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Author Topic: Approved Tayvelle [32.09.2570 9th Pass] | Apprentice Beastcrafter/Bronze Wherhandler  (Read 1525 times)

Offline Kyya

Play By:

As it’s spelt
Tay, Tavle
Date of Birth:
32.09.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Tayvelle is fair haired with hazel eyes. She’s short, only brushing the 1.5 metre mark on her tiptoes. She is equally petite, making her wher that is oftentimes standing beside her all the more imposing. Despite her small size, Tayvelle holds herself as if she were a larger woman, and will not hesitate to stand toe to toe with someone regardless of whether she can see eye to eye.

Her clothing choices are practical, no need for embellishments and layers of skirts, preferring the simpler dress of tunic and britches regardless of the occasion. Her left ear does house two small steel rings through the cartilage near the top, often on display as she keeps her hair pulled back so it does not fall in front of her eyes while she works. She keeps herself tidy outside of working hours, and will not shirk a bath for “better uses” of her time, though isn’t concerned about accumulating a layer of grime throu8ghout the day.

She holds herself as if she is someone of importance, incredibly sure of herself and ever so slightly intimidating with a slightly beakish nose and a serious set to her face. Given reason enough she may stray from her normal appearance, though it needs to be a good reason. Appearance only counts for so much in the world and she’s not going to dress up for just anything.

In private she shows a more relaxed façade, though not many people are graced with this aspect of her.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She had her own problems to deal with. She wasn’t exactly fond of finding other peoples issues. While she experienced loss, she hardened her heart to it and instead focussed on her craft.

Response to dragon color mutations: She doesn't care about the mutations, however she'll take the opposite viewpoint of you just to stir the proverbial pot.

Who are you...

Skycoursers – Since the beastcraft has been decimated during the catastrophe, Tayvelle was taught about all aspects of the craft, including the long dead specialty of Coursers. The records regarding the giant predatory wherries drew her in from the very beginning, and she continued to pursue information about them long after the initial coverage of the Skycoursers of old.

Teaching an old wher new tricks – Tavlesk is a clever wher, and when the opportunity arises, Tayvelle revels in teaching him new commands. It can be frustrating at times, particularly as she works to try and communicate in a way the wher can understand, and with the constant chatter he presses onto her, it can become downright confusing. But there is very few things she likes more than the where carrying out the instruction correctly for the first time, let alone when he learns the verbal cue to do it without hesitation.

Gold flights – Since moving to the weyr, Tayvelle has experienced her fair share of gold flights, and the overpowering lust has always led to an irresistible urge to fuck. Fortunately, the queen flights seem to affect everyone the same way, and with the more traditionally minded holders holed up in their homes, the remaining denisens floating about are always up for a romp or two in the bedfurs. No commitment. No attachment. And only the occasional complication arising from a poorly selected bedpartner.

Pushovers -  Tayvelle loves a good fight, so someone that isn’t willing to spar with her, verbally or otherwise is met with instant distaste. Let alone the sort that are willing to agree with her just to get her off their back. Rolling over and agreeing to stop a fight is utter runnershit. Fight for what you believe in, don't just agree because you think you should.

Traditionalists – Traditional views have no place in the current world. It got people killed during the catastrophe (or so she heard) and it caused unnecessary tension in their new home. A new home was the chance for a new start, not the place to thrust your old-world views on everything and everyone around you. Not to mention that traditionalists just remind her of her parents. A memory she would rather keep as far behind her as possible.

 Mending clothes - She's not a weaver for a reason. She’d rather let a hole remain until such point as she can no longer get away with wearing the garment than fix it herself. She can sew. Her mother was a stickler for showing her how. She just thinks there are people who are perfectly happy doing it for her, and would rather palm it off on the weaver hall if she is able to get away with it. Sewing herself is strictly a last resort.

* STRONG :  Despite her tiny size Tayvelle is both mentally and physically strong. She can quite literally carry her own weight and has only the teeniest issue man-handling her wher when he’s getting a little too exuberant for her liking. This has come in particular handy in transporting feed to the woolbeast, as well as physically moving them into a position better suited for sheering, since a poorly held woolbeast could result in unnecessary blood being spilt.

* SCRAPPY : Tayvelle never shies away from a fight, perfectly capable of trading blows with the best of them. She has loose morals as far as fisticuffs go, however, and will not hesitate to fight dirty to win. She does not care about getting a little bruised and battered, and has only occasionally failed to show up for her beastcraft classes and/or shifts because she’d ended up on the losing end of a fight.
* PROTECTIVE : A trait she and her wher both share, though one that does not get seen very often, Tayvelle will fight tooth and nail for those she holds deer. At the moment, that’s primarily her wher, and the woolbeast she specialises in, though if someone can get in past that tough exterior, they may find she will be just as protective over them as she is over her wher and the woolbeast.

