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Author Topic: Approved Vicymus [ 09.05.2563 / Sr. Apprentice Fisher ]  (Read 1798 times)

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Vicymus [ 09.05.2563 / Sr. Apprentice Fisher ]
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:16:29 PM »

Play By:

[ VICK-ee-mus ]
Date of Birth:
09.05.2563 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Southern Weyr.
Vicky has never been married, and isn't really looking. He's a bit too wild to settle down, and doesn't really care about what "traditional" Crafters think he should do.

Your Reflection...

Vicymus tends to stand out in a crowd a bit, both on account of his appearance and how he carries himself. He's always been tall and rather thin, his features blending easily between both parents, though most would probably think he favors his father a bit more if they'd ever known the man. Vicky has a pretty face, blessed with good cheekbones and bright blue eyes under well-shaped brows that are just as expressive as the rest of him. Naturally fair skin has given way to a healthy tan under the sun at Fort Island, but fortunately for Vicymus he's always been more prone to tanning than burning. Born with hair so dark it's nearly black, even that hasn't lightened at all under the same sun, which he thinks is a bit of a shame. If it had, he might join the small ranks of those who barter with the Weavers for a chance at their dyes. Since it's a bit of an unusual cut even for those in the weyr, he prefers to wear it trimmed close on one side and long on the other, raked over in a deceptively shaggy mess. (Don't be fooled; he fusses with it a lot and it looks that way very much on purpose.)

While Vicky will never be bulky or muscle-bound, his metabolism and Craft alike keep him from either looking or being unfit. His arms in particular are strong due to his line of work, and Vicymus has always been a powerful swimmer. Not one to hide his emotions, he emotes with his whole body and gestures a lot with his hands when he talks. He also has the habit of draping himself over things -- leaning chairs back on two legs, stretching out in places he probably shouldn't be, and being free with physical affection. Even if it annoys someone, Vicymus is likely to be oblivious about it, but he likes best people who are likewise physical and don't mind him touching them, winding an arm around their waist, or whatever else strikes his fancy. In terms of bearing, he carries himself with an easy confidence. While he does tend to slouch some, it's out of laziness rather than lack of self-possession.

He doesn't scar overly easily, but does possess a few mostly from knife slips or fishing hooks. Having never suffered under Threadfall nor fought anyone in his life, however, none of them are major. Were resources less scarce, Vicky would probably wear a lot of jewelry, with the exception of necklaces. Not liking the sensation of things around his neck, he just won't wear them -- and basically all his shirts have low or scooped collars. In particular, he mostly wears sleeveless, low-necked tanktops. Anything with a higher collar, he's liable to tug at or remove altogether -- and going without a shirt isn't uncommon for him either. Since he's wading in water most of the time, the majority of his pants are only knee-length at the longest, and anything past that tends to get rolled up anyway. Vicymus doesn't like having anything on his feet, and will go barefoot whenever possible.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Despite growing up in the thick of the catastrophe, Vicky has been rather sheltered from the worst of it. He was born in the very communal atmosphere of a weyr, and never had to experience the worst of the Holds on account of his mothers' -- and then his -- place with the Fishers. As such, he doesn't really have a concept of how bad things got:  at least in terms of the human element. He never wanted for food or shelter, and is rather blissfully unaware of how nasty some people and situations really became. People around him have died, certainly, but Vicymus likewise never stays sad for long. Maybe it's a psychological defense mechanism, or maybe it's just his nature -- but he's almost perpetually happy, and the darkness of it all hasn't really touched him. Indeed, his outlook would likely be annoying to those who have lost more, suffered more, and seen more of that darkness.

Response to dragon color mutations:
To say that he doesn't care isn't accurate. To say that he's not concerned, however, is. Since there's nothing that seems to be different about the new colors so far beyond that very thing -- they don't have a second set of wings or a third eye or anything -- Vicky doesn't think it's worth worrying about. And so what if S'bok is the one that won Kalestath? So long as he ends up being a good leader, why does age matter at all? For the most part, though, Vicymus just stays out of it. He doesn't have a drive or interest in debating it, and will probably just change the subject if it does get brought up.

