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Author Topic: Approved Remira [ 21.06.2566 ] Apprentice Beastcrafter  (Read 2460 times)

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Remira [ 21.06.2566 ] Apprentice Beastcrafter
« on: March 14, 2017, 02:47:01 PM »

Play By:
Hailee Steinfeld

Remy to close friends, Mira to her brother Aldrekayn
Date of Birth:
21.06. 2566 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Tillek Hold
Not yet. :P

Your Reflection...

She’s a spunky, wiry 5’8” of slender muscle. You wouldn’t guess it looking at her, but Remy is quite strong for her supposed spoiled self. She has long, often clean, and naturally wavy brown hair that she leaves down. Her clothes are well cared for and nice enough for the Pass and Interval. She was well cared for and wanted for very little. Her clothes, carefree smile, attitude, and easy posture all convey that.

When she’s not trying to be a ‘proper’ crafter, and dressed for work, she wears island attire. Shorts, a lace up tunic that flashes her skin, and is loose on her. Certainly risky attire for a ‘holder’, but she likes drawing attention to herself.

She frequently sleeps in Aly’s ( her brother’s ) clothes. If she opts to sleep in anything.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
You mean to say that people had it rough? Ha. Of course she knows that but Remy cares so little about other people, they barely register on her radar. Since Aly took care of her, she didn’t go hungry, wanted for little, and found the dragons and fire overhead fascinating. She grew up knowing nothing else. It was life for her. And not a particularly rough one. Neither did she feel particularly bad for other people – cause she didn’t give no fucks about them.  Since she did fine and her brother seems fine, couldn’t have been that bad huh?

Response to dragon color mutations:
Remy doesn’t have the presence of mind for other people to even grasp the political or social complexities of why the mutations are bad. She understands they’re different colors, but… what does that really mean? She hasn’t got a clue. She thinks they’re cute, cause all dragons are sorta cute. But that’s sorta the extent of both her understanding and concern for it all. 

Who are you...

Creature Comforts : In other words, being spoiled. She likes getting her way, likes being comfortable, and likes it when her brother provides for her.

Baths : They were so rare in the Pass, and she fought to get access to the hot springs in Fort. Sometimes literally. Now she tries to make it to the Springs every night in Southern Winds. Especially if it means she can go hang out with Aly.

Animals : Not eating them. Food was so scarce and such a desperate thing, it’s nice to be put on rations. What’s more, she adores rabbits and chickens. Especially the babies. She’s very lovey and doting on all animals – whers, flits, dragons, whatever. It doesn’t matter. She wants to care for them all. NOT eat them. Not until they’re older and, ya know, made for it. She’s practical like that.

No : She hates the word. Depending where it comes from, depends on her response. For Aly, she pouts. From people of authority, she’s been known to scowl and sulk. From people she deems ‘equal’, she argues.

Crap : Working with rabbits and chickens, it’s pretty much inevitable. But she hates cleaning up after them. It’s her least favorite chore. If she can get out of it, or get someone else to do it, she will. It’s just, well, unlikely.

The Gang : it was a means to an end growing up, but she’s really wanted to distance herself from that life. Drugs, whores, all of that just wasn’t her style. While it was all fun and games growing up ( sorta but not really ), the change of the weyr and the easier life style appeals pretty heavily to her. She wants that for both of them.


* PRACTICAL : This is a applied trait in the Beast Craft hall that no one would ever expect her to be growing up spoiled. But she dotes on the animals like they’re her little babies. Once it’s time to actually slaughter those she needs to, she has no qualms doing just that. In that regard, she’s quite practical.

* DETERMINED : When Remy sets her mind to something, there’s not a thing on Pern that changes her mind. She’ll go through anything to get it. She doesn’t shy away from hard work, applying herself in ways that people wouldn’t expect, or… using people if she has to. Short of betraying Aly, she gets what she wants.

* AFFECTIONATE : Remy is an overly teasing, sweet, chatty, and affectionate person to just about anyone and everything. She has a lot of affection to give, almost endless amounts. In oddly teasing ways, at times. Sometimes it’s to mess with Aly, to make him jealous. She especially likes to mess with Ophyonis in order to get a jealous rise out of Aly. But all of the affectionate gestures, the sweet talk – it’s surface flattery and makes her quite social. She has only love for her brother.

* UNFAZED : No matter all the terrible things she’s seen growing up, or some of the unfortunate things that have happened to her, it doesn’t seem to have touched who she is. It’s affected how she views sex and intimacy, and probably has something to do with how selfish a world view she has, but Remy is largely a well adjusted individual. All things considering. She smiles frequently, isn’t bothered by much, and is by and large quite social. Blood, sweat, tears – all of that doesn’t stop her from working hard for what she wants nor does it keep her up at night.