* BOLD : Tayvelle has no qualms about approaching someone if she wants to. If she wants to say something, Faranth knows she will. If it leads to a fight, even better. It does lend itself to an adventurous spirit, a refusal to let the world knock her down. She’s going to face any issues she may have head on, and will not go beating around the bush if she has a point to make.

* INDEPENDENT : Tayvelle hasn’t relied on others since the day she left home. She may have been using the Beastcraft as a security blanket, a buffer to stop her being dragged away by the family she had abandoned, but ultimately she would have managed without the craft. Not as well, surely, but she would have found a way. She understands she is fully capable of relying on herself, and has no misgivings about whether she should be relying more on others. She’ll do what she needs to do, and does not need someone else holding her hand for anything.


* CONTRARY : It doesn’t matter how much Tayvelle may agree to you, chances are she’s going to go the opposite direction. She enjoys a good fight, and even if she has to go against her actual thought processes, she’ll do it. Just so she can argue with you. This can be counterproductive, and if she let people close enough, they’d see it for what it is. In the meantime, she may be pro Black dragons one day, and then against them the very next. It just depends on who’s asking and whether she can get a rise out of them.

* TACTLESS : Tayvelle isn’t going to care about hurting feelings, especially when something needs to be said. She doesn’t mince words and she doesn’t necessarily care about whether what she says is going to cause offense... To be honest, if she thinks she’s going to offend someone by saying something, she’s more likely to seek them out so she can say it.

* UNTRADITIONAL : Outside of the requirements specified to her regarding her role as an apprentice within the beastcraft, Tayvell refuses to adhere to hold or Weyr tradition. She is wary of punishment, and doesn’t want to lose her position, but beyond that she is unwilling to conform to most standards and is willing to breach protocol if she feels as though there is a better way to achieve something. Particularly if she think sshe’ll either get away with it, or escape with only a firm warning for being a shit.
* HOLDS GRUDGES : Tayvelle only offers one chance. If you fuck that up. If you screw her over, breach her trust or otherwise cross a line she’ll warn you. She’ll tell you that you’ve fucked up. That she’s not impressed. She’ll leave it alone though. One mistake is fine. Two. Two and you’re done. There will be very little you can do to come back from that. She would throw her life on the line for people she trusts, and if you betray that even after being warned. You don’t deserve to be a part in her life anymore. 

* INVASIVE : Tayvelle has no concept of personal space. As far as she’s concerned, it’s all her space, so she’s gonna be up in your face whether you like it or not. It’s not [i[]necessarily[/i] an aggressive thing. It’s more a claim on her space... And you happen to be in it. She just happens to get uncomfortably close really quickly. It helps when she decides she wants to punch you. 

Describe Yourself:

* AGGRESSIVE: ----- She’s not... Subtle in any way shape or form, and will call you out as she sees fit. She’s bristling for a fight at all times and quick to start swinging for the fences. You may not think you deserve it, but Faranth knows she’s got a perfectly good reason for punching you in the face. You might not think it’s a good reason. But she does.

* ARROGANT: ----- Aside from the barrier arrogance puts up between herself and others, Tayvelle truly thinks she is worthy of respect. Her contrary nature and penchant for fights all add to this personality trait, and the extra confidence she exudes both protects her inner self from being hurt by others, and minimises the chances of her being questioned.  She’s come a long way since Fort Hold, and she will not discolour that past by humbling herself around others.

* AFFECTIONATE: ----- She’s not the most approachable of people, even if you manage to find yourself in bed with her, however Tayvelle is an affectionate, tender person deep down. Like, deep. Deep down. And many of her more dominant traits are there to protect herself from potential abuse. She craves affection herself, and while she really only gets it from her wher, at the moment, someone stubborn enough to befriend her, either platonically or in a romantic sense, will find themselves shown a much softer side of the big bad woolbeast crafter.

* DRAMATIC: ----- Blame it on her trying to protect her soft, gooey centre but Tayvelle is prone to theatrics. She’s going to make a big deal out of most things and any event is likely to become the “biggest deal ever” as far as she’s concerned. A trait that developed later in life, and seems to be growing the more she finds herself settling into the somewhat calmer life at Southern Winds.

