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Author Topic: Approved Z'ryr [21.09.2559] Brown Rider  (Read 1274 times)

Offline Inki

Z'ryr [21.09.2559] Brown Rider
« on: March 17, 2017, 04:49:24 PM »

Play By:

(Zeh-Rear, Zeh-fen-uh-rear)
Zeph - Ze
Date of Birth:
21.09.2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Miner Crafthall
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wingrider Prairie

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Z'ryr is unbothered by his appearance, he likes to look good, however, he won't spend extended periods of time on making sure he looks good. He slip out of bed, give himself a quick once over, and adjust anything that needs to be adjusted, there's not much more than that.

His riding leathers are perhaps his favourite article of clothing, and even when the drills don't require the wearing of them, he would probably throw them on anyways, and purposely choose to not change out of them when most other's would before dinner.

Neither lean, nor too bulky, Z'ryr is of perfectly average athletic musculature, with slightly wide shoulders accentuated by thicker than normal biceps, however, he doesn't work too hard to make sure they stay that way, the muscles simply take to exercise more than the rest.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Z'ryr doesn't like to dwell on the pass, he has acknowledged the cause and effect of the catastrophe and has logged it away to learn from the decisions made. But he finds no need to judge dragonriders on their decision, and tries to avoid judging the Holder's of their subsequent handling of the situation.

Response to dragon color mutations: Unphased by the new mutations, Z'ryr simply thinks that it's a reflection of their upheaval and move, after all, Neisoth was good enough to win Kalestath over Leremith, so there must be something good about them.

Who are you...

Late nights - Z'ryr is a bit of a night owl, he doesn't need a lot of sleep to function so can still get up early in the morning and make the most of the day, but can enjoy the quietness of the night.
Firelizards - He likes having the little critters around him, there's so much variety in them and their usefulness.
Sex - Exercise and fun all rolled into one, it's thrilling for him, and he likes how it can be different every single time. Whenever sex got boring with someone, he knows it's time to move on from them.
Weyr life - Everything about Weyr life works for Z'ryr, he enjoys not being judged by others and not having to judge others either.

Women - Whilst Z'ryr can appreciate the look of the female body, he has never, and will never feel sexual attraction towards a female.
Sleeping alone - Even though he won't complain if he is asked to leave someone's Weyr, Z'ryr will always prefer to share his bed with someone, it helps that his fair of firelizards have decided that they like to sleep in his bed at night as well.
Hurting someone - Z'ryr's calm nature makes it so that he usually doesn't upset people, and honestly, he hates it when/if he does, if rarely.
Open Ocean - Whilst Z'ryr's family did try to teach him to swim while he was living at Tillek, however, he didn't enjoy the experience. He doesn't like waves, or the possibility of getting swept out in a rip, and so, even though he has a dragon who could pluck him from the water if anything went wrong, he doesn't choose the open ocean, much preferring the underground lake.


* RELAXED : Z'ryr doesn't like to stress over the little things, if something goes wrong in his day, he'll simply find a way to fix it, or move on in his life. He feels like there are bigger fish in the sea to worry about, and so he saves up his potential anxiety for the more important moments in life.

* CALM/UNSHAKEABLE : Not one to care about drama, Z'ryr in unaffected by shouting, yelling or little fits of anger. He's more than happy to leave and let someone cool off, and would not be offended if he was asked to leave so someone could do so, but he's equally happy to stay and let whomever continue whatever aggression outlet they wish. He's a listener, so whether someone needs a shoulder to cry on, or some rock solid to scream at, Z'ryr is can fill both roles.

* CONFIDENT : He's very happy with his lot in life, he likes his wing, and he's sure of his place within the Weyr and the hierarchy. Whilst he's never been particularly interested in leadership, he wouldn't be horrible at it, because he is a genuinely caring person. But, because he believes that the Weyrleadership are making the right decisions, he doesn't feel overly conflicted about their current political climate.

* OBSERVANT : Z'ryr likes to understand what people are feeling, and whilst he usually likes to simply talk about a situation, he is more than capable of understanding nuances and body language and figuring it out himself. He believes it would be easier if people just told him what was wrong, but knows that is not usually a realistic request.

