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Author Topic: Approved Tiynnalacia [21.10.2566] Holder & Peacekeeper  (Read 1518 times)

Offline RaynePOTM

Tiynnalacia [21.10.2566] Holder & Peacekeeper
« on: March 17, 2017, 12:08:42 AM »

Play By:
Alicia Napoleon

Tiy (Tie), Lacia (lass-ee-ah) – only by her mother and sisters
Date of Birth:
32.10.2566 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:
She tried but the boys think she’s intimidating. They’re right.

Your Reflection...


Tiy is, to put it lightly, very muscular for a woman. When she was a child she was always large, but now she takes special attention into being as strong as possible, and for her, that means being bigger than all the girls she knows, as well as most of the boys. Tiy is 6’2”, and likes wearing braids in her hair, although often lets the back hang lose and braids her fringe, this combines an easy hairstyle for work and her love of braids, and her sisters have said it makes her look a little more feminine. They have a better knowledge of it so she usually follows their advice.

Although Tiy would like to wear more dresses, her work doesn’t really allow for it. She used to always be seen in Peacekeeper uniform, worn neat and tidy of course, as any proper holder woman should, but now just wears baggy pants and tight shirts. After her mother got over the idea of having her daughter be a keeper, she decided to handmake all the clothes for Tiy so they always fit nicely, and she believes that if Tiy is going to be strong, then she would only make clothes that accentuate the fact that her daughter can best anyone in any arm wrestling competition. Although Tiy knows this isn’t really the Holder way, she appreciates her mother’s support so wears them with pride.

Like most peacekeepers, Tiy isn’t without her fair share of scars, also because Tiy cannot stand to see injustice and gets into a few fights on her own because of it. A few knife slashes here and there, scars on her knuckles and a few bite marks on her lower right leg from a fighting wher are the scars she isn’t necessarily proud of, but she’s gotten quite used to them and no longer bothers to hide them.

Tiy is a woman who puts everything into doing the right thing and making her family proud, so although she looks at herself an sometimes regrets that she doesn’t look like a ‘proper’ holder woman, she knows that she can do her family proud and protect those who need it. She mightn’t like looking at herself too closely but her confidence comes from her actions, not her appearance. Not anymore at least.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: It was terrible, no iffs or buts, and she hates the feeling that she couldn’t do anything. She’d honestly rather not think about it because the feeling of weakness or hopelessness is soul-sucking. Instead she would rather think of the here and now, what can she do today, in this moment, to make things better. This has led to a few issues where Tiy doesn’t think about the consequences or admit to her mistakes, she’d just rather think about the now.

Response to dragon color mutations: Dragon’s aren’t her problem. If the weyr wants to get uppity about colours it is none of her concern, she knows her place in the weyr like every other hold woman and she’ll fight to keep that place, the difference between a red and blue dragons largely means nothing. She does however think it’s interesting to see who cares about it and why, it makes it easier to do her job if she knows who has a problem with what and how to fix that problem… or end it before they do something outside the rules, she just doesn’t care about it personally. 

Who are you...

Stars – When it was finally agreed to by her parents that she wouldn’t be a holder wife like her sisters, her father decided to teach her everything he knew about the stars. It was his father who had been one of the last of the starcraft, and it was supposed to be something he passed onto his son, but as they’ve had nothing but daughters he figured it was time to pass it on to Tiynnalacia. Tiy took to it like a fish to water, and given she possessed no talent for the other crafts, it became the one thing to fill her brain with. She can talk about stars for hours, and often does with her sisters and their children, and Tiynnalsk.

Sweets – Tiy has a huge sweet tooth, she can eat honey raw and survive on nothing but bubbly pies for days. Her mother always said that the easiest way to her father’s heart was through his stomach, and it seems like everything else about her body, she inherited that from him too.

Massages – The work of a peacekeeper can be physically intense, as can the training Tiy does to stay in top condition, and now the work Tiy does around the weyr just to help wherever she can. At the end of a hard training session or long day of work Tiy likes a deep muscle massage, two of her sisters are particularly gifted, as is her father, so Tiy will often trade chores or desserts with them for one at the end of the day.
Thunderstorms – She isn’t scared of them or anything, she just dislikes the loud noises and, if she’s doing work in the weyrbowl, the bright flashes. Also the fact that the clouds block her view of the stars at night and make the ground too wet for her to just lie down and watch them. Honestly she feels like the sky could just calm down.