* LOST: ----- Since she’s worked so hard to develop walls between her and the general populace of those remaining on Pern, Tayvelle gives little thought to where she’s been and where she wants to go now. While she will never seek out her parents, she can’t help the underlying sense of loss at having left everything behind, and at times where she allows herself to be truly vulnerable, the beastcrafter can oft find herself overwhelmed by both her past, and the uncertainty of the future. With few ties beyond her wher and the woolbeast she tends to, Tayvelle doesn’t really have an anchor point in the world. A fact that she works very, very hard to hide from herself.

The Magic Touch: She’s bristly, but she’s quite friendly when you get past that guard she’s put up. Homosexual with no affection at all towards the opposite gender. Has developed a series of whistles and hand gestures to assist with Wher Communication. Wants a few flits to see if they can be taught… And a Terry Wherry Sky Courser.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Holder Evelthra 2550
Father: Taygrohle Peacekeeper, 2548

Siblings: All adoptable. They can be what you want:
2563: 27 Turns
2565: 25 Turns
2567: 23 Turns
2571: 19 Turns
2573: 17 Turns
2576: 14 Turns
2578: 12 Turns
2580: 10 Turns

Children: None

Craft: Beastcraft

Rank: Sr Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2582/12.

Specialty: WoolBeast, Sheering and Healing. Though has taken a keen interest in Skycoursers and is eager to re-introduce the specialisation if given the opportunity.

Education Details: Tayvelle threw herself whole heartedly into her studies in an attempt to cement her place within the craft, knowing that failure would mean having to succumb to her parent’s own aspirations for her and ending up a holderwife for a man she could not, and did not wish to love. As such, she absorbed as much of her lessons as she could, taking a particular interest on the theory behind Skycoursers and aspiring to be one of the people involved in the revitalisation of that craft. While she showed reasonable talent with the remaining beasts of Fort Hold, and now Fort Island, she had a particular talent with the woolbeasts, able to keep them calmer than normal in most situations and having a particular knack for one on one interaction, particularly in Healing and Sheering. When she managed to obtain herself a wher, she raised the creature amongst the woolbeast themselves, so that the wher was as familiar with them as possible, and has not, as of yet, encountered any problems with the wher’s interaction with the woolbeast.

Tell us a story...

* 2570, 0 Tayvelle is born. She’s the fourth child of Evelthra and Taygrohle, traditional holders native to Fort. There were no complications, and for all her parents were concerned, Tayvelle would turn out to be a proper holder as per the expectations for her three siblings.

* 2571-2576, 1-5 Tillek Hold falls and Fort ends up with the remaining Pern Refugees. Tayvelle’s family is that little bit better off than most, though she does not understand why. As her personality has developed, it’s becoming apparent that she’ll be a contrary child, latching onto the word “No” and using it whenever her parents ask her anything. Being so young has its benefits, however, and both her mother and father assume she will grow out of it. A penchant for adventure rears its head the moment she is mobile, with entrances needing to be guarded regularly, more often than not by an older sibling to ensure she doesn’t escape and go wandering around the hold willy nilly.

During this time, Tayvelle is graced with three more siblings, making their family that of nine people. She doesn’t mind the additional persons, though was not pleased at having to share sleeping quarters with them. If they weren’t keeping her up all night, they were invading her bed. The fact she did the same to her older siblings did not occur to her. Nor did the fact that they were all mere babes yet, and despite the additional mouths to feed, the extra company would offer comfort in the turns to come.

* 2577 - 2580, 6 - 10 The last of her siblings are welcomed into the world, and she is given a larger role in caring for them. She’s old enough now, to understand the implications of growing up, with heated discussions between her parents and strangers regarding the marriage possibility of first her siblings, and then, as she got closer to reaching maturity, herself. The older she became, the more she found her parents’ habits upset her. They were inclined to correct her on the smallest things.

“Don’t put your elbows on the table.”

“A lady only speaks when spoken to.”

“Fighting is not a woman’s place.”

And no matter how she defended herself it always came back to the same justification. “You need to act like a proper hold-lady.”

She reacted rebelliously to the limitations set by her parents, sneaking out of their quarters whenever possible, ditching harper lessons and wandering through the hold as often as possible. She couldn’t stand the restrictions imposed on her, and desperately wanted an escape. At first she thought perhaps this would be provided by the boys that would occasionally visit, prospective partners based on her parent’s thoughts on how they would better their standing in the hold that was practically falling apart around them. As innocent as a child was, while she felt no affection for these boys apart from that of a playmate, she was eager to endear herself in the hopes that the turns would pass and she’d be able to go home with one of them, leaving her parents and siblings behind for the rest of her days.