Who are you...

Swimming : Vicymus feels most at home in the water. He finds it a safe, calming place, likely in part because it was one of the only places safe from Thread during the Pass. If there were a way for him to live completely under the water, he would -- he's cultivated the ability to hold his breath for long periods of time both for use in his Craft and so that he can spend as much time beneath the surface as possible. Vicky longs for the day that the survivors find a more permanent solution to the Beach Snake problem that will allow him to do this more often. As it stands, one of his favorite places is the Underground Lake since that water, at least, he can swim in to his heart's content without worry.

Excitable People : Being a high-energy person himself, Vicky likes it when others match his enthusiasm. Those who are too calm or restrained seem boring to him, or else missing something in their lives. He'll try to pull the more reserved into his fun, but Vicymus' attention span for that only extends so far. He's much fonder of those who will meet him in his exuberance and have some of their own.

New Things : He'll try anything once. Rather than seeing the new as cause for fear or anxiety, Vicymus welcomes them with excitement and curiosity. Anyone who can offer him fresh or uncommon experiences will quickly earn his interest.

Spicy Food : Vicky was very young when the Southern Continent fell, but it's a memory he holds from there that has been reinforced by his mother. While resources are such that he doesn't get to eat it very often, it's one of his favorite things.

Pessimists : People who are doom and gloom all the time, especially those who try to make other people hopeless too, don't make any sense to him. The Pass was terrible, sure, and things might not be perfect now, but brooding about it isn't going to make anything better. While Vicky isn't the sort to push confrontation with people, he'll go out of his way to avoid those that are cynical or unpleasant.

Spinners : He's hilariously afraid of them, and will squeal and run away if he so much as sees one. It's even worse if one was actually on him.

Things Around His Neck : The sensation just drives him up a wall, so he won't wear necklaces or scarves, and most of his shirts have lower collars. If, for whatever reason, he has to put up with such a thing anyway, he'll fidget with it almost constantly until he can take it off.

Jealousy : It's not an emotion Vicymus really feels nor understands, and it just... complicates things. People act weird when they feel jealous, and he'll try to avoid it just as he does with those who are cynical or mean. Whomever he may be involved with romantically or sexually at a given time, the easiest way to chase him off is to be jealous or be likewise tangled up with someone else who is. Vicky doesn't do competition, but it's out of a sense of just not wanting to deal with the messiness of it rather than a sense of ego.


* BUBBLY : Vicky is a very bubbly and exuberant person, even infectiously so. He's always full of energy and never seems to stop moving or doing something, though in many cases it's not what he should be doing at that given moment. Negative experiences rarely affect him at all, and never for very long. Instead, he's essentially always smiling and in a good mood.

* OUTSPOKEN : Not in a bragging or confrontational way -- he just doesn't care much what other people think of him and so doesn't lose sleep over whether or not his opinions are particularly well-received. Vicymus believes it's possible to be friends with those who hold views other than your own:  unless it's on something incredibly serious or potentially dangerous. But he has no problem holding true to his own values whilst respecting and empathizing with those of other people.

* SPONTANEOUS : He's up for whatever, whenever. Others might argue that Vicymus doesn't have any impulse control at all, or at least not a proliferation of it. But in practical terms, this means that he reacts quickly to changing situations and adapts without resistance or complaint. Change doesn't scare him, in part because he tirelessly believes that there's got to be a good aspect to everything.

* EARNEST : Vicky doesn't say things he doesn't mean, and likewise doesn't waste time with lies or pretending at things. He's very upfront in all things -- who he is, what he feels, what he wants, wanting to make other people happy. Had he need to, Vicymus could probably lie at least somewhat convincingly, but he just doesn't see the point. Even when telling the truth might potentially yield bad consequences.

* PEACEABLE : This Fisher is not the sort to get into arguments, raise a hand in anger, or fight anyone. His pride does not prevent him from admitting when he's wrong, or even metaphorically rolling over if the other person gets intense about something Vicymus doesn't see as worth it. Conflict doesn't make him uncomfortable, per se, he just doesn't like it. If a conversation he's involved with starts turning into an argument, for example, he'll just change the subject to something more amicable.