* PATIENT : Being in Prairie has been nice for him, he likes to help and be helpful, and working with struggling riders has been easy for him because he's patient enough to wait for their training to show results. Additionally, he has never once given up on someone because they got frustrated at their lack of progess, his own Weyrlinghood was long and a struggle, so he knows that in the end, hard work will lead to results, it may just take a little longer than it does for others.


* EASY : Z'ryr has always been a bit of an easy lay, but he doesn't really feel like there's anything wrong with that. He does have standards, and he won't sleep with anyone that he really doesn't want to, but he likes giving people second chances and having new experiences.

* AIMLESS : Goals in life are not something that Z'ryr bothers with, he only had one goal, which was to be a dragonrider, and now, his only goal is to be happy. He doesn't want a leadership position, and he doesn't particularly care whether he's the best of the best, yes he likes to be good, and yes he enjoys the thrill that comes from working hard, but he never wants to compare himself to the success of another person.

* FORGIVING : Z'ryr likes to give people second chances, he believes that people can change, whilst he does have a limit, he has made the mistake a few times of giving people more chances than they deserve, because he truly believe that people can change if they want to work hard for it.

* HONEST : He likes to be truthful about what he feels and what he thinks, whilst he isn't the kind of honest that will reveal other's secrets, some may think of him as a bit of an oversharer and that could definitely make them uncomfortable.

* SUPERFICIAL : He likes attractive guys, and while he wouldn't say no immediately to someone he doesn't necessarily find incredibly eye-catching, if he didn't enjoy his time with them, or didn't feel a spark, he wouldn't personally go seek them out again, and he may be more inclined to deny the offer if he had a better option.

Describe Yourself:

* SWITCH: ----- He's happy to be both top and bottom, with different people at different times, Z'ryr is more than happy to go with the flow and give his partner what they want.

* INDEPENDENT: ----- Z'ryr likes having people around him, and he likes being able to do things, but he doesn't need them, he's more than happy to strike out on his own, or spend time with his firelizards. Whilst he enjoys having an occupied mind, he doesn't have to be like that all hours of the day.

* STRONG: ----- Even though Z'ryr is a calm person, it doesn't mean that he is a doormat. He likes to find solutions for problems, but he won't accept outright stupidity. He'll stand his ground with what he believes in, but won't be so stubborn as to refuse to let himself be convinced if a good argument is put forth.

* SOCIAL: ----- Z'ryr enjoys socialising, and not just for sex, he likes to talk and get to know the others in the Weyr. Whilst he doesn't like the overall idea of the Holders, he would even want to get to know a Holder if they weren't completely against everything he stood for. He doesn't like to be judged and so chooses just to ignore those sorts of people, and it isn't spiteful it is simply removing himself from their judgement and potential stress.

* ACCEPTING: ----- Lots of people have quirks, they have something they want to forget or they have something that they want to remember, either way, Z'ryr is typically pretty accepting of those lifestyles choices that differ from his, as long as they can be respectful about his own.

The Magic Touch:
- Gay and doesn't care who knows it
- Threadscored left hand - whole back of his palm is marred by an ugly scar


Mother: Holder Melaneryr b. 2540 d. 2579
Father: Z'phe of Blue Dalooth b. 2535 imp. 2550 d. 2560
Mother's Husband: Journeyman Miner Lariem b. 2537 (sterile)

Half-Siblings from Z'phe:
Lirynae b. 2548
Wa'by of Blue Vicith b. 2553 imp. 2577 --- Played by Kyya
Zira b. 2557
Nerihep b. 2558

Z'ryr doesn't actually know of the existence of these siblings, since he father died before he could find out anything about him, Z'ryr assumes that he must have half siblings, but doesn't know who they are.

Half-Siblings from Melaneryr:
A'yara of Green Deltiath b. 2560 imp. 2573 --- Played by SanctifiedSavage
Fisher Apprentice Melanon b. 2565

Children: Z'ryr had never wanted to sleep with a woman, and hasn't even tried for curiosity's sake.  He can appreciate their attractiveness, but would never actually want to have sex with a woman.

Tell us a story...

* 2559, 0 Born to his holder mother and a wayward dragonrider after a one night stand in the Minecraft hall. His mother, having been married to a miner at the time, raised Zepheneryr as if he was the son of her current husband, luckily, her husband didn't notice the lack of his name within his new son's name. It became a pattern for Maleneryr, sleep with a different man, bear his child, and combine her name with their's not her husband. Luckily for her, her miner husband was too much in love with her to ever realise.

