to assisting in the continued development of riders who are not quite ready to be completely independent is commendable, and those riders that choose to stay once their shortcomings have been fixed are met with the highest regard from X’kis. A wing such as Prairie would save so many lives in the future, and help to minimize the sometimes deadly fuck ups that weyrlings can and have gone through in the past on graduation. If it weren’t for his belief that he would be more use for the weyr as part of Mountain Wing, Prairie Wing would be his first choice.


Substance Abuse :  While he understands many people look to drugs and alcohol to wash away their past, X'kis feels that remembering the past is important for the future. He's not going to have time for substance abusers, though can tolerate people who prove their addictions do not affect their ability to serve the weyr.

Liars : The people of Pern have gone through too much for dishonesty to be sewn amongst them. Lying and manipulating to twist things your way are horrible things to do when your very survival is dependent on your peers. All lying achieves is mistrust amongst potential friends, and second guessing someone’s motives every time they put their hand up to volunteer for something. X’kis doesn’t have time for those sorts of people.

Classists : There are ranks for a reason, however X’kis sees value in dragons and their pair as a whole. Just because his dragon’s hide is brown does not disqualify him from a leadership role. Just because your dragon is bronze does not mean you get every weyr leadership role. Dragons are the way they are for a reason, and those that abuse their position over others need to be brought to heel.

Runners :X’kis always wanted to do what he could to help out, and he tried a few times to assist in the safe relocation of runnerbeasts, both before and after becoming a rider. Unfortunately, every time he managed to end up on the wrong side of the stupid beasts, either kicked, bitten or, on one occasion almost crushed when the runner fell sideways. Added to the fact they weren’t to be used as a food source when their food stores ran low and he just doesn’t have time for the beasts, nor anyone valuing them above all others.


* KIND : X’kis has never had cause to hate others, and despite the catastrophic life he has led, he sees no reason to be cruel to others. Even when encountering the more… unsavoury characters in weyr and hold, X’kis found he was always able to show some sort of kindness. Perhaps sharing food or offering to repair a hold in their shirt. There was enough pain, and general unrest in the world he grew up in without adding one’s own, possibly warped world view to things.

* CALM : X’kis isn’t going to lose his head over many things, able to assess situations as they come and react in a rational manner. He’ll get about excited as anyone over good news, and will mourn losses like the rest of the world, though you’ll never find him throwing himself into a frenzy based on circumstances arising that are out of his control. If something happens, and he can deal with it, he will step up to the mark without hesitation. If it’s not something he feels as though he’s capable of dealing with, he’ll find someone who can. He’s not going to lose his head just because something is beyond his abilities.

* DUTIFUL : Despite being raised in a hold, impressing so young in his life instilled in X’kis a firm believe that duty to the weyr and the people they swore to protect was the be all and end all of life itself. He will never shirk in his duty or try and excuse himself from fulfilling the requirements of those superior to himself, regardless of the personal benefits doing so may get him. Everything he is he owes in some part to those who came before him, and it is his job now to pay that debt, no matter the cost to himself.

* ACCEPTING : Relatively easy going and able to forgive easily, X’kis sees no point in dwelling on the negative aspects of life and is willing to make the best of whatever is thrown his way. He takes pride in his personal lot in life and while he has no over-the-top ambitions of his own, he is more than happy (not to mention capable) to step up to the mark when it is required.

* METICULOUS : In the care of his dragon and the care of his gear, X’kis is second to none. He has a fixed routine both at the weyr and away in which every aspect of dragon care and gear maintenance is maintained. It is one of the reasons he doesn’t require many items of clothing. He works hard to ensure one item will last him as long as possible.


* UNAMBITIOUS : Happy with his lot in life, X’kis has never pushed for positions of rank, despite whether or not he would be suited to it. Fact of the matter is that he’s always seen others as having better qualities than he to lead. There are many qualities of a good leader, and while he himself has these, he firmly believes that there is always someone better suited than he.

* SOLITARY : There was a time in his life where teamwork was everything and being surrounded by people was the norm, however with the heartache of the past few years he has found himself drawing away from others and holing himself in his weyr with just his flitter and dragon for company when not doing his duty for Mountain Wing. His self-imposed solitary confinement means that while he may hear whispers of the goings on in the weyr, while he was part of Mountain Wing, X’kis remains quite oblivious to the weyr and whatever politics affect the people. His first and foremost duty in life is to the weyr. He doesn’t need to be social to do his duty.