* VAGUE : Vicymus is terrible at giving directions or teaching. When he does have to explain something to someone else, his instructions often consist of "do this thing to that thing" or similarly unhelpful and confusing phrases. Most of the time, he doesn't even realize that they aren't really illuminating to other people. He knows exactly what he means, so why don't you?

* UNDISCIPLINED : Vicky is impulsive in the sense that he doesn't spend much time looking before he leaps. He's not always possessed of good sense or judgment, and he's likewise bad at denying himself something he wants. Self-control and restraint are not his strengths, and this fact has contributed quite a bit to the fact that he's still an apprentice and probably always will be. He just doesn't have the discipline or ambition to be anything more.

* PROCRASTINATING : In general, he's lacking a good concept of time. This manifests as usually not being on time, though whether this means he's early or late is anyone's guess on a given day. Additionally, Vicky is bad at doing anything in a timely fashion. Some fellow Fishers no doubt see his attitude as flippant, since Vicymus doesn't see this as cause for concern or shame. Everything will get done, it'll just be at his own pace.

* FRIVOLOUS : He doesn't worry about much, and doesn't really understand why other people do. Certainly, some more serious-minded individuals would judge him as irreverent or simple because of it. Vicky doesn't dwell on deep or profound topics, and in a fair amount of cases just can't wrap his mind around them -- and even less so on why people care.

* EASILY DISTRACTED : Similarly, he has trouble focusing -- even on things that interest him. His attention span has never been impressive, and is instead barely functional. It doesn't take much to sway him from one thing to another, and getting Vicymus to actually try to focus on something is an undertaking all on its own. He's more likely to make an attempt for people he likes, especially if they've promised to participate in some adventure after the fact.

Describe Yourself:

* PLAYFUL: Despite his various flaws, Vicky is a social and friendly person. Much of this manifests as a sense of playfulness towards those he likes, leading him to tease, joke, and take part in fun at every opportunity. Life is short, after all, so why should it be enjoyed to its fullest extent?

* THRILL SEEKER: By that same token, he dislikes boring or idle moments. Vicymus is always looking for the next exciting or stimulating experience, and there's a fair amount of the adrenaline junkie about him. Were he a dragon rider, he'd be the sort to want to free-fall off his dragon, or do aerial tricks that make his stomach drop away in exhilaration. As it stands, he'll go places and do things he probably shouldn't all in the name of adventure, and try to pull his friends along with him. That these things could end badly doesn't really occur to him.

* LIBIDINOUS: Very much in the spirit of indulging his impulses and desire for fun, Vicky likes sex. The traditional views of many Crafters might have stifled a less independent person, or someone more cognizant of social pressures, but not so with him. Much like his mother, there's a wild streak in Vicymus that rejects conventional systems of courtship, temperance, and marriage. Weyr life suits him much better than a Hold ever could.

* CASUAL: Vicymus is at ease with everyone, even people who obviously don't like him, and he acts familiar with all. He doesn't have a good sense of what boundaries ARE, much less where they might be, which can lead to clashes with those who are private or closed-off. While he doesn't mean to be patronizing, Vicky can sometimes come across as such, since he's friendly with all and will use endearments -- especially "honey" -- with anyone and everyone.

* COLORFUL: Above all, Vicky is an odd person with odd habits. He's unafraid to march to a different beat than the majority of other people, and it would never even occur to him that this might be a lonely thing. For better or worse, he tends to leave an impression on those who are around him for any significant amount of time.

The Magic Touch: When he was younger, his mother used to tell him stories about the Dolphineers and their Crafthall which she picked up from her father before the Hall fell. To this day, Vicymus hopes that the creatures are still out there somewhere, alive and well despite the destruction wrought on Pern's landmasses. Even more than that, he wants to believe that they'll reestablish contact with humans at some point.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Vickmarra. Journeywoman Fisher. Born 2540. Tapped 2567.
Father: C’ian. Blue Rider. Born 2541. Impressed 2556. Died 2571.