It was by Faranth’s grace that the jaunts around the hold, particularly as the inhabitants became more desperate for their own survival, did not result in something unseemly occurring in her first ten turns. While this could be attributed to the fact that she tended to stick to areas patrolled by her uncles, understanding at least somewhat that there was security in family in high places, it was also in part because though eager to get involved in a brawl, she was smart enough to stay away from battles where she would be unable to win, and maintaining a reputation for fighting dirty when she did end up in a brawl.

* 2581, 11 Early in the turn, Tayvelle bled for the first time, and understanding that this is what they had been waiting for, she eagerly told her parents, smug in the knowledge that in a few sevendays she should be rid of them forever. She was done with being dictated at. Told how she should behave and what not, and if she had to get married to be rid of them, then so be it. At least a husband would mean she would have a 50/50 chance of getting her own way. More if her parents went with one of the boys that were easily cowed by a threat.

Her parents paired her off with the oldest son of a peacekeeper, the decision throwing Tayvelle off as it was not one of the young lads that she had befriended previously.

When she was left alone with him so they could “get to know eachother” he got angry at a comment she made about kids and sex and raped her.

Instead of submitting entirely, Tayvelle fought, and when she had the chance, she packed her things and left. She didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to her siblings, and she wasn’t sure of where to go next, so she aimed only to go as far from her family home as possible.

She found herself amongst beastcrafters come evening, and sought out the first person with a journeyman knot. She finds herself asking Journeyman Elrost permission to join the meagre ranks of the beastcraft.  When he asks her age she considers lying, however responds that she is almost twelve. She was very clearly not OK, and while he could not apprentice her, the journeyman offers her only bed and board until her nameday, when she could then apprentice , explaining that the extra pair of hands would be helpful but that they could and would not take apprentices below the age requirement. She is given menial tasks, and was not allowed to attend any classes, though she did not mind. It was mot long before she understood the truth of the man's words in that extra hands proved helpful, and she was as committed to joining the craft in an official capacity once her nameday rolled over.

* 2582, 12  On her 12th nameday she approaches Elrost once more, and the journeyman seeks out the woolbeast journeyman and asks him to take her on. He does not need to explain his reasons as the more official apprentices in the craft, the higher the possibility of the craft surviving despite the catastrophe. This is the year that her studies began, and she begins to take comfort in the idea that she is officially a crafter, however lowly, and not nearly as vulnerable to the wishes of her parents shoukd they stumble across her from this point on. She’s content with this, and pays little mind to the other apprentices that found their way to the craft as well, happy enough in her isolation.

* 2583, 13 She sought out a wher egg, finding the other crafters who had them were able to complete tasks more efficiently when they were trained right and feeling as though it would assist her in developing a use within the craft. She trades a percentage of her rations for the next turn for the chance at a wher egg, the golden queen allowing her close enough to steal away with a small, blue-tinged egg. When it hatched, she was surprised to find it had housed a bronze, though was quite surprised. Tavlesk proved to be a quick learner, and did not take much time before he recognised friend or foe as far as the woolbeast were concerned. Even as a hatchling he proved to have a high protective streak, both towards Tayvelle and the beasts to which she committed her time.

* 2584 - 2585, 14-15 Her anger at the way she was treated by Torinset has faded, though she will never completely forget., and she is not pursing any relationships outside of the platonic one between herself and her supervising journeyman, though she finds herself paying more attention than normal to a few females within the craft. When a resident gold wher goes for a run, Tavlesk chases and Tayvelle finds herself in bed with her bonded. It was as much a surprise for her as it was for the gold’s bonded, but she couldn’t help wanting to repeat the experience, keeping an eye on future wher runs for any open runs with a female handler. Run-fuelled sex eased some of Tayvelle’s insecurities with herself, and while she doesn’t go out of her way to pursue a romantic relationship, she gains a confidence in herself that allows her to understand her sexuality that little bit more.

Meanwhile, she has managed to teach Tavlesk some basic signals that assist in the separation of the woolbeast from eachother, making a perfectly good herder out of himself. He’s strong enough to protect the flock at night, and gentle enough that the woolbeast seem calm around him, much to Tayvelle’s delight. With his assistance, one on one interaction with the woolbeast becomes easier, and Tayvelle proves quick as well as useful, able to sheer a majority of the beasts on her own, freeing up extra hands for other work with the beasts.

