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Author Topic: Approved Elrost [09.10.2555 | Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter]  (Read 1191 times)

Offline Inki

Elrost [09.10.2555 | Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter]
« on: March 10, 2017, 03:23:02 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
09.10.2555 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Soon Seng

Your Reflection...

Elrost is usually smudged with a layer of dirt or mud, or slightly covered in a layer of dust from the hay that he carts around all day. It is because of this that he doesn't have clothes that he really cares about. His shirts develop holes reasonably quickly, and every night he spends time stitching them back together, but pretty much every single item of clothing he owns has a hand-stitched up hole on it somewhere. Some of his favourite shirts more than others.

He can typically be seen wearing simple brown pants and a wide-brown belt with pouches attached to it, containing snacks for the herdbeasts and other equipment he may need in his tending.

His work is hands on and almost constant, and it shows in his physique, with his highly muscled biceps, wide shoulders and thick thighs. It's not that he's vain and spends time on maintaining this appearance, it just happens naturally.

Elrost walks with a slight limp, a throw back to a panicked herd and a broken leg healed wrong. It doesn't effect his work much, he feels a little bit of pain in the bone with approaching high pressure systems, however the break has made his left leg a little bit shorter than the right, simply making him look a little awkward.

A scar sits on his left cheek, remnants of a wayward kick in the face from a rowdy bull, paired with a slight crook in his nose when it healed a little off-centre after the same event. Paired with his longish hair, and a scruffy amount of facial hair, he looks a little ragged occasionally, but really, he just has worked hard for a long time and it shows. He tries to keep his facial hair trimmed, and his hair out of the way with a leather thong, he is also seen commonly with his hair slicked back from sweat or from a quick dunk in the water barrel to cool himself down.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Elrost grew up in the catastrophe, the constant threadfall was something that he was born into a knew nothing else. So while he was distraught, watching species after species being eaten to the point of extinction, Elrost has had to almost push all of that to the back of his mind, to avoid being crushed by the weight of everything that has happened, and everything that he has to do to continue on the beastcraft until it's possible to fully rebuild again.

He doesn't feel like he can blame the dragonriders for what happened. Elrost feels like he's too young to fully understand the situation that led to their decision and he doesn't want to make a judgment upon what has happened in the past, when he can simply think about the current and the future.

Response to dragon color mutations: Elrost doesn't like the fact that there is someone so young in the Weyrleadership. He respects the dragonriders and what they have done to protect Pern, but he doesn't feel like S'bok has paid his dues. In terms of the mutations, he's concerned, he's wondering whether the mutations have been brought about by environmental factors or by a simple freak genetic mutation. Either way, he's not excited about the outcome.

Who are you...

Herdbeasts - They're quiet, sensitive and responsive. And weirdly enough Elrost feels like they can understand him. He knows that the connection he has with them is not the same as the telepathy of dragons, whers or firelizards, but he appreciates them just the same.
Baths - He has nothing against being dirty for the majority of the day, it comes with the territory and he has gotten used to it by now. But he loves, at the end of the day, to be able to clean off all the dirt and grime, it helps to clear his mind.
Family - Elrost likes loving and being loved, as much as the responsibility of it all worries him, he can't bring himself to back away from his family.

Sweets - Luckily for Elrost, the shortage of Weyr supplies means that he doesn't have to explain his dislike of sweets. However, when he was younger he was constantly having to explain to people why he didn't want to eat sweets, which is simply because he doesn't like it.
Untidy sleeping quarters - he's messy all day working in the stables, he really doesn't want to come back into the Weyr to a messy space, the cleanliness helps to keep his head clear and so he mostly keeps his room clear of personal belongings, they can only be put in the wrong place and look messy.
Loss of control - Elrost had tried to not let this fear overcome him. Throughout most of his life, control has slowly been taken away from him, first in the form of his mentor father, then the beastcraft hall, and now when he has to raise herdbeasts in the constant fear that one cow that can't properly drop a calf could mean the end of the population.
Over-indulgence - Part because of his lifestyle and part because of personal choice, Elrost doesn't like to indulge himself, he doesn't drink, he doesn't overeat and he doesn't spend large hours of the day "having fun."


* PHYSICALITY : Being one of the few Beastcrafter Journeymen that are still around to look after the herds, a lot of the heavy lifting lands to him. Not only does Elrost have to be able to throw haybales around, but he also has to be able to drag newborns and herdbeast to their feet if they are resisting.

