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Author Topic: Approved Quenneca [ 35.09.2560 ] Former Drug Dealer  (Read 1052 times)

Offline SanctifiedSavage

Quenneca [ 35.09.2560 ] Former Drug Dealer
« on: March 26, 2017, 08:59:47 AM »

Play By:
Bryana Holly

Quen to close friends.
Date of Birth:
35.09.2560 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:
None yet.

Your Reflection...

Quenneca is a slender, albeit relatively tall woman at 5’8”. She doesn’t look like much – she doesn’t have curves, she’s not very busty, and nearly looks malnourished, though that’s quite normal for her. Rather, she can come across quite somber and morose until she smiles. Quenneca’s real beauty is in her smile and the way it lights up her very brown eyes. She generally keeps her wavy blonde hair down unless she’s working, in which case she pins it up and out of the way with a stick.

Quenneca wears simple dresses of cloth she’s bartered for over the Pass. They fit her very slender frame well enough and accent how lithe she is. Some might even think she’s seemingly fragile because she certainly doesn’t look like a strong or even formidable woman – and she’s not really. All her strength comes from her personality and will.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Quenneca was born to a well off enough crafter family and was sheltered, largely, from how terrible life was. Until she ruined that for herself, getting tossed from the Healer Crafthall and meeting the roughness of the Pass head on. She’s a determined, opportunistic woman who has a streak of compassion. All she wanted to do was help people in her own odd, eccentric way and she paid for it dearly by being disowned by her family. Going from a sheltered life to the lowest of the low made her really appreciate everything and everyone – she cares for people others might not otherwise though she’s not one to be taken advantage of either. Though she’s been through a lot, Quenneca is largely an optimistic woman for having been tossed out of the craft hall and being disowned.

Response to dragon color mutations: She feels an odd sense of kinship toward the mutations. Being disowned, cast out, and making a life for herself, she thinks it’s the dragon’s way of adapting to the world like she had to.

Who are you...


Taking care of those that can’t : Quenneca has some skill in the healer hall, and has managed to do rather well for herself in the Pass. She was one of the few that gave to those that otherwise couldn’t provide for themselves. Orphans, injured, homeless – whomever couldn’t fend for themselves were always welcomed to find shelter for a night with Quenneca.

Fending for herself : Conversely, Quenneca takes great pride in being able to take care of herself and stand on her own two feet. She doesn’t accept charity, works hard for what she has, and is fiercely independent. Don’t expect her to ask for handouts.

Quiet : She’s not a big conversationalist. Though she doesn’t mind a bit of chatter or gossip now and then, Quenneca is ultimately a loner. She lives alone, works alone, and likes it that way. Besides her two flits and wher, that is.


Bullies : The Pass might be terrible, but don’t let this drug dealer see you abusing people. She’s still got a Healer’s heart and she’ll be quick to let her wher show you what it’s like to be bullied.

Peacekeepers : At least, those that stick their nose in her business.

Thieves : She is a very giving person, and will do what she can to actually help those in need. But steal from her, or from someone who has little, and she has absolutely no compassion.


* INTELLIGENT : Quenneca is a brilliant woman who plies the Healer’s arts to those that are in need. She’s retained much of her training, is quite knowledgeable in the plants she deals with, and in general just enjoys learning. The quickest way to earn both her attention and respect is to share something with her she didn’t know before.

* INDEPENDENT : She’d had to learn hard and fast how to take care of herself in a very unforgiving Pern. Being disowned by her family and cast out of her Crafthall, Quenneca had no one to rely on but herself. And she’s done rather well. In that, she’s a fiercely independent and proud woman – and she’s thrived. There’s nothing that’ll get her down.

* DILLEGENT : It takes a lot of work and dedication to manage and maintain the crops she does and it’s something that she does with industrious care. It was her livelihood during the Pass and it’s her passion.

* METICULOUS : She’s both very careful and very particular in how she handles all her work. She’s not about to accidentally poison someone, allow them to overdose, or oversell either. You get exactly what you’re paying for with her.

* COMPASSIONATE : While Quenneca is not a charity, per say, she often shared what little she had with choice orphan who could be trusted, those who were injured with nowhere else to go, and occasionally made rounds in various brothels to tend to whores who would otherwise have no Healer to tend to them. Quenneca does not give beyond her means, but if she has anything to offer – such as her limited Healer skills – you can bet you can find a safe place to stay for the night and someone to tend your wounds. While she wouldn’t let anyone stay for any extended period of time, so long as someone was respectful of her place, they always had a place to stay for a night or two.