* GUARDED : X’kis has lost a lot over the decades. With no family and friendships ruined by the cruelty of threadfall, this man has a hard time letting anyone past the walls he sets up to protect himself. He will do what is required of him, and holds respect for many a person. He’s just not quite capable of letting himself relax socially. He’s doesn’t want to set himself up to fail as he feels like there’s been enough of that in his past. He’s better able to protect the future of the weyr if he’s not socially invested in it.

* GUILELESS : X’kis always thinks the best of people which leaves him blind to the political and manipulative maneuverings of others. He is unable to identify ulterior motives, and is willing to trust a person at face value. Since he himself would never even think to consider a hidden agenda in regards to climbing the social or political ladder, he cannot see this in others unless they slip up, and even then, a seemingly sincere apology is usually accepted. He’s not one to dwell on your past mistakes.

* RIGID : Duty to the weyr is valued above all things and X’kis will not tolerate being unable to fulfil what is required of him whenever it is required. Everything he does is to better the weyr, and there is no time for slacking. He’ll often push himself to the point of exhaustion if he feels it is required that he does so. Fortunately, all riders must eventually return to their weyr, and it gives him a brief period where he can try and unwind, if only to relax long enough to get some rest before starting all over again the next day. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and can often be a difficult person to deal with once he’s found some downtime.
Describe Yourself:

* HUMBLE: ----- X’kis sees who he is and what he can do for a weyr. He does not expect praise for doing what needs to be done, and does not think himself better than his peers. He is a brownrider. He does not need to be congratulated for doing his duty.

* RELIABLE: ----- If you ask X’kis to do something, Faranth knows he will do it, and do it well. He was the sort of person you wanted in your wing during a threadfall, more than capable of supporting you mid-flight should something happen. If you need him, X’kis will be there, regardless of the cost.

* TRUSTWORTHY: ----- X’kis can be trusted with your secrets. Even if he was that little bit more social than he is, he understands the value of keeping one’s mouth closed, if only because your secrets are not his to tell. He may not be very approachable during his downtime, but when he isn’t off doing his duty for Mountain Wing, he can and will be approached by associates (He’s not quite confident enough in himself to call them friends) who are more than willing to fill him in on all their going-ons since he last left.

* MINIMALISTIC: ----- Both personally and in his weyr X’kis is not one to surround himself with superfluous items. His weyr contains a cot, a few old furs and a chest that contains only a few items of clothing, all of which show the unmistakable signs of being meticulously repaired whenever required. Even when he finds himself needing a newer item, he’ll often keep his old stuff to assist with maintaining said item if possible. He has no heirloom items that he rescued in one of his moves through childhood, nor the formal gather wear others may have squirrelled away. He functions with only what he needs and no more.

* FAIR: ----- There is no point taking sides in an argument, and X’kis will often remain impartial to whatever parties are having issues. He tries to take in all points, dismiss those items that are redundant or simply non-issues blown out of proportion by the underlying problems and do what he can to come to a fair agreement. He has never had someone say he was unfair, and he prides himself in that. He will do what he can to hear you out, but if you’re wrong, he will not hesitate to tell you so.

The Magic Touch: X'kis managed to find time throughout the 9th pass to learn to dance. It was a pastime that made Cinta worry less about the catastrophe and a skill that doesn't often get the chance to see the light, particularly since the woman who inspired it is no longer with him. If the stars are aligned properly, however, you may find him a willing dance partner despite his hesitation.


Mother: Xydra, Holder, b.2536 d. 2551
Father: Kiston, Holder, b. 2532 d, 2549

Siblings: None.

Cydra, Female, 2566
Xynta, Female, 2566
Linaris, Male, 2568
Tadraki, Female, 2571
Intis, Male, 2573

Tell us a story...

* 2549, 0 Xydrakis is born only a few months before Ista holders are forced to evacuate the hold. He’s the first and only child of Xydra and Kiston. During the evacuation, Kiston succumbs to a thread cluster, and Xydra ends up badly scored trying to rescue him. Xydrakis’ Uncle, L’ris of Blue Teffith is one of the dragons trying to prevent the casualties during the move and finds his sister and Xydrakis. He takes them to Southern Hold, where their other sister and her family resides, hoping the grubs would minimize any further loss for the tiny family.

* 2551, 2 Fall of Telgar Hold, Smith Crafthall, Technist and Plastic-Smith Crafthalls. This is the turn his mother dies. She tries to fight it off, but the grief for her husband and the terror of the catastrophe has resulted in a chronic depression, so when illness from the infection overwhelms her early in the turn, she doesn’t have the willpower to prevent the complete failure of her body. Xydrakis is too young to comprehend what has happened, and while he cried for her loss, the truth of the matter wouldn’t be clear for a few years.