* COURAGEOUS : Elrost would throw himself in front of a stampeding herdbeast to a) protect a child from being trampled or b) prevent the herdbeast from injuring themselves.

* CARING : Whilst Elrost doesn't always want to share this trait in public, Elrost genuinely cares about people and his animals. He would throw himself in front of a stampede to protect someone, and would make a fool of himself to make someone feel better. He's very self-sacrificing because he cares so much.

* SURE/CERTAIN : He's very happy with his lot in life, and sure that he is doing what he needs to be doing to keep the herdbeast population sustainable. Additionally, growing up amongst both crafters and holders and dragonriders, with the refugee crisis, Elrost is happy with the way Southern Winds has progressed.

* DEDICATED : His world, without a partner or children, revolves around his craft, and he can spend day and night working without feeling weary, bored, or unhappy with his lot in life.


* LOVE : Elrost would do anything for love and that scares him. He's put his career on hold because he's been so consumed with someone before so it's hard for him to fall in love again. However, it's something that he craves, and once he finds the perfect person he would do whatever it takes to keep them around.

* TEARS : If a child cries, or a woman cries, he'll just... do whatever he has to to make them stop. ALSO if something upsets him, he will just retreat to the stables to cry for a little bit, away from anyone's eyes, and he'll never use them to get what he wants.

* CHILDREN : Elrost loves children, but he's happy enough to be involved in other people's children's lives. He's a big softy and will spoil children way too much, he's that uncle whose more than happy to let children climb all over him. They're also his weakness because babies are so small and cute, and he loves them, but he's afraid that he's going to... crush them.

* ANIMALS : Herdbeast. They have occupied every waking moment of his life for over a decade, and he just... loves them. They're his kryptonite, and having to send some of his prized cows into the feeding pen once they are past their prime has been horrible for him. He also has a special place in his heart for all the draconic creatures on Pern. He loves whers and firelizards and whilst he doesn't have much contact with dragons, he is in awe of them.

* SELF-CONSCIOUS: About his size, he feels like he could crush little babies and so is very careful about being gentle. Feels like a bull in a china shop. About his overbearingness. About being in a relationship. About falling so quickly in love. But whilst he feels all these things, once he gives in, and once he realises that he is courting someone, he will fall head over heels and not be able to turn back.

* CLUMSY: Elrost has never been good in really tight, enclosed spaces, with heaps of people around. It makes him uncomfortable feeling so lost in such large crowds and his awkwardness makes him clumsy. He hates having to go visit the Weaver's because they're all so bustling and busy and he will always bump into them when they're doing delicate needlework.

Describe Yourself:

* ROMANTIC: ----- Elrost is a big softy and enjoys wining and dining and surprising with flowers and gifts and the like. The looks on their faces when he does it just makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

* RESERVED : ----- In front of large groups or strangers, Elrost likes to be reserved. He doesn't want to be expressing his emotions to people his doesn't know, about anything. Excitement, happiness, love, anger. The more he shows his emotions to strangers the more hold they could have over him. However, he would make a fool out of himself for love and frequently has.

* FIRM: ----- Elrost tries not to be too overbearing, but he will put his foot down when he believes that something is dangerous. He knows of the dangers of Pern, and growing up in the catastrophe has made him a bit of a worry-wart. Once he makes up his mind, he will endeavour to not change it (except for on the matter of love.)

* SENSITIVE: ----- Elrost will definitely take words and actions to heart. If somebody slights him, or isn't paying attention to him, he'll take that as them not liking him, and will endeavour to move on from them as friends.

* SERIOUS: ----- He knows how important his job is, he feels like he can't take any day off or relax because it could cost the beastcraft and the herdbeasts in particular, everything.

* TWO-FACED: ----- Around strangers, and people he doesn't know well, Elrost is distant, he won't reveal much and will keep very official and tight-lipped. It is only around his extended family that he will reveal his more emotional traits. To this extent, Elrost will always feel like he is making a fool of himself by expressing himself too openly in front of others, but he is a sucker for love, and will always take making a fool over not showing enough to someone he loves.

The Magic Touch:
Pansexual but he doesn't really think about it that why. He just likes the people that he likes because of the combination of all of the things about them.
Has a slight limp because of a badly healed left thigh bone fracture.
Elrost doesn't just like his craft, he loves his craft and lives and breathes it every moment of the day.

