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Author Topic: An Enforcer's Scrappy Sister  (Read 291 times)

Offline SirAlahn

An Enforcer's Scrappy Sister
« on: February 27, 2017, 09:36:59 PM »

"You’re a tough bitch, ain’t you?"

Ophyonis // Holder, Wherhandler, Ex-Peacekeeper // 34 turns

About the Character:
Ophyonis is not a nice man. Born to drudges from Nabol, he’s always had a bit of a violent streak, and has put it to use as a gang member, enforcer, corrupted Peacekeeper, and a hired hand for The Lady Butcher, Tavianna. He’s callous, cruel, and selfish, and is the sort of person that actually managed to thrive during the 9th Pass—mostly because he was in a position to profit on other people’s addictions, misery, and mistakes.

Wanted ICly:
Despite being the oldest of his parents’ children, Ophy has never been exactly keen on taking care of his little siblings. Even after their mother’s death in 2566, they’ve never been close. Like Ophy and the rest, Vyrine ended up in the same gang that had previously been pimping their mother. Unlike her older sister Ophyrine, however, she rejected becoming a whore herself, and instead carved out a life for herself as one of the gang’s knives and a drug dealer.

Vyrine is a tall, whip thin woman corded with muscle—and with no issue fighting people much larger than her. From a young age, she’s been a feisty thing, coming out on top in fights due to her speed and agility as well as her tenacity. Not one to settle with the life of being used by other people, she’s always done whatever was necessary to survive on her own terms. As a result, she’d become a respected member of the gang she grew up in by the time it was dissolved after the move to Southern Winds.

Wanted OOCly:
I don’t imagine Ophyonis and Vyrine will be close, though I’m not opposed to threading with them either currently or in the past; they certainly knew of each other since they both worked for the same gang and were fairly well regarded. But there’s not likely to be much love lost between them—and I’m mostly putting her up here because I thought she was too neat of a character not to.

I’d originally envisioned her as a fighter, but she also did quite well dealing and pushing drugs in the brothel and wher fighting arena owned by the gang. I’m also not opposed to her having a wher that she used as a fighter as well, if you feel so inclined. Now that her previous way of life is gone, however, she’s likely gotten stuck doing menial and physical labor like Ophy has—which might make them cross paths again. Vyrine will likely support the Holders carving out their own place, since the revitalization of a Hold might mean that her gang could reform… or lead to her wanting to make one of her own. Even if the lack of resources means that drugs are no longer a sustainable business. Regardless, she’ll likely get her hands into anything illicit that people could want.

Anything Else:
I’m sort of attached to Alejandra Alonso for her as a face claim, but Marilhea Peillard would also work. If you absolutely hate those, anyone who looks similar is fine too. <3

If made, Vyrine should be adoptable in the event of inactivity.

« Last Edit: March 03, 2017, 03:18:05 AM by SirAlahn »
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