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Author Topic: Approved Bekareni [ 14.02.2566 ] Exotic Dancer  (Read 1494 times)

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Bekareni [ 14.02.2566 ] Exotic Dancer
« on: March 15, 2017, 06:03:09 PM »

Play By:
Ashley Moore

Known as “The Red Flower” professionally, Beka to most and Ren to those who hold her dear.
Date of Birth:
14.02.2566 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Hold, 9th Pass
Weyrmate or Spouse:
There is not one.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Beka is a woman made of hardened curves. She is an athlete in her finest form, lithe and strong and agile and able to bend in just about every direction. Her dancer’s body is long and leaves her at a willowy 5’8, with legs for days and days. Slender arms lead up to heavily muscled shoulders, but not so much that it leaves her looking disproportionate. Her chest is of a good size, at least in her opinion, but most of her outfits lend her breasts support to make them look fuller.

Her skin is warm toned and freckles scatter beneath her eyes and over her collarbone. She has a collection of personal paints and powders to decorate herself with, and is fond of intricate designs that can take hours for her to dab carefully on. Beka prefers vibrant tones, reds and golds, but will sometimes play a more subdued part depending on her mood. Ever since the appearance of Neisoth, she’s made a point to twist more black than bronze into her color palettes.

Bekareni’s natural hair is curly and a red-brown in tone. Sometimes this is dressed in paints and temporary dyes, too, but the dark shade of it makes the effort more than the worth. She usually lets her hair hang free but keeps it cut to just below her shoulders. Beka’s eyes are similar in color to her hair, framed by thick lashes and high arching brows. She doesn’t often put much makeup on her face, but if she does it’s more natural accent than altering coverup.

While she isn’t a whore anymore by necessity, she still retains much of her clothing from those days. She has a few elaborate dance outfits, but most, if not all, of her clothing leaves little to the imagination.

Bekareni carries herself with a pride that is rare for one of her status. Her face appears open and friendly but she’s mastered a mask since childhood to disguise real feelings.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The catastrophe made Beka what she is today. It made her adaptive and shameless, a creature of the night. She tries not to dwell on thoughts of “what if”, it only brings a bitter taste to her tongue.

Response to dragon color mutations: Beka has a secret admiration for the mutations, she feels they’re adaptive like she is. Her quiet support for the weyrleader is seen in her choice of dress, using black to accent nearly everything and mostly culling bronze tones out of her wardrobe. Dragonrider support in general is frowned upon in the circle she runs with, though, so she keeps these thoughts to herself.

Who are you...

Likes: Beka enjoys sitting or dancing or sex by the fireside, but also sex in general. She adores music and still regrets not being able to pursue the harper craft, she feels she’s too old and too changed now to settle into a crafter life. Finally, the mental stimulation of debates of philosophy or morality are her secret passion, which is a bit odd for someone that uses her body as her primary means of survival.

Dislikes: She does not like being cold, it often brings bad memories of her formative years, shivering and left alone for hours while her father gambled. Beka eats richly, too, when she’s able, as if that will make up for the times she went without. Fortunately, her lifestyle keeps her trim. Her least favorite kind of person fits into the “alpha male” trope, mostly just as a result of knowing too many customers that were too afraid of looking weak and so had to resort to violence or a domineering attitude to keep their pride. She does not like children and the thought of pregnancy terrifies her, both because her mother died in childbirth and her own traumatic miscarriages.

Strengths: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Self Confidence : Being wanted and objectified has given her an ego to rival a golden queen. Beka walks with the air of someone with importance and hasn’t known rejection in a long while.

* Attractive : Well, really, self explanatory. She’s been gifted with good looks and a better body and she uses it to her advantage. When Beka dances it’s like smoke on the wind, tantalizing and ever shifting, keeping the eye trained and the mind enraptured.

* Clever : While she doesn’t speak often, when she does it’s worth a listen. Beka is a bright woman, with a love for games and teasing, and she’ll rise to the occasion when it calls.

* Well Spoken : While she was not offered an education, her regular clientele consisted of some very intelligent men. Beka is a quick learner and she found that trying to keep up with their conversations rewarded her more favors from them, and as they were a nice group she certainly preferred their company. Through them she expanded her vocabulary and learned to think before she spoke.