* 2555, 6 Fall of Paradise River Hold. Eastern Weyr is abandoned. The grubs his uncle thought would protect them are doing something to keep up with the constant threadfall, though it isn’t nearly the complete protection they offered when threadfall followed a regular pattern. He is still living with his aunt, and his uncle will often visit to ensure she is not put off by the forced rearing of her dead sister’s child. He does not form any lasting attachments with the family who shelter him, and learns to live off the bare minimum so as not to burden them too much. He is old enough now to understand that he is an orphan, and looks forward to his uncles visits to break the tension that seems constant in his home.

* 2558, 9 Fall of Southern Boll and Weaver/Glass-Smith Halls. Feeling the pressure of their lives his aunt pushes him to be useful, tired of having to look after her own children plus the orphan. She does not want to disrespect her sister’s wishes, but the strain of caring for an extra mouth that is not her own distances her and her husband further from Xydrakis. His cousins are all older than he, and he has no relationship with them. The visits of L’ris and Teffith are one of the few things he looks forward to. Meanwhile he tries to make himself useful, seeking out the crafters living at Southern Hold to see how he can assist. Becomes something akin to a jack of all trades and finds himself away from his aunt’s house more often than not.

* 2561, 12 Fall of Southern Boll and Weaver/Glass-Smith Halls. Telgar Weyr is abandoned. Again, while not physically affected – since survivors seemed to be moving to the holds on the northern continent, Xydrakis is more than aware of the pressure their world is under. The Grubs are steadily failing to maintain the protection of the lush jungle and any hope of having something after the pass ends is fading fast. His uncle, still visiting regularly decides that the Southern Continent will no longer be feasible for his relatives and so moves to evacuate them before the official call to do so. On arriving, Teffith comments that Xydrakis may be suited for candidacy, and so while he offers to take them with him, his sister and her family ask to be left at High Reaches Hold. There is no teary farewell from Xydrakis, both parties being relived to no longer be burdened by the other. The prospect of being eligible for a dragon like Teffith brings with it a resolve for Xydrakis to do whatever it takes to assist in the survival of their planet, and he throws himself into weyr duties as if he were born to it.
L’ris gifts him with a fire lizard egg, trusting his dragons assessment of the child and deciding that a fire lizard would help prepare him for what he felt would be the inevitable impression of a dragon. The moment the little blue hatches, Xydrakis names him “Lesiff”, after his uncle and his dragon, a tribute to the security the bluerider had offered unwaveringly. He does not dally in teaching the eager flit some basic commands, and while finding the prospect of a larger version of the bond for the future a little daunting, he resolves to do his duty and present himself as soon as he is able.

* 2562, 13 It took longer than anticipated, but Xydrakis hits puberty and loses his virginity in the same month. Able to finally stand for a clutch, he is one of many hopefuls to present themselves to the eggs produced from Rayneth and Blyth’s flight.  It was his first official hatching, and he didn’t quite believe the soft voice in his head telling him their name was Maelboroth. He questioned it for a moment, before realizing that the rainbow eyed brown dragonet was, indeed, bonded to him, and, delighted, he fed the starving creature. Taking the honorific “X’kis”, he threw himself into his weyrling duties with the same eagerness as he had as a candidate, adhering to a rigorous schedule he set himself around his day to day duties to further ensure he was able to fulfill the duties required of him. He had little to no downtime from that point on, dedicating everything he and Maelboroth were to the weyr and the dragons that protected them.

* 2563, 14 Fall of Nabol Hold. The riots and the accusations thrown towards High Reaches Weyr angered X’kis, and he was quick to quiet anyone who thought that Nabol may have had a point. He knew the riders would do their best to protect every person on Pern, and was able to better understand just what that meant now that he lived at the weyr. He had already lost some of his peers to accidents, and despite his young age was aware of the burden he carried as a brownrider.

* 2564, 15 The year Maelboroth and X’kis graduate weyrlinghood. X’kis perseverance pays off and he is placed in a fighting wing straight away, he repeated performance in the weyrling drills and the death of a small bronze dragon opening a slot that needed to be filled. He works hard trying to ensure none of his wingmates are burdened by his appearance among them, and sustains only a few threadscores during the turn, mostly the result of changing fall patterns as opposed to incompetence. Nothing serious however, and he and Maelboroth don’t go more than a day or two without being fighting fit. Ruatha Hold Falls and more refugees swarm the holds, making their job a little easier as holds and cotholds are no longer sustainable.