* 2561, 2 Miner Crafthall fell, Z'ryr was was too young to really understand what was going on, all he remember was stories from his family of their journey to Tillek, and their retelling of his first time on dragonback. Apparently, he had been a very excited toddler. After their move, and ended up staying in close contact with his mother's extended family at Tillek, a family of fisher crafters and Z'ryr enjoyed growing up around a larger family.

* 2565, 6 The birth of his younger sister, Melanon, Z'ryr really took to the girl, and was happy to have a younger sibling that he could look after. Even at 6 turns, he was very laidback, but a protectiveness came over him when it came to his sister. He enjoyed having someone who loved him just because they were related, it was an easy and simple love to return.

* 2571, 12 At 12, Z'ryr was searched and taken to Fort Weyr. The youngster was very excited, after spending so much time around the fisher craft, he had developed his dislike for the wide open water, and knew that he wanted exactly the opposite. All he wanted to do was fly on dragonback flaming thread out of the sky. And so, he spent most of his first turn trying to talk to as many riders as he could whenever they stopped off at Tillek for supplies or a break. His persistence paid off and when he was searched, only a few days before the hatching, his prepared rucksack of clothes was a useful addition. Before he left, his mother gave him a firelizard egg to take with him, he hatched a sevenday later into his blue, Larrikin.

* 2572, 13 After standing for a turn, and really enjoying the Weyr lifestyle, Z'ryr impressed. A handsome dark brown, broke out of his shell, the third of his clutch, and walked straight towards him. There was none of the looking around and deciding who to pick, and wandering around aimlessly. The brown took a beeline straight towards him, planted his behind on the sands at his feet and introduced himself as Rhymoth. Z'ryr has never looked back. Whilst he loved him family, the Weyr life has been everything he has ever needed. A place of acceptance for his sexual partner preferences, and a place where he can contribute, but doesn't have to be perfect all the time. Z'ryr maintains that the day he impressed Rhymoth was the best day of his life.

* 2574, 15 Weyrlinghood was tough for Z'ryr and Rhymoth, his brown was a slow grower, and stayed gangly for most of his Weyrlinghood, and it was a little disheartening to feel like there was nothing they could go but wait. They did the exercises they were told, and still Rhymoth would not grow. He was clunky and awkward, and always fouling his wings and injuring himself. But they worked and they waited, and worked and waited until finally, Rhymoth grew, whilst he didn't pack on muscle around his wings, his shoulders and legs became stronger and stronger with everyday. He would never be the best dragon for agility, but he could still be a functioning member of a wing. This is when Z'ryr truly understood the significance of patience, and has remembered his two turns and still uses it as a lesson today.

* 2579, 20 After he graduated Weyrlinghood, Z'ryr uses his off time, not that there is a lot of it, to visit his mother and sister when he can. Whilst he mother misses him dearly, Z'ryr can't honestly say that he misses living with his family, he loves the Weyr. With everyone crammed into Fort Weyr and Hold, sicknesses spread quickly, and his mother, along with the help of some other dormant conditions, contracts an illness which runs rampant through her body. She dies later on that turn, however, on her deathbed, she informs him of his true parentage, a blue rider by the name of Z'phe, and tells him that his father doesn't know he exists. Her death crushes him, but the constant death around him makes him steel himself, he files that pain away in the back of his mind, and will draw upon it when he feels like he needs to stress about something. If he can make it through the pain of losing his mother, he can make it through anything.

After asking around the Weyr about a rider named Z'phe, he finds out that he passed away not long after he was born. Never having known the man, Z'ryr isn't particularly phased by the knowledge. He feels more bad for Z'phe, and the possibility that he never knew that he had a child, even if Z'ryr had no way of knowing whether or not Z'phe would have cared for that knowledge in the slightest.

* 2584, 25 Z'ryr gets his hand on another firelizard egg, wanting to expand his posse every few turns with a new addition. Luckily, the sheer number of firelizards contained in one Weyr made it very easy for him to get his hands on another, and it hatches into his bronze Boomer. Not the most intelligent of firelizards, Z'ryr secretly thinks that Boomer fell off a ledge and hit his head when he wasn't looking, but he loves him just the same.