Personal History & Education

Mother:  Alaena, wife, 2531. d. 2561
Father: Brecho, Master Herder, 2527. d. 2570

Keassa, Journeyman Herder, 2546
Ruvor, 2548, d. 2565
Malkol, 2551

As he got older, he and Keassa formed their close sibling relationship that they have now, but when they were younger, she was too involved in her craft and he sometimes felt more like a child than a sibling to her. But as they got older and more vital to their craft they were able to see each other more as siblings and adults.

Unknown child, 2569 (born to Allira, Elrost doesn't know is his).
Eriya, 2582, d. 2585.

Vorianna, 2560
Sebek, 2562
Tinus, 2565
Tircin, 2570

Even though he's not that much older than his sister's children. He really does spoil them. Especially Tinus and Tircin because they were young enough that he was able to feel like "an adult" compared to them. After all, he's only 5 turns older than Vorianna, not that he lets that get to him.

Craft: Beastcrafter

Rank: Snr. Journeyman

Date Apprenticed: 2567/12

Date Tapped: 2578/23

Specialty: Herdbeasts: Birthing, husbandry.

Education Details: Elrost has had a few hiccups in his studies along the way. He was apprenticed into the craft under the watchful gaze of his master herder father, before his father's death in blank. However, that simply made him buckle down to work harder because he realised how hard it was becoming for all of them to maintain their herds.

In his late teens, Elrost became preoccupied by love, and was overlooked for Journeymanship for a few years, however, once he recovered from the loss of his lover, he stuck back into work and cleared his head, trying to separate love from his work, although he mostly just through love out the window to never make him forget about the craft ever again. After that point it was pretty straight forward, he became one of the few who specialised in herdbeasts and was the first crafter that was on site at the birth of a new calf. His gentle hands calming the cows that he raised throughout the ordeal of birth, and knowing just the right steps to ease the process along.

Now, at Southern Winds, he is the main tender for the herdbeasts. He only has one or two apprentices under his wing, and no Masters above him, as they have no official hall leadership. This doesn't bother him however, Elrost knows what he needs to do for the herdbeast, and will do whatever it takes. This dedication had evolved into spending most of his nights in the pens with labouring cows and easing the minds of the beasts which he has to move into the feeding pens for the dragons, whereas his days are spent, feeding, milking and tending to the herds.

Tell us a story...

* 2555, 0 Born at High Reaches Weyr to Alaena and Brecho.

* 2561, 6 Alaena develops a sickness, which went unnoticed by most of the family until it was too late. She never liked to complain, didn't want to talk about herself when the rest of her family had long and hard days ahead of them. Always a constant supporter, Alaena refused to acknowledge her sickness and distract her family from their duty. She passed away in the dead of night, her lungs filling up with fluid. Elrost was old enough to feel the effect of this, his family was largely occupied with their various crafts, and he had to grow up quickly to start taking care of himself. Being the youngest in his family, the death of his mother hit him hard, because he was so close to her. He vowed, if he ever had a family, to be as dedicated to them as his mother was to hers.

* 2565, 10 His older brother, Ruvor, apprenticed to the Mine Hall for only a turn, dies in a mine shaft collapse. He had been the only of the three children to not show an interest in the family beastcrafter tradition. Whilst it affected Elrost, he hadn't been very close with Ruvor, not feeling like they had much in common. None the less, he gains an appreciation for the whers that risked their lives to try and pull his brother from the wrecked shaft before it was too late. Whilst they ultimately didn't succeed, he thinks that their unwavering loyalty is beautiful.

* 2567, 12 "Apprenticed" to beastcraft hall, they don't have a permanent location, with the fall of so many places, but Elrost latches onto his father and learns as much as he can. Luckily for their Elrost and his sister Keassa, Brecho is one of the few beastcraft masters alive and kicking, and he is at their disposal pretty much 24/7. The hall is all that Elrost has ever thought about, he never expected his life to head in any other direction, and so, being officially apprenticed is a big step for him and he loves everything that he can learn. His older sister Keassa, is tapped this year, and she becomes an inspiration for him, they are not incredibly close until they start working together in his apprenticeship, they connect as brother and sister and as fellow beastcrafters, working together to keep their craft alive. Through his apprenticeship he realises truly the state that the beastcraft is in, and it simply makes him more determined to work hard in his craft to keep the beasts alive.