Partway through the turn Rakaith, Maelboroth’s golden clutchmate rises for the first time and Maelboroth goes to chase, eager to push test his clutchmates in their attempt to catch her. He figured speed wouldn’t be required, and so was lagging behind when Rakaith found herself in the middle of threadfall, the deadly tendrils consuming her and her closest suitors before the group of them just disappeared between. The suddenness of it caused both dragon and rider to reel, though thankfully Maelboroth had returned to the weyr before the storm caught up with him. Rakaith’s rider took her life a heartbeat after, and both dragon and rider swore to do what they could to prevent it happening again. Maelboroth has since taken a look-before-you-leap attitude to chasing queen flights, and developed enough discipline to ignore the call for as long as needed to ensure he didn’t chase when his life could be in danger.

* 2565, 16 The first flight Melboroth wins is with a large green dragon called Seltith, X’kis finding himself completely at home with her rider Cinta. While the woman is slightly older, X’kis ends up moving them to his weyr late in the turn, Cinta becoming pregnant not long after. While he does not shirk in his duty, X’kis finds happiness in the bright, bubbly woman and her equally bubbly dragon, and Maelboroth is content refusing the call of queen flights with a lifemate of his own.

* 2566, 17 After a hard pregnancy and a harder labour, Cinta gives birth to twins. Two beautiful baby girls, Cydra and Xynta who are the picture of health. Cinta stays out of the sky for longer than what she would have to with just one child, however recuperates well by the start of the following turn she is healed up and able to return to the wings. X’kis is delighted at the birth of his first two children, and is glad they won’t have to grow up alone as he did. They go to the crèche as soon as possible, and X’kis and his weyrmate leave their upbringing to the capable hands of the weyrfolk.

* 2567, 18 Cinta falls pregnant early in the turn and is on light duties for most of it. Southern, Delta and Dorado Hold, Ierne Island, and the Dolphineer craft hall all fall this turn, followed by the abandonment of Southern Weyr. Fort Weyr are fortified by the influx of new riders, and his uncle expresses concern with finding suitable candidates for clutches, the tension in the holds from the overcrowding causing even the best searchdragons grief so far as finding suitable minds. A wing change causes X’kis to be in the same wing as his uncle, and their first they develop a deeper connection with one another through their shared experiences. X’kis found himself in the same wing as his uncle. During the early hours before rukbat rose, near the end of a shift, a clump of thread heads towards Maelboroth, unnoticed as they dive for another clump further away. The first they knew of it was when flames seared down X’kis’s side, scorching the dragon hide beneath as L’ris and Teffith swoop down to save them from what would have been a life-threatening threadscore. Uncle dies protecting X’kis and Maelboroth from a nasty clump that had swung in on his blindside. Maelboroth reacted quickly, darting between and offering them swift relief from the burn, reappearing a few coughs later and swinging to seek medical attention for X’kis. MAelboroth was keening as he landed, his eyes whirling with his heartache. At first it seemed as though it was because X’kis was dying, but the burns were painful, but superficial. It was for Teffith that the brown cried, for the blue and his rider had gone between at the same time as Maelboroth and X’kis, they just hadn’t reappeared. The reprieve caused by the burn gave X’kis time to recover mentally, and by the time he was cleared for duty again he was not mourning his uncle’s loss as much as he was previously. He did get some time to spend with his weyrmate, heavily pregnant at the time, and was fighting fit, though a little more wary of the danger he faced.

* 2568, 19 High Reaches Hold falls on the eve of the birth of X’kis third child, a boy he names Linaris after his uncle. He is happy to pass on his uncle’s name, and Cinta allows him to do so, leaving the boy at the crèche and joining the ranks of fighters once more.

* 2570, 21 Maelboroth’s clutchmother, Rayneth is lost to threadfall, and Cinta proves pregnant once more. X’kis is glad that his dragon does not have the same attachments to his brethren as he does, and they continue their duty as per normal, though saddened by the loss of yet another queen. It simply furthers their resolve to keep hatchings safe for future weyrlings.

* 2571, 22 X’kis fourth child is born, another girl they name Tadraki. As with the other children, she is moved to the crèche as soon as Cinta is well enough to rejoin the fighting wings. X;’kis is part of the fighting wings that attempt to save Tillek Hold and the Fisher Crafthall, however they are unsuccessful. He is annoyed at his inability to save the smaller holds and supports the decision to move everyone to Fort Weyr. The chaos of the move results in neither he nor Cinta knowing what becomes of their children, and he finds himself assuming the worse. They are but children afterall, unable to help themselves yet. It is a disheartening moment for them both, however X’kis, at least understands that their survival was always dependent on the crèchemothers. It was impossible for them to have made time for the children with the constant threadfall, and it is with sad acceptance that he acknowledges their existence being outside his hands.

