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Author Topic: Approved Aldrekayn [33.01.2562 9th Pass] || Ex-Peacekeeper  (Read 991 times)

Offline Lyndi

Aldrekayn [33.01.2562 9th Pass] || Ex-Peacekeeper
« on: March 14, 2017, 08:39:45 AM »

Play By:
Gabriel Aubry

Date of Birth:
33.01.2562 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Kayn has never been one to pay much mind to appearances, since he always only wore what he had. It wasn’t until he’d join the Peacekeepers that he began to appreciate wearing leathers and wher hide to better protect his body from injuries. Because it took so long for him to wear anything more than cloth, his body is riddled in scars from fist and knife fights alike. His nose and hands have been broken on multiple occasions. One finger has been broken so much so that he was unable to set it back in place, and now it appears a bit bent in comparison with his other fingers. Others hardly notice the difference unless he openly spreads his hands out, but he notices on a daily basis as there’s usually a dull ache that lives at the joint and especially so on cold, wet days.

His hair has grown longer over the years, either out of laziness or since his role has Peacekeeper has made the fights less frequent to worry about it has a weakness. Since the move to the Weyr, Kayn has kept himself a bit cleaner than usual due to his enjoyment of the bathing springs. Usually, he was always covered in some sort of dirt or grime that made his skin appear darker than normal.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: He blames the dragonriders for the 9th Pass Catastrophe and the repercussions that it had on the Holds and his youth. The constant Threadfall made food scarce and caused more casualties at Tillek Hold than Thread did. Between starvation, malnutrition, and disease, Kayn hadn’t been surprised when his mother had died. It was why he fought so fiercely to make sure his sister remained fed and had everything he could provide to her by being in a gang. 

Response to dragon color mutations: He really doesn’t care. He hates dragonriders, so having new colors means nothing to him. He’ll hate them just as much as the others. If anything, he’d say that the color mutations are a result of their failure to protect Pern during the 9th Pass and that the new dragons are probably a foreshadowing of their decline.

Who are you...

Aldresk – He hadn’t thought he could care for anyone or anything beyond his sister, but the bond he feels with Aldresk is one of complete trust and comfort. He knows that the bronze wher will always have his and Remira’s back. Kayn relies on the wher for anything he may need.

Being a Peacekeeper – Once he got a taste of the power from being a Peacekeeper, Kayn has never looked back. Growing up having nothing has given him a greater appreciation for having any semblance of power or control over his own life and over the lives of others. He feeds on that power and will commit any crime if it means more power and opportunities for himself and his sister.

Fighting, blood, hurting others – Kayn enjoys violence and exerting his power over others. Though he isn’t prone to immediate violence or tempers, once he starts there’s no question to how much he enjoys it.

Being intoxicated – Whether it is by alcohol or drugs, he craves the feeling of numbness. He’s always filled with self-loathing, especially when he’s around his sister, and the drugs numb that shame and guilt where he can enjoy her company without those negative feelings eating at him. He’ll also use drinking and drugs to allow him to fantasize he’s with Remira when he’s with another.

Spoiling his sister – He’d sell his soul for her if she’d ask it of him. He’ll do anything to make her happy, which usually means bringing home surprise gifts or other material items. He also works to make sure she’s well-fed, clothed, and pampered.

Bathing – This is a luxury he hadn’t really been afforded during his youth, so now that there are open baths in the Weyr, he thoroughly enjoys his time there. Sometimes, even if he has already washed once that day, he’ll go again just at the chance to soak in the hotter springs and maybe even take a nap.

Anyone near his sister – Seeing others with her reminds him that he can’t be with her. It strikes a nerve in him, though he doesn’t always act on it. Most often, he’ll intervene in some way just to scare the others away from her or to put himself between her and the others to drive a subtle but clear point home. If he feels she’s being too flirtatious or is hanging around “bad” guys, he’ll give her a strict ‘talking to’ that usually ends up in some sort of physical contact until he calms down or has to leave.

Feeling powerless – Having worked his way up from the bottom, he never wants to be down there again. He feels that he’s worked enough and done enough in his life that he and his sister now deserve a better one. Anyone trying to make him feel powerless may trigger him to break character and lash out.

Dragonriders – They all seem to get all the favors and have everything they please. He’s primarily jealous of their lives and has turned that jealousy into hatred. It’s their fault that the 9th Pass was so awful and all the holders and people were scrambling for scraps in order to put something in their stomachs. He blames them for the death of his mother and state of Tillek Hold during his youth.