Crowds – Tiy doesn’t like crowds because she knows it’s the most dangerous place for innocent people and peacekeepers. Too many people can get injured if something goes wrong, too many people in the way so she can’t stop something from happening, too many people to easily calm down or reassure. Everytime she’s stuck in a big crowd she gets a sinking feeling in her stomach and she’s always waiting for it to get ugly.

Sunburn – Tiy doesn’t get sunburnt easily, but it always makes her feel tired when she does and difficult to work in the following days, and her nose always peels.


* HARDY: Tiy is a very capable person, she is used to personal adversity and can either overcome it or shrug it off as long as she has something else to focus on. It’s only in the dark of night when she has nothing to do that Tiy can stew on things that upset her, so she usually overcomes this by working herself hard everyday so she’s too tired to stew, or she’ll take herself out to the weyrbowl to watch the stars instead. Thankfully the weyr has lots to do so she isn’t lacking in distraction.

* KEEN: She’s not a soft women, in body or action. Tiy’s words and decisions can be sharp and some might consider this a lack of tact, but it’s more that she’s just a very passionate person, and she’s very dedicated in her quest to help and do what is right.

* SHREWD: Tiy is good at reading people, not necessarily good at taking social ques from them, but she’s pretty good at figuring out when someone is lying and the reasons behind it, it isn’t a natural talent, more of an offset of her lessons on being a hold woman. Her mother was trying to teach her how to read a situation so she could keep her kids in line or help her husband and the like, but the peacekeeper in Tiy found a way to make sure she could bring villains to justice or stop a bad situation before it happens. It is only Tiy’s shortsightedness that can hold this ability back and cause her to act rashly on her judgements.

* ROMANTIC: Tiy always loved fairy tales as a child as still sees them in her sisters’ courtships or in tiny flitters or in the stars. She sees the small magic in things and it makes it easier for her to do hard things to protect them, and makes it easier to weather the hard times because of the little reminders of joy.

* STRONG: Tiy’s personality is as hardy as her body, it’s Tiy’s personal pride and protection. She’s happy to use her strength to help pretty much anyone, regardless of the pettiness of the task. Given her mother also taught her that hold women are supposed to be polite at all times, this sees her leaving conversation or a guard post to help pick up fallen boxes or fix an overturned wagon, as long as it isn’t too far from her post.


* IMPATIENT: Given Tiy’s need for distraction and action, she doesn’t like being held back from doing what needs to be done or just standing still in general. She’s constantly tapping her feet or her hands while she’s waiting to do something.

* HAUGHTY: All proper hold women are, right? Tiy works hard to do her job, if other people don’t work as hard, that isn’t her arrogance, that’s just the truth. If people work hard and get their stuff done, she’ll respect them, even if she doesn’t like them, if they don’t work hard then she’s earnt the right to think she’s better… because she is.

* PICKY: Given how people have treated her in the past, Tiy is pretty picky about who she hangs around with and considers her friends. Once you’ve earnt her trust she’ll be loyal, that’s part of the holder tradition after all, but trust can be broken by not following the law or being disrespectful to those she admires.

* SHORT-SIGHTED: Tiy likes to live in the here and now, she doesn’t like thinking about the past (it’s kinda lonely) and doesn’t like to plan for the future (that’s even more lonely), so she often doesn’t think about the consequences of acting too rashly. It only matters to her if she’s doing what’s right, she’s not a ‘do the means justify the ends’ person, more of a ‘is there a mean? Is there and end? Good.’

* NOSEY: She can pretend it is for the benefit of her work, but basically Tiy just likes to hear about people and their adventures, she usually uses this to judge them but largely just finds it interesting.

Describe Yourself:

* Traditional: ----- Tiy is still a proper holder woman. Even if some boys think she’s too big or too strong or too loud, she is still a holder woman. She learnt all the etiquette lessons from her mother as she should, she just has to edit them a little to fit her. Family is the top priority, always, and the family traditions must be passed on. One must always be neat and tidy, even if it is in uniform. Know your place and stay there, her place is as a keeper of the peace and she’ll do anything to uphold that. Always be polite, she always is, until that person does something wrong and then she’s just doing her job. Even if she goes about them differently, she’s a true holder woman through and through.

* Capable: ----- Gets the job done. Tiy always has, always will, whatever needs to be done. It’s part pride, part honour, and part fear of failure, but regardless of why, she’ll do the right thing and get the job done.

