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Author Topic: Approved Kyohei [ 21.1.2552 ] Peacekeeper, Holder & Wherhandler  (Read 1017 times)

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Kyohei [ 21.1.2552 ] Peacekeeper, Holder & Wherhandler
« on: April 12, 2017, 04:08:57 PM »

Play By:
Zach McGowan

You call him Kyohei, or you swallow your teeth. Your choice.
Date of Birth:
21.1.2552 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
None, though many whores would like to be his wife.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Kyohei is a tall man, standing at two meters tall (6'6"), that is fleshed out to a muscular 95.24 kilograms (210lbs). His skin is tanned to an olive complexion which is complemented by a head of long, dark brown hair. This he tames with a couple a braids and ties. Not caring to, or finding much time to, Kyohei rarely shaves and is constantly sporting a short beard. Kyohei walks as if he has carried a heavy load his entire life, his shoulders bent, though his head is held defiantly high. He is not one for many visual cues that give hints towards his emotions; his face is almost always resting in a blank scowl.

He wears form fitting, high quality, yet worn, linen and wherhide clothes. This varies from vests to tunics with wide belts, to full on leather jackets. Kyohei frequently wears thin scarfs around his neck, used mainly to cover his face when he is conducting business. One thing that is a constant sight on Kyohei is his necklace. A thin leather band that is adorned with small arrowheads, it has proven its usefulness against people who believe that choking Kyohei into submission is a good idea.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Kyohei coped with the destruction of Pern because of two things: whores and shrooms. Having to deal with the worst kinds of people in the underworld of the holds, Kyohei was worn down and eventually fell into the company of criminals. This environment lead him to his two favorite vices, which would distract him all night and give him something to look forward to during the day.

Response to dragon color mutations: Who gives a shard if there are two new dragon colors? Dragonriders are the reason why the world fell apart. Two more types of dragons are just two more types of dragons to dislike.

Who are you...

Whores: Heavy perfumes, silky clothes, and soft flesh, what isn't there to like. During the Pass, the women of night were frequently  visited by Kyohei or found their ways to Kyohei's bedfurs, all for an exchange of favors. He'd keep them safe and protected from abusive clients in exchange for free services. He had several children by them, not that he cares to know the bastards' names.

Psilo Shrooms: During the Pass, Kyohei found his way to forget about the tragedy around him in the comforting embrace of these little mushrooms. The lack of addiction and long lasting side effects drew him to the drug initially, but the escape that he found in his hallucinations kept him coming. A few shrooms at night, while wrapped in a woman's embrace, was all he needed to forget about life for a while.

Bladed Weapons: The ex-Peacekeeper is fascinated by all things sharp. Whether they be swords, knives, axes, or spears, Kyohei wants to handle them and mostly likely has one or three hidden away. He always carries more than his fair share of knives on his person, some of which are visible, while the most are not.

Smiths: Being the son of a Senior Journeyman Smith and his wife, Kyohei has always had a fondness for the Smithcrafters. The things that they can do with metal has always intrigued the man and, in a different life, he would have probably joined the Smithcrafthall when he was younger.

Dragonriders: They are the cause for the collapse of Pern and society. They then barely struggled to keep the Pernese alive. And now, they forced everyone to move into their Weyr and completely dismantled the Hold and Craft systems. They have taken Kyohei's job away from him and completely disregarded the Lord Holder and the system that he established.

Sleeping Alone: He isn't sure if it is something that developed in the Pass, but Kyohei has a hard time sleeping alone. It is one of the reasons why whores filled his bedfurs at night. When there isn't a warm body next to him in bed, he does not sleep, but spends the nights pacing, sharpening is blades, taking care of Kyohisk, or trying to find a Psilo shroom or two.

Punks: Men and women who think that they can do what they want, when they want, with no valid reason make Kyohei a very violent man. There is a rank structure in society for a reason, and in the Hold, that rank structure was one that he aggressively upheld. In the underworld, it was one that he enforced with a "might is right" attitude.

Fighting: It does not matter to Kyohei if someone charges him with spear, a knife, or if they really want to die, their barehands, he will beat them into a bloody pulp. His large size and aggressive attitude towards life has made him a prize fighter in the pits and in the corridors of the deep cave systems.

Intimidation: A man of few words, a mean mug, and a reputation for violent acts, Kyohei can easily intimidate those of weaker wills to do what he wants. He leaves many people wondering what would happen if they didn't comply, an answer that they determine they don't want to know.