Himself – Above all, Kayn hates himself. He feels shame and guilt for how he feels towards his sister, because he knows it’s not right. The dragonriders may follow their own strange ways of love, but as a holder, it isn’t right to love a family member. He buries this feeling deep within himself and will do anything to protect his sister, which means not letting others find out and scarring her reputation.


* PATIENT/CONTROL : His lack of emotion or reactions towards others gives him the outward appearance of great patience and control. He doesn’t try to rush others nor does he snap at them for any reason. He’ll hear others out and answer accordingly, unless he really doesn’t give a shit and then he’ll just rudely walk way. Even if others are slinging insults at him or trying to get him riled up, he won’t get angry or show any active emotion.

* DECISIVE : Kayn keeps things as simple as possible in his mind. Everything is black and white. One way or another. Organizing everything this way causes him to be a very decisive person. He doesn’t hem and haw over decisions or moral issues. He’ll make up his mind rather quickly and stick to it without second thoughts.

* COMMITTED : While his allegiance may never fully be on the job or the one in command of it, he is still committed to achieving the desired result. He does have some pride in his work and making sure that it is done in the most efficient manner. There’s no job that he would shy away from and would accept the task without question.

* FAST LEARNER : He’s had to learn things fast since being a child in order to survive. He became adept at picking things up just by watching it twice and then being able to mimic it exactly as he saw it. This specifically applies to more physical skills such as fighting, theft and stealth, sex, and dealing with drugs.

* LOW-KEY/SUBDUED : Kayn is a very subdued person. It’s rare to see him yell or show any strong emotion. Most of his words are spoken in monotone, and even those are few and far between when dealing with others. He’s most vocal around his sister, and otherwise has the appearance of a very unfazed and disinterested person.


* SISTER : Kayn realized his love for his sister is more than just as a brother around the time he turned 18 Turns. He’s always been close with her since they were young, sharing everything with one another and not really understanding where there should be boundaries. After their mother died, he took it upon himself to do everything in his power to take care of Remira. His push for more power in the gang was primarily driven by the need to be spoil his sister. Almost every action he takes and decision he makes is driven by his inner need to do everything he can for his sister. While he’s very antisocial and unengaged with others, she is the only one he will open up to and have a more free-flowing conversation with.

* DEPENDENT : His emotional and mental state are heavily dependent on Remira. His life revolves around taking care of her, so times when he’s without her may leave him a bit on edge. He feels that she’s the only one who will ever truly understand him, which is why he’s more open and receptive to others when she’s around. If she’s out late, he won’t be able to sleep until she’s back.

* AGGRESSIVE : He isn’t one to jump into a fight or act out rashly like those with hot tempers may do. Instead, he becomes aggressive after a fight has already begun. The only time he ever instigates a fight is if he’s already planned to beat said person down for some reason or other that is likely related to either not paying up or his sister. Once the fight has begun, Kayn will lose himself in the fight in a sort of trance.

* READING/WRITING : He learned enough about reading and writing when he became a messenger for the early gang that he can get by with understanding most things. Peacekeeper training forced him to learn a bit more, though his sister helped as much as she could. He’s a bit dyslexic, which makes him slow at reading and even slower at writing.

* TUNNEL-VISIONED : Kayn is a one-track mind guy when it comes to his priorities. All that matters to him is his sister at this point, which means he would willingly throw everything else by the wayside if it would mean her happiness. Drugs, friends, relationships, himself…Insults made towards him easily roll off his back and he could care less. It would take upsetting Remira to get any sort of real reaction from him.

Describe Yourself:

* SADIST: ----- Fighting and hurting others gives him almost the feeling of being high, and this is one of the few occasions others will see him smiling. Once he starts, it’s almost impossible for him to stop unless someone either takes him down or his sister pulls him out of it. He enjoys taking others down and proving his dominance and power over them.

* BLUNT: ----- Kayn isn’t one to use any sort of flowery language. He typically uses the exact words that are needed to express what he needs to say and no more than that. Most of what he says is usually brutally honest as well since he doesn’t care about hurting others’ feelings. The only thing he’s always dishonest about is his forbidden attraction and love for his sister.

* POSSESSIVE: ----- Even though he hasn’t admitted his feelings to his sister or even allowed himself to really give in to the temptation, he still exhibits displays of jealously and possessiveness towards her. His sister doesn’t recognize it as anything unusual since he’s always been this way towards her and just assumes it is natural for an older brother to be this overprotective and bossy when it comes to who she is in contact with.