* STRONG : Both physically and willed. She’s not one to be brow-beaten in any situation and isn’t easily intimidated by anything. More than that, she can and has hauled her weight around. One of the reasons she fell so easily into the Beast Craft despite being a spoiled brat. She’s a strong girl.


* SPOILED : Remy is, quite clearly, a spoiled brat. She’s used to getting things from Aly and she’s not shy about trying to get what she wants from him. He’s been her provider, family, friend, and… well, her world. And he’s not shy about encouraging this terrible trait of hers so it’s not something that’s likely to be corrected. It’s almost embarrassing how childishly terrible she can be if she doesn’t get her way with him and she wants something.

* SELF-CENTERED : The lack of care or consideration she has for other people is borderline sociopathic. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone. At all. She has no empathy for the suffering of others beyond a sweet smile and meaningless words. Do not expect her to go out of her way for anyone. Honestly, she cares more about the rabbits, chickens, flits, and whers she deals with than anyone. Except Aly.

* SHALLOW : Everyone she meets is defined by what she can get from them, how fun they might be, and surface conversation. She judges everyone by how she perceives them, and she’s quick to judge by appearances.

* DETACHED : Because of a sexual encounter she had far too young, and a series of messed up attempts following that that were thwarted by Aly, her sexual ‘development’ and her ability to be ‘intimate’ with other people is messed up. She teases, she flirts, but there’s absolutely no heat or intention behind it. It’s all meaningless. She’s quite incapable of caring for anyone save her brother.

* CRUEL : Remy has the capacity to be quite cruel. Whether it’s saying the things to wound or it’s physically wounding someone, she has the capacity for violence. A girl doesn’t grow up amongst the lower dredges of society without learning how to defend herself. While she’s not likely to hold her own against a trained Rider, if she’s given something sharp she can and will use it if she has to without hesitation.

Describe Yourself:

* ANIMAL LOVER: During a time when the Pass was struggling and the Beast Crafters were trying to preserve the animals, the plight oddly struck with her. When she couldn’t feel for people, she really felt for the animals that had no say for themselves. She wanted so much to take care of them and be involved in the craft, so much so that she had her brother help her get into the Beastcraft. Since her parents weren’t alive, he was the one to vouch for her even though she was a bit older to get into the craft.

* SISTER: Aly is her world and she’s clung to him as a provider. While she is selfish and spoiled, she’s quite dependent on him. In that, there is also an intense love for him. A need for him to approve of her and love her in return.

* CRAFTER: She doesn’t care about titles or rank, she just wants to BE a crafter. To have the knowledge to care about animals. To fix things and take care of things that cannot take care of themselves, and preserve that sort of knowledge that no one else has – and to rediscover and reinvigorate the crafthall.

* HOPEFUL: She has a sweet, optimistic outlook on life. Especially now that they’re out and away from the gang. She wants a better life for herself and her brother, away from all that nonsense.

* SWEET: She’s never needlessly cruel. Though she might not ever really care about someone, Remy is known to have a nice thing to say to just about anyone and has a knack for remembering names and faces. She likes being nice just because she’s a nice person – so long as things are going good. If someone is being a bother or upsetting her, she just walks away. No harm, no problem. She doesn’t often care enough about anyone or anything to make a big deal out of it unless she wants something.

The Magic Touch: She likes wearing her brother’s clothes around him. She’s not big on drugs but she’ll occasionally take some around her brother – and only around him. She doesn’t drink alcohol, mostly because she doesn’t like the taste.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Kalaen, whore. Born 2545. Died 2570.
Father: Unknown mystery man.

Siblings: Brother : Aldrekayn / Aly. Born 2562. 

Children: Never able to have children – the few sexual encounters she had she was far too young.

Craft: Beastcraft

Rank: Jr Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2581/15.

Specialty: Rabbits and Chickens

Education Details:
No one would’ve guessed the spoiled brat took so well to the craft. She was taken in during a desperate time, when they needed apprentices, and she did exceptionally well. She adores animals and took to tending the rabbits and chickens exceptionally well. It was Aly that got her her wher so she could start her classes then. She enjoys her work in the craft hall, but she has absolutely no desire to ‘move up’ or obtain any sort of rank. She is quite happy just working and doing whatever she’s doing. She definitely doesn’t care about other people enough to be a teacher.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* 2566 - 2571, Birth to 5 Remira never mattered much to her mother, and in turn, never developed any attachment to the woman. She was idly cared for by the other drudges, but mostly her brother. He seemed starved for attention and she, a little, growing girl seemed willing to give it to him. Though the world was dark, dirty, and grim, her smiles came easy and she laughed often. Usually doing small things just to try and get a response out of her brother. When he wasn’t around, she was quiet and watchful. Learning and observant. She was never hungry and, when she wanted something, she learned that crying was a sure fire way to get Aly motivated to get her it. While she didn’t always get it, he did respond rather quickly to tears. When Tillek falls, she clings desperately to Aly as they’re moved from everything she’s ever known and relies heavily on him to provide for both of them upon their arrival to Fort.

