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Author Topic: Info Farmer Crafthall  (Read 1038 times)

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Farmer Crafthall
« on: March 04, 2017, 01:01:04 PM »
Specialties and Professions
Much like the Beastcraft, the Farmercraft of Southern Winds Weyr is not the same as the Farmercraft from before the catastrophe. Now farmercrafters spend the vast majority of their time tending to crops and herb gardens to supply the weyr with foods and medicines and clothing. Similar to beastcrafters, farmers no longer have the ability to truly specialise within their craft, instead they must learn a wide variety of basics and tend to the crops wherever necessary.

Crop Managers – This is the basic job that every farmcrafter will spend time doing during their apprenticeship, many, given the amount of work necessary to tend to the crops of the weyr, will continue within this specialty through the whole of their crafter life. This job entails the planting, tending and harvesting of the crops of the weyr. They are the first line of defense against pest control and disease mitigation. This job has a number of specializations, in that a person can specialize in a specific crop or type of crops within the weyr, but if the crop is seasonal, they will be expected to pick up another job within the weyr. 
Sapling Tenders – Those that tend to and preserve the youngest of the plants in the weyr before they are replanted into their various areas across the weyr. This is an incredibly important position as all saplings are considered a rare resource even at this stage of Southern Winds’ establishment.
Spoiler for Sub-specialties:
Transplanters – Those specialising in moving the saplings from the youngling cave to the open fields. This is a very delicate process and given the lack of resources, this job is mainly left to Journeymen, although there will often be a number of apprentices in tow to watch the process.
Seed preservation – Now that they have crops to produce seeds, but less space to use them, many seeds will need to be dried or preserved for future use. This process is also very delicate, and much transplanting is left for the Journeyman.
Fungi Specialists – Those that specialise in the fungi growing caverns at Southern Winds Weyr, they have to know what is useful and how it’s used, how to grow it, maintain it, weed out disease and rot, and most importantly how to safely prepare it for weyr use, given that many fungi species can be poisonous if used wrong.
Orchard Maintenance – Similar to Crop Tenders and Fungi specialists, these farmercrafters specialize in the harvesting and maintenance of the orchards of Southern Winds. Given that the settlement at Fort Island is very new, this job is currently more about upkeep and watering appropriately, making sure to prune and shape the trees as they continue to grow to their mature size. Thankfully, given the closeness of the Jungle, there was a small amount of time in the beginning of settlement, before the Hunters began to attack, that some of these farmers collected juvenile trees to transplant into the weyrbowl, so there are some almost mature trees in the orchard, but not many as of yet.
Garden Growers – These farmers tend to the flower and herb gardens located in both the Weyrbowl or Farmer Caverns. For herb gardens, these are mostly backup storage for the healer herbs and cooking herbs, the main gardens of which are maintained by healers and kitchen workers, but the farmercraft have to be careful to maintain their own separate supply in case of any disaster, or disease. The gardens for flowers, vegetables and bush fruits are tended by these farmers as well.
Jungle Harvesters – Harvesters are the brave few who leave the weyr with the Jungle riders to collect the wild growing plants native to the island, as well as the few introduced species that have been allowed to grow freely within the few years since settling Fort Island. These Farmers need to have an incredibly good memory for identifying edible plants, as well as medicine plants, they also need to know how best to collect and transport these plants for optimum use, and in some cases transplantation.

Rare/Lost Crafthall Specialties
Gene Mutation/Crop Development – The controlled selective breeding process that allows the farmers to develop new and more advanced crop strains largely relies on time and resources that the farmercraft at Southern Winds doesn’t have. There are currently some Journeymen that have this knowledge, but it is all passed down in theory at this point.
Advanced Tools – Given the collapse of the Technician Crafthall and the lack of burdenbeasts to help operate some tools, a vast majority of the farmercraft has now returned to very basic farming tools, most of which can only be used by a single person. The most advanced tool the farmercraft now uses is the plow, often pulled by a working wher or herdbeast, although neither are optimal for the task, given the extinction of burden beasts. As such, those farmers who specialised in working with technicians in developing and using more advanced tools have now had to return to basic farm work.