* HEDONISTIC: ----- In dealing with the life he’d been dealt, Kayn takes pleasure in anything he can. Whether that’s fighting, drinking, sex, or drugs, he’ll do anything for the chance at even a few minutes of pleasure.

* APATHETIC: ----- Kayn doesn’t feel anything towards anyone other than himself and his sister (and a general hate of dragonriders). If he does have a spurt of emotion towards someone, it is usually short-lived. This means that even anger or rage that might have been felt for someone will eventually dissipate until he’s impartial to them again.

* SELF-LOATHING: ----- He hates himself for the way he feels for his sister. He knows it’s wrong and tries to deny them. Turns of wanting her and hating himself for it have caused him to only feel loathesome towards himself. He doesn’t see any redeeming qualities in himself anymore because he’s so filled with disgust.

The Magic Touch: He still does drugs when he can get them, though he needs higher doses for them to give him the numbing feeling that he wants so badly.


Mother: Kalean, Whore, Born 2545, Died 2570
Father: Unknown

Sister: Remira, Apprentice Beast Crafter, Born 2566

Children: Possible, but none that he knows of.

Tell us a story...

* 2562-2565, 0-3 Kayn is born to a drudge and a whore during the 9th Pass at Tillek Hold. His father could be any number of people who were at the Hold around this time, especially as other fallen Holds begin to disperse its people among remaining northern Holds, including Tillek. His mother, Kalean, was angry and disappointed when she learned she was with child, because the baby was taking any of the nutrients and food she was able to scavenge for herself. Being pregnant not only became a burden on her body, but it also got in the way of work. If she could have aborted him, she would have, and she instantly rejected him once he was born. It was other mothers and drudges who convinced her to feed the baby and helped care for him as an infant.

* 2566, 4 It took Turns for Aldrekayn to learn what rejection meant, even as his mother wanted little to nothing to do with him when he was little. He still tried for her attention, doing anything from attempts at being good and helpful to causing trouble. Kalean hadn’t even realized she was pregnant with another child before Remira was born. Her body had become so thin, that there hadn’t been any noticeable bump and any physical signs had been chalked up to malnutrition. Similar to Kayn, she gave Remira the bare minimum attention of feedings and ignored her for everything else. Even as Kalean yelled and cursed at them, Aldrekayn did everything he could to gain her affection. After the few months of feeding stopped and Kalean ignored them both completely, the other female drudges taught Kayn how to care for Remira. The infant’s easy laughter and smiles were unlike anything Kayn had seen before and he instantly fell in love with them. He did his best to keep Remira smiling and happy and she became the center of his world.

* 2569, 7 As much as he would have liked to continue caring for and playing with his sister, he recognized that they were both getting hungry. Some of the other drudges has been kind enough to share their helpings when he’d been younger, but more people from other Holds had recently joined Tillek and the food was becoming even more scarce for drudges. Kayn began by stealing food as much as he could on his own—anything from scraps left over from dinner to anything sitting out in the kitchens or even in personal rooms. He would feed almost everything he got to his sister in an effort to keep her from ever feeling too hungry. Even by stealing as much as he could, it wasn’t enough. Kayn decides to join one of the small gangs in Tillek Hold in order to get access to more food and more material items like clothing, jewelry, and weapons. The gang has him start with stealing, much to his disappointment, which doesn’t reap much more rewards than when he’d done it solo.

* 2570, 8 Even though his focus had shifted to Remira, Kayn still made small attempts at winning their mother’s love with bits of food or material items. Anytime he approached her, she gave him a look of disgust. So instead, he’d leave the gifts for her on her usual sleeping cot and then wait in hiding to see her reaction. She would take what he gave to her, then, but not once did he see any sign of happiness from the gifts. Eventually, he stops leaving the gifts. A few months later she dies of being ill. Her malnutrition and lack of strength from being constantly hungry made her susceptible to the sicknesses that were spreading around the Hold with so many people and so few resources. Kayn spends some time thinking to himself that it’s his fault she died because he’d stopped providing her with the gifts. He becomes even more protective of Remira in keeping her fed, warm, and happy with trinkets. Kayn requests more responsibilities from the gang to get more of the share of their profits. He’s done so well with stealing that they also allow him to act as a messenger boy and delivery boy for their drug trafficking.