* 2586 - Present 16-20 Tayvelle has pursued a few more flings, becoming bolder and seeking women out outside of wher runs. She has not been able to bring herself to care for men at all, though had she been given the opportunity to discover herself in her own time, she would have found this to be the case regardless of the brutal rape at the hands of Torinset. When thread ends in 2587, Tayvelle is pleased, though uncertain as to where she goes from there. It gives them the opportunity to expand the herds a little, and while she may have only chosen the beastcraft as a way to separate herself entirely from her family, the beasts had grown on her, and it was more than a professional interest that had her looking forward to letting them expand their numbers.

 Still an apprentice, she worked closely with the other beastcrafters in moving the woolbeast (and the rest of the creatures) to their new home on Fort Island, Tavlesk supporting them every step of the way, and even travelling between via dragon a few times to ensure the calm delivery of his flock. So long as there was space on the transporting dragons.

She's settled in nicely at their new home, her continued work with the rest of the beastcrafters keeping her far enough away from the general hold population that she doesn't worry too much about bumping into her parents - or Torinset and his for that matter. Just in case, however, she does not leave her quarters without the Wher by her side, taking comfort in the creatures size alone, Tavlesk's shoulders level with her breasts.

She keeps away from the general holdfolk, finding weyrlife to be much more accomodating than what a holderslife held for her, and their loose opinions as far as sexuality further cements her loyalty to the weyr instead of the more traditional hold.

Despite the chaos that came with the move to fort island, and the massive casualties they still encountered, amongst the hall-less beastcrafters and her woolbeast, Tayvelle has found some semblance of security.  She may not have been tapped yet, but she is confident in her place as part of the craft, knowing that one day, her chance will come.

Perhaps the best thing about the move, however, was the sight of high-flying avians that she suspected, somewhat hopefully, were the just-about-fabled Skycoursers past beastcrafters had tamed to help in the care of their herds. Eager to reignite that particular craft, Tayvelle waits for the opportunity to locate a nest of the birds, and hopes to be one of the first Coursers in their new home.


“Tayvelle, this is Torinset. You should get to know him a little. If things go well, you and he could be wed by the end of the turn.” Her father, voice gentle despite the implied command. In front of him was a man, almost as tall as he was dark hair yet eyes bright, a blue that she imagined would match the colour of the ocean. He looked kind, smiling at her as he moved into the room, sitting himself down on one of the chairs, his eyes, such a brilliant colour, entrancing him.

The ghost of a smile played on her fathers lips as he pulled the door closed – a luxury considering the turmoil their world was in. She heard his voice disappear down the hall, away from them. The scrape of chairs as others, presumably the parents of this potential partner. He was older, much older than she was, almost twenty by the looks of him. But she did not ask. This was her chance to get out. To get away from her parent’s stifling rules. She would not screw it up.

She brushed down her skirts as she sat down opposite him, assessing him with a scrutiny not often seen in a person barely in their eleventh turn. She started the conversation. Simple things. Getting to know the man opposite her. His father was a peacekeeper. That made sense. She had relatives enough on the force, it would be a good way for her parents to cement ties with that crowd. Keep food on the table and such. He was born in fort, also expected, since they would not tolerate outside blood. He was amicable. He didn’t mind finding out that she explored the hold. That she was looking for an out, a way to get away from her family.

He showed sympathy, patting her hand gently. Assuring her that he understood. That he would take her away and they wouldn’t have to come back unless she wanted to. Hi sparents already had a spot reserved for them. A home, all their own.

He mentioned children. She shrugged, shaking her head and pulling his hand away from him. Kids were a big deal. She wasn’t sure she was ready. She didn’t want to deal with a horde of children as her mother had. One or two would be enough, surely.

His face darkened at that, scooting slightly closer as he pushed the conversation further. They’d have to consummate their marriage afterall. And kids were a product of that. Was he denying her his right as a husband? The duty of a woman was to their husband.

She hesitated, tried to explain that she had only just bled. That sex was an unfamiliar thing. That she would need to get used to it. To ease into it.

That’s when she found herself pinned beneath him on the floor. A motion too quick for her to react. Herhead hit the ground with a thump, causing her to feel dizzy instantly. He leant on her, pressing against her torso as he lifted his lower body off her for a moment, one hand keeping her still while the other tugged violently at her skirts. His weight was crushing her. She could hardly breath. Her head hurt and the only thing she could see was his face, eyes still that beautiful blue as the rest of his features contorted in determined rage, twisting the features so that they rivalled that of a wher.

“Learn your place, little girl.” He growled as he pressed against her, all kindness to his words gone, legs forced apart by his own.  He lifted himself off her ever so slightly, positioning himself momentarily before forcing himself into her.

She tried to scream as her groin burned with the forced entry, his hand covering her mouth quickly, having anticipated the reaction before she’d even thought to do it.

