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Author Topic: Info Beast Crafthall  (Read 876 times)

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Beast Crafthall
« on: March 04, 2017, 03:00:37 AM »
Specialties and Professions
None of the Beastcrafters at Southern Winds Weyr have the time to focus solely on a sub-speciality, there are too few of them and there is too much work to be done. All Beastcrafters must be able to tend all animals where their fellow craftsmen have the need, however, they do tend to specialise in one animal, or type of animal. They may still be better at one aspect of caring for these animals that may have become their specialty in Pern-that-was, but at Fort Island they must be generalists.

Runnerbeasts-Horses - Those who specialise in runnerbeasts must have an advanced knowledge of midwifery, husbandry, diet and healing techniques as it specifically relates to runnerbeasts.
Additionally, they should know how to break a runnerbeast. Most, if not all, of the runnerbeast population have been hand reared at Southern Wind; however, one must still know how to break and tame a flighty mare or temperamental stallion.
Herdbeasts-Bovine - Those who specialise in herdbeasts must have an advanced knowledge of midwifery, husbandry, diet and healing techniques as it specifically relates to herdbeasts.
Knowing how to milk a herdbeast is also a requirement of all those who seek to study in the beastcraft and specialise in herdbeasts.
Woolbeast-Ovine - Those who specialise in woolbeasts must have an advanced knowledge of midwifery, husbandry, diet and healing techniques as it specifically relates to woolbeasts.
Additionally, milking and shearing of woolbeasts is a requirement of all apprentices and journeymen within the specialisation.
Beekeeping - Affectionately known as the Honey Crafters, these crafters must know the ins and outs of harvesting honey, maintaining the hives, transplanting new queens to grow the population, and checking the hives and honey for disease.
Avian Specialists
Spoiler for Sub-specialities:
Featherbeasts-Chickens - These beastcrafters must have knowledge of how to maintain the diet and provide a safe place for the featherbeasts to lay eggs. They must also be familiar with how to maintain appropriate numbers of fertilised to non-fertilised eggs, and sustain the appropriate rooster numbers to keep the populace growing.
Wherries - Similar to featherbeasts, but native to Pern, wherry farming is important but didn’t take as hard a toll on the numbers during the catastrophe, given that there are still native populations that can be brought back by dragonriders to replenish the numbers. One must still know how to care for the eggs and the wherries.
Furbeast-Rabbit - One of the least difficult beastcrafter jobs to maintain, given the easy and rapid population increase, the diet and condition of the rabbits must still be monitored to make sure the meat is appropriate for use in the weyr.

Rare/Lost Crafthall Specialties
All these are extinct after the catastrophe.
Draybeast/Burdenbeast - Draybeasts and Burdenbeasts were the backbone of farming and loading before the start of the catastrophe. However, due to the lack of multiple useful traits, they were consumed to the point of extinction.
Mudbeast-Porcine - Mudbeasts, given their only use as a source of food, were also consumed to the point of extinction during the crisis.
Troopbeasts-Goats - Once the most ornery of all the smaller herdbeasts, they too were lost to the starving Pernese, although many a beastcrafter still have scars that they look upon fondly.
Skycoursers – These are the largest predatory wherry that Pern has to offer. Growing up to 2M from beak tip to tail, a wingspan up to 4.5M, and can weigh up to 20lbs. Females are the biggest of the species, roughly 25% larger than the males. The Skycourser are a dark brown and white wherry with a hooked beak and curved talons that prey on just about anything smaller than them – fire lizards, other wherry, fish, rabbit, chicken, baby animals of just about any variety. They are opportunistic hunters that were tamed and trained prior to the Pass to provide protection from wild fire lizards and other wherry. They are trained by Coursers, a skilled Beast Crafter who raises a Skycourser from hatching. While they are not telepathic nor empathetic, the Skycoursers can be taught commands much like a wher can and are very attached to the Courser that raises them, that they ‘Imprint’ to as a hatchling. Enough so that should the Courser die, the Skycourser must be put down as no one else will be able to take over the training.

Because Skycoursers are very much 'wild' animals, they do not share handlers --  i.e., a Courser cannot bond to a wher after a Skycourser has imprinted to them, as the territorial wher and Skycourser will fight. The exception to this is that if an individual is already bonded to a wher when their Skycourser imprints, the wherry will grow to adulthood accustomed to the wher and will not fight it. Under no circumstances, however, will a Courser be able to have more than one Skycourser.