Hard Labor: As most holders have found themselves to be little better than drudges on Fort Island, Kyohei has learned that hard work on the construction site or in the mines suits him well. He does not mind cracking rock or lifting blocks into their places.

Level-Headed: Kyohei is a man of calm emotions and logical thought. His violence is not emotionally fueled, but it is cold and calculated, all to further the goals of the Hold. Threatening the physically weak, because one can, despite their usefulness to the Hold, results in Kyohei having a "conversation" with the aggressor; not out of anger, but out of perseverance for the Hold.

Taking Orders: Not being a leader, or even desiring to be one, has made Kyohei a valuable asset for those who rightfully hold station above him. He is willing to be subordinate to those that he thinks are worthy of being his superiors and does not hesitate to comply with shadier orders.

Addicted to Psilo Shrooms: While the drug is not addictive in its own right, Kyohei is addicted to the hallucinogenic effects that they have. He craves for the escape from the world in front of him and the shrooms provide that for him. When he is not needed at night, Kyohei is normally sprawled out in his bedfurs or propped up in a corner somewhere, visiting another world.

Morally Grey: Kyohei sits on the fence between morally good and morally bad. He has good intentions but goes about those intentions in a rough manner. This torments him at night, resulting in drug usage and whoremongering, as a way to escape his dark memories.

Lack of Personal Goals: The ex-Peacekeeper is a man of little ambition. He exists to further the goals of the Hold and his superiors, believing that if he does his job for them, they will provide food, resources, and housing for him. The only thing that would qualify as a personal goal is to keep his friends safe from harm.

Light Weight: Kyohei has never been one for alcohol, finding the burn of its taste unfavorable. As such, when he does drink, it does not take much for the large man to get drunk. Drunk Kyohei is an issue as he is a large man that is hard to move and can be violent when he is woken up.

Sleep Deprived: Kyohei has a hard time sleeping at night. Turns of drugs, familiarity with whores, and atrocious acts have left the nights full of demons for the man. When he is out of shrooms and does not have a woman to keep him company, he does not sleep and it affects his work in the following day.

Describe Yourself:
Protective: It is in Kyohei's nature to protect the weak and needy. Violence against those who are undeserving and unable to defend themselves riles up a dark ire from the man, and the aggressors tend to find themselves cornered in a dark corridor by a large masked man.

Traditional: The Hold is separate from the Weyr and Crafthalls, and vice versa. His leadership do not ride dragons, nor are they familiar with crafts; they are holders. It irks him when individuals from the other two aspects of Pernese life think that they can order him around like a drudge. He strives, along with his superiors, to achieve the autonomy of the Hold once more.

Gruff: Kyohei does not say much, and when he does, his sentences are short and matter of fact. He is not one for smiling or compliments, and is more likely to tell someone to crawl back into the Shell than to befriend them. He has a small number of friends and he keeps them close.

Meathead: If it doesn't work, beat it until it does. If that doesn't work, pick it up and throw if from a ledge. Physical efforts are Kyohei's one and only solution to a problem. Any sort of critical thinking that he does is normally encouraged by another person. This is not to say that Kyohei is unintelligent, just that he would rather beat something than to think about it for a while.

Loner: Not in the sense of physical solitude, but emotionally, Kyohei would rather be isolated. He does not share his emotions with people, despite how much time or physical contact that he has had with them. He bottles them and unleashes the torrent of emotions on justified victims.

The Magic Touch: Kyohei is addicted to Psilo shrooms. He also has an old full Harper mark that he flips through his fingers when he is agitated.


Mother: Heimi, Crafter's Wife, b. 2538, d. 2569, Threadfall
Father: Kyonnis, Senior Journeyman Smith, b. 2536, d. 2576, Accident

Siblings: Keimis, Sister, Senior Apprentice Smith, b. 2550, d. 2569, Threadfall
Kyoda, Sister, Holder, b. 2555, d. 2569, Threadfall.

Children: At least six, though he does not know who they are or what their names are.

Tell us a story...

2552, 0 Turns Old - Kyohei is born to Senior Journeyman Kyonnis of the fallen Smithcrafthall and his wife, Heimi, in Fort Hold. He is preceded by a sister of two turns his senior, named Keimis. Kyohei's father was stationed at Fort Hold as a Smith when the Smithcrafthall fell in 2551 and had decided to stay on at Fort Hold to continue his duties as a Smith.