* 2587, 28 The move the Southern Winds Weyr was a welcome change, Fort was getting entirely too crowded, and having to look out over the desolate landscape every day was a trial. The Hunters are an issue, one that Z'ryr decided was definitely going to keep him out of Jungle Wing, and the closeness of Beach Wing with the wide open ocean, kept him away from there. Not wanting to ever see the ugliness of the main continent again, Z'ryr decided on Prairie. He's proud of his wing, and as much as many others might not see the usefulness in the wing, or make jokes about them, he is unoffended, if they can't see the use, then that's their mistake, not his.

* 2590, 31 The Holder riot in the Weyr hall was a farce. Calling out slavery was stupid, and to Jungle Wing no less. The Weyr has never been slavers and never will be, he can see their frustration, but never in reference to slavery. But he doesn't mind the Mine Hall ferrying work, it allows Rhymoth to do what he is good at, and it means that Z'ryr gets to meet a few more people, even if most of them don't like him.

Niazyth. She rises. Quick and to the point, there was not much more Rhymoth needed to say to that, to get Z'ryr jumping to his feet and running out to his Weyr ledge, leaping up onto his brown's back. Rhymoth didn't need to wait for an assurance to take off, and was beating up into the air before Z'ryr could barely cling on to his back.

The flight lust started to pour through him, and he was quite glad that he had decided to bathe before dinner this night. He wanted to make an impression after all. Even though Rhymoth was the one doing the chasing, it couldn't be detrimental for Z'ryr himself to be in good knick.

Slipping of Rhymoth's back on Q's ledge, he couldn't help but grin when he saw that Q'nys was standing there in naught else but a bath towel and he almost wished that he was of the same mind. After all, it did make it a hell of a lot easier in the end. That is. If Rhymoth won. Which Z'ryr, looking up and down at Q's physique was very much for. Just his type.

The dark brown leapt off the ledge, blending into the night sky around him, only his lighter speckles glistening like stars. All these others are likening you to the sky. But you, my beauty, are beyond compare. You're the most beautiful of your own accord.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Fisk, M'dak, Inanna, Paylae, Y'tol, W'um, Iralye, B'ron, Tresrissa, Ysveta, Elrost
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
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Anything Else:

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Re: Z'ryr [21.09.2559] Brown Rider
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2017, 04:50:54 PM »

Image Credit:
Coloured by SanctifiedSavage
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

(Rye(like rye bread)-moth)
Date of Birth:
02.02.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 34m
Mature Height: 7m
Mature Wingspan: 58m

General Appearance...

Rhymoth was an awkwardly proportioned dragonet, and whilst, he isn't exactly beautiful now, he can at least function properly, instead of spending every moment tripping over his own feet. As a fully grown dragon, he has a lean torso, wide wings, and bulky arms and legs, not exactly the most beautifully proportioned dragon, but it gets the job done.

A dark, almost black-brown, with attractive lighter speckling on the outer parts of his extremities, makes him stand out from the crowd. As a hatchling, he was coloured a lot lighter, but over time, his colour has darkened, making his speckles stand out even more.


Mind Voice: Rhymoth's voice is slow and slightly nasal-like, on the higher end of the voice spectrum.

Greens - He would never rise above his station and consider flying a Gold, he's never had an interest in them. Greens don't have as much responsibility and are always responsive to his compliments.
Compliments - Rhymoth likes to make a green feel like she's pretty, not many of them need that assurance, but he enjoys the rewards anyways.
Rules - Whilst Z'ryr is very relaxed, Rhymoth very much like to adhear to the rules, he helps to keep Z'ryr from becoming lazy.
Standards - Rhymoth likes to meet standards, he was frustrated by not succeeding in his Weyrlinghood and so likes to meet the requirements to do well in Prairie Wing.

The cold - He enjoys spending the night curled up with a green, much like Z'ryr, he would prefer not spending the night alone.
Rule breakers - Rhymoth very much likes to be a "good brown" and so he is offended when others don't want to follow rules.


* CARRYING HEAVY WEIGHTS : Rhymoth's thick limbs are incredibly good for carrying heavy weights for extended periods of time.