* 2573, 24 Intis, their fifth and final child is born, a healthy boy who is taken into the crèche as per Cinta and X’kis usual decision. This is the last time Cinta allows herself to carry a child to term, for though he was born health, Cinta had suffered during the labour, and was unable to return to the fighting wings for the better part of the turn. During one of their brief respites, they discussed this, and while they had no idea what had become of their children, they decided they had done enough to help with keeping the Pern population up thus far and they threw themselves into their duty as they had always done before.

* 2574 – 2580, 25 – 31 These turns blurred together, broken up by Seltith’s flights and the occasional wing changes for both Cinta and X’kis. If their children had survived this long, they did not know it, and while having been on a break during a few hatchings, neither one was in any mind to watch and see if perhaps one of theirs were attending. Any downtime that they manage to spend together is spent preparing themselves and eachother for their next duty.

* 2581, 32 So many dragons in one spot has disastrous results, with six queens rising at once. Seltith, whose own rising usually clashed with a gold ended up attempting to fly at the same time, though the chaos of so many queens in the air at once left her trapped as she had never been before. She tried to fly away from the warring golds, though managed to be inadvertently swept up in the scuffle and disappearing between when she found herself on the receiving end of a gold’s claws. Maelboroth couldn’t do a thing to save her, and the shock brought X’kis to his senses long enough to watch as his weyrmate stepped off her ledge to join her dragon in death.

* 2582 - 2586, 33 - 37 With the death of his weyrmate, X’kis withdrew from those around him completely, committing himself to weyr and duty above all things. He refuses to pursue the possibility that his children are alive and well, not prepared to face the heartache should he confirm they aren't. He participated in each flight that occurred out of duty, and nothing more, sating his lust as needed before returning to his weyr. He had managed to swap with another brown rider, and no longer held onto the trinkets and adornments that Cinta had insisted on using to personalise their home. Every item was of necessity. His weyr was for recuperating between shifts. Nothing more. If he managed to father more children after this point, he did not know. His focus only on ensuring he was fit and ready for each and every threadfall he was required to fight.

*2587 - 2589, 38 - 40 with threadfall finally finished, Maelboroth and X’kis are sent out to help in the search for somewhere viable for a new home. He’s mortified at the damage he sees, having flown east as per his orders. When he returns, disheartened to have found nothing, he finds that D’bir and Thianorth had found themselves an island for them. As Maelboroth appears capable, X’kis volunteers to be one of the dragons flying straight, taking those that are pregnant or otherwise unable to go between to their new home the long way. It is a long trip, but it provides him with the first semblance of peacefulness since he first realized what was happening with their world. When he is asked to join Mountain Wing to assist with the surveying of their ravished lands, he accepts without hesitation, and together with Maelboroth and Lesiff, upholds his wingleaders orders whatever they may be, returning infrequently to their new home. A small voice in the back of his head suggests this would be the perfect time to seek out the five children he shared with his long lost weyrmate, however, with the youngest due to turn 16 that turn, he had well and truly missed the window to be an attentive and caring father and decides to ignore that voice.

He misses the hatching of Black Neisoth, and while irritated by the black dragon’s mannerisms as a weyrling, participates in Kalestath’s flight when the black dragon was mature and concedes defeat to him and his rider. Though there may be temperament issues with the black dragons, X’kis is no stranger to taking on responsibility early in life, and deigns to give S’bok the benefit of the doubt. Either way Neisoth had won the senior gold’s flight, making S’bok his superior.

Curiosity brings him back to the weyr in time for the next hatching, and apart from the exuberance of the little reds, X’kis sees no harm in the tiny creatures. Maelboroth expresses irritation at the black dragonets, and despite their misdemeanor during training X’kis decides to wait to see what the riders themselves become once they hit adulthood.

*2590, 41 Called back in time for Imyth’s flight, Maelboroth and X’kis participate as per their usual duty since the death of Seltith and Cinta. The mass exodus of the larger bronzes, inexperience of the ones still in play and Imyth’s smaller stature all come together so that Maelboroth ends up being the one to catch the pale gold dragon, much to the surprise of the weyr, let alone the rider himself. Maelboroth is uncharacteristically smug about the matter and while stunned, X’kis swears to uphold his duties as weyrsecond with the same unwavering loyalty he has met every other task. It’s the least he could do for the weyr.

