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Author Topic: Info Pernese Drugs  (Read 1079 times)

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Pernese Drugs
« on: March 25, 2017, 11:28:31 PM »
Drugs on Pern

While drugs on Pern have always existed, it wasn’t until the hardship of the Pass struck that the proliferation and near necessity of the escapism provided blossomed into a real demand. Growing into a real business alongside the gambling Dens, the cultivation of certain plants and fungi for recreational use took off as people used the now useless Marks from the crumbled economy in the ‘underground’ trade of whores, bets in Wher fights, and the procurement of favors and drugs. The drugs detailed below are those that were commonly grown and maintained by the Dealers of the Pass – though they by no means only existed in the 9th Pass.

Drugs  & Availability in Southern Winds Weyr

Just as the Brothels, Butchers, and Gambling Dens have been shut down, so too have the dealers seen their own business ruined by moving to the Weyr. Weyr Leadership does not tolerate the use of drugs by Riders, let alone by Weyrfolk, perceiving the escapism as a waste of time at best and a waste of resources at worst. That being said, no Dealer has been able to reinvigorate their business since moving to the Weyr. That doesn’t mean they’re not looking, or could be growing small crops for choice clients. Keep in mind, though, that this is a business likely to earn the Weyrleadership scorn in the best case. Worst case, a Dealer will find themselves losing all of their personal belongings and dropped to drudge detail for the foreseeable future and lashed for the trouble. Any Rider seen with drugs on them, or caught taking them, will be grounded from all Wing activity, likely demoted to Prairie unless they’re already there, and put on weyrling work until Leadership deems them fit to return to duty. Crafters, likewise, may see a loss of rank, responsibility, and depending on which crafthall, may lose their Crafter status all together.

Passion Vine

Effects: Drowsiness, lethargy, and a weakness in the limbs. A general sense of relaxation after a minute or so that lasts for a mark or two if ingested, half a mark at most if smoked, or an intense euphoria for two or three marks if chewed.

Addiction / Overdose: Passion Vine is relatively addictive, especially if regularly chewed. Withdrawl can be intense and oftentimes painful, though not fatal. Overdose cannot generally occur except through chewing the substance directly from the flower or consumption of the ground root in addiction to chewing. Overdoses result in slowed, shallow respiration, general unresponsiveness, deep coma, and death.

The Passion Vine was discovered by the Healers in the Southern Continent sometime during the 3rd Pass. It was initially used as a tea. The leaves, when steeped, create a mild sedative that was used to help patients sleep or relax. It was eventually replaced by other, more effective plants since the vine itself can be hard to grow in colder climates. Healers also discovered that the gummy substance procured from the flower, when smoked or chewed, induces an addictive euphoria. Because of this addictive nature, the Healer Hall quit growing and using the plant all together but that didn’t stop opportunistic Holders from snatching up the Vine and brewing their own tea and collecting their own sap to be sold.

Dealers in the 9th Pass use every part of this plant. From the flower, that produces the sticky chew to induce a boneless euphoria, to the leaves that can be dried and smoked for a general sense of relaxation and lethargy, to the age old tea the Healers used to make from it. The roots of the plant can even be ground up and sprinkled in food for an ‘enhanced’ experience of the tea, chew, or smoked effects of the plant that generally double the duration.

Psilo Shroom

Effects: The mushroom produces altered states of consciousness and vivid hallucinations lasting from a couple moments to several marks after ingestion. The amount of mushrooms to have a noticeable effect is highly variable.

Addiction / Overdose: Popular because of the severe escapism and lack of lasting side effects, the Psilo Shroom has no true addiction except that which might be personal addiction to it and no real overdose. Eating more simply extends the hallucination duration, though some may suggest consuming more also makes it more ‘intense’.

Discovered almost accidentally, as the Psilo Shroom looks very similar to a common mushroom used by kitchen workers in the 5th Interval. It gained quick popularity amongst the drudges and soon spread through underhanded trade. It’s always been a popular ‘drug’ mostly because of how ultimately harmless it is, the lack of overdose or addiction, and how easy it is to grow. Especially because it can be disguised as a food mushroom if someone doesn’t know what they’re looking for. The Psilo shroom grows in almost any environment, except cold, and requires very little light. Nearly the only requirement for the Psilo is rich fertilizer.

Dealers in the 9th Pass were quick to stock up on this easy to grow, easy to sell shroom. It was in high demand by those that had to deal with Thread often though Dealers would know better than to sell to Riders as it disconnected them from their Dragon and distressed the dragon in a way that made it quickly apparent the Rider was on something.


Effects: When smoked, the dried leaves have a calming effect. It lowers heartrate, reduces anxiety, and in general eases tension in muscles.

Addiction / Overdose: While there are no documented cases of overdose for Smokeweed, it is highly addictive. Though it’s only use is to be smoked, the withdrawl can be akin to a nervous breakdown. Sweating, nausea, vomiting, tremors, rapid heartbeat, and even convulsions can occur. It’s often severe enough that breaking the habit of Smokeweed requires Healer Hall intervention, as the habit is incredibly hard to stop alone. While there is no severe long term effects of the use of smokeweed, a heavy user is usually identified by the ‘smoke’ smell associated with them and their clothing.

Discovered because the plant was initially great at smoking meat and keeping bugs and other undesirables away during the 3rd Interval, Smokeweed has been a large part of Pernese life. It was eventually used as an anti-anxiety aid by the Healers until they discovered just how terribly additive it was. Because of this, the Healers dropped the use of Smokeweed but that never stopped the Holders from growing and smoking it themselves. The plant grows relatively tall and fast – nearing 1.5M with pretty white, purple, or red flowers at the top. It requires a lot of maintenance though a full time dealer would have no problem tending to their own crop. The leaves must be dried to be smoked.

During the 9th Pass, it was only the Dealers that really had time to tend to this sort of plant since everyone else’s energy was geared toward surviving and food production. It’s an easy vice for most Pernese and seen as probably the most socially acceptable drug for Holders. It’s still strictly forbidden for Riders as they can’t be dependent upon anything. Dealers often grew larger quantities of Smokeweed than anything else and used that as a front to then grow other, less acceptable drugs.

Credited to SanctifiedSavage for use on SWW
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