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Author Topic: What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren  (Read 531 times)

Offline Saviavi

What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren
« on: March 08, 2017, 06:33:07 PM »
Per the order of the healers, Saviavi had been on bedrest for the last five days. She was terribly bored and was at the point where she was envious of those that had chores of any sort to look forward to. Even sleeping was boring. While her head still ached on occasion, she felt it wasn’t severe enough anymore to warrant further care. Alas, the healers were influential, stubborn people.

As night fell on the eve of Imyth’s flight, the girl found sleep particularly evasive. She couldn’t get comfortable in her cot, or when she finally did the air was too warm and still and left her feeling trapped. Tonight she had no bed partner to wrap around or curl into, that was probably her biggest problem, really.

Hours passed and things got no better. She dozed lightly and was thus easily roused when the bugles of dragons began to crescendo through the weyrbowl. The loudness of it brought a dull ache to her head but nothing crippling, and it certainly was the last thing on her mind as the power of the queen’s flight crashed into her gut.

Saviavi was up with little fuss. She knew she shouldn’t go far, and really she shouldn’t even be doing all that much, but nevermind that. The candidate stepped out of her alcove and into the hall. She took a quick inventory of those still around her and simply fell onto the cot of the nearest person- Calladren.

She arched her back, stretching like a feline as she looked to him with lazy eyes. “Calladren, right? I’m Saviavi.” With that, her hands grabbed at the hem of the shirt she slept in, lifting it over her head and shedding her only clothing.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Red @Calladren, hope this is okay, lemme know if not <3

Offline Calladren

Re: What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2017, 06:16:45 PM »
Calladren had fallen asleep easily that night. His day had been filled with mending nets and cleaning fishing boats; he had been assigned to the Fishercrafthall for chores that day. He slept soundly and did not have any dreams of note, save for the last one he had. His mind's eye dreamed of soft flesh, supple breasts, tight asses, and sweaty passion. He woke suddenly from his dream; a woman fell onto his cot and took her shirt off. This was the softness that he had dreamed of. The sight of her bare body finished the job that his dream had started; he was fully aroused.

"Yeah, m'name's Cal," he muttered as he yanked off of short pants. At first, he did not understand why everyone was so frisky, but then he heard the raucous calls from the Weyrbowl. Imyth's Flight! Calladren recalled. He mentally shrugged and decided to not deny his nature. He pulled the curtain that separated him from Alinti and Eireen, and lifted up his bed furs and revealed his nakedness to the girl, as he beckoned her to get under. It was a little chilly this morning in the Candidate Barracks, though he knew that it was about to heat up.

In the scant few moments of time between him inviting her into the covers and her actually moving, Calladren got a good look at her. She was shorter and smaller than him, her hair was close in color to his, her hips formed a slight hourglass that would meld nicely with his toned stomach, and her breasts were small, yet perky. This would be a good morning.

Offline Saviavi

Re: What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2017, 04:47:11 PM »
Gold flights had their own set of etiquette as far as Saviavi was concerned. Normally she enjoyed the slow burn of teasing and touching, whispering and coaxing, but not just yet. She ached and yearned to be taken and she hoped this partner she’d picked would be of the same mindset. Besides, Kalestath could fly for hours, there’d be time for all of that goodness later.

They were off to a good start though, it seemed. She watched with some amusement as he drew the curtain close, “What, you don’t want more uninvited guests?” Truthfully, Savi herself wouldn’t have cared, but she was fine with just the two of them, too.

As he invited her beneath the furs, she shifted her weight off of the cot before slipping back onto it and over him, one leg straddling either side. The movement confirmed what she already knew, she was very wet and very ready to feel him inside of her. A smirk tugged one corner of her mouth up as she placed a hand onto his chest to steady herself. Savi hovered there, just a whisper away from him, “Do you think they’ll care if I moan a little?” They, of course, referring to whoever Calladren was intent on keeping out of the room.

Her other hand, previously resting against her own thigh, traced a line up from there and past her hip, to her stomach, up to her left breast. Her fingers found her nipple and tugged it, eliciting little murmurs from her regardless of his answer.

Offline Calladren

Re: What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2017, 05:18:37 PM »
It wasn't so much as uninvited guests that Calladren wanted to prevent; shards, the current one was everything that he needed. No, it was simply that he did not like to see other people having sex, nor did he like people to see him having sex. Despite being weyrfolk since birth, he still liked a little bit of privacy.

Calladren watched as she slid under the furs with him and straddled him. She was so close to him, yet so far away. He could feel the fire burn in the pit of his stomach and could feel his length throb in anticipation. She was a beautiful partner for this Flight. Calladren paused for a second, his ears picking up the moaning noises from within his alcove. "No, I don't think that they'll mind," he whispered with his own smirk.

