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Author Topic: [08.05.2590, Niazyth’s Flight 8:30 PM] Dragon’s Dance [open]  (Read 817 times)

Offline Bekareni

Though the minehall was quite a ways from the main weyr, dragonflight still wasn’t entirely avoidable. Greens were easier, at least.

Bekareni had been on her way to bathe when goosebumps make her skin prickle. The woman paused, freezing her walk, and then abruptly turned to head back to the main hall. With those she passed acting off she figured there was a flight. Ever the opportunist, she’d use that residual lust for her benefit. This would’ve been a risky thing to do with a rising Gold, but most people could manage Green flights. That aside, the makeshift hold was far more respectable than the place they’d all come from. Well, Beka thought, grinning, we’ll see about that.

Tonight she was dressed in her usual dancer’s garb, but she had thrown a full shawl over the entire outfit for the sake of modesty. The shawl was clutched around her as she entered the eating quarters. Some folk were still around. That was good. She quickly cleared a table of plates and cups and pulled the chairs away from the sides, leaving just one for her to step up onto. With the hour waning this wasn’t unusual behavior, she hadn’t garnered much notice yet.

Her next step was a need for music. She’d look quite silly if she just began to wave her arms around without any real rhythm. Luckily, there was never a short supply of harpers looking for their own audiences. Two apprentices were found, one with a hand drum and the other with a held instrument that rattled when tapped or bounced. She quickly explained her intentions to them and they were game. Good.

Time was of the essence. Greens did not have the stamina to enrapture a weyr for hours at a time, but this was okay too. Beka didn’t think she had the energy tonight for more than a song or two. With the beat starting, she skipped over to her makeshift stage and stepped up on it. Not speaking, she bowed to those watching.

The shawl was dropped. Her top was a colorfully beaded, stringy affair that cut off just below her breasts. Her midriff was painted in silver swirls and stripes that blended into her skin but reflected when candlelight was cast against them. Her skirt was more of a wrap and it sat below her hips, the hide material clinging exceptionally well. She had a belt over that, beaded like the top. Beka’s feet were bare but bells adorned her ankles. They had a faint noise as to not overpower the harpers, but every step was defined by their ringing.

Beka began her dance with a broad swing of her hips, the circle she stepped in slow and deliberate. Her arms rose over her head, hands twisting, and then back down where her palms sat briefly against her sides. Nothing stayed still for long. This dance was a tamer one than what she’d perform in the brothels, but her sultry eye contact seemed to make up for that.

Those of a more traditional holder sense that hadn’t already departed to their quarters for the flight’s duration were now quick to make an exit. Word was passed in the hall of her performance, warning those of like mind to avoid it and allowing everyone else near to overhear. The result was a mixed bag of onlookers. Dragonriders, crafters, and even some brave holders, came closer to watch her dance. The present day minehall supported a variety of traders and entrepreneurs, not to mention her old comrades from the gang days of Fort Hold.

She hoped, as her body continued its sway, that there’d be a gullible sucker somewhere in the crowd.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Anyone is welcome to join this, even if they don't have anything nice to say to Beka. Reprimand her for table dancing or join her, or just watch, I'm fine with it all <3
« Last Edit: March 20, 2017, 05:10:25 PM by Bekareni »

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