2555, 3 Turns Old - Kyonnis and Heimi have a third child, another daughter, who they name Kyoda. Kyohei is just old enough to understand that Kyoda is his little sister and almost immediately starts to "protect" her from "dangers." His parents see this behavior and are pleased that their only son wants to guard their family from threats.

2560, 8 Turns Old - Kyohei spots a wher for the first time and falls in love with the muscular brute. It is a large bronze wher that belongs to a Peacekeeper in Fort Hold, named Firneal. Kyohei had wandered off from his family's quarters and stumbled upon the Peacekeeper patrolling the back corridors of the Hold. Luckily for the boy, the Peacekeeper was kind enough to help him find his way back to the Crafters' quarters - while letting Kyohei ride on the back of the bronze wher. This has a profound effect on the boy; in a world that was falling apart and dragons were flying overhead constantly, he is able to get in touch with a draconic being. He desires to forge a bond with a wher of his own and serve the less fortunate in the Hold.

2564, 12 Turns Old - Kyohei comes of age and is presented with the opportunity to train under a Crafter as an apprentice, just as his sister did the year prior. However, the thought of working metal or tending to beasts, weaving cloth or transcribing Records did not appeal to him. He had in his mind the image of the nice Peacekeeper from four years ago. He wanted to help others. He chose to join the Lord Holder's gang of Peacekeepers. He is presented at the next hatching of whers at which he bonds to a blue wher that names himself Kyohisk. Ecstatic that he has now bonded to a wher, Kyohei throws himself into his preparation for the day that he can actually join the force and the care for his little blue wher.

2566, 14 Turns Old - Now that Kyohisk is fully matured, the blue and his handler can fully participate in the training as a Peacekeeper. The pair work hard in their training and prove themselves to be an effective pairing. They show a knack for soldiering and their aggressive natures are able to keep order in the lower caverns of Fort Hold and their excitement and enthusiasm translates into boundless energy. Kyohei starts the difficult process of training Kyohisk to jump between, though the keeper grows disheartened at his inability to visualize the destination in a way that his wher can understand.

2568, 16 Turns Old - Kyohei is reassigned to a new formed squad. He didn't do anything wrong, so it wasn't a punishment, but the commanders knew that he was a solid soldier and would serve his new captain well. He starts to find his place in the ranks of the Peacekeeper under the leadership of Notkerric, his new Captain. He learns from the man that Notkerric's father happened to be the one that found Kyohei when he was a boy. He is pleased with this assignment and views it as a way to pay respect to that man from many Turns ago. A bond of loyalty starts to forge between the men and Kyohei looks to his captain for guidance whenever there is an issue in Hold.

2569, 17 Turns Old - Heimi, Keimis, and Kyoda are all killed by Thread. They were working in the ground crew during a Fall when patch of Thread fell between the dragons above. Kyohei and Kyohisk are too far away from them to protect them from the silvery menace and they are devoured before Kyohei's eyes. Only by the efforts of Kyohisk was the Peacekeeper saved from Thread himself, when Kyohisk grabbed his handler and dragged him inside the Hold. Kyohei falls into a pit of despair that is only staved off by his sense of duty. However, he discovered the escape of Psilo shrooms during this time and became addicted to the effects they have on him. Kyohisk does not understand the strange state of mind that his handler falls into when he eats these shrooms, but he does not let it bother him too much.

2574, 22 Turns Old - Fort Hold is crowded and crime is rampant in the lower caverns. Peacekeepers are stretched thin and many people doubt the abilities of the Lord Holder. Kyohei does not stand for people speaking out of turn and is quick to enforce discipline in the Hold. To him, this is extremely important, as Fort Hold is the only place left on Pern for Holders and Crafters. He gets to know some of the whores in the lower caverns, utilizes their services, and establishes a good reputation with them.

Kyohei finally gets Kyohisk to take a successful trip between, and the wher-pair is ecstatic. After eight long Turns of training, Kyohei is finally able to imagine the way that Kyohisk "sees" and is able to change an image in his mind to reflect that type of vision. They keep their excitement and the ability to themselves, however, as many Peacekeepers are unable to have their whers between to other places, and they did not want to set a target on their backs for the more, disgruntled Peacekeepers in the Hold.