* POSSESSIVE : Not many would guess, but Quenneca has a hard selfish streak when it comes to her coveted Healer’s tools and plants. What she gives, she gives willingly but if someone takes something or touches her things without permission she’s fiercely possessive and cruel. There’s no forgiveness for those that take her things.

* ARROGANT : She’s always believed she knew better than her superiors. That, coupled with her bleeding heart when it came to those in need, was what ultimately ended up with her being cast from the Healer’s Hall. She couldn’t be bothered to listen to those when she thought she knew better neither could she be assed to deny aid to those she thought needed it – even when she was told otherwise.

* DISHONEST : Her moral compass is a wonky one. Quenneca has no problems lying, cheating, or stealing to make ends for herself. Especially from those better off than her or from Peacekeepers in general. Or other crafters – especially Healers.

* IDEALISTIC : Quenneca firmly believes that she is still a healer, and that she is a good person doing good things. Her moral compass is severely off kilter and because of this, she can be easily manipulated by those crafty or sly enough to take advantage of her desire to ‘do good’ or ‘prove herself’. She’s especially susceptible to those she thinks are in dire situations, that genuinely need her, whether or not that’s actually true. In that regard, she’s easily manipulated.

* WEAK : Physically. Quenneca is no fighter. She relies heavily on the fact that most people need her expertise, and so see her as a protected investment, or relies on her large bronze Quensk and two flits to keep her safe. If need be, she’s not above stabbing someone but she’d be easy to over power or out fight if anyone knew what they were doing.

Describe Yourself:

* FIERCE : Right along with her possessive streak, Quenneca can be a fierce, almost cruel lady if the situation calls for it. One does not survive amongst gangs, thieves, and murderers without being able to defend themselves. While Quenneca herself is no fighter, she has the mental fortitude and aptitude that she is not easily intimidated and it translates to her wher and flits. She’s not afraid of using them to keep herself safe or having someone killed if they pose a problem.

* HEALER: Don’t suggest otherwise. She might’ve been kicked from the Healer Hall, but Quenneca still considers herself a Healer. Though she supplies drugs, that’s just a way to survive. She still plies what healer knowledge she has to those in need and tended to those she could during the Pass who might have otherwise not received care in the Healer Hall – or who didn’t want to.

* DRUG DEALER: It’s the way she made her living, growing Smokeweek, Psilo shrooms, and Passion Vine. She’s knowledgeable in their multiple uses and how to grow them. She had been very protective of her small crops and managed to salvage some seeds, so she’s idly planting small things now but nothing like her operation during the Pass. 

* CARETAKER: Quenneca is a caretaker at heart. She can’t stand it if someone is truly in need. It was a rare night that she’d turn someone away unless she was already taking care of someone. While she’s perceptive enough to generally know when someone is trying to take advantage of her, she wants to help those in need. Be it stitches, a shoulder to cry on, a place to sleep. Whatever it is, she can be counted on to provide what she can.

* FREE: Say what you will about Quenneca, the woman is free. She doesn’t need anyone else, doesn’t rely on anyone, and is quite happy about that. She doesn’t WANT to need anyone. Especially after being cast out by Hall and family alike.

* GARDENER: If it’s a plant, Quenneca can get it to grow. While she generally grows Psilo shroom, smokeweed, and passion vine, she does occasionally grow other things that are more mundane to eat. She just enjoys tending plants – it’s her passion and had been her specialty in the Healer Hall before being cast out.

The Magic Touch: She has ‘resting bitch face’. Quenneca looks angry and upset if she’s not smiling, but once she does she’s like a completely different person. Her face is very expressive.

When she’s impatient or upset, she tends to sigh and play with her hair.


Mother: Wife. Born 2540. Died 2569 during childbirth. Quannora.
Father: Journeyman Healer, 2533, Died 2585 of illness. Nesuec.

Nuassec. Sr Journeyman Healer. Born 2553. Adoptable.
Quennessa. Wife. Born 2558. Died 2573 due to illness.

Children: Quatus. Born 16.02.2580. Died 2583.

Tell us a story...

* 2565, 5 Receives 2 flit eggs to better keep an eye on her and keep her safe. Gifts from her father. Though she’s only five, receiving the little creatures is a boon and great responsibility for the little girl that she takes seriously. Tarlann, a little blue, and Lakkahl, a soon to be big bronze provide all the friendship and entertainment a little girl might need. Exactly what her parents are hoping for given the uncertainty of the Pass and how dangerous Fort is becoming with all the people being crammed into the space. The flits bond to her marvelously and she wants for very little growing up with them under the watchful, loving eye of her mother.