* 2569, 14 Begins his foray into exploring sexuality with his first partner, a woman named Allira. He thought he liked her, however, she saw him as no more than a fling, and was more than happy to move on quickly when someone less involved in their craft showed an interest in her. Allira told him that it was his over-excitement in his craft that made her not like him, and he starts to become more reserved in showing his feelings to the majority of people. But he doesn't feel like her company is a real loss, and is happy enough to see her happy, even if it is with someone else. Not long after she leaves him, Allira is pregnant, it never crosses his mind that the child could be his, and Allira never told him otherwise.

* 2570, 15 The family moves from High Reaches Weyr to Fort Weyr, however, in the move, their father, Brecho, gets caught out in threadfall whilst trying to pen a herd. He dies of his injuries, the dragonriders unable to save him, and Elrost really sees the impact that the catastrophe is having on the beastcraft. Obviously, the beastcraft had officially fallen before he was even born, however, without his master beastcrafter father in the craft, he starts to feel the strain on the beastcraft and on his own personal duties.  He decides to buckle down to his studies, pushing the sadness of his fathers death to the back of his mind, and deciding to try to live up to his father's expectations of him. 

* 2573, 18 Meets fellow crafter, Tolris, they hit it off. Tolris is Elrost's first experience with a man, and he realises that he isn't opposed to any gender just as long has he has a connection with them. They fall hard and fast for each other and Elrost dedicates large amounts of time to following the older, more reckless Tolris around.

* 2574, 19 He's so caught up in the whirlwind of his relationship with Tolris, that he slacks off in his studies and his supervisors don't believe that he is putting enough effort into his studies to warrant being tapped. Elrost is disappointed, however, he is too preoccupied to really worry about it, Tolris doesn't care whether he is an apprentice or a journeyman, Tolris himself not having been tapped, and so doesn't encourage Elrost to start paying attention to his craft again.

* 2576, 21 Tolris gets trampled. And Elrost is crushed. He realises in the aftermath, the effect that love can have on him, and he is more wary as the years go on. He almost sacrificed everything that he loved, just for the chance to be loved by Tolris. The memory of Tolris is a fond one, but a reminder of the important things in life, his craft and his family.

* 2578, 23 After a few turns of hardcore study and late nights of dedication, proving himself to the Masters and the Journeymen, Elrost is finally tapped to Journeyman, the crafthall continues to shrink, and Elrost discovers a love for passing down the knowledge he has learnt to the young apprentices.

* 2580, 25 With dragonriders, holders and crafters in such close proximity, the tension is taking it's toll on many of the animals. A Weyrling pops between one day, too close to the herd, and causes a stampede. Elrost puts himself in front of a newborn calf to protect it from being trampled. He gets charged by a bull, and snaps his leg in two. The occasion briefly reminds him of the day Tolris died, but he puts that from his mind. His leg didn't heal straight, and his left leg is now a little shorter than his right, whilst the bone itself doesn't permanently hurt, nor affect his work too much, he has a permanent limp, occasional back and hip pain, and bone pain with low pressure systems. Elrost worried for a while whilst he was healing, that he wouldn't be able to continue his work, however, once he was able to continue in his craft, he knew that he would have to be more careful, but is unsure whether he wouldn't make the same decision again to save a herdbeast's life.

* 2581, 26 After his accident, Elrost looks into getting a wher to help with his work. The herdbeasts need protecting, with the holders getting more and more desperate, he thinks, with the help of a working wher, he can protect the vital parts of the herd, with an extra back to help move the larger hay wheels. Approaching a wher handler, he trades with whatever he can, picking the largest egg in the clutch, and ends up with his tiny green Ellsk. Ellsk is definitely not the protective working wher that Elrost had been hoping for, but he loves her none the less, and is appreciative of her empathy towards the herdbeasts.

* 2582, 27 Birth of his first child, Eriya, after a one night stand, throws him off a little bit. He loves the child with all his heart, but has no connection with the child's mother, Tanoriya. Regardless, he is traditional, and decides to move the child's mother into his home to support both of them. Elrost loves having a little family to call his own, even if it's not exactly what he had imagined.