* 2571, 9 Kayn soaks up knowledge and experience from the gang like a sponge. Anything they are willing to show him, he picks up. After being attacked for delivering a message, Kayn is left with a bloody lip, bruises all over, and a broken finger. When he returns to report back to the gang, instead of crying, the boy is grinning from ear to ear. It was his first fight and, even though he only got in a couple hits, the adrenaline of the fight felt really good compared with the monotony of days. The gang leader sees potential in him and teaches him how to fight. Kayn learns quickly how to become a scrappy fighter and use not only his own body as a weapon, but any surrounding items that will give him an edge. He learns that there’s no such thing as honesty in a fight. It’s win or lose and losing could very well mean the end of his life. He convinces himself that he must win by any means necessary. After a few months, he’s promoted again within the gang to help guard their turf or by going with other gang members to people who may owe them money. Then, all of the residents of Tillek Hold are relocated to Fort Hold. His gang is unfamiliar with the area or people and struggles to claim any turf.

* 2573, 11 After two Turns, the gang was only able to claim a single small area as their territory. Even so, Kayn works hard to do anything that will help strengthen the gang’s reputation and get them more profit. He becomes known as the head enforcer of their gang because he enjoys it so much. When the rewards for being part of the gang aren’t doing enough for him and Remira, he starts to whore on the side. He offers himself to others and will do just about anything in order to get food, clothing, a new blanket, jewelry, favors, or any material items that he can give to his sister. As the casualty count of the Pass increases, a few of the drudges try to convince Kayn to take a cot for his sister so they no longer have to share one. He refuses and feels that she’ll be warmer and safer with him.

* 2575, 13 As much as he tried to keep Remira out of the gang scene, she inevitably joins in order to increase their profits of food and goods (or to stay close to her big brother). Kayn is annoyed by the attentions the other gang members try to give her, and he finds himself consistently at odds with the other members in an attempt to keep her safe. After returning from a job one day, he can’t find his sister who said she would be waiting for him at a particular location. Kayn almost loses his mind in searching for her until he finds her cornered by one of the gang members. The gang member is in the middle of feeling her up and about to force himself on her when Kayn snaps. He loses himself in the attack, torturing the other male to exact what he felt was a necessary revenge before beating the life out of him. It takes Remira crying and pulling him off of the guy before he realizes that he’s dead. While the rest of the Hold brushes the death off as gang violence among drudges—and hardly worth worrying about—Kayn makes sure the remaining gang members understand that is the price they will pay if anyone lays a finger on his sister.

* 2576, 14 After five Turns of being in Fort Hold, the gang has gained no additional turf or respect from the other gangs. They flatline in progress, and most of their work has been reduced to mere stealing and protecting their small stretch of territory that consists of a single tunnel. Kayn doesn’t particularly care about the status of the gang, but the struggle for him and Remira to remain fed and clothed in less ratty clothing makes him crave something better. He hears talks of other gang members being unhappy with their current situation and decides he could do better if he were in charge. Not only would leading the gang mean he could affect their status and profits, but it would also mean greater protection for Remira with her being the boss’s sister. He talks to a few gang members and, with their help, instigates a mutiny against their gang leader. He takes over as a the leader and immediately switches their focus from stealing back to drug trafficking.

* 2578, 16 The drug trafficking does well enough over a period of two Turns that Kayn is able to acquire a large enough room for a gambling den. It’s small in comparison to the other dens at the Hold, but he focuses primarily on gambling and drugs rather than on fights or whores. This provides an added income for the group, which Kayn uses to spoil his sister as much as possible. He finds out his sister had sex with a guy and Kayn finds him and beats him up. He tells Remira that the guy wasn’t good enough for her and she should look for better. He doesn’t see any of the guys in the gang or who hang around the den as suitable for Remira. He wants the best for her and thinks she deserves a good person who will take care of her rather than someone who deals in shady business. Even after telling her this, she suddenly begins to flirt with more guys who are even worse in order to get Kayn’s attention. He eventually tells her that he has to approve of the guy before she can sleep with him.

* 2578-2579, 16-17 During the time the gang runs the small gambling den, Kayn finds them being harassed constantly by corrupt Peacekeepers. At first, it seemed like they were doing their job in making everyone leave the den and punishing either himself or the gang for their actions. Then, they started trying to take any of their profits for the day or drugs that happened to be on hand. Eventually, some of the Peacekeepers were found playing cards or dice and gambling themselves, then threatening Kayn with punishments if they ended up losing. The dirty Peacekeepers started to blackmail him for drugs and goods. Even when he fought back, he’d only get in trouble further, which led him to learning to better control his composure no matter the circumstances.

