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Author Topic: Closed Event [ 20.5.2590 ] First Wher Clutch at Mine Hall  (Read 639 times)

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[ 20.5.2590 ] First Wher Clutch at Mine Hall
« on: April 12, 2017, 01:20:13 PM »
First Wher Clutch at Mine Hall
20.5.2590 // 8 pm
Shortly after work began on the Mine Hall, one of the Miners’ Gold whers laid a large clutch of eggs. While some will trade eggs away for goods or favors, or only let certain people approach to take one, this particular individual is hosting the Hatching as a free-for-all for any at the Hall who wish to Impress to their own beastie. Since their Gold is fairly mild-mannered, it’s meant to be a celebration of how far the Crafters and Holders have come in their short time of working on both the Hall and proto-Hold.

The eggs start hatching midway through the evening, though the thrumming hum of the nearby watchwhers began shortly after dinner. As such, the majority of those now living there full time have gathered at the small, makeshift Hatching Sands to mingle, maybe drink a bit, and overall celebrate their accomplishments while cheering on those who seek to bond to a wher of their own.

Things quickly take a turn for the interesting, however, when the first to hatch—a sturdy little Brown—bonds to someone already with a Green watchwher to their name. Whatever possessed them to try for another, it’s yielded unforeseen results:  prior, those who had already bonded to a wher were unable to do so with a second. Speculation now is that this may be a reaction to the presence of the Hunters, and to the wher’s increased ability to sense them—essentially a biological defense mechanism that has changed their very natures.

Whatever the case, the Brown and Green seem to be getting along, with no signs of aggression toward each other as their bonded feeds the newly-hatched baby. And to be sure, this may sway others in attendance—even those with other wher already—to take an increased interest in the hatching clutch, and maybe even try to bond to one themselves…

What does this mean?
Surprise! And you thought this was just a clutching. Rather, it’s our first hosted wher Hatching—and your characters are welcome to bond to one if you wish! We haven’t set a number of eggs or any color spreads, though we do ask that you refrain from making any Golds, since there aren’t meant to be any in this clutch. But you’re more than free to post any of your non-rider characters getting their own wher if you’ve been looking for a way and excuse to get ahold of one. :3

Characters can also now have a maximum of two watchwhers bonded to them, instead of just one! The Wher thread has been updated to reflect this change as well, as has the “Wher Handler” section of forum profiles so your characters’ status for the number of whers they are bonded to will be reflected accurately. The only restriction here is that if your character is bonded to a Gold, they cannot bond to a second wher—the Queen’s telepathic presence takes up too much “space” in their handler’s mind, and so any other watchwher’s attempt at bonding will slide off without taking, so to speak. This also means that if your character is already bonded to a wher of any color, they cannot bond to a Gold second.

As with any other critter, fill out the wher template and post it as a response to your character’s profile thread if they bond to one. As a reminder, there are a ton of shiny adoptable whers in the Creature Bank! Just bear in mind that none of them are officially claimed until their associated profile has been finished and posted to a character.

Additionally, if you want the admins to create your critter for you, that is totally fine too, just fill out this form.

Code: [Select]
[b]Bonding Character:[/b] Name of your character here
[b]Wher name:[/b] Do you have a name in mind? Or do you want the admins to choose?
[b]Wher colour/s:[/b] Whether you want one or two whers, and what colours if you have a preference
[b]Admin Created Personality:[/b] Yes/No
[b]Art:[/b] From the creature bank, or made from scratch

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