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Author Topic: Just teasing [01.09.2589/7.23pm] OPEN!  (Read 541 times)

Offline Nishi

Just teasing [01.09.2589/7.23pm] OPEN!
« on: March 05, 2017, 03:48:02 PM »
Oiling time is the best time.

You’re a hedonist.


Nishi laughed out loud at the serene certainty that filtered from Xasheyth’s mind to her own. Of course she’d get a green dragon who thought she was a gold. An almost cruel irony to take everything she’d once wanted and expected from her and replace her with something she loved dearly, but had never attempted to want. A green.

Still, the knots in her stomach when she saw any of the weyrwomen were getting easier to bear, and it helped that Xasheyth didn’t bat an eyelid at the whole issue. Plus, making friends with other greenriders was easy. Xasheyth liked to push them to talking to any green that came by them, no shame about it. And Nishi felt better around people, she felt more at home.

The new hatchlings will be out today. We can make new friends.

Indeed, just don’t scare them too much.

I am not scary.

Nishi pretended to give her dragon a once over, standing back and tucking a fist under her chin, with her index finger tapping thoughtfully. It was true Xasheyth was a delicate, tall and graceful, but given she was almost a turn old now, she was definitely a dragon and size alone was enough to scare the barely herdbeast sized hatchlings.

Flicking her eyes back to lock with her dragon’s swirling coloured ones, Nishi carefully hid back a smirk. “I don’t know Xasheyth. I think you’re getting a little fat.” The green dragon’s eyes quickly shifted colour to a mix of orange anger, tinged with a little yellow fear.


Taking on a mockingly concerned tone, Nishi threw her head back, her arm fluttering over her forehead dramatically. “Oh no! Woe is me! A greenrider with a fat dragon. Whatever shall I do?” Staggering towards her now mildly annoyed bondmate, Nishi threw herself over her dragon’s oversized head in a dramatic pretend faint. “How will we ever attract those dashing bronze riders now? You’ll be too big to get off the ground soon!”

As primly as she could, Xasheyth lifted her head, allowing Nishi to slide to the ground at her feet, now pretending to weep in exaggerated wails. I knew you were joking.

Nishi, her wails now transformed into fits of laughter, finally replied through their mind-connection, allowing her love and amusement to flow through their bond, sure you did. I still love you.

That is good. Especially because someone else has noticed your antics.
Green Xasheyth
22.8m Long| 5m Tall| 40.02m Wings
Will be graduating in the tenth month of 2590.

Offline K'zaya

Re: Just teasing [01.09.2589/7.23pm] OPEN!
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 06:55:07 PM »
K'zaya and Fyenoruth had moved to their own weyr a while ago now, considering graduation would be coming up at turns end, however he found himself frequenting the weyrling barracks if only to remind himself that the arious exams he was still undergoing and the intense drills the weyrlingmaster insisted on assigning daily would end. Eventually. He was already aware that he wouldn't be looked at for any wing except Prairie, not that he minded. He was just aware that with Prairie Wing came more of those sharding drills and for now, he wanted to remember those weyrling days... And maybe, if the night remained fair, sleep under the stars as he had so often done to escape the barracks.

It was hard not to recognise the hide-bright green that was currently being fawned over by her rider, and K'zaya grinned as he recognised Nishi. Fyenoruth, too, showed some interest in the green, knowing her from the few times they drilled together and social enough to encourage K'zaya to get closer.

The bronzerider walked forward quickly, in time to catch the statement about bronzeriders and grinning devilishly as he moved within earshot.

Fyenoruth rumbled a greeting to Xasheyth as she lifted her head, eyes whirling in mutual amusement. Though he did not know what had caused the flash of fear, the riders anticts were so... Odd, and K'zaya's growing amusement strong enough that he shared wholly into it.

Close enough now, and with the attention of her dragon if not her bonded, K'zaya crossed his arms across his chest, his voice a teasing drawl. "Dashing Bronze Riders, you say? Haunting your dreams, am I, Nishi?"

Fyenoruth connected the proverbial dots at that, adding, for the pretty green, I do not think you are fat, Xasheyth.

Spoiler for ooc:
There we go. K'zaya joinin' in on the party. He's due to graduate, so he wouldn't be regularly attending the weyrling barracks. But I assume he knows of Nishi, first from candidacy and then from weyrling training, if not personally.

Fyenoruth| 2 Turns | 36.6m Long | 7.32m Tall | 60.76m Wingspan
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Offline Nishi

Re: Just teasing [01.09.2589/7.23pm] OPEN!
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2017, 03:46:27 PM »
Head whipping around and cheeks already heating, Nishi let out a sigh when she saw K’zaya. Sure the guy would tease her about her antics, but he was good natured enough that she wasn’t really worried about it. Some people would be nasty, and others she really wanted to impress, but K’zaya was too chilled out for her to worry about him seeing her being ridiculous.