* 2580, 18 By this Turn, Kayn realizes what he feels for Mira is more than just brotherly love. This realization is quickly followed by shame and guilt, because he knows it’s not right to have these feelings for a family member. He begins to hate himself for harboring a desire for her, and tries to push her away. He forces her to begin sleeping on her own cot or under her own separate blanket, even when she complains against it. If she’s extra pushy or begins to sulk, he’ll invite her back into his arms and convinces himself it’s only because she needs it. Kayn begins to sleep around a lot more to try and get his mind off of his sister. He thinks if he meets someone good enough, that he can forget about her in that way. Instead of curing him of his feelings, he finds himself imagining every girl he sleeps with as her. His self-loathing deepens with this so much that he starts to shut down all emotions in the hopes that if he can cut himself off from emotions entirely, he can stop feeling desire for her and hatred for himself. When that doesn’t work well enough, he resorts to drugs that erase his guilt and bring him the only real pleasure he can experience. The drugs help him to better fantasize being with Remira while also numbing his own self-hatred. During this time, Remira tells him that she wants to do more with her life than the gang and join the beastcrafters. Between her request and Kayn being fed up with the Peacekeepers’ corrupt use of power, he decides to become them. He’ll also be able to better provide for her as a Peacekeeper, which is what really decides him. Kayn forces a Peacekeeper who frequented his den to get him enrolled in training and tell him how to get a wher egg. He steals two, one for himself and one for Remira. Once he’s in and starts training, he hands over the gang to his second-in-command.

* 2581-2583, 19-21 Aldesk hatches and bonds instantly to Alderkayn. The feeling of bonding with the wher is surreal, to him, as he’d never expected to feel such…joy…and contentment with another. While he’s in training to be a Peacekeeper, Kayn vouches for Remira to beastcraft as a “parent” and Peacekeeper to get her in. They both train diligently in their new fields, although Kayn goes to Remira for help with some of his reading and writing assignments. He’s much slower in any of those assignments due to being a bit dyslexic, but in any physical tests or exercises with Aldesk, he excels. He and Aldesk become a great team during their training. Knowing how well Aldesk has his back, he feels better that he did get Remira a wher as well to look after her (not that he’d really questioned getting it for her when she’d asked). They are both moved into their own small cave to share rather than sleeping with the drudges once he starts Peacekeeper training and she begins to train with the beastcrafters.

* 2584, 22 Time after training had him alternating between squadrons for experience until he’s officially assigned to a squadron. Kayn follows suit quietly and without much comment in order to learn as quickly as possible. He’s annoyed when he feels the power of the Peacekeepers have waned since he began training with them, which had been one of the reasons he joined in the first place. The importance of the Peacekeepers doesn’t seem to hold up as strongly, which leads Kayn to keep ties with old gang for drugs and gambling just in case.

* 2585, 23 Kayn hears about one of the head Peacekeepers being unsatisfied with their current declining situation and that he’s collecting a group under him. Eager for greater opportunities for him to provide for his sister what he’d originally been hoping for, he joins Notkerric. To offer his best support, he stops using drugs as frequently, though still requires it at times when either his own self-loathing becomes too much to handle or he goes through withdrawals.

* 2587, 25 Everyone is forced to move south to Fort Island and Southern Winds Weyr. He’s demoted from his status as a Peacekeeper and told to return to manual labor to earn his keep there. The holders and crafters are suddenly shifted under direct Weyr rule, which frustrates Kayn as he feels he’s fallen back to square one. Their strange way of life and looseness between lovers and lack of clothing makes him hover a bit more over Remira again. He considers returning to his old gang, if they are still around, but decides instead to stay with Notkerric when he learns the man is working to reestablish control over the holder caves. Kayn believes that remaining with an ambitious and hard man like Notkerric will lead him to better things in the long run. To keep busy, he chooses to work as a wher butcher and also use it as a chance to keep his skills sharp. The hatching of mutated dragon colors means nothing to Kayn. He hears it in passing, and just as quickly the words and meaning are gone from his thoughts.

* 2589, 27 Even though the dragonriders and weyrfolk are in an uproar about S’bok flying the Senior Gold, life doesn’t change that much for him or Remira. The young Weyrleader is just as annoying as the others in how they try to limit the holders to what they can and cannot do. He ends up being invited by Notkerric into his inner circle due to his loyalty and willingness to do anything that's asked of him. Since he's new to this select group, he's working hard to continue to prove himself. This is the first step in a good direction since the move the Fort Island. Kayn is eager for the new Hold to be finished so he can get Remira clear of the flighty dragonriders and because there’s a chance his role might be re-instated at the Hold.

