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Author Topic: Info Event Details  (Read 8101 times)

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Event Details
« on: January 25, 2014, 06:56:50 PM »
Currently, everyone left that has survived the ruin brought about by the 9th Pass is living in Southern Winds Weyr. While this was done mostly due to the desperate circumstances of their move, 2 turns have come and gone with cramped living spaces and everyone is ready for life to move on. With the ripe jungle at the base of the mountain, many who are unused to Weyr Life are eager to move out. Notably, the former Lord Holder of Fort Hold who is finding his rank greatly diminished in the Weyr and the trouble it's under.

For Holders :
The terror of the 9th Pass is over, and for some, fading into a nightmare best left alone. The time to move on and stake claim to the land at the base of the mountain is now! Whether because they're eager to begin something resembling a normal life or they're tired of the smell of dragon, your holder will need to decide where they stand on the matter. Or if they intend to stay and try to Impress. Or if a Craft Hall is fitting their life style. Presently, all hands are on deck as -something- needs done -somewhere-. This isn't a time for the lazy!

For Crafters:
The Halls are gone and most have tried to reconnect with those from fallen Halls. Finding friends and coworkers to try and re-establish the Craft Halls can be daunting. Especially when those from Farmer, Herd, Vinter, Tanner, Seacraft, Potter, and Dolphin are so few and far between. The extended thread fall really took out a lot of their populace. This means most Crafters are eager to recruit and eager to re-establish themselves as an important Craft Hall on Pern. Even if they don't presently have a Hall to do it in. Whether this means cozying up to the Lord Holder in the hopes he'll fund the Hall or trying to sway the current Weyr Leader, every Crafter must take a side.

For Riders:
Resources, time, and energy is few and far between. Whether you're scavenging for food in the dangerous jungle, watching over the precious few herd beasts left on Pern, or spending your time trying to cultivate mushrooms in the lower tunnels, much of your life seems to be about 'gathering supplies' and 'food rations'. But compared to the destruction a Thread Fall could do, this is almost a breeze. After all, you have a weyr to live in! But that doesn't mean you're immune to the mumblings from the Holders or the pleas for help from the Crafters. In fact, just when things could be settling down, the dragon mutations stir things up again. Whether your Rider cares for the concerns of their fellow Pernese or they're wrapped up in Weyr business, they're bound to be caught in the stirrings one way or another.

Event threads!
Every OOC week, new events and actions will be taking place. The most current ones will be listed on the side bar and you are encouraged to participate and read them. Or post your own reaction to them in a new thread! These events are bound to affect everyone in some way and should give you some ideas on what you can post if you're hitting a funk in role play possibilities.  Occasionally, we will have sign ups for certain events or special news topics to keep you up to date on what's going on.
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