* Abiding : Very little bothers Bekareni these days. She has learned to survive through her body and mind and is unswayed.

Weaknesses: 5+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Gullible : Beka’s biggest flaw is that she’s still a little too trusting of people. Somehow she never learned and continues not to learn when people lie to her. Mostly, she’ll laugh it off as a fun joke that’s been played against her. It’s possible that this is a coping mechanism, too, to keep her sanity in the den of thieves she was raised with.

* Arrogant : With the skill she’s acquired as a dancer, it’s given her a bit of a sour ego. Beka feels she’s a very important person and doesn’t take kindly to those that don’t indulge that idea. She’s had a rough relationship with some of her “coworkers”, and chalks it up to them being jealous of her.

* Forgetful : Small details like dates or names or likes easily slip her mind. It’s a good thing she doesn’t own much more than the clothes she dances in, else she’d lose those too.

* Stubborn : She’s been indulged one too many times and it’s given her a resistance to doing things any way but her own. Beka feels like her ideas are the best ideas and she can be a bit of a bully about it.

* Hedonist : After initially resisting a whore’s lifestyle, Bekareni has fully embraced it. She likes sex and good company, and while she doesn’t drink anymore, she does sometimes still dabble in whatever narcotics are available.

Describe Yourself:

* Former Addict: ----- Alcohol was her coping mechanism in her early years at the brothel. Beka struggles frequently to resist the temptation, but she’s managed a few years of sobriety somehow. Her close friends are polite enough to not drink around her, but sometimes the situation can’t be helped and Beka will quietly excuse herself.

* Quiet: ----- She is an observer. As someone trained to dance, Beka often lets her body speak for her rather than rely on flirting her way into bed.

* Artistic: ----- Her creative side is not limited to dance. Beka loves to paint and often uses her own body as a canvas. If she knew how, she’d probably enjoy writing, too. Instead, she’s quite adept at storytelling.

* Proud: ----- Beka feels that her profession is something she shouldn’t be ashamed of. It has instilled in her a confidence and the ability to “work” for herself, something she likely wouldn’t have gotten if she’d followed the traditional life as a holder.

* Unapologetic: ----- While she has a relatively easy nature, if someone ever feels she’s stepped out of line or said something horrible, she will not feel bad about it. Everything Beka says or does is with intent and purpose. As she isn’t impulsive she feels her actions are well thought out and therefore called for, no matter the situation.

The Magic Touch: The early years of Bekareni’s time in the brothel was passed in a haze of alcohol and light drug use. She didn’t want to be there and that was the only way they could make her compliant, and she came to rely on it to cope. Eventually, the day came where she could no longer remember much of days passed and she began to pull herself up out of her addiction and move to a healthier lifestyle. She learned dance from another worker and this became her escape, and then eventually her pride and joy. In order to be a good dancer, she’s paid special attention to her diet and habits, not wanting to damage her body again.


Mother: Bekahara, Holder, b. 18.07.2552, d. 14.02.2566.
Father: Rennok, Holder, b. 20.08.2548, d. sometime in 2580.
Remarried 2574 to Liantilissa, b. 22.09.2559.

Harrok, full brother, Holder, b. 2565

Several half siblings from her father’s second marriage, they’re all younger than her and she has never made an attempt to know them.

Children: Miscarried twice late in pregnancy, likely due to alcohol and drug use. She has not conceived since.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life, a small description of what happened, and their emotional reaction to the event with no more than 5 turns between each event.

* 2566, 0 Baby Beka is born at the family’s homestead at High Reaches Hold. The labor was long and Beka is born breech, and had to be cut from her mother’s womb. Mother Bekahara dies following the trauma and the child gains disfavor with her father for resulting in his wife’s death.

The good news is, she’s born into a well respected, traditional family with many ties and a bit of wealth. The bad news is, following Bekahara’s death, Rennok begins to spend more time drinking than working and the family fortune begins to shrink.

* 2568, 2 Things progress fairly normally. Beka is often cared for by her aunts and grandmothers and Rennok has little to do with her. When High Reaches falls, the family moves to Tillek. The evacuation doesn’t come quick enough for them and Beka’s maternal side loses many. Rennok employs a nursemaid to pick up where their slimmed family cannot.