Tanoriya, has a Gold firelizard who clutches, however, they couldn't distribute all the eggs, and end up with a large egg to one of them to impress. Already having 3 firelizards of her own, Tanoriya offers for Elrost to bond with the soon to catch firelizard. He takes the opportunity, knowing the helpfulness of firelizard companions, and bond with Harrier. She is big, and a little misshapen, not the pretty Gold around, but she is fierce, protective and strong, and shows an interest in being the helping hand in fieldwork that Elrost always wanted from Ellsk. Her large size is an advantage in the case, being similar to Ellsk's size, and will not hesitate to approach any task with gusto.

* 2585, 30 Tanoriya gets an infection, the large amounts of refugees crammed into Fort making the transmission of infections all the easier. She passes it onto Eriya and the toddlers immune system can't handle the stress. Eriya passes away and Tanoriya follows a few days after. Elrost is destroyed, he loved Eriya more than he valued his own life, and tried the best he could to get the medicine that they needed. But no matter what he did. It wasn't good enough. He spends a few sevendays moping around, neglecting himself, not knowing what to live for, but Harrier and Ellsk pull him out of it, working hard to get him back to working, and everyday encouraging him to keep going. Whilst they are a dysfunctional trio, it is this turn that Elrost realises that without those two, he wouldn't be able to keep going. And so, they turn him around, and he gets back to work, the herdbeast population is steady, if small, but he knows that he can keep them going.

* 2587, 32 The move to Fort Island is a major undertaking, and Elrost spends a good part of the turn making sure that the herdbeast are fit and healthy enough to be transported in their slings across to the island. A good part of his time is spent acclimating the herdbeasts to dragons, it's in their nature to be afraid, but he was informed that there wouldn't be a lot of room on the island for the herdbeasts to have their own space. He starts off slow, with his more docile cows, introducing them to a dragon, before bringing them slowly closer and closer. Ellsk and Harrier are incredibly helpful in this process, helping to calm the herdbeasts with familiar company. It's a long time coming, but Elrost has seen too many accidents due to dragon-induced stampedes.

* 2588, 33 There aren't many other beastcrafters at Southern Winds, however, the Journeymen that are left come together to vote upon promoting Elrost to Senior Journeyman. It is nothing more than a formality, with Elrost being the most experienced herdbeast specialist on the island anyways, and so his duties as Junior Journeyman and Senior Journeymen would be the same regardless. But it's nice to know that his peers think highly of him.

* 2590, 35 Current day, working on maintaining the current herd population. The dragonrider-holder tensions are worrying, and so, he's throwing himself into his work rather than bothering about it too much. As long as the beastcraft hall doesn't get any repercussions from the Holder's actions, he doesn't care. The hall is currently at the Weyr, and the dragonriders are keeping them alive, just as he is keeping them alive with maintaining the populations.

Elrost pulled back from the cow, up to his shoulders in embryonic fluid and blood, she was breathing heavily, collapsed onto her side and recovering from the ordeal, but still with enough energy to lift her head up and lick her calf clean. They were going to be fine.

He observed the chest of the beasts rising and falling for a moment, before he stood to walk over to the bucket of water, and started to rinse the blood off his arms.

They were in the middle of the herdbeasts pen, the labour having come along too quickly for Elrost to entice the cow into the stables, but she should be fine out here. The other beasts would only be mildly curious about the new calf, and would leave them alone for the moment. It was rare that any bull would bother to approach to claim his territory.

After that, everything happened so quickly.

There was a woosh of air above him, and suddenly the pounding of hooves was all that he could hear. A dragon was above him, wings flapping hard to pull them back up into the air, way too close to the ground. And the herd.

Led by a frightened bull, they were charging towards Elrost, a random direction that had picked once startled by the dragons sudden appearance, it was simply their nature to run from their enemies. Looking back towards the mother and calf, he watched as they struggled to stand, spindly legs and aching joints collapsing underneath them. They were too weak to run. To move out of the way of the stampeding herd.

Elrost couldn't afford to lose this calf, the offspring of his prized cow, always producing strong younglings. If he lost these two, he wouldn't have enough new blood for the next season, the herd was too small, they needed all the calves and mothers they could get.

So there was only one thing to do, place himself in between the stampede and the calf. Perhaps they would shy away from his larger size, notice an obstacle and swerve away from him. But he had seen enough stampedes to know that they didn't think like that whilst they were taken over by fear.