RP Sample

The Den was busier than usual tonight.

Kayn watched as gang members and patrons alike crowded in the tight cave, oblivious to the fact that this particular gambling den wasn’t meant for so many people here at once. There were a few other dens here at Fort Hold that had existed prior to him becoming an established gang leader and which had far more room and even the added incentive of whores and a private tunnel of rooms. His den was less comparable in size or whores, yet he drew the customers in nonetheless. His lure came with a hook that made it nearly impossible to escape from: drugs.

He sat back in his seat with one leg crossed over the other and his head leaning on the hand perched on the chair’s arm, passively taking in the scene around him. The men who’d come here for a high were particularly loud and arrogant as the drugs in their system gave them imaginary and overwhelming confidence. They were fools who were easily swayed by the effects of the drugs. The men carelessly wagered anything they had on them—or even favors and deeds—as they gambled using anything from cards to dice. Kayn watched dispassionately as one of the patrons smacked the rump of a serving girl as she passed and made lewd gestures towards her.

The noise and crowdedness was causing an annoying pressure to build in his head. His expression gave nothing away of his pain as he waited. Waited for the sweet release that was coming.

Finally, it came. It hit him all at once, the heat spreading through his veins like wildfire and simultaneously relaxing his muscles until they felt thick and heavy. His breathing slowed and, as if somehow connected, the movements and activity around him also decelerated. The din of before was like a muted buzzing in his ears and nothing more. Everything melded together so that it would take strict focus to be able to register actual words among the molasses of sound.

Though he couldn’t make out any words, he still looked on instinct in the direction of a woman sitting at a table a few feet from him. Her hand was moving in slow, languid strokes along the thigh of the man sitting next to her. She leaned forward to whisper something in his ear before the man began to grin wildly and shoved the rest of his marks to the center of the table.

Her head turned slightly to look back at Kayn, smiling mischievously towards him even as her hands continued to play with the obviously aroused patron. The fierce hunger that hit Kayn when she looked his way made his own hardened member press fervently against his pants. Fortunately, he was seated in such a way that no one would notice unless they chose to sit on his lap. It was his usual response to her, and apparently something that nettlesap wouldn’t diminish. However, it was the lack of anything following that desire that made him enjoy this high.

There was nothing beyond the pleasure of watching her. Of wanting her. He felt no fear, no anxiety, and none of the self-loathing that he usually felt. He was free to enjoy her without guilt.

He wasn’t paying attention to the table where she sat, so when they all suddenly stood, it took him a few slow heartbeats to decide to listen to what they were saying.

“---look like you can handle it.”

“I’d love to, boys, but you’ll have to get permission from Big Brother if you can borrow me.” She turned to look at Kayn, and the two males’ gazes followed suit.

Kayn gave them both once-overs with a look of clear disinterest before he rose from his chair. The air around him felt heavy too, he thought, as he slowly moved his heavy body through the thick atmosphere. Her wrist felt cold as ice compared to the heat of his skin when his hand clamped down. “Let’s go, Mira,” he spoke softly.

Her body leaned into his and obediently followed. “Were they not good enough for your cute sister? They just lost a bunch of their marks to us, so I thought it was the least I could do to cheer them up.”

“No,” he answered simply. His hand that gripped her wrist tingled at the contact. It gave him a fuzzy, warm feeling that made his head spin.

“Okay,” she responded without fuss. “There was another guy—”

Her words were cut short when he turned on her. His imposing frame towered over her and she took an involuntary step backwards and fell back against the stone wall. Kayn reached towards her. To her credit, she didn’t flinch at his touch. His fingers wrapped behind the tight and decorated chestwrap that she’d worn tonight, settling purposefully between her breasts as his heavy muscles threatened to drag the wrap down. “No more guys tonight, Mira.”

Shards, did he want to peel the wrap off of her. He wanted to feel her soft skin on his fingertips. And then he wanted to taste her. Every bit of her. He wanted to put a mark on her that would last forever and stake his claim for others to see.

“Are you jealous, Kayn?”

Fuck, yes. So much so that it was taking everything in him not to bring them back to their room that they shared and tie her up. “I don’t like the crowd tonight.”

Her sigh of disappointment was loud, even to his muted hearing. “Fine. You’re so overprotective.”

