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Author Topic: They aren't that heavy [21.05.2589//1.14pm] OPEN  (Read 580 times)

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They aren't that heavy [21.05.2589//1.14pm] OPEN
« on: March 18, 2017, 03:13:26 AM »
Grain hauling wasn’t a particularly difficult task, it required someone strong and without too much pride to simply grab the massive fine-weave bags and haul them to and from the kitchen storage caves from the farmers lots. It wouldn’t take too long, kitchen workers usually had plenty of family to help out, and Tiy was always happy to do something helpful. There was always lots to do in the weyr but most of it she wasn’t allowed to help with. Mainly because Tiynnalsk was a clumsy oaf so she wasn’t ever on the cleaning crews and she didn’t have many other skills.

She could read and write of course, but there were people better at that, people who actually trained to do it like the crafters. She just learnt because her mother insisted, ‘it was an integral part of knowing how to run a house’ she said; bookkeeping and elegant handwriting. Tiy bit her lip to hide a small smile, they were in a weyr now, there wasn’t any bookkeeping to do for them, but she wouldn’t ever laugh at her mother for trying to teach her how they should be living in the Hold’s… even if the prospect of having a real Hold again seemed so far away.

Turning in to the kitchen storage caves, Tiy nodded to the person taking note of how many bags were being brought in. Raising her voice slightly, keeping it mild and soft as all Hold women were supposed to, Tiy called, “I have one here and four more on the wher, all grain number four.”

The farmers wouldn’t bother trying to tell each and every person coming by what grain was in each bag, instead they just placed them in piles and then the kitchen workers stored them in different areas, it was just easier than letting anyone get confused and messing up the system. She knew she’d be able to remember, she had a pretty good memory after all, but she couldn’t fault the farmers for being careful and making it easier on folks.

Tiynnalsk, moving his way straight to the proper cave by following his nose, sat himself at the edge of the storage alcove. He poked his head in for curiosity’s sake, but knew he wasn’t allowed any closer to where the grain bags were being unloaded, for such a large wher, he had a habit of always being underfoot. Tapping his tail as he waited for Tiy to unload her sack, then unpack his from where they were tied to his back, he grunted and ruffed in greeting to some weyrbrats as they made their way past the action.

After Tiy had unloaded the sacks she pulled her hands over head and stretched for a bit, yeah this wasn’t super hard work for her, but not stretching occasionally would lead to her feeling sore later on and she didn’t have anything to swap her sisters for a massage today.
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Offline Sevastjan

Re: They aren't that heavy [21.05.2589//1.14pm] OPEN
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2017, 09:25:02 PM »
Being a Harper wasn’t all song and dance. Unfortunately. That was Sevastjan’s favorite parts. By far. However, as a junior journeyman Harper he was frequently at the mercy of those older, wiser, and with more pull than he had. The master he frequently assisted had him run errands, do tallies, and all manner of errands. Not that it bothered Sevastjan.

What another Harper might see as busy work, he knew to be recon. The most valuable thing a Harper had was news and information, after all. Since he was frequently asked about his day, Sevastjan knew it wasn’t just a polite inquiry. With everyone being crammed into one weyr, it was often the Harper’s unofficial job to… well, keep an eye out.

Which led him, presently, in the kitchens. Lending a helping hand, quite literally, tallying grain. While a Harper’s neat script was always welcome when it came to counting and records, especially when readability was important, Sevastjan also knew his Hall would want to know where the Kitchen was at in regard to how much grain they had. Information was important to the Hall.

Now if only he could focus.

Sevastjan made another mark on the large wax tablet when the lovely lady hauling grain called out what she’d brought in. Another impressive haul. Sevastjan was idly wondering if she was intentionally carrying twice as much as everyone else to be a show off or if she was just that strong.

And, well, never let it be said he didn’t satisfy his curiosity. Seeing that she was taking a small pause in her work, he idly mozied over. All casual like. Of course she was taller than he was. Not that it bothered the Harper. With a smile, Sevastjan asked sweetly, “At this rate we’re going to be done sooner than scheduled. Do you frequently help with the kitchen work?” Then, so she’d not think he was a mannerless wherry, he added as he extended his hand, “My name is Sevastjan. Sevas, if you like.”

At the present moment, all three of his flits were on bug duty. Ensuring none of the grain had any bugs crawling about in it so they weren’t there to greet her. But neither were they making an nuisance of themselves. Just checking the storage cavern for creepy crawlies that shouldn’t be there.

Offline Tiynnalacia

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Re: They aren't that heavy [21.05.2589//1.14pm] OPEN
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2017, 08:18:08 PM »
Bending over to touch her toes, although her legs weren’t really doing any work today, Tiy jumped at the introduction. Straightening and whipping her head around, the muscular hold woman had to blink at him a little as her mind worked over what he’d said. Shaking her head a little before offering him a polite smile, Tiy agreed. “Oh yes, the farmers have been working very hard so it’s only fair that we put in a little extra work to try and keep up with them. Not that I’m doing much,” she added as she rubbed the giant ugly head of her Bronze. “It’s really the whers that are doing most of the work.”

She shrugged before continuing, “there isn’t much to help with outside of the kitchens because no one wants him,” she jerked a thumb at the Bronze who was now walking around Sevas in a circle, smelling him, “on the cleaning crews. He’s a little clumsy and… nosey,” she added the last as she finally realised what the Bronze was doing.

Her cheeks pinkened as she offered Sevas an apologetic look. “Please don’t mind him, it was part of his old training, and it would a little cruel to start punishing him from doing it now after he’s been praised for it for so long… Um, he’ll stop in a minute, I promise.” Extending a hand to him, trying to maintain a semblance of manners over her embarrassment, she added, “My name is Tiynnalacia, most people call me Tiy. And that’s Tiynnalsk.”

Taking a deep breath, she offered, “so how did you get roped in to helping?”


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