* 2571-2575, 5 - 9 She grows up largely sheltered by her brother, not quite understanding the hardships others are enduring and believing the shitty life they have is quite normal. While she doesn’t ever feel hungry, she still wants things. Clothes that fit. Blankets that aren’t thread bare or eaten through by pests. She’s a growing girl and just needs, well, general upkeep. She never looks to another to provide for her but Aly. Neither does she really strike out on her own until she’s a little older, when the gang members in turn start to talk to her. Either curious about the girl Aly has been taking care of or curious about what she might be useful for. She ‘befriends’ a couple and even gets close to one that seeks to test whether or not she’d make a good whore for the gang. This ‘friend’ is caught in the middle of such a ‘test’ by Aly, who does not react well. He attacks her ‘friend’ for touching her, near fucking her at such a young age. She loses it, not understanding, and eventually stops her brother. Not before he’s killed the man though. No one else in the gang bothers her for a time and she feels quite lonely, ashamed, and confused.

* 2575-2578, 9 - 12 It takes some time for both the gang to socialize with Remira and for her to seek out any other attention besides that of her brother, having to recover from him killing her ‘friend’ from before. As she slowly opens up and gets accepted by the gang, she makes more friends and falls into an easy way of socializing. Almost a natural at it – all sweetness and smiles that easily disarm. Eventually she gets close to another gang member after she’s actually an adult and sleeps with him. It’s a couple of times later that her brother finds out and beats the guy up. At least he doesn’t kill him. The guy wants nothing to do with Remira and, while hurt, she gets upset with Aly more so. Not understanding, she starts to act out. Becoming more social, branching out to explore and flirt – almost as though she’s doing it just to set him off. He ‘puts a stop to it’ by telling her she can’t sleep with someone unless he approves.

* 2578-2581, 12 - 15 She acts out some what after the initial ‘rule’ before it turns into a game for her. Remira’s interest for others slowly wanes and she turns her attention, instead, to Aly. While she doesn’t understand where his jealousy stems from, at least she gets his attention when she flirts, teases, and talks about other guys. Though slowly even that’s not enough for her. Directionless and restless, searching for a purpose, she quite literally stumbles into it as she’s exploring the streets of Fort when she finds the remnants of the Beast Craft hall tending animals and having to hold people back from stealing some of the rabbits they need to produce more. She ends up talking to one of the apprentices there who’d gotten into a fight and offering her help. A couple weeks later and she declares, quite abruptly to Aly, that she wants to be a crafter. That she’s tired of being surrounded by gang members he ‘doesn’t approve of’. She’s also sick of him sleeping around and being -around- that when she’s not allowed to do the same so she -demands- that he get her in the Crafthall to make up for how shitty he’s been to her. This prompts him to join the peacekeepers, to give him better standing, so he can make the request to the Craft Hall to make up for her older age. She’s accepted around her 15th nameday.

* 2581-2587, 15 - 21 For his sister, Aly throws himself into the Peacekeepers and gets her a wher egg. Early into her apprenticeship, she gets Remisk. The sweetest Wher that anyone has ever met on Pern. While not particularly useful in guarding the animals for the Beast Crafthall, Remira throws herself into the newfound craft with a gusto she just didn’t have for the Gang life. She adores the little animals, the knowledge of taking care of them, and finds a ‘nicer’ life with the crafters than what she’d found with the gang. While she still regularly interacts with such people, and still teases her brother when she can, she loses a lot of her restlessness and irritation with him for imposing such unfair rules. If anything, it clarifies a lot of things for her. Gives her a renewed sense of purpose and hope that maybe life can be different – that there is a life outside of the gang, a life that she wants for herself and her brother.

Once the Pass ends, she’s almost over joyed. Except that her brother loses his position as a Peace Keeper, but she wonders if this is better for him. Taking him away from that lifestyle. She almost sees this as on opportunity for HER to take care of him, as he has done for her for so long.