* Punctilious: ----- Tiy is very conscious of acting right and doing the right thing. There is some leeway with how she goes about doing things if it is to do the right thing at the end, ie. if someone were to keep swearing in the presence of a lady she’s likely to remind them once before taking a more… heavy handed approach. But she’s very careful about doing her family and her fellow peacekeepers, or those who used to be keepers, proud.

* Faithful/Loyal: ----- It’s the corner stone of the holder way and Tiy lives it with fervour.

* Passionate: ----- Tiy feels a lot and doesn’t have the skills to hide it, she’s loud and passionate, and makes sure everyone knows what she thinks is right. It mightn’t quite be the way a real holder woman would do it but that’s who she is.

The Magic Touch: Tiy, like her father, observes a number of lunar superstitions. You cannot sleep directly under Belior when he’s whole, if you’re sick you can’t look at a Full Timor or you’ll stay sick for longer, New Moons bring good luck for romance but not for business so don’t do any business or trade during this time, if there is a large planet or star near Belior when you first see it that night, the weather will be violent. 


Mother: Caryelacia – Holder/likes to pat her husband on the back when he says starcrafter even though she probably knows more than him (she was folding washing during all the lessons), 2548.
Father: Tinncomascius – Holder/Considers himself a starcrafter even though there are NONE, 2548.

Tiy is the 4th daughter in a long line of only daughters.
1. Tinncolacia – 2561 – Hold Wife
2. Taryelacia – 2562 – Hold Wife
3. Tinncomascia – 2565 – Journeyman Crafter
5. Caryemascius – 2568 – Apprentice Crafter
6. Caratinnco – 2570 – Hold Wife
7. Lacius – 2571 – Hold Wife
8. Caracia – 2575 – Apprentice Crafter
9. Tinncia – 2576 – Hold Wife
10. Mascia – 2579 – Hold brat, wants to be a dragon rider but hasn’t told her family.

Children: Tiy never married and as such never had children, because she’s a good Holder woman. Now she feels little desire to, she’s happy tending to her sister’s children.

Tell us a story...

* 2571, 5 Lessons
Already taller than most kids her age, Tiy didn’t take very well to her mother’s etiquette or sewing lessons, she couldn’t sit still for long enough to really learn anything and she simply found it boring, doing the same thing over and over again while her mother talked with the other hold women about things she wasn’t allowed to understand. Rebelling a little, this was a tense time for her parents, given how cramped the hold was even at that point meant that everyone knew of the temper tantrums that she caused and how unladylike she was. Her mother kept persisting, trying to turn them into games and competitions between the other children, but it had already set the stage for how different she was.

* 2576, 10 Broken Promises
As Tiy grew older she only grew bigger, looking far more like her father than her mother and already growing to know what it meant. She also grew to know why her mother was so insistent about behaving a certain way in public and why her mother tried so hard to help her learn the things her sisters had always seemed to understand naturally. Pushed by her love for her family and her duty to do them proud she promised to learn all the skills of her sisters, even though for things like sewing or dressmaking she was never as good at. Her parents were proud that she was finally beginning to become a proper hold woman, but given her size they were also having trouble arrange meetings between boys of other holder families. She knew they were trying, even though they never told her how much it worried them or how it hurt their pride some of the things the other houses said, but she still knew.

Focussing even harder on doing them proud and having the fairy tale family her older sisters were already starting, she started to pay more attention to boys, even going to far as to ask to court them. This wasn’t taken well and she weathered a lot of teasing for some, it was only when one of the boys pretended to have interest in her, later bragging to his friends about only doing so to get close to her sister, which she overheard, that she snapped. Walking up to him and clocking him with a strong right hook, breaking his nose and messing up his pretty face, Tiy broke the promise she’d made to her parents. After that she gave up on the idea of finding a boy for herself, eventually back from them all together and just hoping her parents would find someone for her.

* 2581, 15 An Arrangement
Her parents found a man who’s family would agree to their marriage. She was pretty happy with him because he was always very nice in public, it was only after she impressed to Tiynnalsk that he started to get annoyed. He figured a wher was an extra mouth to feed that couldn’t help her with anything because she was just supposed to be a wife and nothing else, whers can help with the house chores after all. She got angry when he flippantly said they should sell it for food, and he slapped her, telling her he wouldn’t tolerate a wife to talk back to him in such an unladylike manner, she broke his nose and the wedding was called off. Her father decided it was probably about time to call off the search at that point and began to teach her about the stars.

Tiy was honoured and loved every second of learning about the stars from her father, it made her feel more like she had something to offer as part of the family if she wasn’t going to be able to give them a good marriage.