Being uprooted from his ancestral home is hard on Rennok’s social standing. He’s lost many friends and alliances and tries to rebuild ties again. Precious gems and gold pass into the hands of people he wishes favor from, further dwindling their wealth.

* 2571, 5 Life was a struggle at Tillek, even with access to rich waters. The Hold isn’t able to support itself and dragonriders can no longer be spared to keep their skies free. The second evacuation of Beka’s life begins and she’s old enough now to understand what is happening. Her nursemaid keeps her, and her older brother, safe through the move.

* 2572-73, 6 & 7 Fort Hold is a cold and unforgiving place. Their fortune was quickly disappearing, both in value and in quantity of prized items. Family heirlooms are traded for living space and they do settle into a nice cavern while most of the hold suffers from overcrowding. Rennok is no longer able to afford a nursemaid, but he feels his children are old enough now anyway to support themselves. He makes no further effort to care about Beka’s upbringing. He does take Harrok under wing in hopes of making him a worthwhile heir. This isn't anything new to Beka, she's used to his neglect, but she does envy Harrok's favor.

This change forms a rift between the two siblings. Harrok had been a protective guardian of Beka, but he doesn’t want to gain his father’s disapproval by spending too much time with her. He becomes a distant figure to her, one she still loves but one that has turned into a stranger. The trust the girl had placed in her brother falters, but isn't entirely defeated.

* 2574, 8 Rennok meets a girl of fifteen named Liantilissa. She’s the sole surviving member of her family, a family that traced back to High Reaches, too. Liantilissa is a compliant thing and accepts Rennok’s marriage proposal. She marries him for the safe space his home provides and also his promise to protect her. He marries her for the small fortune she’s held onto, and because she’s a pretty little thing. Eight year old Beka does not like her new “mother” and the feeling is mutual. Harrok, however, has a bit of a crush on his stepmom and comes willingly to her beck and call.

* 2575-77, 9-11 If you’d told young Beka that it couldn’t get any worse than these years, she’d call you a liar. Things begin to unravel in Beka’s life. Following the marriage to Liantilissa, Rennok goes full force into his alcoholism. His wife blames his drinking on his disappointing daughter and gets to work on making him some “proper” heirs. She enables him, giving him the means to continue to buy the drink.

The pair fall into bad company. Fort Hold’s underground is not a place to be taken lightly, but Rennok certainly does so. He gambles for alcohol and for food, and often comes home with nothing at all. Beka goes hungry most nights, even when Harrok and the new babies eat their fill.

* 2578, 12 The day comes when Rennok’s empty promises to pay his dues are no longer tolerated. He is heavily indebted to the gangs. Lucky for him, and unfortunately for Beka, she’s of age to be married. Liantilissa was waiting for this day to come, wanting the girl out of their home, and it was on her suggestion that Rennok offers his daughter in exchange for a clean slate.

Young Beka is a promising thing. She’s a virgin still, which is far more valuable to the ganglord than any other currency her father could’ve come up with. The deal is made.

Three months pass and Beka’s life seems to be improving. She’s taught what to say, how to say it, how to move, how to act. She’s kept separated from most of the girls in the brothel unless they’re young and new, like her. Her meals are still small but they are consistent and hunger becomes an afterthought. All good things must come to an end, however.

Her education is deemed complete and now it was time to show what she’d learned. Beka is bathed and clothed in the finest material she’d ever seen. Her virginity is sold off for the price of three herdbeasts and the buyer’s own young daughter. Her first time having sex is painful and the man is rougher than he should’ve been. The following times are no different. She closes in on herself.

* 2579-82, 13-16 Older whores took “pity” on Beka. They taught her the forgiving nothingness of narcotics and alcohol. Each day passes in a daze and her memories rarely stick. She has a faint notion of pregnancies, but no children are ever birthed.

The boldest memory still is hard to keep clear. Her brother had come to the brothel and asked to meet with her. In the few years that had passed she’d forgotten his face and initially their meeting was an awkward “I’m not here for that, no”. He’s finally able to tell her that their father’s body had been found beaten beyond recognition, with only the signet ring on his finger able to identify him. He’d been missing for months.