Farmer’s Wher
Because the Pass saw the extinction of both the Draybeast and the burdenbeast, the Farmers have turned to wher. It’s almost necessary for every farmer to have some manner of well trained wher to help with the tilling, hauling of supplies, and general heavy labor that a farmer may be expected to do. The color isn’t important of the wher, but every farmer is expected to have a very well trained wher. The wher have also shown to be quite adept at sniffing out disease and pests early on in crops.

Farmer Craft Crops
The places in the weyr where the farmers grow their crops.

Farm Land – Weyrbowl
Large crops such as grasses, grains, cereals, a number of vegetables and greens, and grapes are grown here in rowed fields, set out in a grid along the North and Western sides of the Weyrbowl. These fields produce foods for the weyr, as well as straw and hay for the beastcraft. Given the amount of land that has already been set aside for fields, it is unlikely more expansion can occur here, instead the cleared farmland at the new Hall is the next to be planted, once it is safe.

Orchard – Weyrbowl
A few rows of trees make a small orchard in the Northern side of the farmer fields. Almost none of these trees are at mature height, so all produce that they need to provide is currently being collected from the jungle by the Jungle Harvesters.

Herb gardens, vegetable gardens and fruit gardens are all found in the Greencaves. These caves have reasonably low ceilings and bright glows, they have been given artificial humidity, according to what grows best in each cave, by having a small trough of water dug out from the cave wall, running around the length of each cave. The water levels of these are to be maintained by the farmercraft, according to the necessary environmental conditions of each crop, including a dry cave where there is no water in the trough. The rooms themselves have floor to ceiling shelving of wood or stone (mostly stone) by which plants either hang in hanging pots, or sit in portable plant boxes. The rooms have large garden basins in a grid pattern, which have been carved into the floor by the miner/smith craft and filled with soil, so that the farmercraft can keep track of exactly what crops are in which room and how old they are depending where they sit in the grid.

Youngling Cave
Technically this is one of the Greencaves, but specific for growing seeds to saplings that then must be transported to the orphanage or the other herb gardens. This room is kept closely guarded by wherhandler farmers at all times.

Apprentice Cavern
This is a small room with a stone bench, the collection of tools the farmercraft has gathered from the mainland, and a map of the Southern Winds Weyr crops. This is where the few theory lessons will be taught to the apprentices. Small boxes of plants can be carried in and set on the bench for study, but most lessons will just take place out in the field so that the students can learn the practical components.

Mushroom Cavern
To grow the special fungi needs of the weyr for medicine or sustenance, the mushroom cavern is dark, with short glow times each day and a humid environment. Farmers must be careful how they feed the fungi and to make note of any spore times so that the specialists can act accordingly, ensuring that the other plants are not affected.

Flower Garden
The flower garden is a small area close to the honey hives of the beastcraft. It doesn’t take much upkeep, but does require watering and the occasional transplanting to make sure there is no overgrowing in one area. The flowers serve the dual purpose of keeping the bees healthy and serving as dye for the weavercraft. Most of the time, the picking of these flowers is left to the weavercraft, but it must be monitored and maintained by farmercraft.

Compost Cave
Considered a punishment for an errant apprentice, the Compost cave is where the rotting food and vegetation in the weyr is sent so that it can be collected for fertiliser. It needs to be collected into buckets and brought out to the beastcrafter pens to be mixed with soil and beast droppings.

Apprentice Classes/Schedules
Apprentices don’t have set schedules in the farmercraft. At Southern Winds, there are simply not enough crafters to be designating hours to spending time in a classroom. Instead, the journeymen spend their time working with the apprentices and trying to pass along as much information as they know, whilst still keeping up with the everyday needs of crop tending, transplanting and harvesting to provide for the weyr.

Apprentices do attend a number of classes taught by the few journeyman left in the craft, however these classes take place according to the schedule of the journeyman, rather than a regimented schedule like many of the crafts, and usually cover brief theory before moving into being involved in the practical component.

Because wher are so important as a replacement from the lost draybeast and burdenbeast, most apprentices go through wher training as well. They are taught to curb the natural aggression of the wher, how to use them to till fields, haul supplies, and root out disease and pests.  This is an absolute must for all apprentices.

Any additional, more advanced learning will be at the discretion of the respective journeyman specialists depending on the interests and progress of the individual apprentices.

Class Subjects
Wher Training
The very first thing a Farmer teaches their wher is basic commands, followed by curbing their natural aggression. A Farmer’s wher needs to be able to be around people, off a tether, and unmuzzled to work. The wher should respond to a handler’s commands, be able to be harnessed so they can work a plow, haul materials, etc. This class is to explain proper care of not only the wher gear, but the wher, and how train a wher.