* 2582, 16 The Peacekeepers
It wasn’t long after Tiy’s parents stopped arranging meetings between her and suitors that she decided she needed to do something else if she wasn’t going to be a proper holder wife, however, having very little talent for any crafts and no desire to become a rider or work in the… more undesirable professions, Tiy began working out. She trained hard and long, assisted by her father and sometimes by her sisters in order to present herself to the peacekeeper recruitment officer one day. Given she was actually bigger than him, and the already impeccable training of Tiynnalsk, he found it hard to refuse her and sent her to meet with a squad captain.

After a small test, a wrestling match with an already signed up peacekeeper (piece of cake), she was signed up and began training. She flew through it, her determination and fervour to do her family proud and to make her natural bulk worthwhile, finally paying off. Before long she was patrolling beats and enforcing the law of the Hold, upholding the values she held dear every step of the way.

* 2587, 21 Southern Winds Weyr
Although Tiy was excited for a place without the death and destruction of thread, she wasn’t super keen on giving up her role as a keeper and moving to a Weyr. She almost resents the weyr for taking that from her but she’s happy to help out however she can here, and given her family is so large and diverse, it isn’t as bad as she originally thought. When they finally get a hold up and running, she assumes she’ll move there with her family, but her father decided as long as the Hunters are down there, his family will be staying in the weyr where they are safe.

* 2590, 24 Minehall
Although many of their family friends are moving to the minehall to separate themselves from the weyr, and although Tiy would like to help out with wall construction, she doesn’t want to see the people she cares about in danger and is currently still staying at the weyr. Plus, after the riot it would help to have a few extra people keeping the holders and crafters in line that aren’t dragonriders with their bloody whips. She was one of the few who were trying to help at the riot and got lined up anyway, if she didn’t have enough troubles with her look a scar wasn’t going to help.

The slap rang across her cheek, the force of it rocking her head to the side. It took a moment before Tiy actually considered what had happened, then the sting set her cheek ablaze. Tiynnalsk, from the side room Kellen had locked him in while he’d taken her aside for a ‘talk’ roared and made bashed against the door, but he was still newborn and not big enough to separate the opening from its lock.

Tiynnalacia on the other hand, was already full grown and big enough to fight her own battles. She wasn’t supposed to, speak softer she was told, it made the men feel better to hold the conversation, sit down she was told, so they wouldn’t be intimidated by her height. But never had her mother told her to take a hit from a man, and she doubted the fierce woman with a tongue as sharp as a blade ever would. So she wouldn’t.

Rising from her seat, hand moving from where they sat primly laced on her lap to fisting at her side, Tiy stood almost a head taller than the boy still spitting insults about a woman talking back to him. She’d heard enough boys talk like that before, she didn’t need to put up with it from him, not now.

She didn’t wind up, not change in stance, to be honest it wasn’t the punch of the century, but it felt like victory. And the blood leaking from his now crooked nose? Looked like freedom. The words he continued to spit still tasted foul as she rolled them off her tongue later when she told her father what she had done, but she’d done the right thing.

Her father ranted his own string of courses, swinging his own fists and swearing vengeance on the boy who thought he could harm their child, her mother sitting as silent as the grave on their chair. After their father had gone on for a time, each new curse making Tiy’s heart jump not with fear but with joy that her parents where not angry or ashamed, her mother rose and placed an arm on his shoulder. He quieted quickly, chest still heaving from the effort and looked at her.

Her mother, already a head and a half shorter than Tiy came to rest her cool hand on the still red mark on her cheek. “He won’t touch you again,” was all she vowed before she ushered everyone into the dining room for dinner that night.

“He certainly won’t,” her father muttered to her as he sidled past to head to the over large table, “tomorrow you’ll be spending the day with me. No more sewing lessons with your sisters.”

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
B'lye of Green Uereth
Nishi of Green Xasheyth
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable, but don’t make my baby a sook or take away her confidence.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:
Made for Sevastjan sorry boys.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Tie – nal (like the end of canal) – sk
Date of Birth:
15.10.2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
A relatively unremarkable egg, plebeian brown, slightly larger in size than most, it suited the fairly plain wher that eventually hatched for her.
Mature Length: 4 m
Mature Height: 1.3 m

General Appearance...