2576, 24 Turns Old - Kyonnis is killed in a freak accident in the forge. One of the apprentices tripped and fell into the man, which knocked Kyonnis off balance. As he stumbled, he backed into the forge and seared his arm. Agonizing about his pain, Kyonnis slips and bashes his head in on an anvil. When Kyohei hears the news, he sinks back into depression. He was alone now, with no family to keep him company. He relies more and more on the whores of the lower caverns to keep him sane.

2579, 27 Turns Old - Kyohei has become a guardian for the whores of a brothel in the lower caverns. The girls come to him for help when they need it, especially from abusive clients, and he would keep them safe, either through intimidating the abusers or by physically assaulting the aggressors to get his message across. In return, they did not charge for their services and kept Kyohei warm at night. This effects the man deeply; he finally has a group of people that look to him, on a person level, for guardianship and protection. He prides himself with the idea that he is keeping people safe, despite the method that he was using to do it.

2580, 28 Turns Old - Notkerric is promoted to Commander, filling Kyohei with pride. He feels that he helped his friend achieve the best for himself and bettered the Hold.

2584, 32 Turns Old - One of Kyohei's favorite girls runs to him for protection. She is bloody and bruised, covered in welts, and is broken. Kyohei's usual calm demeanor disappears as he dissolves into a man of righteous rage and fury. He hunts down the abuser and beats the man to death. Kyohei realizes what he has done and panics. He is not used to such a outpouring of emotions and it startles Kyohisk. The wher is able to connect the body with his handler's distress and it reminds him of the distress that Kyohei felt when his mother and sisters were killed. The blue bites hold of the dead man's leg and jumps between to the field on which Kyohei's family was killed. Kyohisk drops the body and returns to Kyohei's side.

Still distraught over the incident, Kyohei goes to Notkerric and reports the incident a few days later. He is clearly disturbed by the encounter, but it is hard to prove that the incident ever occurred. With Thread falling so frequently, the body did not last two days in the field. With inconclusive evidence of murder, Notkerric punishes Kyohei by removing him from active duty and assigns Kyohei to retrain for a full Turn, under the tutelage of none other than himself. During this time, Notkerric sees the full potential of the man and removes him from serving in the ground crews, especially given how his family was killed.

2587, 35 Turns Old - The Pass ends and the Hold is forced to move to Fort Island, a place that they are unfamiliar with and is filled with unknown dangers. Kyohei's disdain for the Weyr is reaffirmed when the dragonriders dissolve the Peacekeepers and refuse to recognize their authority. Now the entire surviving population was cramped and crammed into a single volcanic fortress that was owned by the dragonriders that doomed their people. Shortly after their move, people got upset about some sharding black dragonet. Kyohei did not care about the riders, so he did not listen to the gossip.

2589, 37 Turns Old - There is some hubbub in the Weyr about a young punk that is bonded to the black dragon. Apparently, he was the new Weyrleader and that was causing problems in the Weyr. This news was welcome to the ex-Peacekeeper. They disrupted the Hold's way of life, now theirs is being threatened.

The grinding of metal on stone echoed through the corridor, as a large man sharped a knifeblade a whetstone. Despite the chance to cut himself with the blade, the man did not look down at his work. Instead, his eyes were focused down the corridor, on a lady who, in a extremely flirtatious manner, spoke in low tones with a man. She was bartering: sex for food and furs. She was one of the "ex-whores" that Kyohei had protected during the Pass. The man that was soliciting the whore knew this and could not help but glace down the corridor at the large man.

Kyohei did not change his expression from his usual scowl, though he looked away from the exchange when a blue wher rustled beside his stool. Kyohisk opened his eyes and, in the gloom of the deep cavern's corridor, flicked between the whore's work and his handler. A feeling of sleep was passed through the bonded's link. Kyohisk was telling Kyohei to calm down and rest. The blue wher could feel his handler's exhaustion even through the roiling emotion of anger and Kyohei's sense of guardianship.

Kyohei knew that his wher was right and, with a loving nudge of his boot against the wher's foreleg, Kyohei looked back at the whore and the man, just as they disappeared around the corner. With a grunt, he stowed the whetstone and knife, leaned his head back against the cold stone wall, and closed his eyes.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Calladren, Kaladesi, T'lor, T'nax, T'veck, U'thar, V'len
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On!
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
22.5.2564 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
The wrinkles on Kyohisk's egg was hard to see, as the shell was dark grey and mottled. The lines of color masked the folds of the shell. When held in the light, the shards from the shell shimmered with specks of reflective grains.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 3.5 meters
Mature Height: 1.16 meters

General Appearance...