There was no way to fight. Though she tried, he was a solid guy, and no amount of struggling could shift him. It was only a minute or so, but it stretched on forever for Tayvelle, tears in her eyes as she fought helplessly to dislodge him, trying to ignore the pain as he thrust into her without remorse.

He finished quickly, grinning smugly as he pulled himself off her. Standing up slowly and glaring down at her, britches around his ankle and cock glistening wetly in the glowlight, shrinking slowly as he towered over her. “That. Is your place, little girl.” He sneered, smirking at the tears that were falling feely down Tayvelle’s cheeks as she lay there, unmoving except for the hitching of her chest as she tried to catch her breath.

Tayvelle gathered herself slowly, the tears that the man viewed as weakness fuelled by her rage. She was tiny, and with the upper hand he had the advantage, surely. So she continued to play the timid part, to pretend as though his aggression had cowed her. Forced her into submission. Not daring to look at those kind, blue eyes for fear of letting him in on her secret.

He had hurt her.

He had forced himself onto her.

She would not let it happen again.

She kept her head bowed, shuffling closer, as if seeking reassurance. An embrace, perhaps. Something to indicate that she was forgiven. That she would be willing to accept his affection now that she knew her place.
He laughed through his nose as he opened his arms to her, nasty smirk not leaving his features as she shuffled closer.

Then it was his turn to deal with unexpected pain. The girl’s shin coming up to crush his balls against his pelvis and forcing him to hunch forward, a delayed attempt to protect his unprotected manhood. His nose met with her tiny fist , face exploding in pain and blood gushing instantly down his face. He stood up again, hands coming to protect his nose.

Tayvelle used his momentum to push him backward, stepping on his foot to stop him from catching himself. He windmilled his arms as he tried to keep his balance, but she bore down on his foot, keeping him as anchored as possible before his teeter took on a critical lean before she stepped off, features stoic as she watched him fall with a heavy thud. She went to storm past him, pausing a moment to bury her foot into his belly, a sneer to match the one he had used earlier coming over her face as he rolled over and curled in on himself, groaning at the pain he was suffering.

She flung open the door to the room she was in, pausing momentarily at her own quarters to retrieve a small bag. She’d packed it so that when they gave the word, she would be ready to move out.

To embrace her freedom.

Well at least that part hadn’t changed.

She paused as she entered the room where their family ate together. Her parents at the table with two strangers. All four of them glanced at her, a frown from her mother at her disarray. Barely hidden rage from her father as he identified the rucksack. The strange woman. Her eyes accused her of something.

And for a moment, Tayvelle hesitated.

Until he looked at her.

Torinset’s father had the exact same eyes as his son.

Tayvelle was done.

“I’m leaving. Keep your sharding betrothal to yerselves.” She growled, spitting at the floor before moving to leave her home, daring one of them to stop her. Knowing she wouldn’t hesitate to thump any one of them if they dared drag her back. She was walking away now. She would find somewhere else to go.

This was no longer home, for her.


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Anything Else: So long as it meets SWW canon, I'd like Tayvelle to play a part in the reintroduction of Skycoursers. I would like her to remain an apprentice until such a time as this is a possibility, and if it works, would like her to be tapped only after she has aided in the rekindling of that specialty. (If she deserves to be tapped at all. Also, all family members are currently adoptable. She has links to Notkerric and her siblings are as of yet unnamed, ungendered and unranked.

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Image Credit:
Coloured by IIIVIE
Wher Details

Rhymes with Tablet
Date of Birth:
18.05.2583 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Odd blue tinge but otherwise stock standard. No larger or smaller than the average wher egg though Tayvelle was moderately surprised that it produced a Bronze.
Mature Length: 4.5m
Mature Height: 1.35m

General Appearance...

Small at birth, Tavlesk grew rapidly, meeting the maximum measurements of a bronze Wher. Despite his massive proportions, Tavlesk is a bouncy, happy sort of wher in private, and acts every bit as if he forgets he’s no longer a tiny, muscly hatchling. He is mainly an almost golden bronze, with splashes of duller bronze covering sections of hide, as if someone threw a bucket of dye over him that never washed out. His wings are definitely useless, smaller than what they would be for your average wher, and he’s leaner than normal, slightly longer in the body and shorter in his tail, giving him a knack for turning quickly. He can appear intimidating to those who do not know him, or when he feels as though you are  athreat to his flock, but privately is a very relaxed, laidback sort of creature.