Vewena. Half-Sister. Rider of Haudath. Born 2557. Was raised by her father.
Vehenia. Half-Sister. Journeywoman Weaver. Born 2559. Adopted out to a couple who couldn't have children of their own.
Vironethian. Half-Brother. Journeyman Glassmith. Born 2560. Same as above, to the same family.
Vormyur. Half-Brother. Creche Worker. Born 2562. Raised in the Creche.
Valas. Half-Brother. Born 2565. Died 2565.
C'ace. Half-Brother. Rider of Reesskith. Born 2566. Impressed 2579.

Vicymus doesn't know any of his older siblings, since Vickmarra didn't actively keep track of them. He's also unaware of any siblings on his father's side, because he never really knew C'ian, and he and Vickmarra didn't keep in touch either.

Cekelian. Son. Born 2578.
Valexi. Daughter. Born 2582.
Xandius. Son. Born 2585.

Craft: Fisher.

Rank: Senior Apprentice.

Date Apprenticed: 2575/12.

Specialty: Inasmuch as Vicymus has a specialty at all, he's good at shallows fishing and is usually assigned to related tasks unless the Hall needs extra hands at something else. He's quite skilled with a handspear as well as the nets. His true love, however, is free diving -- he's always been a good swimmer, good at holding his breath, and he sees being under the water as a whole other world, a calming and beautiful place he adores. Were it not for the Beach Snakes, he'd push more for diving for mollusks, or investigating the reefs off the shores of Fort Island. As it is, he wishes free diving was more viable and still seen as a valid specialization.

Education Details: Vicymus is not a good student. He's not combative nor contrary for the sake of it, but getting him to focus is no easy task, and attempts at discipline just seem to roll off his back. He has difficulty understanding that there are consequences for things, or considering them before he does something. As such, his education has been rather non-traditional in the sense that he hasn't advanced as quickly as other apprentices, but this is due to his lack of discipline rather than a lack of skill, for he took well to the Craft and is good at it when he applies himself. Vicymus has never much worried about that fact, and holds no hard feelings about not being Tapped as a Journeyman. It's unlikely that he ever will be, and unlike some apprentices, this doesn't bother him at all. If he's a Senior Apprentice until the day he dies, he'll be just as content.

Tell us a story...

* 2563, Birth Vicymus is Vickmarra's fifth child, born to her from an encounter with a Blue rider named C'ian. While she and the man did not keep in touch even when he transferred from Southern to Fort Weyr, she elects to carry the child to term. Wild as she still is, she gives Vicymus up to the Creche to be raised rather than doing so herself.

* 2565, 2 This turn, Vickmarra gives birth to her last child, a stillborn son she names Valas before burying him. The strain of this last long and difficult pregnancy, as well as the hard labor, leaves her unable to conceive again. She takes this news far harder from the Healers than she ever thought she would have, now confronted with the reality that she'll have no more children. Young as Vicymus is, she sees him as her last chance to raise one of her children as her own, so she pulls him out of the Creche. This is the first child Vickmarra has actually raised herself, and marks the beginning of a period in her life where she's becoming a bit more responsible, applying herself more so in the Fisher Craft as well as taking care of her young son.

* 2567, 4 With the last settlements falling in the south, Southern Weyr is abandoned along with the rest of the continent. What few memories Vicky has from this time are hazy, little more than the cold of Between and lingering chill of the north. Unlike most of the refugees from the south, he and his mother don't end up at Fort Hold or Weyr. Instead, they're taken into the Fisher Crafthall at Tillek by virtue of her craft. Much of the significance of this is lost on him considering his age, but what stands out is just how much colder and grey the world around Tillek seems, and it takes Vicymus quite a while to adjust to the change in temperature, leaving him frequently sick for a few turns. Vickmarra herself is Tapped not long after the move, since her newfound sense of responsibility has quickly matured in the face of hard decisions and raising a child.

