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Author Topic: Info Construction Timeline  (Read 1721 times)

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Construction Timeline
« on: January 25, 2014, 06:55:58 PM »

A list of the mini events that comprise the main one - the construction and settlement of First Hold! The threads are linked here once they've been created and a summary of them detailed below.

15.6.2289 - Call for Scouting Volunteers
The weyr will be calling for dragon riders of the adventurous sort to scout the base of the mountain for the best location for First Hold.

20.6.2589 - Land Selection
The Weyr Leaders and former Lord and Lady Holder discuss where to place First Hold.

22.6.2589 - Former Holders Meet
Those not intending to stay at the weyr for whatever reason are gathered in the weyr bowl to hear the news from their Former Lord Holder.

02.7.2589 - Volunteers for Steward & Headwoman
Every Hold needs a Steward and Headwoman. Especially if they intend to start setting things up. This meeting was calling for volunteers.

07.7.2589 - Crafthall Decisions
The crafthalls come together to figure out their placement on the land the Hold will be built on.

15.7.2589 - Wing Assignments
With the construction of First Hold gearing up to move forward, the weyr leadership is looking for riders to guard and defend the workers who will be beginning construction at the base of the mountain. S’bok has called for a meeting with the Wingleaders and Weyrseconds, intending to collect the names of riders that the Wingleaders think will be good additions to the defense of the new Hold.

16.7.2589 - Wing Announcements
The assignments discussed previously are posted for the Wings.

10.8.2589Move to the Mountain Base
Construction at the Mountain Base begins. Miners begin digging into the base of the mountain to carve out the tunnels for the First Hold and other crafters are on standby to help out where they are needed. Riders help with unloading and guarding with patrol groups set up by Beach’s Wingleader M’rek.

13.8.2589Desolated Weyrs
Mountain Riders and other volunteer riders visit old Fort Weyr and Mine Crafthall to collect goods.

14.8.2589Renewed Construction
Construction at the Mine Hall continues under the guard of Beach Wing with Farmers being able to being the tilling of farmland.

28.8.2589First Coordinated Hunter Attack
On a rainy morning at the contruction site, a quick, efficient and brutal Hunter attack left rider, crafter and holder alike snatched up in the jaws of the Hunters and dragged out into the Jungle. Of the ground crew, most were injured.

2.9.2589Rally the Holders
Lord Holder Maeron calls a meeting to gather together the holders and crafters and rally them back to their cause.

4.9.2589Returning to Construction
Construction at the mine hall begins again with the Weyrleadership deciding to once again send riders to guard the construction site. Jungle and Beach wing have guard shifts.

15.9.2589Desolated Weyrs II
Bronze rider L'del of Mountain Wing finds an important cache of Fisher Crafthall supplies and deposits them at the edge of the Weyr Bowl for the Fisher Craft.

20.9.2589Fishing Time
In Maeron’s increasingly common post-lunch meetings, Master Fisher Phenust appeals to the Lord Holder for a meeting with the Weyrleadership to convince them to expand Fisher Crafthall construction, with a bigger dock and Hall.

3.10.2589Desolated Halls
The Fishers call for the help of Mountain Wing to help them retrieve lost supplies from the abandoned Fisher Crafthall. For a one-day, all-out expedition, Master Fisher Phenust has been gathering volunteers.

9.10.2589Hunter Attack II
Another Hunter attack by five of the large beasts at the Mountain Base Construction site. This time, their arrival is noted not by the guarding dragons, but by the crafters Whers.

20.1.2590Beginning of Mine Hall
Whilst the Hold itself has yet to be made liveable, the section of tunnels and caverns which belong to the Mine Hall have been completed. The Miner Craftmaster Castivill and the rest of the Miners are hosting a gala to show off their new living area, complete with guided tours and a lunch.

22.1.2590Laborers Wanted
Maeron makes a move and convinces many of the Weyrfolk to move to the Mine Hall. This is a surprise for the Weyr and all manner of chores are shorthanded while they reassign the remaining Weyrfolk to fill out the postions vacated.

15.2.2590Craft Halls Unite
Master Miner Castivill and Master Fisher Phenust form an alliance and are looking for willing volunteers to clear land at the base of the Jungle. The Crafters have already spread word, but this particular lunch, they are taking names of riders and wher handlers willing to help. All this without the express permission of neither the Lord Holder nor the Weyrleadership.

26.2.2590Clearing Land at the Minehall
After the Craft Masters proposal, crafters, holders, Weyrfolk and riders are all involved in the land clearing and guarding of the process. Hunters attacked, leaving 37 humans, 7 dragons and 8 wher dead. This time, 5 small hunters were killed as well.

33.3.2590Boat Construction Unveiling
The Fisher Crafthall, under the guidance of Master Fisher Phenust, holds a small, unofficial celebration to show off the hull of the boat they are constructing and to answer any questions that other may have of their progress and plans.

16.4.2590 - Wall Construction Begins
Miner Craftermaster Castivill holds an informal meeting to convince those at the mine hall to continue with their construction without that guard of the riders and proposes the building of a wall around the cleared land to protect against the Hunters. He also makes mention of the possible reformation of the peacekeepers and asks for names of those who wish to volunteer to guard the construction.

13.5.2590 - Land Preparations
A secret project has been underway for some time, and now, under the guide of the Farmer Craft, the Weyr has revealed a new crop being planted in the Weyr bowl. Jungle Riders for some time have been collecting bamboo from the jungle, in order to bring back and plant in four empty fields. The Bamboo is versatile and fast growing, and the future of this crop could lead to a whole new production line for the Weyr.

15.7.2590 - Establishing Wall Perimeter
Whilst a long process, the beginning of the wall construction at the mine hall is beginning to take place and shows real signs of progress. After the departure of Prairie Wing for the afternoon, the whers at construction sense danger, and manage to prevent a potentially disastrous Hunter attack. Whilst this could have been crippling for the hall, the whers are truly showing their usefulness, and helping the Holders to truly find their feet and independence from the Weyr.
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