Empathetic: Despite an outward appearance of stoic nonchalance, his mental chatter while mostly unintelligible is constant. There is constant emotional feedback being pushed along the bond he shares with Tayvelle, usually centred around the task at hand and while never pushy, it can get a little frustrating never having a true moment of peace. It does make it easier to tap into the bond to aid with understanding commands, however, so Tayvelle doesn’t discourage it.

 Likes: Woolbeast – He was raised among the flock, and so they’re like family to him. It is just himself and Tayvelle at home if you don’t count Tayvelle’s sporadic lady friends, so the woolbeast provide a nice social escape for him. He enjoys working with them, and has no qualms about remaining in their company whenever necessary. While he understands that others are capable of watching them as well, he much prefers the opportunity to wander amongst the beasts day or night.

Music – They say music sooths the beast, and for Tavlesk this is certainly true. He doesn’t even require it to be good music. A blessing, really, since Tayvelle can’t sing on key if her life depended on her. It’s more about the rhythm of the tune that makes Tavlesk happy, and he can be calmed easily simply by playing a tune.

Dislikes: Strangers – It was drilled into him from the day he first hatched. Strangers meant possible danger to his flock. Tayvelle never explained that strangers could also cause her problems, though it wasn’t really required. Any new person to try and approach the flock needs to be introduced to him personally to prevent grievous bodily harm, particularly at night when Tayvelle is not necessarily awake enough to prevent him from doing so. The years spent protecting the flock from hungry holders has made him overly cautious in this regard, and it’s only through strict training that he hasn’t hurt someone.

Dragons – Having mainly been protecting the fort hold flock, Tavlesk’s duties primarily revolved around stopping greedy humans from stealing away with a woolbeast in the night. Since moving to their new home, however, Tavlesk has come to the understanding that dragons are responsible for those members of his flock that just go missing on occasion. He’s not going to outright challenge the giant cousins, though if one tries to approach the main part of his flock, he’s going to be vocal about keeping them away. Tayvelle has to keep him occupied whenever a woolbeast is needed to be moved to the feeding pens.


* HERDING : Despite being as large as a Bronze Where can get, Tavlesk can move with surprising speed. he's built with that little bit of extra finesse that allows him to herd the woolbeast efficiently, able to adjust for any sudden movements they make with minimal effort. Growing up around the creatures has made him receptive to their odd quirks, and he's easily able to carry out the relevant work with them as required.

* PROTECTIVE : As with many wher, Tavlesk is as protective as they come, loyal to his bonded to a fault and ready and willing to give his life for Tayvelle and anything/anyone he is charged to protect. He is perfectly willing to ignore the nocturnal instinct of his kind to better be able to care for his flock, and relies heavily on Tayvelle’s verbal commands during daylight hours to be able to serve them dutifully without being incapacitated by that blasted Rukbat.


* SENSE OF SMELL : Woolbeast can be a very overpowering scent at the best of times, and in tending to his herd, Tavlesk has had to rely heavily on what he can hear, as scents don’t give him enough insight to be able to maintain control over the flock. Tayvelle has developed a series of sounds, mainly whistles and the occasional word that gives Tavlesk instruction on where to go and how to approach, however since he’s worked on this aspect of his sensory input for so many years, his sense of smell is not nearly as great as most wher, making tracking by smell almost impossible. This makes him heavily reliant on Tayvelle being able to provide insight on incoming threats during the day, though his vision during the cooler nights more than makes up for Tayvelle’s lack there-of.

* SIZE : Tavlesk forgets he’s large. He probably think she should have been born a green. That is, if wher’s had a capability to think that way. It’s more that he never correlated the fact that he eventually towered over the woolbeast he tended to with the idea that he’d gotten larger. Combined with his overly enthusiastic motions when not on duty, and Tavlesk has broken more than his fair share of furnishings. He’s gotten stuck in holes much too small for him, done his best to crush his bonded by trying to scramble into her lap – never mind being almost as tall as she is and has a teeny habit of trying to get a little too friendly with the newborn woolbeasts when he feels like getting “up close and personal” with the new flock members.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Offline Kyya

Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This blue is a cute little fellow, the smallest a blue can be, and with a mixture of blues that can look purple in a certain light. He will grow a little strangely, body first, wings last, making him look like he eats a little too much than he should, and interfering with his flying at first, but when he reaches his full growth, he will only be slightly rounder than one would expect.


Mind Voice: Warm and happy, he will brighten whatever room he is in. He likes to talk to everyone, and won’t hesitate to share his emotions and pictures with Tayvelle, because he likes to include her in every aspect of his life.