It didn't help that the dragon was still floating there. Observing the situation, having gotten control over his beast. Elrost went to shout at him, wave his arms at the rider to get them to pop between again, but it was too late, the herd was upon them.

They seemed to swerve for a little bit, the scared noises of the beasts on the ground behind him steeling his nerves and encouraging him to stay where he was. They needed protection.

His arm was caught by a horn, and he was thrown to the ground. Elrost tried to pull his body back across the calf, hoping that at least he could do that. Even if he perished, the calf might survive and the herd could continue.


A hoof came down upon his leg, snapping it in two, and he screamed, before clenching his teeth against the pain, and trying to pull himself back towards the calf, his fingers and nails digging into the hard dirt and coming away with tufts of grass.


A powerful thigh collided with the side of his head, and it all went black.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:

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Re: Elrost [09.10.2555 | Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter]
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2017, 03:23:23 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

El - sk
Date of Birth:
26.06.2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Ellsk's egg was big, hence why Elrost picked that egg when he went to pick one from the Gold Wher. He wanted a wher to be a working companion, to be able to help defend the herd and warn him of whenever the beast may be getting themselves into trouble.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 2.4m
Mature Height: 0.8m

General Appearance...

Ellsk started off as the runt of her litter and hasn't really grown much have since then. She sits at the low end of the green sizings. However, whilst she is small she does have the muscularity traditional in whers, making her a helpful worker when she chooses to do so. Ellsk has a dark mottled hide which is usually exacerbated by the dirt and mud which seems to be continuously covering her.


Empathetic: Ellie communicates with emotions more than anything else. She doesn't speak anything out loud, nor does she transmit images often. If an image is necessary, she will make the effort, however, most often, Harrier can pick the image out of her mind and tell Elrost herself. She has a close mental connection with Harrier sometimes even more so than Elrost.

- Being messy: There's nothing better than being able to dig holes and roll around in the mud in the Winter months.
- Cuddles: It's not hard for Ellie to convince Elrost to cuddle her, and she manages to worm her way into the arms of many passersby when Elrost isn't looking.
- Digging: Ellie's good nose makes her perfect for seeking out truffles and she loves going and digging up as many as possible when she is supposed to be working.
- Dragons: They're her cousins, and they're so big, whenever she get can them to pay attention to her for longer than a second, she's very excited.
- Herdbeasts: They're so cute and stupid, and they're animals that she can understand and look after.

- Having to do too much work: She gets tired easily, so unless Elrost or Harrier are there constantly keeping her going, she is more than happy to give up.
- Having to do one thing for a long period of time: Her short attention span means that she doesn't like to stick to just one thing for too long.
- Getting nagged by Harrier: Harrier is constantly on her case, and as much as she loves the big ugly Gold, when Harrier is in a nagging mood, Ellie likes to just ignore her.


* Empathetic : Ellie can sense when a herdbeast is uncomfortable, and has a way of calming her own mind in order to not intimidate them.

* Tracking : She has a very good nose, and if a herdbeast wanders too far from the herd, Ellsk can track them down.


* Intelligence : Ellsk isn't the smartest wher around. She can take orders, but she'd never be able to give them, nor think for herself too well.

* Attention Span : She doesn't like having to do the same thing for too long, Elrost has become pretty good at giving her tasks which will only take a short amount of time, and then allowing her free-reign, before asking her to come back to work again.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She runs on the 10.01 and is not a force catch.

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Re: Elrost [09.10.2555 | Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter]
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2017, 03:23:38 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
30.02.2582 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.

General Appearance...

She's huge, peaking at the top size for Gold's a 2m. She's the one who defends the herd. Most of her days are spent high up in the air looking down over them. Like, she's a monster, thick, sort of ugly, but Elrost thinks she's beautiful. Her gold colouring is certainly not bright more particularly sparkly and she has an unattractive lighter mottling across her hide. 


Mind Voice: Harrier mostly communicates with pictures, she can give detailed images of locations and herdbeasts, however, if needed, she has been caught to chirp the word 'beast', which she only uses if she senses that one of the herdbeasts are in trouble.