* 2569, 9 Mother dies during childbirth. It shakes her world when her mother, an ever present figure and source of affection dies giving birth. Her father is beside himself with grief but he’s still there for his little girl, at least as much as his work in the Healer Hall will allow. She tries to be strong for her father and cries, clinging to her flits instead of piling all that grief on him. Life is moving quickly though – there’s just too much to be done and too many people injured in the hall for their family to be allowed to grieve for too long. She takes on the role of cleaning and cooking around the house willingly, doing whatever she can to alleviate the work on her father.

* 2572, 12 Taken into Crafthall. Receives Quensk to keep her safe during her lessons. Gift from her father. It’s pretty much a given at this point that Quenneca will go into the Healer Hall as her father and older brother have. She’s too head strong and eager to help to be anything other than a healer. As an apprenticeship present, her father gifts her with a wher egg that hatches into the bundle of wher that is Quensk. To further keep her safe as she works and walks around Fort. The Hall isn’t quite everything that Quenneca thought it would be – while she’s a great student, she stuggles with having to take orders from people that she doesn’t necessarily agree with.

* 2573, 13 Older sister Quennessa dies due to illness. It hits the family hard when her newly married sister dies. Quennessa was never particularly bright, like Quenneca or her brother Nuassec, but she was as sweet and affectionate as their mother. Having Quennessa die was like losing the last part of her mother. Quenneca loses herself in the Crafthall to try and hide from the pain of the loss. She further clashes with her teachers even though she excels at the material, which begins to cause a rift between her and her father. Nuassec tries to maintain the peace but even he doesn’t fully understand why his sister is acting out.

* 2579, 19 Kicked out. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Between her bouts of blatant disregard for rules, to stealing supplies to work on her own projects, to going out of her way to work on people she shouldn’t – Quenneca is kicked out of the Healer Hall for gross insubordination, wasting of resources, and malpractice. Her father is furious and kicks her out of the family house, essentially disowning her and refusing to speak to her. She’s left with little as she’s tossed out, almost quite literally, with nothing. Only her brother, Nuassec, provides little support when their father isn’t paying attention to ensure she’s fed while Quenneca is introduced to the darker side of Fort and the tunnels full of gang members, whores, and thieves.

* 2580, 20 Has her first and only kid to a one night stand. Quatus. Motivates her to start up her side healing to provide for both of them. It slowly evolves into growing drugs given the demand and she barters and trades for the seeds – working for another Dealer for a time. Quenneca doesn’t exactly thrive for her first turn or so away from her family, having to adjust to this new side of Fort she wasn’t really aware of. She plies her healer knowledge for food, room, and board and easily falls prey to drink and a gang member – her first time is a one night stand that results in Quatus – her son. Being pregnant and struggling to work is supremely difficult, but a fierce determination blossoms in her. She falls in with a drug dealer, where her botanical knowledge becomes super useful and keeps her from the brothels.

* 2583, 23 Quatus dies dues to illness. She’s actually surviving plying drugs and growing some miniscule amounts of food for herself and Quatus, but it’s not nearly enough for a baby. He succumbs to an illness she doesn’t have the necessary supplies to treat. Her stubbornness, fear, and pride keep her from the Healer Hall and her brother, which ultimately end in Quatus’ death. It’s a heartbreaking and humbling experience that invariably leads her, crying, to her brother. She still refuses to see her Father.

* 2585, 25 Father dies due to illness. It’s Nuassec that tells her during one of their visits. It upsets her more that she thought it would, having always believed she’d have time to make amends, to prove herself in his eyes. She mourns the loss of her father quietly, away from Nuassec, but resolves to be the best Healer she can be for him – even if she’ll never be accepted in the Healer Hall.

* 2587, 28 End of the Pass. She loses her business when Thread stops falling, but she’s half relieved. A lot of those that dealt in the less than desirable businesses were upset when the weyr decreed they would all be moving to the island, but she’s actually quite excited. Though she’s been uprooted, Quenneca brings along a handful of seeds and spores so she can continue growing things – mostly because she likes growing things.