*COMPANY – He’s a happy blue, he’ll talk to anyone, chase anyone and won’t be offended if someone is too huffy or stuck up to talk to little old him.
*SWEETS – A little bit of a monster in this regard, he won’t follow instructions very well when Tayvelle tells him to keep out of it, so kitchen staff will go running to cover the sweet rolls if they see him winging in.
*AFFECTION – He will be more than happy for Tayvelle to shower him with affection.

*FUSSING– Not much affects him, Tayvelle can spar all she likes, both verbally and physically, and as long as Tayvelle isn’t clouding his mind with too much pain, then he’ll enjoy her endorphin rush as much as she does. 
*RUNNERS – After a while, this little blue will become so used to his work with the woolbeasts, that others will simply seem weird to him. The most strange will be the runnerbeasts who look nothing at all like his cute fluffy charges. 

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Art by Rayne
Wher Details

Vell (like Bell) - esk
Date of Birth:
07.01.2591 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
 Wher Color:
Egg Description:
The second largest egg in the clutch, lucky in size and shape, and folded at its peak, the colour of the babe’s cheeks that Tayvelle never had. Unlike so many wher eggs, the shell was unblemished, pristine except for its lucky fold. How many creatures could say that came from something so smooth? Certainly very few wher. Tayvelle has had very few things in her life that have been so pure, Vellesk was certainly one of them.
Mature Length: 3 m
Mature Height: 1 m

General Appearance...

From the moment she was born, Vellesk’s hide was the unmistakable dark green of the Jungle that surrounded their new Island home. Deep and rich, mottled with hues that blended seamlessly together, darkened spines the colour of jungle trunks and branches. The only thing not seamless is her wings, pure light green, thinner than most whers, they’re practically transparent. They stand out against her hide like sunlight filtering through the canopy. Much like Tavlesk, Vellesk grew quickly to the maximum size for her colour, although she’s a little more lean and graceful than his immense bulk.


Vellesk has a cool, calming temperament. Her emotions brush really softly against Tayvelle, unobtrusive, undemanding, like leaves in a soft breeze. With all the chatter of Tavlesk, she doesn’t want to disrupt the bond those two have. There’s a certain give and take when another member of the family is added, and Vellesk fits in by being prim and quiet until needed, but never too far away.

* Baths – Vellesk hates being dirty, she’s dainty and sweet and damnit people should treat her that way and stop making her dig in the mud.
* Strong Smells – Whers have strong senses, mostly developed when they can’t rely on their sight, strong smells make it easier to use said senses. If she had the capacity to look further into it, she also likes strong smells because they have a physical feeling attached to them, which she enjoys.
* Rolling in the grass – Not getting dirty, just rolling in the grass. The toughness of wherhide makes most touches and feelings muted, so the scratchy softness of thousands of grass blades is really enjoyable for Vellesk.
* Chickens – She likes pretty much all the other animals, especially the bunnies, but chickens are evil. Awful. Terrible. Loud, obnoxious, dirty, leaving feathers everywhere she likes to lie down while Tavlesk and Tayvelle work with the woolbeasts. Vellesk hates chickens.
* Being too far from Tayvelle – Although she’s not needy in her mental connection like Tavlesk, she doesn’t like being too far from Tayvelle. Unless she’s told to stay put, there’s not many reasons that she’d stay away for a bit.
* PROTECTIVE: Though her personality is vastly different from Tavlesk, her protective streak is just as wide and just as fierce. There aren’t that many things Vellesk likes to get dirty for, but she’d be covered in blood before she left anything come after Tayvelle and the others in their small (but growing) brood.

* AMBITIOUS: It wouldn’t be said that Vellesk likes learning, but she does like succeeding. She likes doing well in training, she likes receiving praise from others, she likes being the fastest and strongest, within reason for her colour. She not always the best naturally, but she always tries the hardest, which is often why she can be conned into work she doesn’t want to do, because it will make her better.

* HAUGHTY: Although Vellesk likes the beasts, she has an aloof nature that means they don’t relate to her as much as the other whers. They usually can ignore her while she watches, a good guard wher, or they get uncomfortable when she comes close. Usually they calm down after she just sits there for a while, but it’s a little upsetting that she doesn’t get along with them as well as Tavlesk.

* SENSITIVE: For all that Vellesk acts superior and tough, she’s a pretty sensitive wher. People not liking her, or the beasts being scared of her, not doing well at something, all makes her genuinely upset. It might take a little while for Tayvelle to notice because Vellesk won’t broadcast it, but she does sulk a little.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Choice Catch on 16/07
Made by RaynePOTM  :love:

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