His fingers tugged at the chestwrap, jerking her body towards him as his other hand gently grasped a handful of her hair and lightly tilted her head. Kayn’s mouth latched on to the side of her neck, his lips and teeth making a vacuum as he sucked and then licked that very spot. He felt like he was floating. He was disconnected from the world and all the consequences that came with it. There was nothing shameful about his feelings towards his sister and no reason to hate himself. There was only a sense of peace and assuredness as he created a hickey on his little sister’s neck. He released her and stepped back. “Now you can go back.” Hopefully the mark would deter other males from thinking she was available tonight.

Remira touched the mark on her neck and looked at him with an expression that he couldn’t think clearly enough to understand before she softly spoke. “Sometimes, you’re entirely unfair, big brother.” She turned on her heel and stalked back towards the den, leaving Kayn standing there in a mix of euphoria and confusion.

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Re: Aldrekayn [33.01.2562 9th Pass] || Ex-Peacekeeper
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Image Credit:
SirAlahn  :love:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
03.01.2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
The egg was on the larger side of its brothers and sisters, and had such a dark shade that the egg looked dirty and unwashed. It had a large fold at the top of the egg, and was otherwise far smoother than its siblings and their wrinkles. 
Mature Length: 4.45 meters
Mature Height: 1.2 meters

General Appearance...

Aldresk was born of awkward proportions. The wher was long and wide in comparison to his stunted height, which made him look a bit goofy from a distance. Up close though, his sheer size and bulk were nothing to laugh at. Even as he grew older, the proportions of his height to length never really evened out. You can still tell that something is a bit off when he’s further away and you’re staring at his profile. Now that he’s full grown, his muscles and bulk have completely filled in and any comments about his height are usually kept quiet because he looks like he can easily bulldoze through even a stone wall.

Aldresk is a dark, grungy-looking bronze, as if his hide has been living in the drudges quarters for a few Turns. Looking at it makes you feel like if he only had a good scrubbing, there might be some bright and cheerful shades underneath.


Empathetic: Aldresk is firm like a rock. His mind presence for Kayn is so steady, that even if he feels like he’s drowning in self-loathing, all he needs to do is reach out to the bronze wher and grab onto that stability and it will keep his head above water. While being firm, Aldresk is also a bit softer in his emotions than Kayn. He hasn’t locked down on them as his bonded has, and will show his care or anger far more to others who Kayn may interact with.

Remira: She’s always around Kayn and even though she makes his bonded uncomfortable and dislike himself, the feeling of love, comfort, and desire far outweigh anything else in his mind. So therefore, she must make him happy above all else and she must be taken care of.

Fighting: Aldresk will do any job that’s given to him, but he prefers to fight over anything. He finally gets to put his large size and bulk to use and he feels he is being most useful to Kayn when he fights rather than his bonded having to fight.

Eating: Food is good. Having a full stomach is the best feeling, especially when it makes him sleepy. Because then he has the best sleep. And he dreams about food. Aldresk is an eating machine and will eat almost anything…even if it’s technically not supposed to be edible.

Baths: The bronze where doesn’t like getting wet in general. He’s so big and heavy that he’s slipped on multiple occasions on wet, stone floor. And although oiling feels nice to get rid of the itching feeling, the bathing part beforehand is annoying and he often makes this task difficult for Kayn to do.

Intoxicants: Aldresk doesn’t like how his bonded feels when he’s high or drunk. The sudden change in mood that is so different from the Kayn he is used to confuses him. He’ll likely become concerned or try to find Remira to get his bonded fixed.


* STEADFAST : Aldresk has a very solid mental core that keeps him from being concerned about almost anything. He doesn’t seem to have any moral code in him, which makes it easier for him to not be bothered by judgements of others which his bonded seems so concerned with. To Aldresk, life is simple. He likes who he likes. He doesn’t like who he doesn’t like. And he attacks without mercy those who threaten Kayn or Remira or those whom he’s been tasked to fight.

* BRUTAL : When Aldresk is in attack mode, it’s like any sort of decency or fucks are thrown out the window. There’s no limit to what he will do or who he will attack. Nothing and no one is off limits to him other than Kayn and Remira. He’ll attack like a raging bull, destroying anything in his path until either Kayn calls him off or his opponent stops moving.


* UN-PROPORTIONED : During his growth phase, Aldresk learned how to manage his odd proportions enough to keep him in control of his body’s movements. Even so, the proportions can sometimes put him at a disadvantage against others because of his lower profile against other bronzes or off-putting weight imbalance. This is why he tends to lean more heavily on brute force in fights rather than any sort of strategy.