She celebrates with more drink.

* 2583, 17 Early in the turn Beka wakes one morning not knowing the day or week or month or year. The realization is a startling one. With the encouragement of a few friends, she decides she wants to turn things around. Life is still not ideal, but there’s no reason for her to keep it that way.

Things become clearer slowly. She relearns herself and invents the rest. Beka finds that sex isn’t the evil thing her younger self thought it was and comes to terms with her alcoholism, knowing it was long past just being a coping mechanism and was instead something she relied too heavily upon. She knows, too, that her lost pregnancies were due to her substance abuse. The grief of that gave her the strength to make it through withdrawal. She wanted to stop hating herself and hating her body.

* 2584-86, 18-20 Beka’s brothel welcomes a new teacher. She was a crafter, a harper, but specialized in exotic dance and the taboo of that among traditional holders meant she had to seek students elsewhere. She takes a few whores under her wing with the permission of the brothel’s mistress. Dance is something they all did a little of, but the harper’s technique was more refined, and it gave their raw movement more rhythm. Beka takes a shine to it and spends the next few turns learning under the teacher.

Dancing becomes Beka's new purpose and the thing that brings her most joy. Being able to entice someone across the room with the sway of her hips is like a magic in itself. It gives her a confidence she didn't know before and she blooms into a new being. New Beka smiles easily and laughs often. She's seldom seen alone and is welcomed into some of the higher class circles. Her ego begins here, too.

* 2587, 21 Threadfall ends, a new home is found. This is, truly, the biggest upheaval in Beka’s life. Her young life was full of turmoil and change, but she was much more adaptive, too. Older now, and with an idea of what she wants out of life, Beka does not welcome the move. Fort Hold is broken down, people move apart and the brothel business shatters. Life with dragons meant loose morality was commonplace and ideas about sex became less taboo and more accepted. Her kind weren’t needed.

* 2588-89, 22 & 23 The first few turns are a tough adjustment for her. She floats from bed to bed, never truly calling a place her home and simply nesting with whoever will have her. Like her father before her, though, the move disrupted alliances and friendships. She's often found begging for simple necessities, unable to earn her living anymore.

But Beka perseveres. Her dancing gives her an ability greater than just being a good lay and she’s still able to find those willing to use her for an evening of entertainment. This new home is still full of troubles, between strange dragons and dangerous jungles, not to mention the internal strife among weyrfolk and holders. Folk still seek distractions and she will always be there, distracting.

* 2590, 23 Present day finds Beka settling into the mining hall after the lockdown and restrictions are lifted. Many of her old friends, coworkers and clients are following suit and she misses being among like kind.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.

Drumbeats vibrated the curtains behind the stage. Her looking glass shook, but her hands were steady. Out there, somewhere, another girl was performing while Bekareni herself added the final touches to her night’s outfit.

It was an expensive piece, not just because the fabric was silk and the gold dyes were so rare. The skirt of it, really more of a wrap, boasted a belt that she’d been given by a client. The belt had little wooden pieces attached to it, marks, of varying value. When she moved, each of the bits would swing with every step and clack against each other with their own music.

She fastened matching ankle bracelets, the belt’s mates, and then touched up the paint over the tops of her feet. Her body paint was as much of a ritual as the traditions that she was raised alongside. There was some metaphor in it, how it’d take hours to apply but by the end of her first dance most of it would be gone to sweat and hopeful hands. Beka didn’t mind. Beka didn’t mind much, though.

Rowdy cheers and baudy calls sounded as the drumbeats stopped. The first act was finished and they were eager for the main event. Beka tucked a flower into her hair, a vibrant red thing that the brothel cultivated especially for its girls. It was her signature. Plastering a sultry pout to her face, she stepped out from behind the heavy curtains and onto the stage.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Droissa, Nieve, C'dus, Penderton, Saviavi, Nealros
Inactivity Preference:
NPC or Adoptable.

Or kill her off.

Mauling Permissions:
Rough ‘em up.
Anything Else:
You can’t say happiness without saying penis.

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Re: Bekareni [ 14.02.2566 ] Exotic Dancer
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Re: Bekareni [ 14.02.2566 ] Exotic Dancer
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