Skycoursers, while being trained and once fully trained, wear ‘blinders’. It’s leather headgear, much like a runner’s, that limits their field of view. They are also led around by a harness, much like the straps around a dragon’s body, as they are too big to perch on a Courser once fully grown. A Skycourser that is imprinted will obsessively follow their Courser around and the blinders prevent them from being easily startled. Even so, a Skycourser should be given a wide berth.

Due to the devastation of the Pass and the lack of necessity, the training and upkeep of Skycourser has been lost. The knowledge and knowhow exists in the crafthall in records, but there are currently no one in the Hall that has a Skycourser. There are, however, Skycourser on the island. They roost in the mountains and hunt all over the island.

Apprentice Classes/Schedules
Apprentices don’t have set schedules in the beastcraft. At Southern Winds, there are simply not enough higher ranked crafters to be designating hours to spending time in a classroom. Instead, the journeymen spend their time working with the apprentices and trying to pass along as much information as they know, whilst still keeping up with the animals’ day to day needs.

Apprentices are allowed to have preferences, and are allowed to spend more time with certain specialist Journeymen. However, they are expected to split their time to help each of the different factions with their work.

Journeymen will keep track of the apprentices’ progress and eventually will take a vote to see who can graduate. Although the nature of beastcraft learning is different, there is still the requisite 7 year apprenticeship before one can be tapped to Journeyman.

Whilst beastcrafters learning at Southern Winds utilize a practical and hands-on approach, there are still basic subjects which will be addressed for all apprentices. These can be taught by any of the Journeymen depending on their speciality and schedule.

Any additional, more advanced learning, will be at the discretion of the respective Journeyman specialists depending on the interests and progress of the individual apprentices.

Class Subjects
For all species.
For all species.
How-To Basics
Milking, grooming, shearing, honey collecting.
For all species.
Healing Basics and Ailment Recognition
For all species.
Wher Training
The very first thing a Beastcrafter teaches their wher is basic commands, followed by curbing their natural aggression. A herder's wher needs to be able to be around people and animals, off a tether, and unmuzzled to work. The wher should respond to a handler’s commands, be able to be harnessed so they can haul materials, etc. This class is to explain proper care of not only the wher gear, but the wher, and how train a wher.

If an apprentice does not show aptitude to progress beyond the apprentice level, they may remain so for the foreseeable future. While their Hall does not have the specific class schedules of the larger ones, they will still continue to specialize in subjects where they excel – per the approval of a Journeyman. Most of their duties will, as with all members of Beastcraft, be chores or work in the actual Hall. An apprentice that will not be tapped for Journeyman often knows and must accept this. Not everyone is cut out to be a journeyman/journeywoman.

A Note on Whers and Firelizard in the Craft
Many beastcrafters utilise a working wher and/or firelizard to help them with their day-to-day tasks. Any crafter can choose to bond to wher or impress a firelizard during their time as a beastcrafter; however, their creatures must be well and specifically trained to work alongside their bonded handler and the animals they care for.

Junior/Senior Journeymen
At the very youngest Junior Journeyman can only be tapped at 19 turns, and/or after 7 turns of an apprenticeships.

Given the lack of people in the beastcraft at Southern Winds, the responsibilities of the Journeymen Beastcrafters have expanded tenfold from before the catastrophe. Where in the past, they had been free to explore their own studies as they wish, now their day-to-day is occupied with caring for the animals and passing on as much knowledge to the apprentices as possible.

Spoiler for Beastcraft Journeymen:
Currently only there are only 5 Journeymen in the craft, consisting of both Senior and Junior Journeymen. Their specialties are as below:

Herdbeast: Elrost

Runners: Keassa

Woolbeast: Available

Furbeast: Available

Avian: Available

Master Crafter
Currently there are no Masters of the beastcraft.

There is potential for current journeyman to progress to Master rank at the age of 40. However, the process of progressing from Journeyman to Master is uncertain, as there are no Masters to vote upon progression as in the crafter tradition.

Similarly, there is currently no Craftmaster of the beastcraft, as there are no Masters to vote on who should head their craft.

Credited to RaynePOTM for use on SWW; Credited to Inki for use on SWW; Edits and additions made by SirAlahn; Edits and additions made by SanctifiedSavage.

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