* 2590, 29 Hasn’t had her birthday yet. Quenneca has been really floating around the weyr. She’s idly growing some things in her room, but keeping it a small operation amongst close friends. Mostly for the sake of growing things and little more. Quenneca still sees to and tends those that want her to, but she doesn’t feel like there’s as much of a need of her services in the weyr. And that’s a good thing. Not that she’d deny anyone that came to her.

Quenneca shut the door after her brother left the small hut she called ‘home’. It felt so final, so odd. Though she’d done this several times before, this particular visit made her chest ache. The world had never felt so empty, so constricting, so terrifying than it did at that moment.

She’d never felt so alone.

Her father was dead.

Though Quenneca hadn’t spoken to the man since he’d cast her from their family house, she’d always… angrily thought she would prove to him that she was the daughter he always wanted. That she was a talented, brilliant woman. That he would see the error of his ways.

That there was a happy ending to this horror story. Somehow he’d see that what she’d done had been to save people. That all Quenneca had ever wanted to do with her life was help people.

She didn’t move away from the door but simply stared at her hand on the worn wood. Aged and weathered, the familiar door blurred in her vision. Quenneca felt angry and sad all at once. How dare he leave her without saying good bye! Without even letting her know he was sick! Her arrogance dared suggest that she could’ve saved him while a quiet, humble voice suggested that if the entirety of the Healer Hall hadn’t been able to, he’d been beyond even her mediocre skill.

Quenneca hit the door and made a wordless noise of anguish.  Her knees gave out and, quite suddenly, Quensk was there. Inserting his bulk between her and the door to catch her. The large bronze wher who took up so much of her small home didn’t understand the roil of emotions in her mind, but he was there. Warm and strong, sturdy and unyielding. He didn’t even react when she bonelessly hit his thick neck with another wordless cry.

Both Lakkahl and Tarlann quietly landed near her, not imposing on her space as she made it to her knees. Curling around Quensk as the tears really began to assault her. Breathing became difficult but Quenneca didn’t try to stifle her pain.

She needed to feel it. Let it all go. Quenneca didn’t want to try and bury it like so many sought to in the plants and drugs she cultivated. The grief could have her tonight. Just tonight. All the anger, frustration at never having the closure or resolve she’d wanted, the missed opportunities, the foolishness and folly of both of them. The childishness of a feud that had lasted too long and took from her the ability to reunite with her father. Her own stubborn arrogance and his damned pride. She’d wanted to prove to him… to show him she was more than her teachers ever said she’d amount to.

She was her father’s daughter.

And he was really gone.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Sr Weyr Woman Halirina
Mountain Wingleader W'sar
Jungle WingsecondL'ale
 Search Rider C'ace
 Wingrider Niema
Wingrider K'eeda
Wingrider  Cassipiora
 Wingrider B'nyn
Wingrider Yinaya
Wingrider Seaphonellqua
Weyrling Haithen
 Weyrling Sethunya
 JW Herder Keassa 
JW. Dragon Healer Loressa
 JM Harper Sevastjan 
AP Fisher Ysmersa
AP Herder Remira
Candidate S'ric
Wher Butcher Tavianna
Weyrfolk Daysepona
Former Whore Domnitissa
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bumps and Bruises
Anything Else:
Yay nice drug dealer?

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Re: Quenneca [ 35.09.2560 ] Former Drug Dealer
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2017, 10:33:28 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
colored by Alahn
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2565 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Lakkahl was a big baby from the beginning, filling up all available space in his egg and bursting forth with exuberance. He’s a pale bronze with a darker hue along his eye ridges, and he’s grown into his namesake. He’s far too big to regularly sit on Quenneca’s shoulder but he happily claims her lap when it’s available.


Mind Voice: He’s not really expressive with either images or emotions, preferring to trill, coo, or hiss. Lakkahl’s presence is always felt in Quenneca’s mind, but it’s more a silent weight than anything else. He’s far more physical and noisy aloud then mentally.


Dirt : Lakkahl likes digging, rolling around, and playing in the dirt. Especially soft, well-tended garden dirt. Not mud, mind you! But dirt.

Fighting : Lakkahl is a fierce monster of a bronze and he’s very territorial. The gardens, plants, and Quenneca’s space is his too and he’ll violently protect it. He hates thieves more than his bonded.


Dragons : Whatever the reason, Lakkahl dislikes his bigger cousins. He hisses, snaps at, and in general wants nothing to do with them.

