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Author Topic: Evening Showers [11.05.2590 / 7:30 PM] Open  (Read 220 times)

Offline K'ran

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Evening Showers [11.05.2590 / 7:30 PM] Open
« on: March 25, 2017, 06:02:02 PM »
The first time K'ran flew on a dragon was wedged in front of his father on Relnerth's back, and it was nothing more than a ten-second ride from the Bowl of Fort Weyr to the brown pair's quarters, but it still left a lasting impression on a boy that would last for the rest of his life. He didn't really remember it in the way he would have if he'd been several Turns older, but the feeling was there, regardless of whether he could imagine it. Those few moments had set the cornerstone for who Kallorahn would grow up to be and in his (not-so-humble) opinion it's one of the few things his father did for him that didn't do its best to knock him down.

It had kickstarted the daydreams of becoming a dragonrider, and while it was Turns before it became anything more than that, those dreams were pretty damn awesome. He'd thought that riding on the back of his father's dragon was the pinnacle of dragonly experiences in his life. If only he'd known what would be coming a dozen Turns or so later. 

Daydreaming again? The soft words pulled him back to the present, the rustle of wings over his head as Harloth returned to his side. It was early evening, and Harloth had been wallowing in the shallow waters since they'd been released from their Wing-related duties. The blue had gleefully disappeared towards the cove as soon as they'd been released, but the disgruntled gnawing in his belly led K'ran to the Weyr hall and the dinner he knew would be waiting. He'd meant to spend a little more time enjoying his meal, but the allure of spending some time outdoors without having to work was an undeniable pull. What made it better was the steady stream of water dripping onto his chest from the leading edge of Harloth's wing. He grimaced. 'Yes. Is that really necessary, Har? You're still wet, if you hadn't noticed.'

And? I think you could use a wash.

That was more than enough to get an indignant squawk out of K'ran (who had bathed that morning, thank you very much) as he sat up, running a self-conscious hand through his hair. "That's rude," he muttered aloud, casting an offended frown in the general direction of Harloth's head. It did not, of course, do any harm to the blue, as evidenced by the amusement that seemed to roll off him in waves. The dragon stopped hovering, however, and adopted a somewhat more comfortable position laid out on the grass beside his rider. They were out of the way of the main activity in the field, and Harloth curled ever so slightly around K'ran's prone form, his head on one side of him while his tail flicked off to the other and slightly behind.
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Offline Vicymus

Re: Evening Showers [11.05.2590 / 7:30 PM] Open
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2017, 10:38:45 PM »
Summer was Vicky’s favorite season. Winter had never really been his thing, and while the island didn’t get nearly as cold as Fort did, how dry it got could be downright unpleasant. And same with the spring. Unlike many who complained about the humidity in summer and fall, that didn’t bother him. Virtue of being from the Southern Continent, he supposed, if that was the sort of thing that really made any difference at all. But no matter he’d been raised at Tillek and then Fort, he’d always preferred the heat.

So while, even in the evenings, many retreated to the cooler and deeper tunnels of the weyr, Vicymus was more than content to be outside. No matter that he’d spent basically his whole day out at the Cove with the rest of the Fishers.

Maybe it was something to do with getting to feel the grass under his feet. After so many turns of seeing Pern dead and grey, the green of the island sometimes still seemed unreal. But it seemed more accessible when he could curl his toes in it or run his fingers through it if he stretched out somewhere in the Bowl.

He'd only been idly wandering this particular evening, but was pleased to see someone else enjoying the early night too. A rider, judging by the handsome Blue reclining nearby. Smiling, Vicky waved to the dragon—they were people in a sense too, right?—and addressed the rider as he approached. “Evening!”

Offline K'ran

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Re: Evening Showers [11.05.2590 / 7:30 PM] Open
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2017, 01:42:02 AM »
The sun continued it steady descent in the sky, the light it cast quickly changing from brighter blues and purples with streaks of red and yellow to ruddy shades of red and orange as it sank ever closer to the horizon. In the Turns since escaping from Fort, K'ran had come to terms with the fact that the weather was not always going to be mild and pleasant to work in.

He'd always had a love-hate relationship with both winter and summer as a teenager; on the one hand, you had summer, which was hot and sometimes muggy and almost always ended with discarded shirts and sweaty bodies. On the other hand was winter, where he had to wear heavy, warm clothes that never seemed to fail to end up just as sticky and muggy as the rest of him by the end of the day. Not to mention the storms--fast and occasionally violent, almost always loud during the summer, cold and slow and heavy during the winter. Not to mention, once he'd Impressed, Harloth's continuous complaints about the snow if it got deep enough to cover K'ran's boots. Yes, just like you complain about swimming. And thunder, the blue commented, blue eye swirling merrily when K'ran tipped his head to grimace at him.