* 2568-2570, 5-7 Not long after their move to the Fisher Crafthall, nearby High Reaches Hold succumbs to the pressures of the Pass and closes permanently. The difference a year can make means that Vicymus is starting to understand this is a bad thing -- but all that seems distant to him. After all, he and his mother are sheltered, fed, and taken care of with the other Fishers. He follows her as much as possible, wanting to stay by her side; Vickmarra allows him to when it's safe, and the rest of the time trades off shifts with fellow Crafters to watch over their children and have her son nannied in return. Despite the destruction of the world around them, these turns are happy for Vicymus. He has his mother, she's able to provide for them both, and he's made new friends among the other children of Fishers.

* 2571, 8 This interlude of blissful ignorance ends in Vicky's eighth turn. Pern is collapsing in on itself, and the inability of High Reaches Weyr to keep up with the constant Threadfall leads to the fall of Tillek Hold, dissolution of the Fisher Crafthall, and ultimately the closure of the weyr itself. This means that everyone on the planet gets packed into Fort Hold and Weyr, the only two remaining settlements on the surface of Pern. Vicymus and his mother end up at Fort Hold with the bulk of the rest of the Fishers, since the nearby river is closer to Hold than Weyr. He's not fond of the increasingly close quarters they're forced into, but even this young Vicky deals with hardship well. He's happy at the chances to be social with other children from a variety of places, and is looking forward to someday becoming a Fisher like Vickmarra. This turn, his father, C'ian, dies in Threadfall; but since his parents haven't seen each other since prior to the fall of the south, neither of them ever hear of his death.

* 2572-2574, 9-11 Growing up at Fort Hold, Vicky is never really exposed to the worst part of life there because of the somewhat insular nature of the Crafter community. Especially since the Fisher Hall is one of the few Crafts that still has quite a few adherents, he's never forced to confront the darkest parts of humanity that the Pass brings out. To this day, he has no idea how bad things at Fort Hold got, beyond hearing things anecdotally -- and these all seem distant and surreal to him. Even prior to being apprenticed, Vicymus begins picking up both general and Fisher-related skills from his mother, especially since he helps keep their small quarters clean and functional while she works. It's at this age that he first begins to realize not everyone is as optimistic as he and his mother; he does his best to raise the spirits of those he can, but ends up avoiding those who are too dour more often than not because he just doesn't know how to talk or relate to them.

* 2575-2577, 12-14 When he turns twelve, Vicymus is officially welcomed into an apprenticeship with the Fisher Crafthall. He takes to it with a sense of excitement, pleased at finally getting to join the Craft with his mother and learn new skills. However, Vicky quickly proves to be an inconstant and easily distracted student. He'd much rather do what he wants -- namely swimming and exploring around the Fisher holdings -- rather than attend class or do the chores he's assigned. While he makes friends among the other apprentices, many of them end up drifting away from him as they are more focused on their studies. He's punished regularly for not being on time, failing to complete chores, and wandering away from his duties, but none of it seems to stick much. At the very least, he's not willfully disobedient or contrary, just unfocused and chaotic. Even though his future in the Crafthall is cast somewhat into doubt given his propensities, Vicky doesn't feel anything other than happy in his new role as a Fisher. He can't really imagine actually getting kicked out of apprenticeship since he is still picking up skills and does help around the Hall, just not necessarily in what he's been told to.

* 2578, 15 Some of his distractions from the Crafthall come in the form of typical adolescent explorations of sex and relationships, but it's not until his fifteenth turn that Vicymus actually fathers a child. Among the other Fisher apprentices, he and a girl named Tekella had some clandestine trysts, the pair of them both more interested in each other than boring things like classes or chores. The same day that she confesses to him she's pregnant, she also reveals that her parents have arranged a marriage for her with the son of a respectable Smith family. As such, the true identity of her child is a secret kept between the two of them and no one else -- since the betrothal would have been dissolved if her family or her fiance's knew of her indiscretion. Since she doesn't want to raise the child by herself, she agrees to the marriage and its quickness in order to consummate that relationship and hide the fact that she got pregnant out of wedlock. Later in the turn, Tekella gives birth to a son she names Cekelian. Vicymus is happy to have brought a child into the world, but isn't concerned he won't get to raise Cekelian himself. At least this way the child is being provided for, and he doesn't have to take on the mantle of a responsible father.