They need a bit more competition, X’kismine. We can’t allow Imyth to be easily caught. The soft voice of his dragon hummed through his head with only the faintest hint of flightlust, a feeling neither of them was unfamiliar with. He stood at the entry to their weyr, eyes to the sky as he heard the pale gold bugle her challenge to her would be suitors, little attention given to the sudden appearance and disappearance of so many bronzes that should be participating.

X’kis had been ready for this moment. He’d known the queen was due to fly soon and knew it was their duty as always to provide some competition for the more cocky bronzes. He could outlast many of the smaller and inexperienced ones in the air, and in doing so they wheedled out the ones less suited to father a clutch. It was the least they could do for the weyr, plus it was at least a little fun, particularly when there was no longer the risk of a queen dying from threadfall mid-flight.

So it was with little delay that Maelboroth took him to Junior Weyrwoman Eimarra’s weyr, the slight pause as out of habit, the massive brown checked the sky ahead of the queen for any threats. There wasn’t much he could do if she were in danger, but he could at least minimize the risks to himself.

X’kis, disciplined as ever stood back from the ledge, face darkening as he glimpsed the young woman so precariously perched. But there would be no moving her. No until the winner was found. As his vision started to overlap with his dragons, the brown deciding the sky was clear enough for him to join, he found himself noting those dragonriders who stepped forward, trying to match their faces to the glistening hides he was approaching. He took a deep breath, looking out towards the weyrbowl and the myriad of dragons he sotted in the distance, releasing the final barrier to fully meld with his bonded’s mind and give the queen a proper chase.

Maelboroth was in fine form, keeping an eye on Imyth’s twists and turns while pacing himself for the long flight ahead. He may not have had the same agility as smaller browns, but he was a match for most bronzes, and the pale queen was larger again, giving him plenty of opportunity to anticipate her erratic pattern. He had chased greens in his past, and while queens may fly for longer, they had nothing on the sporadic pattern of their comparatively tiny brethren.

X’kis found himself relaxing into the familiar rhythm of a queen flight, swaying slightly on his feet as he mirrored his dragons actions in the air, the odd, double overlay of his vision swimming with that of Maelboroth’s.

The Brown dragon glance to either side, disappointed to see so many dropping out as the first mark passed. Where were the suiters to match such a beauty. A dragon worthy of fathering a clutch for the pale gold. Do not let their pretty words fool you. You are worth far more than they would have you believe. he whispered, the voice soft in Imyth’s mind, even as it would jeer at the others giving chase. He would not tolerate an easy win. There were only so many worthy of flying a queen and he would not tolerate any less.

He remained mostly silent, almost smug as his superior stamina started wheedling out the younger bronzes. The bronzes who were not suited to this queen. Let them try with the weyrling who would rise in a turn or two. Imyth was not for them.

X’kis stepped closer as the current failures began to step out of the weyr, a leaden motion that was but a parody of Maelboroth’s own distance from the queen. This flight was different to normal. Maelboroth had a determined edge that he did not usually have. X’kis had trouble separating his thoughts, finding himself sneering at the thought of another winning. There were too many whelps in this flight. Too many participants that hadn’t been tested. Imyth deserved better.

He cruised behind her, wings burning with a familiarity that drove him forward with more determination than before, following her movements, pulling away from the less agile of his own bretheren, his stamina pushing him forward as she bellowed her challenge to the sun.

X’kis and Maelboroth moved at the same time, the brown pushing past his competitors to latch onto the larger dragon as his rider grabbed the woman from behind, twirling her away from the ledge and laying her on her bedfurs in one fell swoop, his dragon pressing his body against hers as they mimicked eachother, mind and body one as they claimed their mate.

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I've made his children adoptable, and have it so that X'kis has no idea about them. While I've named five, it is feasible that he ended up with more after the death of Cinta, so I'm able to adjust his history accordingly if you're interested. I have kept them vague so you may decide their fates yourself.

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Re: X'kis [07.02.2549 9th Pass] | Brown Rider
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
03.10.2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 35m
Mature Height: 8m
Mature Wingspan: 61m

General Appearance...

