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Author Topic: Private They Must Be Well Behaved [ 01.03.2581 / 08AM ] Tresrissa & Nycolus  (Read 677 times)

Offline Tavianna

To Tavianna, there was no such thing as too young when it came to training wher. Though her children had just received theirs some several days previous, she was more than ready to begin their training. After the novelty of receiving the bundles of flesh had worn off and the bond was more firmly cemented, she’d scheduled some time to begin their training.

Nice and early. Well. Not too early. Tavianna still spent some evenings working late and too early just wasn’t doable for her. It was a lot of effort to provide for her family, and even more so to get herself established. Her children would be skipping out on general schooling to take the morning to train their wher with Tavianna and Tavisk – who she’d trained herself. Tavianna couldn’t say for certain if she was an exceptional trainer or if Tavisk had been particularly easy. Whatever the case may be, the Gold was now one of the best behaved wher she’d ever come into contact with. Tavianna had never had the need to muzzle, leash, or otherwise restrain the Gold.

That was the goal for her children’s newly bonded.

It was raining outside. While most would’ve thought such weather was miserable, it was actually the best time to be outside. There was hardly a chance for Thread to accidentally pass through the dragonrider’s overhead. Which meant it was the safest time for her children to practice outside – even if it was wet.

Tavisk didn’t mind. The large, muscled gold stood next to her Tavianna. Her hide gleamed in the rain as she waited patiently for Tressie and Nyc to finish up their breakfast, collect their wher, and join them in the ‘road’ outside their house. Tavianna, while usually preferring to wear nice clothes, hadn’t bothered because it was raining. She wore an oiled leather jacket that at least chased off some of the rain but her pinned up hair was already plastered to her neck.

Better this while they were outside though.
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Offline Nycolus

Re: They Must Be Well Behaved [ 01.03.2581 / 08AM ] Tresrissa & Nycolus
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2017, 03:51:52 PM »
Despite the strength of his bond with Nycolussk, Nycolus had not been inclined to deviate from the instructions Tavianna had provided. The bronze was fed, oiled, and given a spot near his bed to sleep as often as required. He was muzzled and leashed whenever they weren't alone, and care of his siblings always came first. He had a routine down quite quickly, and so far the bronze had accepted it with barely a grumble. There had been no fighting with his parents' wher's, nor had the bronze had any arguments with his sister's green, which was great news.

So far, it seemed as though Nycolussk would be a good addition to the family. He responded well to what Nycolus asked of him, mainly when his muzzle and leash was concerned, and there was even the slightest bit of excitement when he woke up this morning knowing that Tavianna and the golden monster that he'd grown up with were waiting outside for them to give them proper instruction.

He was not unaware that his mother worked hard to keep food on the table, and so for her to put aside time to help them train was a phenomenal opportunity. One he would not squander by being late. Particularly when they would be missing out on their regular schooling to attend. Wherhandling, so he was told, was not all fun and games.

He shared a few words with his siblings, and waited patiently for Tressie to be ready before he retrieved Nycolussk, muzzle and all, and proceeded down the road to the outside area Tavianna had shown them a few days before.

The Bronze followed as dutifully as ever, not pulling on the leash that anchored him to the boy and giving only a small huff as Tressisk joined them. As much a greeting to the green wher as it was an acknowledgement that he was ready to leave. His mental presence didn't falter as they stepped out in the rain, though his eyes whirled a pale orange at being out in the open, not because of the rain, which had caused Nyc to tutt in annoyance, but as if he was aware that the water was the only thing that kept them safe from the dangerous thread that was constantly attacking their planet.

At least Nycolus had had the foresight to put on his oiled leather gear and boots to keep most of him dry despite the downpour. So long as he kept moving, he wouldn't get too cold, and if he were being honest, the smell of the damp, but fresh air was oddly comforting. Stopping a short distance away from his mother and Tavisk, he spared a quick glance to Tressie, a pure grin breaking his calm facade as he allowed her to see how excited he was at that moment before he looked back at Tavianna and gave a much more serious nod of greeting.

He didn't speak - he left that to his sister if she was so inclined, but he stood with his feet slightly apart and his hands tight on the leash despite the slack the wher had given it. Nycolussk, still a little agitated at being outside mimicked his handler as much as possible, glancing warily at the large gold wher but sensing no threat to himself or his bonded. He calmed ever so slightly once he was certain they were safe, eyes mostly a calm blue though the flash of orange never quite left it. It would not be seen as aggression at least, and he was in tune to Nycolus enough to know what was expected of him this day.

Offline Tresrissa

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Re: They Must Be Well Behaved [ 01.03.2581 / 08AM ] Tresrissa & Nycolus
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2017, 05:41:54 PM »
Whilst Tressie had been told that she should keep a muzzle on Tressisk, at every opportunity the youngster had tried to give her wher free space around her head. She had also tried to get Tressisk to sleep on the floor next to her bed, admittedly, not for very long, after once saying "Sit Tressisk" and the green ignoring her and crawling into the covers of the cot, Tressie had decided that she liked that position very much.

However, she was going to see her mother and start official training with Tressisk, so she thought that perhaps it might be a good idea to pull out all the bells and whistles. She was leashed, and Tressie was ready... almost ready. They couldn't expect her to be perfect.

She rushed down the stairs, tying up her hair as she rushed, Tressisk trotting along behind her, her leash held daintily in between her teeth for when Tressie had a spare hand. "I'm ready, I swear. Let's go Nyc." The young girl said, rushing to open the heavy wooden door. But before she could step outside, she heard and felt simultaneously, a mental nudge from her wher, and a clearing of the throat from Nyc.