* 2587-2590, 21 – 23 ( she’s 23 because she’s not had her name day yet ) Remira is doing quite well at Southern Winds, minding her own business and tending to the craft hall. She doesn’t buy into a lot of the social drama, but she’s becoming quite investing in the interesting of the craft hall more and more as she sees it as the future of hers – and possibly her brothers. She doesn’t really want him falling back into the nastiness of the gangs, so if she can, she’ll try to steer him away. For all she’s spoiled, Remira wants a nice life her brother too and feels like they can have that with the Crafters and the Weyr – not necessarily the Holders.

14.04.2587 / 10:30PM – Pay attention to me

Learning the weyr after moving was still something Ramira was adjusting to. There seemed to be new tunneling being carved out every day. That was one of the reasons she preferred the fact that the Beast Crafters were setting up in the weyrbowl.

No tunnels there! Just open space, green grass, and a bunch of animals that needed tending. Getting them situated while the barns were being set up was a lot of work, but the best kind of baby sitting. Certainly a task that both Remira and Remisk were fully up to. It’d have been a shame that after all this time, and all the hard work of keeping the animals alive, that they might die on the island.

That did mean, however, that after a long, sweaty day she was looking forward to not doing anything in particular. But her brother wasn’t in his room. Since he’d lost his official title as Peacekeeper and had been demoted to manual laborer, she’d felt a little bad. He’d worked so hard to do something with himself only to have it all taken away… Just because there was no more Thread.

Seemed awfully unfair.

As much as she’d wanted to strip down and fall into bed with him, it seemed she had to go hunting. Setting Remisk to the task was remarkably easy. Especially since the two of them were of the same mind. If Aly wasn’t in bed by this mark, he had to be in the hotsprings. One of the first places to be finished, construction wise, and one of their favorite places. Her dark green wher trotted ahead, trail blazing the way to the hot springs while Remira followed. Whistling softly.

By the time they arrived, it was well past the time most people would be there. Finding her brother was easy enough too – he’d holed himself up in one of the private pools. Remisk, having found him, plopped down where she was to rest with a soft purr while Remira wordlessly undressed with a smirk so she could join him.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Sr Weyr Woman Halirina
Mountain Wingleader W'sar
Jungle WingsecondL'ale
 Search Rider C'ace
 Wingrider Niema
Wingrider K'eeda
Wingrider  Cassipiora
 Wingrider B'nyn
Wingrider Yinaya
Wingrider Seaphonellqua
Weyrling Haithen
 Weyrling Sethunya
 JW Herder Keassa 
JW. Dragon Healer Loressa
 JM Harper Sevastjan 
AP Fisher Ysmersa
Candidate S'ric
Wher Butcher Tavianna
Weyrfolk Daysepona
Former Whore Domnitissa
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Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
Anything Else:
Kill me now.

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Re: Remira [ 21.06.2566 ] Apprentice Beastcrafter
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2017, 02:47:29 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
03.01.2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
It was a tiny egg, jokingly a flit egg, but it was the cutest damned egg that Remira had ever seen. Extremely wrinkly and supposedly ‘good luck’, so quite a catch for those that believe in such things. Like holders.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 2.9M
Mature Height: 1M

General Appearance...

Remisk was a cute bundle of wher, if you ask Remira. She was rather tiny, and probably disappointed Aly, but she was everything that Remira could’ve wanted in a wher. Excitable, noisy, hungry, and a ball of limbs that just didn’t quit. Her entire body was a dark jungle green – the color of shaded leaves that rarely see sunlight. Parts of her have steadily lightened up quite a bit, which only make Remira think she’s absolutely the most beautiful wher ever. 


Remisk feels as much as Remira generally doesn’t and impresses upon her Handler lots of things. How hungry she is, how she feels about things, how excited she is, and all manner of emotions. She’s an expressive wher, very attentive, and is quick to let Remira know how she feels about things.

Herding : It makes no sense, but this wher is convinced she can herd chickens. While she doesn’t like chasing them for the sake of it, she has a strong instinct to protect and make sure all the little animals under her purview are accounted for. Little creatures smaller than her must be safe guarded from hungry flits and other wher.

Small spaces : Places a wher probably shouldn’t be. A bed, tunnels for people, stables, barns. She’s SO well behaved that Remisk feels like she should be where all the people should be, should always be with Remira, and likes shoving herself in places that a wher might not otherwise fit. She has no concept of ‘claustrophobia’ or ‘you can’t fit’. She’ll make herself fit. Chicken coop included.

Aggressive wher : Remisk might’ve missed out on that trait. While she has a strong urge to chase and catch things, even herd them, she’s a remarkably sweet and soft wher. She doesn’t want to fight and is more apt to run away from big, mean wher than she is to fight them. This probably disappoints Aly.