When Maelboroth first hatched he was a light golden brown creature, an almost pinkish hint to his underbelly but otherwise solid in colour. He was in no way a large dragonet, barely meeting the Maximum size for a blue hatchling but it was only a few months before it was clear that wouldn’t always be the case. For the first two turns of his life Maelboroth grew in leaps and bounds, his colouring growing darker with each growth spurt and producing a rather striking pattern on top of a zinnwaldite brown base. His underbelly remained that soft pinkish brown, and his wingsails the golden brown of his hatching, seeping to the underside via the edge before turning as dark as the rest of his hide. An almost feathery patchwork made itself known as he reached adulthood, around his neck, the arms of his wings, hind legs and along his tail.

By the time he was an adult, Maelboroth rivaled small bronzes for size, and was able to keep up with them as easily as if he were that rank himself. He never quite got the memo that he was large, though, and often forgets that he is imposing without deciding to hold himself fully upright, a fact that he is often being remined of by his bonded whenever X’kis believes he may be scaring someone not wholly accustomed to seeing a full grown dragon.


Mind Voice: Soft and kind, with only a hint of authority to it. Maelboroth primarily sounds as though he’s merely suggesting or guiding you when he speaks, though It can get a harsher tone to it when he feels like he needs to reprimand some upstart dragon.

Encouraging Others: Maelboroth is the sort of dragon who enjoys pushing other dragons (and some people) to their limits forcing them to reach their full potential. During the pass this habit could keep a dragon pair motivated enough to continue an extra leg of threadfall without causing themselves or others injury. Since the pass ended, it comes across on both his duties to his wing and whenever he’s home for a gold flight. He understands the need for strong, solid bloodlines and will often push the lazier dragons to work that little bit harder, or test his wingmates on their ability to recall areas they’ve been.

Relaxing : He’s as bound to duty as his bonded, however Maelboroth is much quicker to unwind when returning to the weyr and is more than happy to take the time to bask in the sunlight or spend that teeny bit longer picking out the perfect herbeast for a meal. On occasion he’ll find himself in the weyrbowl just watching the world go by, enjoying the busy atmosphere of the weyr they so frequently leave.

Solitude : Sure he’s gonna be fine doing what is required of him, and assisting in the remapping of the devastated planet is a huge deal that needs to be undertaken. He understands he’s the perfect sort of dragon for the job, but so much time away from other dragons gets to him. He does his best to follow X’kis wherever he may go, and when that’s not possible with go so far as to order Lesiff to stay and keep him company. Thankfully he doesn’t fond himself in thise situations often, though it doesn’t make him dread the possibility any less. A mental link isn’t quite enough for him.

Arrogance : If you’re born a higher rank than him, that’s fine. Browns are the middle dragon, Bronzes and golds are higher, and on occasion you may find yourself having to obey orders from a lower ranked dragon because their position is higher than you. Maelboroth understands all this. X’kis has drilled the idea into him since he was first hatched. Unfortunately not all dragons seem to have gotten that memo and Maelboroth despises both dragons and humans who insist on rubbing their higher ranking into the faces of himself, his rider, or those he calls friend. He sees no point in flaunting your status when it is always clear what that is. This goes the same for someone of lower rank feeling the need to treat others like they’re higher than the gold dragons who are practically the lifeforce of the weyr. He just will not stand for that sort of tom-foolery, and is willing to put a stop to it wherever he can. Unfortunately this puts the current lot of black weyrlings smack bang in his line of fire, the little devils not seeming to have the usual inherent respect for their superiors that most dragons are born with. He’s been reassured that they’ll turn out fine, but he’s just a little peeved by the prospect.

Laziness : There’s no place for it. There’s a marked difference in taking a break because you’ve earned it and taking a break because you feel like it, and Maelboroth will do his best to put a stop to anyone who crosses that line.

* PATIENT : Maelboroth isn’t the kind of dragon who rushes into anything. He knows that most things take time to achieve and never feels the need to speed the end result along. This gives him the opportunity to assess situations better, good or bad, and has saved his hide many a time, particularly when one accounts for the suddenness of threadfall at the worst possible moments. Chasing a gold without first waiting to make sure it would be a safe flight could get you killed, and he quickly learnt the art of suppressing the urge to rise until he was certain he should.

* STAMINA : Maelboroth is naturally built for long distance flying, and from the moment he was first able to support him and his rider in the air, he has been utilizing this natural gift. He was able to manage an entire shift of threadfall within the first year after graduating weyrlinghood, finding himself less tired the older, and more practiced he became. Since moving to Fort Island, and joining Mountain Wing, his stamina has continued to be incredibly high, with long journey’s of straight flying assisting in further strengthening this aspect.