Crafters : Especially uppity ones, but generally he dislikes them about as much as he dislikes dragons. He can be snappy and mean to crafters.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He doesn’t usually chase female flits because his drive to protect his territory overrides his urge to mate.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Quenneca [ 35.09.2560 ] Former Drug Dealer
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2017, 10:43:10 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by Alahn
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2565 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Tarlann is a small, storm blue flit. He hatched small and has remained relatively small, but he’s probably the bravest little Blue you’ll ever find. From the moment he hatched, he’s been Quenneca’s babysitter. Touch her and you’ll be sure to get a chattering earful from Tarlann unless it was allowed by Quenneca. He’s also not shy about clawing people that shouldn’t be in his personal space. He’s got the mentality of a Gold when it comes to dealing with other people and other flits – they should all listen to his chirping, chittering directions. When ever another flit gets aggressive at him, he’s quick to hide behind Lakkahl or Quensk.


Mind Voice: He makes up for Lakkalh’s quiet by always impressing upon Quenneca what he’s seeing or how he feels. 


Space : Tarlann doesn’t want others in his personal space. It’s his and he will bite or scatch to keep people out of it.

Tattle-tale : he’s not necessarily a fighter, but if he catches anyone doing anything they shouldn’t – or touching things they shouldn’t, he’s quick to let Quenneca, Lakkahl, and Quensk know. And he LOVES telling on people.


Mean People : Just because he scratches and bites you doesn’t mean you have to be mean to him.

Wher : They’re big and scary, and could probably eat him if they tried. Cept Quensk. He loves Quensk.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He can be bothered to chase pretty Greens if Quenneca happens to like who they are bonded to.

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Re: Quenneca [ 35.09.2560 ] Former Drug Dealer
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2017, 11:02:09 AM »

Image Credit: Christina Weinman, use on SWW

Colored by Alahn
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
His was a hefty egg that promised to be a big wher, which was exactly what Quenneca’s father wanted. Something big to take care of her. It was relatively smooth, believed to be a bit of a bad luck egg, and so was easy to procure for the healer.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 4.5M
Mature Height: 1.7M

General Appearance...

He hatched into a pudgy, dark bronze that eventually, as he grew, lightened into an almost gold sheen. He’s a monster of a wher – the biggest a Bronze is likely to get with rippling muscle beneath his well-tended hide. He has some scars from fights – all obtained by protecting Quenneca.


Empathetic: Quensk likes to share images with her, but she never has any idea what he’s trying to share. There’s always a heaping of affection too, like she’s too stupid to figure out what he’s saying or showing her.


Lazing in the sun : Though definitely nocturnal, Quensk likes it when she’ll cover his eyes and lead him out to lay in the sun where he’ll sleep. It’s warm and he likes the quiet with his bonded.

Flits : Quensk likes to chase after them and try to eat them. Playfully. He doesn’t really want to eat them just… have them in his mouth.

Oil : Nothing like attention, he likes being oiled and taken care of. He’s like a big baby of a wher when it comes to Quenneca paying attention to him and getting oiled is a sure fire way to have a slumbering, content wher.


Sand : He doesn’t like how it gets stuck in his feet. Or the fact that there’s usually beach snakes about.

Crafters : Much like his bonded and Lakkahl, he wants nothing to do with Crafters. Healers in specific. Quenneca’s brother is the exception.

Gang Members : he’s had bad experiences with them, having had to fight them away before. Anyone that acts odd around Quensk or he’s had to fight away before, he’s very temperamental around.


* STRONG : While most wher have this trait, Quensk has it in spades. He’s a beast of a wher who knows how to throw his weight around. He’d have made a decent fighter in the rings save that he puts all that energy into protecting Quenneca and her plants.

* TERRITORIAL : Like a well trained wher, Quensk recognizes who should be allowed around the plants and who shouldn’t. Who should be allowed around his bonded, and who shouldn’t. He’s fiercely territorial, even for a wher, but he’s not blindly violent. He protects everything and everyone that’s supposed to be there, including the people that Quenneca occasionally takes in. For the duration they’re under her watch, they’re also under Quensk’s.


* DENSE : While he can comprehend basic commands, he retain the full training a Crafter wher might have had and neither did Quenneca enforce it. She loves him just the way he is, but this means that he isn’t always the most responsive to finesse commands and he can sometimes be in the way.

* VIOLENT : Once he’s going to attack, there is no stopping Quensk. Mostly because he hasn’t been taught HOW to stop once he’s going into ‘attack mode’.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He’s sorta spoiled and Quenneca lets him get away with a lot. .

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Quenneca [ 35.09.2560 ] Former Drug Dealer
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