His eyes followed her hand as it slid up to her breast. Calladren smirked again when she toyed with her nipple, confirming that she was a good partner for this early morning romp. His hands, which hand previously be resting on the tops of her thighs, slid around to her ass, and he gave it a squeeze. His hands were filled with his desire, his touch with his need.

Offline Saviavi

Re: What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2017, 06:59:16 PM »
His hands were lightning against her, the sensation of his touch lingering and leaving her quivering in anticipation. Goosebumps prickled over the flesh he squeezed, despite the thick furs around them and draped over her shoulders. She wasn’t cold, quite the opposite.

The hand she’d pressed against his chest moved up to his shoulder and she leaned over him. Her lips found his neck as her other hand found his length. She stroked it, oh so briefly, before guiding him into her with a low moan. Saviavi nibbled the skin beneath his ear at the same time as she allowed herself to adjust to his size.

Her hand came up from beneath her to twist into the nape of his neck while the other clutched at him. Had she the state of mind to appreciate this more, she might’ve complimented the softness of his hair, the eagerness of his body. As it was her breathing was quick and shallow, voicing the desperation she felt.

Drawing away from his neck, she’d say, “Fuck me, please.” Savi needed release, it wouldn’t take much.

Offline Calladren

Re: What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren
« Reply #5 on: March 23, 2017, 06:14:37 PM »
Calladren felt Saviavi quiver against him and that started his own shaking. His body's primal need was overwhelming the control he had over himself and it resulted in his muscles aching for her body. His length throbbed when she stroked it, which stoked his passion for her.

Calladren, in his very essence, needed to twine with Saviavi at this moment. He slid his hands up to wrap around her back and when she slid down on top of him, his fingers flexed into her back. Calladren let out his own soft moan as the girl nibbled on his neck.

Saviavi's hand, on the nape of his neck, was all the urging that Calladren needed, but when she all but begged him to fuck her, he complied. "I thought you'd never ask," he whispered with a smirk.

He continued to move his hands around her back until his arms held her in close. He planted his feet on his cot and slid his hips back, drawing his length from her. With one complete motion, Calladren drove completely back inside her with a soft smack of skin on skin. He repeated the motion and slowly started to speed up.

Offline Saviavi

Re: What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2017, 02:01:03 PM »
She purred with satisfaction as he held her close. Some primitive desire, perhaps gifted to her from the dragons in the sky, wanted her to melt into him. It made her skin burn and only contact with his seemed to soothe that, but also twist it and ignite it and turn it into something desired. Had this taken any longer it might’ve devoured her entirely, reducing her to a ball of self loathing and hunger.

But he gave her physical fuel. She rocked against him, encouraging him, nesting her fingers further into his hair in a possessive way. His first thrust was met with a gasped yelp and she arched against his hold on her. Her abdomen tightened, as did her grip on his shoulder, her nails biting into his skin but not dragging. She wanted to leave marks on him but she wasn’t so impolite as to scar.

Saviavi’s lips continued their assault on his neck and as he increased the speed of their rhythm, so too did her soft nibbles turn into something more feral. Likely he’d sport a few bruises there when they finally found daylight. Perhaps she’d apologize for it later, there wasn’t time now for thinking.

Very soon her own actions warped. Saviavi was a very sensitive girl to begin with. Coupled with dragon lust and Calladren’s own enthusiasm, she came. She writhed against him, her hips rolling and her muscles tightening around him. She pulled her head away from his neck and pressed her forehead into his chest as she devolved into a gasping, twitching creature.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. Though she shuddered and bit her lip to still her moans long enough to catch her breath, Savi was far from satisfied. She lifted her head from his chest and brought a hand up to cradle his jaw, pulling him toward her so she could kiss him.

Offline Calladren

Re: What’s Bed Rest? [07.04.2590, 4:30AM] Calladren
« Reply #7 on: June 17, 2017, 07:25:34 PM »
With a look of pride, Calladren smirked at Saviavi's reaction to his initial thrust. It was not an action to hurt or alarm, but rather a statement: "here I am, with everything I have." He knew that he was not the most endowed man, but he was, in no way, lacking. Between his youthful vigor and the driving forces of the Flight above, Calladren knew that his body would stand the test of time. He growled, playfully, when his partner's lips turned to teeth against his neck. It did not hurt, at the moment, though she would probably leave some marks on him that would be seen after the morning sun rises.

It did surprise him, though, when Saviavi shuddered against him, deep in her moans. He felt her wetness tighten around his length and felt her breath stutter when she pressed herself against his chest. Any worry that Calladren had about his night being finished were cast aside, fortunately, when the girl steadied her breathing and grabbed at his jaw. She pressed her lips against his, filled with fire and passion. Calladren, not to be outdone, responded and slipped his tongue against hers.

"Are you ready for more?," he coyly asked. Calladren knew that gold Flights could last for a long time, with the Queens bestowing their lusty energies across the Weyr as a whole. Now that he was sure that his partner had not folded on him, he was ready for another round.


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