- Work: It gives her a purpose in life, and it makes her feel good getting praise from Elrost when she does well.
- Carrying things: She's big and strong, and she likes being able to put that to use. Especially when Elrost is having a bad leg day and she knows she can relieve some of the pain by doing the work herself.
- Ordering people around
- Being on watch: Flying high in the clouds and looking down upon the herds making sure they're all fine is one of her favourite past times.
- Being trusted: She works hard to be reliable and likes being needed.

- Injuries: If she's injured or if Ellie is injured, it means that they can't work and can't help Elrost.
- Stupid apprentices: She can do her job so much better than some of them, and gets annoyed if they don't do things properly.
- Candidates: Barely any of them actually want to be there, and she just doesn't trust them to care about the job like she does.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flies on 09.01 and is a force catch.

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Re: Elrost [09.10.2555 | Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter]
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Re: Elrost [09.10.2555 | Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter]
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Image Credit:
Coloured by RaynePOTM
Link to line art.
Wher Details

SEN - sk
Date of Birth:
07.01.2591 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Wrinkled and average sized, Sensk's egg was almost disguised by the darkness of the room. Elrost had never put much stock in the lucky fold tradition, and so he was happy enough to leave the eggs with folds for those who cared far more than he did. A few of the other eggs in the clutch were larger, but something about the plain but dark, rich brown of the egg drew him to this one.
Mature Length: 4m
Mature Height: 1.4m

General Appearance...

Sensk reminded Elrost straight up of chocolate and earth. But earth baked by turns of sunlight, and chocolate molten by the same heat. This heat also radiates off of Sensk, simply running warmer than most others of his species, and so is frequently the substitute of both hearth and klah in the winter months. Commonly looking like he's got an unfortunate lump upon his back, he has become Harrier's favourite perch throughout her recovery and subsequent retirement, due to his above normal height for a brown providing the perfect viewpoint for Harrier's continued guard duties.


Empathetic: Sensk's mind within Elrost's is reminiscent of fresh soil. Soft and warm after being warmed by the sun, but usually a little gravelly and always the same. Dirt is always dirt, Sensk is always Sensk. He prefers to communicate mostly in pictures, however, as duty behooves him to do so, he's also learnt a few pointed words, ensuring he would not be a disappointment. Even so, Elrost feels more than hears these words, understanding Sensk's emotions as the trickling of dirt between his fingers, as Sensk shifts from one thing to another. Still dirt, just in different quantities, temperatures or compositions.

*Ice - Perhaps it's the way his body runs unusually cold, or maybe he simply likes to be different from everyone else, but he very much enjoys freezing temperatures.
*Being able to explore within limits - Sensk needs a good balance of instruction and freedom. With the correct amount of allowed exploration, Sensk can be rather curious and enjoy exploring, but he'll get overwhelmed if just allowed to run wild.

*Wordy instructions - He'd much rather Elrost work on the hand instructions that others use, he doesn't like the idea of being yapped at.
*Strangers touching him - Especially on the head, he puts up with it if Elrost has allowed the encounter, but he's not a little pet, he's a working wher, therefore he doesn't need all these head scratches and pets from random people who haven't earned his trust.


* SOLID : Perhaps stereotypical for his colour, Sensk certainly isn't a personality to change with the winds. What you see is what you get with him, and he's an intimidating mass of muscle (if a beautiful one) who is always undergoing some sort of work. Stoic, uncomplaining, reliable, Sensk is everything you want from a hard working wher.

* PROTECTION : He would do anything for his family, to the sake of stupidity. His life revolves around guarding them, protecting them, doing what they need. It's his sole purpose. It makes him a solid and needed member of both craft and family.


* SERIOUS : He finds it very hard to have fun. And so whilst that means he and Harrier get along nicely, it's a difficult dynamic for Ellsk. For the first few turns, their relationship will be a little strained, until he learns as much as she does, that family is forever, and sometimes you make sacrifices for them.

* INEXPERIENCED : Sensk is really important to Elrost, Ellsk and Harrier. And sometimes it's easy for them to forget that he's just a very young wher. If he doesn't pick up his training quickly, they may have forgotten that maybe it's because they've started him too early, expecting him to understand everything on the first try. It's not that they're forcing him to be something he's not, but Elrost was over the moon when he discovered Sensk's drive for the work that they all do, especially in comparison to his rocky training journey with Ellsk, so sometimes he gets a little carried away with Sensk's abilities. As such, Sensk believes he can do anything, which isn't true... yet. They've all still got a long way to go.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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