Harloth was twitchy at the best of times, and this was no exception. Tail, wings, readjusting himself as a whole all while somehow managing not to jostle K'ran in the least. It was a well-rehearsed cohabitation, and generally something that K'ran didn't even notice anymore beyond being aware enough of it to tune it out. He's more than familiar enough to know the difference between Harloth perking up over something of interest and the blue simply fiddling. For a while, it was nothing more than the latter, but then there was a moment where Harloth went completely still for a solid three or four seconds, and lifted his head. K'ran sat up in time to catch the wave directed towards his dragon, and he grinned along wih Harloth's pleased hum. Oh, I like this one already.

'You like anyone who so much as looks at you without frowning,' he retorted dryly, attention quickly turning to the newcomer as he approached. He pretended to ignore the way Harloth subtly rearranged himself around him, getting his haunches under him a little more (to seem a little bigger, you see) and inching his front end a little closer to K'ran's still-seated form. "And a good evening to you, too," he greeted, still smiling a little. He recognized the other man, vaguely, from Beach Wing's fishing shifts in the Cove, but he didn't think he'd ever caught his name. That, at least, was an easy enough thing to remedy. "I'm K'ran, by the way, and that's Harloth," he said, gesturing briefly at his dragon.

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Offline Vicymus

Re: Evening Showers [11.05.2590 / 7:30 PM] Open
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2017, 10:26:38 PM »
Seeing the pretty Blue rearrange himself made Vicky smile, enjoying the ripple of muscles under his stormy blue hide. The way that he inched a bit closer to his rider was adorable. And while it wasn’t in Vicymus’ nature to be envious of those who had dragons or bonded creatures of their own, that didn’t make him any less appreciative of them either. They were all gorgeous, in his opinion; he had yet to meet a dragon, wher, or fire lizard he didn’t like.

“It’s nice to meet you two.” He grinned and took a seat in the grass. Not overly close to K’ran, but near enough for conversation as he leaned back on his hands. “I’m Vicky.” Tipping his head back some to look up at Harloth, he addressed the introduction to them both.

“Good view of the sunset from here,” he observed, catching sight of it beyond the Blue’s head and folded wings. Vicymus eyed them more seriously then—though only a hair—as his memory stirred. “You’re in Beach or Prairie Wing, right? You both look familiar.” Steadily, since the move to the island, he’d started to learn the names of the riders and dragons that regularly helped the Fishers in the Cove. Though he tended to be more acquainted with the riders from Beach given that was where his brother C’ace was assigned.

Offline K'ran

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Re: Evening Showers [11.05.2590 / 7:30 PM] Open
« Reply #4 on: May 09, 2017, 08:13:11 PM »
Harloth wasn't a generally prideful dragon; not on the outside, at least, though K'ran knew well enough that the blue certainly had a prideful streak a mile long if the situation pulled it out. He was almost showing off now, if only because K'ran most definitely wasn't. He didn't see the point, really. Their Wing duties for the day were done and therefore their responsibilities were much less of a priority than they would have been earlier in the day. He didn't need to show off, no matter what Harloth seemed to think.

The blue gave a pleased rumble as Vicymus introduced himself; most non-riders didn't bother to address the dragon as well as the human (some riders didn't bother either, but that was another matter altogether), and he'd always found it vaguely irritating; most people knew better than to think of dragons as nothing more than beasts, and even those that didn't weren't necessarily sure how to act around them. This Vicky, though, wasn't like that. I like him more now.

'Of course you do.' He grinned. "Pleasure to meet you too."

"Beach, yeah. This one likes water too much to be anywhere else," he said, tilting his head in Harloth's direction with a grin. It wasn't the only reason he'd chosen Beach Wing, of course, nor was it the most important; both K'ran and Harloth were dutiful individuals, always willing to help, and their socialite tendencies had made Beach the obvious choice when it came time to choose a Wing in the new Weyr.

Length: 25M, Height: 5M, Wingspan: 43.5M

Offline Vicymus

Re: Evening Showers [11.05.2590 / 7:30 PM] Open
« Reply #5 on: May 21, 2017, 09:12:15 PM »
Pleased, Vicky grinned right back when K’ran confirmed that his guess had been right. “I thought the two of you looked familiar. I don’t think we’ve worked directly together before, but riders from your wing and Prairie’s are around often enough that I’m starting to put names to faces and dragons.”

It was vastly different from where he and his mother had been stationed at Fort Hold after the fall of Tillek. While there hadn’t been anything wrong with their living situation there, Vicymus liked this way much better. Riders were some of his favorite people, after all; many of them tended to be a bit freer in temperament than Holders and Crafters, so they were more willing to go along with his impulsive need to seek out adventure. Especially Blue and Green riders, he’d found—they were a lot less rule-bound and stuffy than riders on any other color.

Contemplatively, he tilted his head up to look at Harloth again. “Makes sense that he’d like the water.” Vicky knew that wasn’t really how it worked, but he liked the appropriateness of it. “He reminds me of the storms that roll in off the ocean.”


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