When Tiynnalsk first hatched, he was dark and matte in colours, one could almost mistake him for a brown if they weren’t looking carefully. But as he grew in size and bulk, regular oiling helping it along, his hide grew to be far more dramatic than even Tiy’s father’s gold. His back is specially shiny with bright flecks, and his feet, although darker in colour, do have a shimmer to them. The tips of his wings have the lighter shine of his back, and his cheeks and tail have the same dark shimmer of his feet, Tiy likes to pinch his cheeks where they are the shiniest.

Size wise Tiyannalsk is pretty average for a bronze, but given he chases everything he has sired a few clutches in his time.

Much like his handler, Tiyannalsk has his share of scars from knives or other wher that need to be taken down, thankfully on his shiney hide they don’t stand out as much as they do for his Tiy.


Empathetic: Tiynnalsk doesn’t like using images, he just has to if they’re looking for seedy people and he sees them, so he won’t use them for anything else bar work. He also isn’t a wher that shares emotion, he and Tiy usually are more tactile than anything else, he’ll nose or bump her, or sit with his head on her lap, that kind of thing.

Female Whers – he’s a Casanova, what can we say.
Training – He usually excels and he likes the treats he get when he does well.

Eye-goggles: Although Tiynnalsk knows he needs to wear them for work he hates them, Tiy tries to get on the nightshift most times because then he won’t have to wear them all the time.
Dragons – They’re bigger than him and if he’s being honest he is scared of them, but we’ll pretend it’s just mistrust for his pride.


* COMPETITIVE: Helpful in training and work in general, all Tiy has to say is that he has to be better behaved, or stronger, or faster than the other wher and Tiynnalsk will put all his effort into it. Given his natural size and strength he often comes out on top.

* TRACKING: Most wher’s have a good sense of smell but Tiynnalsk is considered particularly good at tracking.


* CLUMBSY: Although Tiynnalsk usually does well in his training, he is not the most graceful of wher. Thankfully this isn’t considered the height of disobedience for wher, but Tiy tends to keep him away from tables with delicate objects on it and he isn’t allowed in the same room as her baby nieces and nephews in case he falls on them. It is good for knocking over those trying to run from him though.

* HEAVY SLEEPER: If it’s time to up and go quickly, either for a last minute drill call or because Tiy’s sister is giving birth, this wher is definitely not an asset. He doesn’t respond to noise or soft touch if he’s asleep, so Tiy makes sure he sleeps right beside the cot so she has to step on him to get out, that’s usually enough to wake him up. 

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He will chase anything and everything that runs, Tiy is not happy when he chases in an Free Run, she’s a holder woman after all, but it’s the one time he’s allowed to have fun instead of work so she won’t deny him (also, she does enjoy the excuse for sex).

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Tiynnalacia [21.10.2566] Holder & Peacekeeper
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Re: Tiynnalacia [21.10.2566] Holder & Peacekeeper
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Re: Tiynnalacia [21.10.2566] Holder & Peacekeeper
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Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Wan (like ran - past tense of run) - sor (like saw - past tense of see)
Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This blue hatched as a little ball of almost complete blackness, but as he grows older, his colour will lighten, allowing his spots of almost starlike patterns to appear. Tiy will see this as a good omen from her starseer ways. What better than a star-covered firelizard for a starcrafters daughter? He's a long blue, 1.1m long, and as he grows, he will cease to fill outwards while he continues to get longer and longer, leaving him a very snakelike look when he finishes growing.


Mind Voice: His favourite form of communication is emotions, followed by pictures, then noises. He will never learn Pernese words, but will squawk if in an emergency. He enjoys having a good time, but isn't overwhelming in his presence.

*WHERS - Tiynnalsk is one of his favourite creatures on Pern, and possibly he gets a little too close to the wher at times, wanting to talk to him and play with him all the time.
*SLEEP - He's very much a night owl, Tiy will joke that he should have been born a wher due to his many wher-like quirks. Some think he's lazy, because in the day, everyone will see him sleeping all the time, but he just likes a different schedule.
*FLIGHTS - Not particularly a ladies man, nor would be win that often in comparison to the larger colours, this blue simply enjoys the thrill of the chase and will try to fly for every green, not at all unhappy however, if he loses.

*BRIGHT LIGHTS - Lightning hurts his eyes, so he prefers to stay inside during storms and very bright days with no cloud cover make him uncomfortable, he'd much rather be able to wear the sungoggles that Tiynnalsk hates to wear.
*BOREDOM - This big blue likes to do things, he likes socialising, he likes helping, he likes work, whilst he's not overly annoying about it, he'd prefer to not be still for too long if he can help it.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


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