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Author Topic: Now it's a party! [07.04.2590/5.17am] All dragonriders/Mountain Wing  (Read 605 times)

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Gold flights were party days for B’lye. He was used to guests and celebration, even some mild betting and gossip, it was just in general a day B’lye always looked forward to. He knew a few of his Mountain riders would be participating, but they occassionally came to join the fray after they’d dealt with the excess feelings. And it was nice to see them outside of duty meetings, not that he never saw them, it was just nice for B’lye to relax in the company of his closest.

His curtain drawn back, signalling for people to come and go as they pleased, and B’lye had ordered up some food in the early morning that would be fine to eat throughout the day even as it sat on a few of his tables and desks. He had some fine stout too, nothing that would get anyone too drunk, but a nice change fitting the merriness of the day, and something fairly new now that the brewer hall was getting back on its feet with more ingredients. Given that stout wasn’t a drink usually served at meal times because of the closeness of children, the brewer craft was looking for taste testers so it served a double purpose here.

Eyeing around the room of his friends and collegues, most who were staring in rapt attention at the cluster of dragons whipping through the air following the smaller gold, B’lye smirked at those who’s fists were clenched a little too tightly, waiting with baited breath to see if they lost marks or not. The Green Wingsecond had already said goodbye to his marks, he always bet on Sath for a Queenflight, a bit of a joke really but he loved the air of suspicion it gave the newer riders who didn’t know him. He liked to keep a little air of craziness, it bolstered the reputation.

Even though he never really enjoyed his own flights, and thankfully Uereth shared his mind about them at this point, a queen flight was definitely a sight to behold. Once or twice a dragon would come within a handbreath of her, before she’d spiral away again in a dance that looked effortless, but that every rider knew was exhausting. A few cries of ‘yes, YES’ would ring out, before quickly being followed by a ‘shard it’ and a wave of laughter and backslapping followed and then they would do it all over again.

It was getting close to the end now, smaller dragons were dropping out steadily now, only the largest ones, and a few very determined browns left, and the tension was building. Raising his voice above the idle chatter, B’lye called, “get ready to laugh about the losing Wingleaders now kiddies, tomorrow I’m sure we’ll all be regretting having a laugh at their expanse so we should enjoy it while we can.”

He was sure not all of the Wingleaders would push their wingmates harder in drills to let off steam, but then again, B’lye had been wrong before, and laughing at the Wingleaders was a fond pastime of many a dragonrider… as long as said Wingleader didn’t find out. 
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