“Only with your ugly mug, Kiz,” she said with a wink. Holding out a hand and gesturing for him to help her up, Nishi wasn’t going to move unless he helped her. It was more befitting the Queenrider she thought she would have been rather than the Green, but given people kept putting up with it, it was doubtful she was going to change.

“So when will you finally stop coming around to gloat to the rest of us that you’re almost out of here? I’m going to have to start counting down the seven-days until I can live in peace that you aren’t suddenly going to come around the corner to take more notes in how to blackmail me in the future.” Looking up at him with a cheeky smile, one that could be considered ominous if they weren’t friends with the short Greenrider, “I’m sure I have more on you than you do on me though, Clutz.”

Xasheyth crooned back in greeting to the older Bronze, followed by the pleased green swirl of her eyes, almost as bright as her eyes. That is very kind of you Fyenoruth, I know of course, but it was kind all the same.
« Last Edit: April 12, 2017, 03:48:07 PM by SirAlahn »
Green Xasheyth
22.8m Long| 5m Tall| 40.02m Wings
Will be graduating in the tenth month of 2590.

Offline K'zaya

Re: Just teasing [01.09.2589/7.23pm] OPEN!
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2017, 12:01:48 AM »
K’zaya laughed at her teasing, moving closer and glancing down at her with his hands on his hips. “I dunno if I should help you up, you know… Don’t want you getting too dependent on me all over again. Faranth knows you were an absolute mess when I left you behind in dear old Room 7 with Col.” He tutted, making a show of weighing up his options.

He glanced around them hmming loudly. “Surely there’s another weyrling who can… nope. Noone else around… You’re stuck there forever I think.” He shook his head sadly at that, every bit a forelorn would-be protector, unable to give the girl what she wanted – no. Needed.

Fyenoruth’s head swung around to K’zaya’s then, pleased by the younger green’s words, and slightly annoyed that his bonded was not showing the same level of respect to the weyrlings own bonded. My K’zaya would love to help you up. He has only forgotten temporarily how to use his hands. Do not mind him. One day, he will be as much of a chivalrous soul as I am myself. We only need to keep training him to be so.  he rumbled disapprovingly, stretching out to nudge K’zaya and causing him to stumble with the force of it.

To Xasheyth, with an odd mixture of fondness and exasperation he added, He does not mean to be rude to yours. You will have to be patient with him. As must I, unfortunately. I only hope yours is easier to bear.

Thankfully, this time, K’zaya managed to recover enough that he didn’t end up falling right on top of the girl, instead, rolling his eyes he stepped aside and reached down to grab Nishi’s hand, planting his feet and reefing her up as quickly as possible without ending up on his butt. “Fine. Fine, Fyenoruth. You win. No need to be so stuffy all the time.” He complained, though it was quite clear that there was no sincerity to the words.

“Anyway. Even if you did have more on me than I had on you- and I’m not saying you do but if you did… I’m pretty sure you have more of an issue with me spreading tales about you than I do with you spreading them about me.”

Age difference or no, Nishi was someone who was more than capable of giving as good as she got, so he teased her easily, unconcerned at whether or not he would offend. They’d known eachother long enough to have at least some idea about what topics were off limits. 

Fyenoruth| 2 Turns | 36.6m Long | 7.32m Tall | 60.76m Wingspan
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Offline Nishi

Re: Just teasing [01.09.2589/7.23pm] OPEN!
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2017, 02:59:10 AM »
The scoffing noise that left Nishi’s mouth was something between and ‘argh’ and ‘schphma’ with just a hint of genuine offense, but mostly all in fun. “I wouldn’t exactly call it dependent, but you left me with Cole. Left me. With Cole. Alone. Were you expecting me to take that well? I reckon it was pretty close to betrayal actually, do you know how close I was to getting in trouble? Me! In trouble! All your fault, really.”

Crossing her arms at his pretend deliberation, Nishi pouted. It was quite a glorious pout, all things considered, she had the lower lip push down pat. As if K’zaya actually cared, but he was saved from the follow-up pleading eyes and fake tears by Fyenoruth’s timely interruption. Turning back to the Bronzerider with a grin that could only say ‘haha, I win,’ Nishi let him pull her up with little effort, adding a little jump to the end for flair. “Thank you Fyenoruth,” she said still looking at K’zaya pointedly, “at least someone out here is a gentleman.”

Turning to bend over and recap the oil jar, Nishi cackled in response to K’zaya’s almost threat, “oh really? And what kind of insidious tales would you be thinking of spreading, hmm?” She shot him a look over her shoulder, suspicious eyes but challenging smirk, “I can’t even think of the last embarrassing thing I did that you could use against me.” Her bravado was false, but charming according to most sources.

Xasheyth’s amusement at the interaction rumbled in her chest, Mine is easy to bear when there are no crawlers nearby. Otherwise it is all high-pitched shrieks. At least yours is charming even in his unhelpfulness. And you have enough etiquette for your pair, I think.
Green Xasheyth
22.8m Long| 5m Tall| 40.02m Wings
Will be graduating in the tenth month of 2590.


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