* AGILITY : So he’s brilliant at keeping up with most dragons, but that makes him less able to maneuver in the sky. This puts him at a distinct disadvantage for green flights that are a force catch, as often the more agile dragons are capable of keeping up with the quick, agile green dragons. Since the loss of his weyrmate, he has been mostly unsuccessful in green flights because of this disadvantage, and while capable of sustaining longer flights than most browns and the smaller bronzes, has little chance of keeping up with the larger, stronger bronzes that are usually the sort to win a queen flight. Without the patience to assess situations before making drastic moves, Maelboroth would most likely have succumbed to the all consuming thread during the first years of actually flying a fall.

* STEALTH: Maelboroth wasn’t always in the “Largest Brown” category, and despite having decades to get used to his size, there are times where he thinks he’s a little smaller than he actually is. He can’t sneak up on someone, get into every section of the weyr or zip in and out of places unnoticed, and it causes him some grief. Particularly in exploring the ruins of the old continent, there have been quite a few times where his lack of an understanding for the space he takes up gets him and X’kis in literal tight spots.

Dragon Speech Code:
This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #281102; Text: #B56C3C

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Dragon coloured by SanctifiedSavage

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Re: X'kis [07.02.2549 9th Pass] | Brown Rider
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.Colored by SanctifiedSavage
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
07.04.2561 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr

General Appearance...

A pale blue fit who’s appearance is opposite of Maelboroth’s own. Where Maelboroth is a large, primarily dark dragon, Lesiff is a pale, tiny flit. A Diamond Blue covers his entire body, broken by midnight blue markings, like he’s dipped himself in paint. He is fast, able bodied flit, with some minor threadscoring from his time assisting Maelboroth in the air (as much as a firelizard can actually assist a dragon that is.)


Mind Voice: Crisp and Clear. He doesn’t say much but when he sends an image he gets his point across with minimal issues. He’s also learned to parrot a few key words regarding his duties, making for a better level of communication.

Challenges : The harder the task, the more determined Lesiff is to achieve it. He’s been known to hassle X’kis for something to do when he is bored, and is nice and quick when he ends up being given something.

Straight Flying : Lesiff may not be able to fly the distance himself, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the trips away from the weyr. With both Maelboroth and X’kis as a reference point, he’s able to wander off to do his own thing before jumping between whenever he needs to catchup. When not going off to explore on his own, he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to feel as though he’s the one flying at such speed and distance, attaching himself to Maelboroth as much as possible, sometimes along his tail, and sometimes closer to his snout. He’s as small as blue Firelizards get, so he’s never too much of a problem for Maelboroth.

Failing : It doesn’t happen often, and lesso when one considers how long he’s been around for, but Lesiff despises failing in a task. It doesn’t matter if it was his fault or not, failing to locate food, or being unable to find a previous landmark because the landscape had changed can cause him to mope, sometimes for days depending on how badly he feels he failed. You can usually build his confidence back up fairly quickly, however it can be annoying initially.

Disobedient Flits : Lesiff loathes these freeloaders. The older the freeloader, the more he dislikes them, since only the most recently hatched have the excuse of not having been born mid catastrophe. They were only small, but they don’t have many things that they need to do. You listen to your bonded and you pull your weight as much as you can. It’s not hard. To have so many flitters in one space, essentially wasting theirs sand everyone else’s time is deplorable.

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Re: X'kis [07.02.2549 9th Pass] | Brown Rider
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Re: X'kis [07.02.2549 9th Pass] | Brown Rider
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Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

She’s a large green, will top out her growth at 0.9m, and she enjoys the fact that it’s not easy for just anyone to catch her. She’s strong and fast and can give the males a run for their money.


Mind Voice: This little green’s voice will be high pitched and cheerful, she likes attention, but will only sulk for a little bit without it. Very effective with emotional communication, she won’t be very efficient with Pernese words. Lesiff does enough work for the both of them, she doesn’t feel like she needs to put in any extra effort.

*FLIRTING – Her sole goal in life is to have fun, and teasing males she finds incredibly enjoyable.
*FLIGHTS – If only she could fly multiple times a year, because she would. She’ll always wait for the most opportune time or day to take to the skies, in order to achieve the most suitors possible.

*WORK – Lesiff is entirely too interested in work, so she doesn’t feel like its her duty to do any work at all. She could be convinced, if X’kis is sweet enough to her, but she’ll complain all the while.
*GETTING DIRTY – She’s far too pretty to get covered up in dirt, mud and dust.

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Flies on 20/02 - (First Flight in 2593) and will be a force catch
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.


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