Tressisk was standing next to the coat rack, where Tressie's mostly waterproof leather jacket was hanging (and obviously not where it should be, on her back), and Nyc was pointing with a long finger at the jacket as well.

It seemed both of them had the exact same idea.

Rushing forward, she slipping her arms into the sleeves of the jacket, buttoned it up at the front, and held out her hand for Tressisk to drop her leash into. "Okay fine, now I'm ready. Can we go?"

Tressisk gave a high purr-like rumble in Nycolussk direction in response to his huff, and the four of them continued out into the rain. It would have looked an interesting sight. Two so young, with whers so young, both dutifully walking next to their handlers, not pulling on their leash, and shying at a puddle. It seemed like the siblings had gotten lucky with their choices.

Grinning widely in response to her brother's own smile, Tressie addressed her mother. "Sorry we're late. Nyc was doing his hair or something." She said cheekily. "So what do we start with?'

Offline Tavianna

Tavianna didn’t mind standing and waiting in the rain. It wasn’t necessarily that she was patient, but that she had so few chances to enjoy the quiet patter of rain as it hit the mud and cobble around them. It was peaceful. Calming. With no danger of thread overhead, she could actually relish the quiet and admire the gleam of her Gold’s wet hide.

Tavisk didn’t care that she was wet. She wasn’t a wher that worried about mud, water, or anything like that. Tavianna took good care of her and she never went hungry. Not when there always seemed to be a surplus of wher meat about. Not to say she’d gone hungry before – growing up before the butchery had been established. Even then, though, Tavisk had never been a wher to complain.

Both Tavianna and Tavisk regarded their children with quiet study when they finally arrived. Dressed for the weather but still wet from the rain. She’d not have bothered bringing them out under thread. No matter the need for actual training. Though it was still pressing, both wher that her children had picked up hadn’t really presented a problem. Well behaved and mild mannered. From what Tavianna had both witnessed and experienced, however, was that all wher were both capable and needed to understand that when a handler called for them to stop – they had to stop.

Wher were generally naturally aggressive. Which was good, usually. She wanted her children to be protected. But she couldn’t have them with dangerous creatures that would just attack anyone either. So, with a small smile to show she approved of their arrival finally, Tavianna said, “We’re just going to run through basic commands. These are things I want you to work with your wher on so that when we meet again, they’ll be perfect. They’re pretty basic commands, but they should respond without you needing to speak aloud.”

Then, by example, without looking at Tavisk she expressed her desire that Tavisk sit. Flashing an image of the Gold doing just that. Without hesitation, the large Gold did just that. Her cool, blue multifaceted eyes didn’t leave Nycolus or Tressie though. Then, she impressed upon her Queen wher that she wanted Tavisk to lay down. So Tavisk did that. Stretching her large padded feet out in front of her so she could rest her head on them.

“It’s important that your wher understand what you want when you impress a desire or an image on them, which requires working on your communication on them. You… may need to show them what you want by moving them with your hands. Pushing them into the position you want when you think ‘sit’ or however you translate that to them,” she explained, then gestured that they do so.

Tavisk || Length : 5M || Height : 2M // Powerplay allowed by Notkerric

Offline Nycolus

Re: They Must Be Well Behaved [ 01.03.2581 / 08AM ] Tresrissa & Nycolus
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2017, 06:44:12 PM »
Nycolus's face fell as Tressie explained why they were late, horror at being considered unpunctual on their first day of wher training only slightly overshadowing his irritation that his sister would throw him under the wher like that.

It was hard to stay mad at his sister for long, However, and he dropped his gaze from his mother to apologise for their tardiness. He may have been ready first, but he should have made sure his sister was ready as Well, instead of just waiting for her. In that, she was correct. 'Or something' indeed.

The small smile that graced their mother's face at least proved that he hadn't disappointed her, and he found himself smiling in nresponse, standing straighter as she went on to explain what they were to do. The demand that they perfect the commands without verbal cues by the time the met next had him nodding shortly in silent affirmation.

He would not let her down in this.

He attention shifted to Tavisk as she moved, brow burrowing in concentration as he tried to get a grasp on how his mother got the instruction accross. The gold didn't hesitate as she shifted from sitting to lying down, and Tavianna didn't seem to exert any effort in asking her to do so. He kept his eyes on the Gold's whirling blue ones, wondering for a moment if he should have sought a Gold instead of a Bronze... the discontent at that thought that rippled through the link he shared with Nycolussk quickly steered him away from that thought, however. Though truth be told a Gold would likely cause too much tension considering the... close quarters of their family cavern. Better a Bronze to sire clutches than a Gold who may try to fight the other.

His mother had stopped speaking, and he made a noise acknowledging what she wanted them to do. Nycolussk was quite adept at sitting... but only when Nyc verbally told him to. He hadn't considered that the wher didn't need a verbal command to do as he wanted, and had only really seen their mental connection as a link to tell him what the wher was doing.

So communication is what they were working on... not just the basic training.

Nyc pressed his lips together, trying not to move them as he thought the word sit instead of spoke it, trying to bring up an image of Nycolussk doing it in the past to help guide the beast. When the wher didn't immediately comply, Nycolus frowned. Trying to direct his thoughts to the wher instead of just thinking it before giving him a gentle push on his rump.

He'd barely touched the Bronze when he complied, eyes speeding up their whirling as Nyc smiled at the response. He'd have to try and stop the need for a physical reminder. But he hadn't spoken a word, which was better than how he'd done it previously.

Pride colouring his expression, he turned to face Tavianna again, eager to hear the next request, though not first without sparing a glance at Tressie, to see how she was going with her own wher.

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