Crop Layout and Maintenance
This class covers the different crop types and how they are laid out within the Weyrbowl, the crafter caverns of Southern Winds Weyr, and the cleared land outside the Minerhall. This class also teaches why they are laid out in such a manner as to optimize the size and ease of maintenance for each crop type, as well as the common farmstead layouts of mainland Pern, in the hopes of passing down the knowledge for when the settlements on Fort Island expand.

Wheel of the Year
Detailed teaching of the time of year that tilling, planting, growing, harvesting and blooming of all current crop types (that the farmercraft tends to) takes place.

Regular harvesting techniques of each of the different crops types in the weyr, as well as how to store them in the weyr. Due to the overlap of theory, this class usually follows the Wheel of the Year class.

The crafter caves set aside for the farmercraft essentially replace the greenhouses of Pern-that-was, given the heat and artificial humidity of the rooms, and the lack of resources to make new ones. This class details which plants do better in green house environments, which caves they are allocated in Southern Winds, how to maintain the environments within the caves and how to identify the common problems such as rotting and fungus infestations that can affect the health of the crops.

Orchard Tending
This class covers the basics of how to prune, tend to, organize and harvest from the orchard crops and when to do so. This class is currently mostly theory as there are so few mature trees to tend to in the orchard at Southern Winds.

Identification and Classification
An essential class for those aiming to be Jungle Harvesters, this is a detailed rundown of all the plants on pern, how to identify them, their uses, their preferred environments, and whether the farmercraft tends to them and how. This class is extensive and once the apprentice learns at least all of the plants the farmercraft is involved with, they have considered to pass this class.

Continued learning in this class for all the other plants on Pern is only undertaken by students displaying exceptional talent for memory and identification of plants, as it takes up too much time, for both the apprentice and teacher, and therefore can only be spent when the journeyman teaching considers the misdirection of resources worthwhile. However, if this class is undertaken at a higher level, lessons are sporadic, as are the examinations, so the majority of progress is up to the individual apprentice and how hard they study whilst taking part in their other chores for the craft.

This class covers the basics of which plants can and need to be transplanted after they grow out of the Youngling cave and how to do so without damaging them. The practical aspect of this class can be watched by apprentices, but practice is rare given the lack of resources.

Plant Genetics
This is a class that is taught when there is time and pupils to learn it, it isn’t a standard class that all apprentices must take part in. Because of this, it also isn’t a class that one can ‘pass’ nor are there resources available to test any theory for this course, or to experiment in the lost art of Crop Development. This is purely taught to those with the talent to learn it in the hopes of passing down the knowledge so that the craft may eventually return to what it was.

Journeymen will keep track of the apprentice’s progress and eventually will take a vote to see who can graduate. Although the nature of farmercraft learning is different, there is still the requisite 7 year apprenticeship before one can be tapped to journeyman, although this may never occur. Not everyone is cut out to be a journeyman.

Junior/Senior Journeyman
At the very youngest Junior Journeyman can only be tapped at 19 turns, and/or after 7 turns of an apprenticeships.

Given the lack of people in the Farmer Craft at Southern Winds, the responsibilities of the Journeymen Farmers have expanded tenfold from before the catastrophe. Where in the past, they had been free to explore their own studies as they wish, now their day-to-day is occupied with caring for the animals and passing on as much knowledge to the apprentices as possible. There are currently only seven Journeymen in the farmercraft.

Spoiler for Farmer Journeymen:
Currently there are only 7 journeymen in the craft, consisting of both Senior and Junior Journeymen. Their specialities are as below:

Crops: Sebek, Available

Saplings: Available

Orchard: Available

Fungi: Available

Gardens: Available

Exotic (Jungle): Available

Master Crafter
Currently there are no Masters of the farmercraft.

There is potential for current journeyman to progress to Master rank at the age of 40. However, the process of progressing from Journeyman to Master is uncertain, as there are no Masters to vote upon progression as in the crafter tradition.

Similarly, there is currently no Craftmaster of the farmercraft, as there are no Masters to vote on who should head their craft.

Credited to Inki and RaynePOTM for use on SWW, additions and edits made by SanctifiedSavage.
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