* 2579, 16 Traditionally, the fourth turn of schooling is when Fisher apprentices fall into the schedule they'll hold for the foreseeable future until they are Tapped as Journeymen -- if they ever are. In Vicymus' case, not much has changed; he's still the bane of his instructors and supervisors. While he's a skilled and capable Fisher, he's useless at teaching others those skills and is difficult to keep on task even with things that interest him. Even his mother has difficulty getting him to do as he's told and when, though she's less concerned about it than the other Journeymen are. After all, it took her quite a while to be Tapped herself, and so she sees his wildness and lack of focus as similar to her own when she was younger. Vicky, for his part, isn't experiencing the doubt and anxiety about Tapping that many of his classmates are. He's more than content where he is, and continues to barely skate by with his responsibilities and studies.

* 2580-2581, 17-18 Now that he's getting to do more practical things as a Senior Apprentice, Vicymus actually gets to do some free diving to harvest cold-water mollusks and retrieve Hall tools that are dropped in the water. He falls in love with it, always having been a strong swimmer. It's during these turns that he really learns an appreciation of the space underwater, and he'd stay there all the time if it were possible. The other Fishers hope this newfound interest will add some of the focus and drive that's lacking in Vicky's life, but their hopes are essentially fruitless. Instead, it just means that he ends up trying to trade other similarly-aged apprentices chore schedules so that he can free dive more often. And when he's nowhere to be found, odds are he's swimming. No matter how many times he gets yelled at for it, he maintains that it's nothing to be worried about. After all, water neutralizes Thread. There's no safer place outside on Pern for him to be.

* 2582, 19 While the rest of his classmates are increasingly concerned with proving themselves worthy of being Tapped, Vicky seems almost unaware that he's approaching the age when apprentices typically start to become Journeymen. He's grown into a handsome and bubbly young man, friendly and cheerful despite the frustrations that others often have with him. Unconcerned by it all, Vicymus continues in the same vein as ever. This turn, though some of his particularly promising classmates are Tapped, Vicky is not, and no one is surprised. He does, however, welcome his second child into the world. A daughter named Valexi, she's the product of dalliances he has with a Harper woman by the name of Naylexi. Previously married and already with children of her own, she incorporates the girl into her family with no expectation that Vicymus will propose or be particularly involved in the child's life -- especially since Naylexi is soon after transferred to Fort Weyr to fill the gap left by the death of a fellow Harper. While Vicky is a bit sad he'll not have any contact with his daughter, he bounces back from that disappointment as he does from everything.

* 2585, 22 By this time, it's become common albeit unofficial knowledge among the Fishers that Vicky is never going to be Tapped. He's shown no signs of becoming more responsible with age, and has settled comfortably into the perpetual cycle of duties expected of a Senior Apprentice. This suits him just fine, since Vicymus sees the increased expectations of Journeyman status to be restricting and unappealing. It's this point at which he comes into his own a bit, though it's arguable whether this is because he's grown used to his place in the Fisher Hall, or because the other Fishers have learned to work around him. Vicymus fathers his third child this turn with another fellow Fisher. When neither of them feel particularly equipped to raise Xandius, the boy is adopted out to another couple who have been unsuccessful in having children of their own. Vicky still babysits for them on occasion, but is content with the role of something like an uncle. He likes children, but has no particular attachment to the idea of rearing them himself.

* 2587, 24 The particularly unkind might think Vicky barely noticed when Thread stopped falling. After all, the darkness of the Pass never seemed to touch him as it did other people. But even he recognizes that this is a sign of hope for the people of Pern, and he's elated when a new home is found for them. Fort Island reminds him of his few memories of the south, and he immediately falls in love with its lush jungles, its heat, and the sparkling cyan waters of its beaches. More than the Hunters, the discovery of the Beach Snakes is particularly disappointing to him, since it means he's not as free to dive in the shallow waters -- seeking mollusks, reefs, pearls, and new fish alike -- as he wishes to. The hatching of Neisoth scarcely registers to him, since the affairs of dragon riders don't concern him. More than anything, he gets tired of listening to people gossip about what it could mean for their future. It's still a healthy dragon, right?

* 2589, 26 As with when Neisoth hatched, Vicky only really takes notice when the Black dragon catches Kalestath because others do. He still doesn't quite understand why it's such a big deal, especially when later in the turn the Gold lays as big a clutch as normal -- or so he's told. The appearance of more Black dragons and the new Reds is curious, sure, but Vicymus doesn't think it's the bad or frightening thing so many people in the Weyr seem to believe. Just because it's a change doesn't mean it's ill-fated. The beginning of construction on a new Hall and Hold are far more interesting to him, and he's excited when the Fisher Hall grows as well in order to better feed the survivors. Getting to fish with dragon riders is especially interesting to Vicky, since their presence means that the Beach Snakes are scared off and he can go deeper in the water. He's struck up a friendship with some of the riders, which has no doubt caused even more of a headache for the Journeymen, since it's yet another thing that can potentially distract him from what he's actually supposed to be doing.

* 2590, 27 after 09.05 That the turn begins with a Beach Snake attack is disastrous as far as he's concerned, but Vicky has largely accepted that their presence is just a way of life now. He feels for those who were lost and their loved ones, of course, but it's the subdued atmosphere among the Fishers that bothers him most. The Hunter attack and lockdown are just as distressing to the rest of the Weyr, but Vicymus is just glad that he hasn't lost anyone in any of the attacks. His focus so far is more on the Fisher Hall's efforts toward building their first large vessel, since it's exciting, interesting, and potentially even a chance for them to regain contact with the lost shipfish. Vicymus wasn't present during the riot in the Weyr Hall, and honestly doesn't really understand why it happened much less the implications of it going forward. He's one of the few that could be said to be oblivious to all the tensions between the various factions.


Top of the Morning [ 7.5.2590 / 8:30 AM ] || Fisk

On any given morning, it was a safe bet that Vicymus would be late. Being on time had never been his strong suit; and though there were occasions—near miracles—in which he would actually arrive when he was supposed to, they were the exception rather than the rule. For most apprentices, the prospect of punishment and extra chores would have been more than enough deterrent. But Vicky had ever had difficulty connecting consequences to actions, and so none of the many reprimands he’d received in his time as a Fisher had ever really stuck in a meaningful way.

He was the bane of the Journeymen. But no matter how frustrated some of them might become with him, never did it on purpose. Vicky didn’t intend to cause problems, nor to make anyone unhappy. It was just that when something did catch his scattered attention and held it—for a few minutes or longer—he tended to stray toward that thing rather than whatever responsibilities he was supposed to have at a given time.

This time, that had taken the form of conversation with one of the weyrfolk kitchen staff as they cleaned up after breakfast. They’d recently bonded to a sweet Blue flit, and the tiny creature looked much like the water shadows Vicymus was familiar with under the bright turquoise waters around Fort Island. He’d been gushing about how cute the fire lizard was to begin with, and then gotten wrapped up in conversation.

Only when he’d mentioned in passing that he was a Fisher had the weyrfolk given him a quizzical look. “Shouldn’t you be down at the Cove with them, then?”

It was only half past the eighth mark of the morning, though, which meant he was more on time than not, at least in Vicky’s opinion. And he was rather proud of himself for that as he left the tunnels, striking out across the Weyr Bowl toward the Cove. He could see the figures of dragons and their riders in the distance, as well as the familiar forms of his fellow Crafters on the beach. The day was bright, the sun was shining, and it was sparkling oh so enticingly off the waves beyond the edge of the Bowl.

Vicky remembered, vaguely, that he was supposed to be working with Fisk that morning, so he sought the man out among the other Fishers working in the shallows. “Morning!” he greeted brightly when he found him, flashing a grin. “What are we doing today?”

It’d not occur to him that he’d know that if he’d been on time. Nor that the other Fisher might be annoyed at his being late again. 

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