* DETERMINED : He wants to be useful for the weyr and follow rules, and so whilst Z'ryr can sometimes be more lax on trying hard, Rhymoth always tries to push him to work a little harder.


* AGILITY : He's too big to be agile, he's fast and strong, but he will never be able to make a turn as quick as some of the better proportioned browns.

* STEALTH : Rhymoth is still a little clumsy when he's walking around on the ground, there's not way he'd be able to complete a sneaky prank on anyone, because he'd probably trip over his own feet.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #9D5F18; Text: #1E1406
Hex codes

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Re: Z'ryr [21.09.2559] Brown Rider
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2017, 04:51:06 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

La(like lack) - rih - kin
Date of Birth:
04.10.2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Larrikin is a pretty average sized blue, their isn't anything very special about his physique, however it is his colour which makes him stand out. He's a beautiful light blue with almost white speckles down his spine and darker navy blue speckles on his wingsails. 


Mind Voice: For a blue, Larrikin is actually quite intelligent, whilst he hasn't learn to parrot any particular word or phrase, he is very capable with image sharing and emotions.

Fish - Larrikin enjoys diving in and out of the water of the cove scattering all the fish.
Playing - He simply likes to have a bit of fun, and he'll take any chance he can get, with fellow dragon-kinds or humans.
Cuddles - Spending the night curled up next to someone is his favourite thing, and any chance he gets during the day, he'll try to curl himself around Z'ryr's forearm.
Water - Splashing around is just fun.

Being alone - When there's so many people around, there's no reason for him to be alone, so if Z'ryr is busy he will go find a fair of firelizards to play with
Rain - It's just horrible, because it makes the sea too big to play in and makes everyone sad.

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Re: Z'ryr [21.09.2559] Brown Rider
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2017, 04:52:00 PM »

Image Credit:
Coloured by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

As you'd think
Date of Birth:
27.07.2584 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Boomer is a thick bronze, not having the lithe look of Larrikin but simply muscular and with shorter limbs than is expected for his long trunk. His colouring is a reddish-bronze, he would sometimes get confused for a brown if not for his sparkle in the sun and his large size. 


Mind Voice: Boomer does not communicate with pictures, nor has he ever said any words, however his emotional communication is quite accurate.

Rocks - He enjoys collecting them and bringing them to Z'ryr, any shape, any size, he doesn't discriminate, just whatever catches his eye that day.
Sleeping - Day, night, morning, afternoon, unless Z'ryr has specifically asked him to do something, or they're heading somewhere, Boomer would prefer to be sleeping.

Loud noises - Usually he's not paying much attention to his surroundings, so anything remotely loud will frighten him
Having to do complicated tasks - Anything beyond "Go over there" is a little difficult for Boomer, he can help Larrikin with a task, but being given a task with more than one instruction is destined to never be completed.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: Z'ryr [21.09.2559] Brown Rider
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2017, 03:19:20 PM »
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If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Z'ryr [21.09.2559] Brown Rider
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2017, 01:38:09 AM »

Major Events:
If You Want Me, I'll Be There - Z'ryr comforts Q'nys after the green rider struggles with his siblings.

A'yara of Green Deltiath - Sister - The two were incredibly close growing up. Only a mere turn apart, the two experienced many of their major life events together and using the other as a stable point. Whilst A'yara struggled with their family dynamic, younger sister, and parents, Z'ryr always managed to keep a happy medium. Being a pillar of support for his sister, whilst being able to maintain good relationships with the rest of his family. The two are close and Z'ryr would do anything for his sister.

Wa'by of Blue Vicith - Half-Brother - Starting their relationship as boyhood friends from Tillek, it wasn't until later on in life that they reconnected and found that they were related through their wandering father. Whilst Z'ryr doesn't have the same relationship with Wa'by as he does with the sister's he grew up with, they have a friendly, companionly, and joking friendship and can go to each other when they need anything.

Q'nys of Green Niazyth - Q'nys is a green rider that Z'ryr has a particular liking of. Whilst he understands that Q'nys has a mind of his own, and neither are interested in monogamy, Z'ryr would put aside all other sexual partners in favour of Q when he calls. Whilst unaware yet of Q'nys' particular proclivity with his siblings, if the information did ever come to light, Z'ryr would be unphased by their relationship, and would feel the same favouritism to Q as he did before.


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