* LIMITED MENTAL CAPACITY : Aldresk is very simple. The world is black and white to him to make things easier to understand, because gray areas would make this big guy very confused. He can’t follow detailed instructions or consider ulterior options. If he is given an instruction, then he will carry it out. If it becomes difficult to carry out that task, he can’t think outside of the box to make it happen easier. He’ll continue plowing forward with a single-minded focus until either his job is done or he’s physically no longer able to move on.

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Re: Aldrekayn [33.01.2562 9th Pass] || Ex-Peacekeeper
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Re: Aldrekayn [33.01.2562 9th Pass] || Ex-Peacekeeper
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ reh-KAY-sk ]
Date of Birth:
20.05.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Rekaysk's egg was dull and drab, a washed out grey with little to distinguish it favorably from the other eggs. It was a gently wrinkled thing without any major folds or deep crimping.
Mature Length: 3.62M
Mature Height: 1.21M

General Appearance...

When he hatches, Rekaysk is almost as dully colored as his egg, although of course in shades other than grey. As he gets older, the mottling on his skin will increase in contrast, and he'll gain more of the metallic sheen typical of Bronzes and Golds. Overall, he's very true to the name of his color, with the underside of him and the inside of his legs a bright and clear bronze hue. The rest of him looks far more tarnished, like he's been left out in the elements and weathered it. His wingsails do not look nearly so worn, and the outer edges brighten like beaten brass.

This Bronze is not a hulking creature given over to the extremes of muscle like some of his species. Instead, he's well-proportioned and streamlined despite being fairly small in size. He'll bulk up some given the proper training, but Rekaysk will always have a somewhat lithe appearance to him… at least compared to Aldresk.


Empathetic: Rekaysk's presence is like a perpetual snarl or the low hum of a growl in his handler's mind. Already naturally given over to aggression and violence, he'll pick up on any negative undercurrents in Aldrekayn's mood and amplify them tenfold. There is nothing soft or gentle about him, even telepathically, and his anger will create a rather cacophonous sensation inside his handler's head like clanging metal.


Freedom : Specifically his own. Rekaysk doesn't like being told no, prevented from going somewhere, or stopped from an action he's already started. This may lead to Aldrekayn having to fight him, both telepathically and physically, and getting a muzzle on him is going to be a repeated adventure.

Greens : He has a taste for them, you might say. He'll want to Chase anything that Runs, and will get downright belligerent if he's denied that opportunity. He may even have a bit of a rivalry with Aldresk for Remisk, but if the other Bronze stakes a clear claim on her, he'll back off. But only because both of them are bonded to Aly.


Other Whers : Aldresk gets a pass only because he shares Aldrekayn's mind. Remisk gets one only because Remira is so important to Aly. Any other wher, and Rekaysk turns into a territorial, violent monster. He'll bite or even maul others for seemingly no reason -- like getting too close to his space, looking at him the wrong way, existing… He's going to be a menace.

Sitting Still : If Aly tries to leave him behind to go somewhere, he's going to get mean. And figure out a way to follow him. If there's absolutely no way for him to do so, he'll pace and snarl and give his handler a piece of his mind whenever he comes back for him.


* STRONG JAWS : Once Rekaysk bites something, he will not be letting go. His jaws are like a vice, and there's virtually nothing on Pern that will be able to break his hold once he's locked his teeth around something or someone. The only thing that will get him to release will be orders from his handler, and even then it may take a few before he obeys. And when Rekaysk bites, it's to do damage.

* ESCAPE ARTIST : Good luck keeping him somewhere he doesn't want to be, or out of somewhere he does. This Bronze will find a way to climb, get around an obstacle, go over or under it, whatever is necessary to get where he intends to go. It's almost uncanny how good he is at it given his size and bulk.


* AGGRESSIVE : Overly aggressive, you might say. Rekaysk seems to have a perpetual chip on his shoulder, and anything or anyone that gets in his way will risk the danger that entails. It's to the point that he will only listen to his handler so much at the best of times, and when he's mad there's a certain point past which he does not heed commands at all.

* UNPREDICTABLE : He is not good at obeying, listening to commands, or doing anything he doesn't want to do. Even more than that, some might think there's something slightly off about him. Rekaysk will snap for seemingly no reason, at both other people and whers. One minute, he'll be calm and bored. The next, he's mauling something. Best to keep him on a short lead and muzzled, if you can.

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