Sleeping : Remisk is a creature of the night! Why must they always sleep at that time? Why are all the other animals asleep then?


* BEHAVING : Training Remisk was quite easy. She’s eager to please, so when it came time to get her to follow orders, she was a quick study. It’s not that she’s -smart-, she just wants Remira to be happy. So she does what her Handler says. If Remira can get Remisk to understand an order, the wher is all to happy to comply.

* GENTLE : Growls and hisses do not come natural to her. This makes her exceptionally well suited to work with chicken and rabbits. She’s never had an inclination to eat them, only play. Which she’s been taught not to do once Remira expressed that her ‘play’ freaked the animals out. Though she can occasionally get a rabbit to play with her.


* WEAK : While she’s not the smallest green, she’s certainly not the bulkiest. Her gentle nature and eager-to-please drive also makes her a terrible guard wher. If Remira ever were in danger, she’d do her best to defend her handler but… truthfully, Remira is probably better at defending herself that her wher will ever be.

* TRUSTING : If someone seems like a good person, Remisk is likely to respond well to them. Even if they have ulterior motives. She won’t know any better and is likely to let all manner of people around her handler unless Remira expressly doesn’t want them around.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She runs on Remira’s birthday, 21.06. She is usually a Locked Run though, since Remira prefers her Brother’s wher catch her. >:3


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Re: Remira [ 21.06.2566 ] Apprentice Beastcrafter
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2017, 06:18:38 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Remira [ 21.06.2566 ] Apprentice Beastcrafter
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2017, 11:19:56 PM »

Image Credit:
SWW template by cweinman. Colored by Sanctified.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
The egg was quite large, wrinkled, and speckled. One might have guessed that the creature that might hatch from it would be a bronze, save that there wasn't any other distinguishing features. It was almost bland compared to some of the other eggs in the bunch and so it was passed over - though not by Remira.
Mature Length: 3.8 M
Mature Height:  1.3 M

General Appearance...

Irask hatched quite readily as a dark brown where with a pinkish snout - a trait that made Remira immediately fall in love with him. As he grew into a rippling mass of muscle, Irask lightened along his wings and became speckled - as his egg - with lighter and darker spots along his body but he's always had a lighter snout.


Empathetic: Irask is as quiet, mellow, and stoic as Remisk is loud. He doesn't communicate frequently with images or emotions, but rather, he's like a wall of 'feeling' in Remira's mind that she'll come to get used to - Like someone eventually becomes accustomed to gale force winds when you hear them all the time. He can be far more overpowering than Remisk with his sheer presence in Remira's mind, but he infrequently does so.

Likes: Sunshine : While definitely nocturnal like all other wher, he really likes it when Remira will wrap a swath of dark cloth around his eyes and let him sun bathe while she works.

Bunnies : They're like fluffy pillows he's not allowed to lay on, or put his head on… or put in his mouth. But he thinks that's what they'd be great for.

Dislikes: Work : Remira has Remisk for all that business. He'd rather just keep a watchful eye on her and her precious animals.

Dirt : No thank you. He's not crawling around the stables, he's not going in the coop full of shit. And he'll grow big enough no one is about to force him.


* PATIENT : There isn't a thing in this world that Remisk or Remira could do that will frustrate him. Pull on his ear, play with his snout, Remisk likes to bounce around him - it doesn't matter. Nothing phases this wher. He's laid back some people would think he doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. That would be a mistake. He's simply very, very, very patient when it comes to the very excitable, sometimes stupid Green and their equally energetic bonded.

* STUBBORN : Irask's aggression manifests itself as a very determined, very persistent stubbornness. If he wants something, if he's determined, there's nothing that will stop this wher. That means keeping Remira safe. While he's generally obedient, if he thinks she's doing something she shouldn't - and he believes he knows better - he's perfectly willing to use his weight to get what he wants done. Neither is he afraid to bite if he thinks it's necessary. Irask pretty much acts and behaves as though he's Remira's 'better' half of her conscious.


* LAZY : Irask is fully capable. He's strong, he's massive, but he really doesn't care. He doesn't have Remira's motivation or drive, nor does he have Remisk's boundless energy. Rather, he's quite content to watch over them as their supervisor.

* SUPERIOR / DISOBEDIENT : He frequently thinks he knows better than Remira and can be quite disobedient if he thinks the order she's trying to give is wrong. It's not usually because he's aggressive - quite the opposite, he just thinks he knows better. When he becomes big enough to 'throw' his weight around, he will. Whether it's to move her or to just become an immovable object, he'll do just that.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He is frequently too lazy to chase female wher. A sort of "can't be bothered" attitude. 

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


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Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! | Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate!