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Author Topic: Approved Berlya [12.10.2527 9th Pass] | Master Weaver  (Read 2164 times)

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Berlya [12.10.2527 9th Pass] | Master Weaver
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:44:47 PM »

Play By:
Maggie Smith

First Name:
Berry or Grandma Lya (Not to be confused with the other Lyas, her children or her grandchild)
Date of Birth:
12.10.2527 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Benden Weyr
Nerek, Journeyman Weaver deceased

Your Reflection...

Hair always in the same knotted bun, a twisted silver ring from a long time ago always on her finger, usually holding a number of threads for her, and skirts billowing over her ever present gnarled chair, Grandma Lya hasn’t changed much from her younger years, other than to become more pruned than the fishers who spend all their days under the sea. She doesn’t mind though, such comes from the ever present passage of time, and anyone who is rude enough to mention it gets cuffed around the ear for basic lack of manners.

Grandma Lya always wears full skirts in base colours and long, loose sleeved shirts that taper to cuffed wrists. She doesn’t need bright colours for her clothes. The cuffs are the perfect place to store needles, the loose sleeves allow her not to prick her age worn skin, her full skirts provide protection for her knees, a place for her flitters and grandchildren to grab and some small cushioning in her old age for her chair.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Get over it. People died, homes were lost, it was bad. But you know what else happened? People fell in love, had children, new dragons were born, new dresses made, sweetrolls were just as sweet. If you’re here at Southern Winds Weyr, you survived. You disgrace those who didn’t (her children, husband and grandchildren among them) if you keep wining about it instead of doing something valuable with it.

Response to dragon color mutations:
Dragons are dragons, they need saddles and food and to be oiled just like their more common counterparts. She knows her son is more hesitant, and he does know more about dragons than she does, but he also doesn’t have to know that she knows that. She’ll treat them like all the rest.

Who are you...

Sweet Rolls: Who doesn’t like sweet rolls? It’s a good way to curry good favour with a master weaver.
Listening to harpers: Basically, she loves music, but she vastly prefers listening to a trained harper than those few relatives of hers who think they have musical talent. She’s not very good at hiding her true feelings about their talent.
Dragons: She mightn’t admit it aloud to anyone, but she always wanted to be a rider. She loves her weaving, but the thought of flying on dragon back has been an unspoken love for her. That was why she specialised in dragon saddles, so that she could at least be close to them.

Strong Smells: They offend her delicate sensibilities, she despises work in the dye room because of it.
Fish: She understands it is the easiest meat to produce for a weyr. She understands that the weyr needs meat. She understands that she needs to eat it. But that doesn’t stop her from complaining after every sharding bite.
Facial Hair: It ruins a perfectly good face. But it does make for a good reason to nag her only surviving son.


* Focus : Grandma Lya can concentrate on any garment, no matter how boring or tedious, for any length of time that’s required.

* Iron Will : Not only can she concentrate for great lengths of time, but she refuses to give up on anything she deems necessary. This extends to projects, people, ideals, traditions, all of the above really. Some people call it stubbornness… just not to her face.

* Commanding : If you want something done, you have to do it yourself, and if you can’t do it yourself, you have to tell everyone else how it’s done. It makes her a very good teacher, and helps for when she’s measuring saddle sizes for the younger dragons.

*  Love : Grandma Lya is everyone’s grandma, unless you break the two strikes rule. She has an abundance of love and caring for those who need it.

* Gratitude : She gives thanks and compliments wherever they are deserved, even if she isn’t particularly a fan of the person in question.


* Memory : She could lie and say it’s just something that happens with old age but she’s never really had a good short term memory. Her long term is fine, but short term isn’t great.

* Strength : Grandma Lya has always been wiry and thin, strength has simply never been her strong suit. Thankfully she’s never really needed it, and has always been happy to order someone bigger than her to do said job.

* Low pain tolerance : It doesn’t really come into play much, except she swears a lot when pricking her fingers while weaving, but she makes no bones about warning her children, grandchildren, and anyone who will listen about the pain of giving birth. It took her a long time for every one of her children and she was never happy about it.

* Unforgiving : Anyone above the age of 12 is held to a 2 strike standard. Piss her off twice and she’ll pretty much never talk to you again.

* Tactless : As giving and loving as she is, she’s a real straight talker. And if she does manage to keep her mouth shut about her feelings, her face usually says it all.

Describe Yourself:

* EFFICIENT: ----- “I’m not bossy, I’m efficient.”
Grandma Lya doesn’t believe in waste; don’t waste thread, don’t waste time and don’t waste your life. Focus on what you need to do, however you need to do it and get it done. She’ll be happy to give you a few pointers (or take over the entire thing for you just to make sure it is done right) and call it efficiency.

* WARM: ----- “Like spending an evening in front of the fire with a belly full of klah.”
Loving and comforting, and always happy to listen to your woes (and offer ‘advise’) while she sews, she embodies the warm feeling of home. She may also be having a hot flush, it happens at her age.

* INTENSE: ----- “Honestly, after growing up with Lya, I’m not that scared of threadfall.”
Given her drive, straight talk and leadership, Grandma Lya can be intense for the uninitiated. She’s an inspiration just as much as she’s a threat.

* COMPOSED: ----- “Calm in the face of danger, and a dozen new apprentices.”
Regardless of circumstance or situation, Grandma Lya is steady and ready to work and serves as a rock for those around her.

* HONOURABLE: ----- “Pride has a time and place, and it isn’t here.”
It may have been due to the harsh circumstance of threadfall that left little room for her pride to grow, but whatever the reason, Grandma Lya doesn’t let her personal woes or perceptions stop her from doing what is right.

The Magic Touch: Grandma Lya clicks her tongue a lot. Different clicks mean different things, they’re the equivalent of a second language to her. We think she learnt them from her flitters but one cannot be sure.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Berrikka of Innsth | B. 2512 | I. 2524 | D. UNKNOWN
Father: Lyannann | Journeyman Weaver | B. 2510 | D. 2550
Siblings: Yes, but given her birth was just before the AIVAS disaster she never really knew them in the chaos, she didn’t know her mother either really, which is what spurred her to keep very close relations to her own children. 

B'lye of Uereth | Mountain Wingsecond | B. 2539 | I. 2551
Berlyrek of Inth | B. 2540 | I. 2553 | D. 2561
Nererlya | Apprentice Healer | B. 2541 | D. 2561
Nerlya of Pelitarth | B. 2543 | I. 2558 | D. 2583
Berek of Mitorasth | B. 2546 | I. 2558 | D. 2561
Nerelye of Jintath | B. 2547 | I. 2563 | D. 2568
Reklya | Journeyman Weaver | B. 2549 | D. 2568
Lyarek | Journeyman Healer | B. 2552 | D. 2575
Lyaner | Journeyman Harper | B. 2555
Craft: Weaver

Rank: Master

Date Apprenticed: 2539/12

Date Tapped: 2547/20

Mastership: 2569/42.

Specialty: Dragon Saddles

Education Details: Lya wasn’t a great student in any of her studies bar that of her profession. If she doesn’t have an interest to her, she won’t put in any effort and that lead to her having plenty of time to excel in her weavercraft, but nothing much else.

Given that she really only knew her father, her mother being a dragon rider in the first panicked waves after the AIVAS disaster and not knowing any of her other siblings, he was the only person she felt she needed to impress, hence her desire to enter the weavercraft after him and her intense effort to do him proud in the craft.

Tell us a story...

* (2530/3) The loss of Bitra/Broken Family
Although Lya was born in Benden Weyr, she never felt much like family to dragonfolk. Her father, who’s home would always be Bitra Hold to him, was a born and bred Holder and raised the only child he could claim in traditional holder fashion. The loss of his childhood home affected him deeply, enough that, as soon as he was able to get safe passage, he took Lya to the Weaver Hall and raised her there. This effectively cut off Lya from her mother and other siblings, but did allow for her to focus almost solely on her weaver skills, even from crècheling age.

(2535/8) Sleeping Beauty.
With less sleeping and more screaming. Perfect bedtime story for her future children about the dangers of sewing machines.

As inquisitive as 8 year olds are, and as much of a desire as Lya had to be a weaver from a young age, it was inevitable that she was going to have a run in with a spinning wheel at some point. Her father just didn’t expect it to be this… bloody.

As a clumsy 8 year old does with seats too high for them to properly get to, they climb. And as spinning wheels do when they are climbed on the wrong way, they fall. And as happens when spinning wheels fall on small children they occasionally IMPALE SAID SMALL CHILDREN THROUGH THE ARM WHILST CRUSHING THEM SO THEY CAN’T MOVE TO GET HELP.

Thankfully, 8 year old Lya was in possession of a good set of lungs and her screams of terror did round up help within good time. But she does have a scar on her right arm from it.

It was a shock for her, of course, though being 8 and not quite aware of her own mortality, the incident did not affect her aspirations to become a weaver at all, nor did it stop to deter her curiosity or penchant for climbing things she should not. In fact, she is prone to retell the story with all its gruesome details to apprentices who do not seem to understand the dangers of playing with sewing machines, often adding that had her father not been so close-by, she would not be able to stand there that day to tell them of the horror that almost befell her.

* (2539/12) Childbirth and Apprenticeship
The birth of her first, and now only living son, was NOT easy. There was pain, and blood, and screaming, mainly from her. It was a very long process, but in the end it gave her a bouncing baby boy, a good looking one at that, that would give her much pride and joy in the years to come. It was a painful glimpse into what was yet to come, and many times at that.

The father just so happened to be the son of one of the boys who helped her after the sewing machine incident. He was a weaver, not a great one, but he worked hard and long through his apprenticeship, which he’d started three years before her. Her father was not impressed that they’d had a child out of wedlock, but it didn’t bother either of them much, Nerek was a good father to B’lye (Bekelye at the time, named in traditional Pernese fashion), as he was to their many children to come.

And in the end, all the pain was worth it because a couple of days after she gave birth, she was apprenticed (finally) to the Weavercraft. Not that anyone was really worried she wouldn’t.

* (2540-2541/13-14)
Despite the horrid pain the birth of her first son caused, Berlya is quick to become pregnant twice in as many turns, giving birth to her second son, named Berlurek and her first daughter, Nererlya in turn. She is happy her pregnancies do not interfere with the work she does for the weavercraft hall, though her distaste for the smell of dyes peaked while pregnant with Berlurek, and she sought to avoid the dying rooms whenever she could. Three healthy babies are a wonderful blessing, and despite their lack of official status as husband and wife, Nerek is the father of all three.

Despite the disapproval from her father, it would be another couple of turns before they confirmed their arrangement, and both Nerek and Lyannann are happy enough with their individual roles, Nerek as father, and Lyannann as grandfather.

* (2543/16) Marriage? Marriage.
After two more children out of wedlock and one very close to birth with Nerek, her father was growing impatient for marriage. So, one day, when she and Nerek were alone, she promptly told him that they would be married soon, before this one popped out. She’d already made them proper wedding clothes so there wasn’t any need to wait.

He laughed, said that he knew this was going to happen, and told her he had also been making them wedding clothes, given he couldn’t afford rings or torques for them. And they were married in three days time, about a week before their fourth child, Nerlya was born, he in the outfit she had made, and she in his.

Needless to say Lyannann was not impressed that the fourth child had been conceived out of wedlock, but was undeniably relieved that they had made their marriage official before she was actually born. It didn’t stop him from giving his daughter grief as to why she felt the need to tug on his poor, old, heart like that.
* (2546-2547/20-21) Ista Weyr, Journeywoman and more babies
Only one year after a perfect score, Berlya was delighted when both she and Nerek were tapped to journeyman rank and shipped off, with their living children (6 at this point), to Ista Weyr, to provide their expertise to the weyrs themselves, her specialty being dragon saddles and Nerek’s being bandages and sheeting.

Being back in the weyr was a drastic change from the Weaver Hall, and work for the two of them began in earnest, giving them little time to attend to their children as they had been, although they still tried as hard as they could to keep them feeling loved and the family together. It was a hard decision, but their workload was too great for them to properly care for the children, and so B’lye and his siblings were sent to the crèche.

It didn’t help that Berlya became pregnant once again, giving birth to Berek in 2546 and once again being teased by Nerek as she became pregnant soon after his birth to then give birth to her fourth and final son, Nerelye in 2547. Despite their work load, she pushed to make sure that their family ate at least one meal together, though it would often result in herself or Nerek (sometimes both of them at once) returning to their duties once the children were back at the crèche. At least having them in the crèche meant they were not neglected.

* (2549/22) Eastern Weyr
Ista Falls and the family is moved to Eastern Weyr. The uprooting of the family is hard, given the stresses of so many children in the crèche and trying to make sure they all are moved to the same weyr, only made harder by having to reorganise themselves with new weavers and new leaders, carving out their own place in a new home.

Again, despite the stress, Berlya gives birth to Reklya, a beautiful baby daughter, though is resigned to leave her in the crèche as she has had to do with her other children as soon as she is able. There is work that needs to be done, and there was little time for family in those hard times. She still tries to push that they have a meal together each day, though it is becoming more difficult to do so with the added workload on both herself and her husband. Frustrated at her inability to keep their family close, Berlya spends many a sleepless night trying to get as many hours in the day as she can to try and extend the time she can commit to her children and her husband.
* (2550/23) The Death of a Father
Berlya receives word of her father’s death. He had not moved to the weyr with them, and so while they had attempted to keep in touch, it had not always been easy. This news hits Berlya hard, as in having just hit his 40th turn, her father still had many great things ahead of him. To not have been there when he passed, and not knowing the circumstances that took him from their world causes Berlya great dismay, and she resolves to work harder still to maintain her own links to her children, easy enough for the moment with them as of yet not old enough to find their own place away from her.

* (2551/24) High Reaches Weyr
B’lye, their eldest, was simply taken out of his classes just shy of a 7 day after his 12th turn and was whisked away, on dragonback to High Reaches, impressing in the first clutch he stood for a few days later. The first of their children to impress, but definitely not the last, they were immensely proud, and Lya was more than a little jealous.

Not that she ever told him.

As he went though his weyrling training he tired to maintain contact but with the disasters of thread and new refugees arriving every day, their connection with him was tenuous at best.
* (2552/25)
The birth of Lyarek, and a firm questioning of her sanity as she once again endures intense pain during the birthing process. Nerek joked that with B’lye officially joining the ranks of Dragonriders, she felt the need to fill the gap he had left.

Berlya was not in the least amused, threatening all sorts of harm to him should he allow her to endure another pregnancy. Both of them knew that it would not be the last, however, and sure enough, Berlya would find herself pregnant again shortly. Unfortunately, it would be a few turns before one would stick. Not that she minded overly much. She didn’t mind the possibility of not having to endure a gruelling labour any longer.
* (2555/28) Fort Weyr and her last child
Before Lyaner, Lya had a few miscarriages, she figured it was her body telling her not to have any more children. Not that she considered herself old at this point, but given how hard all of her births had been, she figured there was just too much strain on her body to have any more. Not that she minded, she’d had 8 beautiful children that were all making her proud and her work as a journeyman had increased while she tried to gain her Master rank. Then, late in the turn of 2554, she found out she was pregnant with Lyaner.
She was partially right about the strain on her body though, and when Eastern Weyr fell in 2555, they were forced to evacuate through Between, which lead to a hasty and slightly premature birth upon landing at Fort Weyr. This child would be her last, and one of only two survivors to make it to Southern Winds Weyr.

* (2559/32) Death of a life long love
Shortly after the dawn of the new turn, Nerek took ill. He’d had boughs of illness in the past, but they’d never been this bad. It didn’t take long for him to succumb, thankfully it was quietly and peacefully in his sleep, but the lack of time to say a proper goodbye still stings to this day. And for the next full turn Lya had problems falling to sleep alone, occasionally when it gets very cold, she still does.

After his death she never considered remarrying. She’d had enough children to satisfy her responsibility to Pern, she wouldn’t have any more with another.

* (2561/34) Lost children
Three of her children, two dragonmen and a healer are lost within a matter of months from one another. Two to thread, and one whilst trying to treat an injured dragon in a tragic accident. It hit hard, to think she had so many strong children, so many of them competent riders or candidates, and that they could all just be taken in one foul sweep. Especially so soon after the loss of their father. She is left little time to grieve, and clings to her remaining children to try and keep track of them, unable to comprehend the idea that they, too, may end up taken from her.

Unfortunately, there were many more deaths left to come, and the only way she knew how to function was to keep a watchful eye or ear on her other children, given how far they had spread now, and hope. The few kids her lost children had would always have a place with her if they needed, she made sure her other children found them and told them that.

* (2568/41)
This year came more death, a daughter in childbirth and a son to thread. The deaths hurt, as deaths always do, but in this case the healers, one of which being another daughter, managed to save the babe. Although Lya mourned, her pain was mostly offset by the pride in her Healer daughter, who decided to raise her sisters babe when she could not, honouring both Holder tradition and her flaws of not being able to save her sister. Even though she had lost so many children, those who remained do her proud every day.

* (2569/42)
A moment for her to be proud in herself as this turn Berlya is given Master Rank. It comes with more work, but it was always a goal she wished to reach and so Berlya is quite pleased in her achievement. It does limit her opportunities to remain in touch with those of her children still living which can be disheartening, though she manages reasonably well in catching up with the ones no longer living with her once every few sevendays.

* (2571/44)
After B’lye’s injury from threadfall and the subsequent loss of his leg, flying was difficult for him. Thankfully his mother was a saddle specialist, and he wasn’t the first dragonrider to lose a leg, so it was quick enough to work with the smiths and make a saddle to support him. He likes to tell people she made it specially for him, round the clock, and she secretly enjoys it, but disabled riders are not new, and she couldn’t treat her son any different from the others in truth. It wouldn’t have been right.

* (2573/46) One and only
It was supposed to be a present for progressing to her Master rank, if a few turns late. One of her children, or perhaps an upstart apprentice, no one ever claimed responsibility, snuck into her chambers during dinner and left a flitter egg in a rough pot of sand. It happened during these times, flitters flying around everywhere with very few people with the rations to spare for them and even less time to train them to be useful.

But Lya wasn’t one to waste. This flitter was her responsibility now and she never shirked her responsibilities now.

She named the little green Dreamer, knowing she would be the closest Lya ever got to her dream of being a dragon rider.

* (16.08.2575/48)
Seven years after the death of her daughter Reklya, and the subsequent adoption of the babe by her other daughter Lyarek, her brave and honourable healer daughter succumbed to her own death during childbirth. This time, the babe could not be saved, and it hurt all the worse. After so many years of having children independent from her, she made herself grow closer to her grandchildren, although it was difficult to know just how many there were. Holders know family needs to stick together, and with so many of her children passing, someone needed to hold the rest of the family together.

* (02.01.2580/53)
In an unfortunate accident, Lya sliced her palm open and had to be sent to the healers. The scar had to be stitched, which of coarse meant Lya couldn’t work, given that it was her right hand. Lya hates standing still, her inability to work, even if only for a short time, was painful. She spent most of her time taking out her anger on unsuspecting apprentices. They learnt a lot in that time, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience for anyone involved. 

* (2583/56)
One more. One more child lost to the never ending rain of thread. A green rider daughter, one who fought so bravely alongside her brother, one who lasted days after her initial threadscore, only to end her own life after her bonded went between.

Lya could not think of a worse way to go out, and it shook her deep. She knew riders sometimes couldn’t stand the loss of their dragons, she knew they sometimes would take their own life for it. But she didn’t know it. Not really. Not until now.

* (2587/61) Southern Winds Weyr
Green, that was the most shocking thing. There was actual green around them. Not barren twisted blackness, but trees, and grass, and flowers, and moss and… green. It had been a long time since she’d seen any green other than the dulled and diluted dyes they could only sometimes make. Since a long ago time in her childhood.

This would be a good place, it had to be, there honestly wasn’t much left for them to go back to so they would have to make the most of this. Lya was good at making the most of things, and if she had to drag people, kicking and screaming, by the ears, she would.

Berlya pursed her lips as Dreamer returned with two colour swatches, the scraps of cloth placed delicately in her lap with all the reverence of a gold displaying her eggs. The tiny flitter scrambled onto the older woman’s shoulder when she was done, wrapping her tail over her legs and chest puffed out as she waited for her bonded’s acknowledgement of a job well done.

“You sure about these ones, Dreamer, dear?” She asked slowly, hiding her dismay at the colour choice with practiced ease, and instead exuding only a polite curiosity, carefully laced with approval for the green firelizard’s swift return.

A simple trill. The only response Berlya had expected, if she were honest. Dreamer was always satisfied with her colour picks, and she had already started working out how she would utilise them in the saddle she had planned. Removing a small piece of paper from her stash, she wrote a quick note in a graceful hand, rolling it up and holding it out for Dreamer to grab. “If you could take this to that man B’lye keeps telling me abandoned their wing because he won a gold flight, I would appreciate it.” She said, speaking softly as Dreamer obediently clutched the small item in her claws, hesitating only slightly before she was airborn and between.

She returned a heartbeat later with a trill to say the deed was done, landing on Berlya’s shoulder once more but this time scrambling down to stand on the desk in front of them, scampering over to the bed that had been made for her so she could rest in an area close to where her boned worked. Berlya did not press for details, instead she made room for the colour swatches, spreading them out on the desk and tapping her finger lightly against the surface, lips still pursed as her mind ticked over the possibilities.

A firm nod of her head and she was standing, striding over to her cache of colour swaths and furrowing through until she found the shades she was after, returning to her desk and fiddling with the five pieces until she was happy with the arrangement. She would need to take a trip to the sewing caves soon to see what materials were readily available, never quite able to recall what they were in abundance of and what was rare. She may also need to track down a few dye, fur and leather specialists though that would not be too difficult a task. She had a few in mind already, and would track them down soon enough. A Brownrider as wingsecond was a rare feat, and he was deserving of a gift. She just needed to make sure the new saddle would not eat away at precious resources.

“Come along then, Dreamer. There’s work to be done.” She said, holding her hand out to the flit who had been watching her the entire time, knowing she would much rather climb than fly to reach her shoulder. The sudden appearance of a blue firelizard with a note of its own stopped her, briefly, and she again nodded her head as she read the response.

“After dinner? Thank you, dear.” She said to the flitter, aware as she was that mountain fire lizards were trained to deliver messages regardless of what the medium was before returning once more to proffering her hand to her own.

Dreamer was quick to scamper on up to her usual perch, detouring slightly to collect the five pieces of cloth before she did so. “Very good.” Berlya complimented before she began the slow shuffle out of her room, following the various sounds of merriment as she headed towards the Sewing Cave, small smile gracing her lips at the almost prettily merging voices of her fellow crafters.

Member Info...

Originally Created By:
Adopted By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring. It. On.
Anything Else:
Thank you Rayne for this marvelous introduction. (I hope I do her justice)

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Re: Berlya [12.10.2527 9th Pass] | Master Weaver
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2017, 08:45:10 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Dream - er
Date of Birth:
20.11.2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Under average size for a green, but not anywhere close to being the smallest. She’s the perfect size for transporting pincushions and thread reams. As she has aged her hide developed more spots, just like her bonded, so she’s happy.


Mind Voice: Dreamer is not a very communicative flit. She’s not very vocal unless there is music, at which time she might softly croon, and she doesn’t use images to talk to her bonded. She’ll occasionally push through emotions but only rarely.
It doesn’t bother Lya too much, mainly because Dreamer is very rarely in a different room from her. Usually Lya just points to something she wants brought to her that she knows the flit can carry and the green will do it. On the rare occasion that Dreamer has to carry a message, she Betweens to her destination and back so that she isn’t separate from her bonded for too long.

Music: Preferably without singing, she prefers listening to a solo lute or pipe.
Colours: Lya occasionally asks Dreamer her opinion on what colours she should use, and it gives Dreamer great happiness. Dreamer doesn’t always pick colours that complement each other, but Lya never hesitates to use them, she’ll find a way to make them look good.

High places: Yes… it is sad… but we try not to judge her
Fish: Something both her and her bonded have in common

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She will fly on the 23.06 and it will be a force catch. I would prefer her to fly only once every two years (but I get that’s too hard for the calendar), I’ll just roleplay it as if she’s always REALLY cranky about flying.

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Re: Berlya [12.10.2527 9th Pass] | Master Weaver
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

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Re: Berlya [12.10.2527 9th Pass] | Master Weaver
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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