When Kyohisk hatched, the color of his hide was a deep navy blue. In the dimness of the lower caverns of Fort Hold, the hide looked black. As the wher grew, the color faded to a speckled steel blue. His spotting ran up the front of his legs up to his shoulders, and ran the length of his body, from head to tail. The speckles on his hide were so light that they appeared almost grey.


Empathetic: The feelings and urges that Kyohisk gives off are always a slow surge of feelings. He does not initially overpower the mind of his handler, though if he is ignored, the intensity of feelings is exponentially increased until he is heard.

Children: Kyohisk enjoys being around little boys and girls. He lets them clamber all over him and ride him like a runnerbeast. When little ones are around, his eyes are always a pleasant, slow turning, blue or green and he is extremely careful how he moves, so he does not hurt the children.

Fighting: Though he is not as large as many of the fighting whers, Kyohisk prides himself on being quicker and more agile than the browns and bronzes. He is able to outrun his larger cousins, turn sharper than them, and is able to twist through spaces that they are not able to.

Dragons: Just as his handler does not like dragonriders, Kyohisk does not like dragons. He feels that they are self-important and prideful and refuse to acknowledge that the world does not revolve around them. Some of these feelings may be echoes of Kyohei's thoughts, but they have been so ingrained in the blue wher that he has adopted them as his own.

Wherries: Wherries are aggressive, stupid, and annoying. They fly in flocks, out of reach of the blue wher, and attack the defenseless. He does not like the way they taste, the way they smell, or the way they sound.

Betweening - Kyohisk and his handler worked for Turns but were finally able to get Kyohisk to jump between. It took a long eight Turns of constant mental exercises of both the wher and handler, but the exchange of mental images finally worked and Kyohisk was able to go between. He does not do it often and when he does, it is only for dire situations.

Defensive - While normally not aggressive, Kyohisk will not hesitate to harm an individual if they threaten him, his handler, or someone that he cares about. He will not think twice about lethally maiming a person, if the situation calls for it.

Small - For a Peacekeeper's wher and a fighting wher, Kyohisk is small. Browns and bronzes serve much better at crowd control and in the fighting pits, due to their sheer size and aggressive natures.

Lazy - Kyohisk would rather sleep all day and night than work. He is not physically worn out from overwork, he is just a lazybones and finds comfort and relaxation in doing nothing. Kyohei has to force the wher up and off of his bed to patrol the caverns.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Kyohei [ 21.1.2552 ] Peacekeeper, Holder & Wherhandler
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2017, 04:09:55 PM »
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Re: Kyohei [ 21.1.2552 ] Peacekeeper, Holder & Wherhandler
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2017, 04:10:17 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ YO-highsk ]
Date of Birth:
20.05.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Yoheisk's egg was large and sturdy, faintly tan with specks of grey dotting the folds and warped patterns on its surface.
Mature Length: 3.46M
Mature Height: 1.25M

General Appearance...

Without much variation to his hide, Yoheisk is nevertheless an attractive brown color like klah. His legs and underbelly are somewhat lighter, like milk being poured into the klah color that characterizes the rest of him. There is some very faint dark speckling running down along his spine and ridges, but they are all but invisible save in bright light. The sails of his wings are a ruddier brown, like fruitwood, that fade to a paler cream toward the trailing edges.

Mid-sized for a Brown, Yoheisk is a bit taller than normal at the shoulder and is largely a ball of muscle. His legs in particular are corded with it, and will grow more so with time as he becomes an accomplished runner and goes through training with his handler.


Empathetic: Yoheisk's mental presence is slow and calm, like the lazy meandering of a huge river. Unlike his physical speed, he doesn't do anything fast mentally, and while things may wear away under the erosions of time, there's no destructive force to him. Rather, he's a stable and predictable wher with the ability to transmit little beyond simple images or impressions. Nor is he easily excitable.


Female Whers : He'll be slow in noticing them while he's growing, but once Yoheisk is fully mature, his head will be easily turned by female members of his species. Greens will appeal to him more than Golds, since they tend to be gentler and a bit more his speed. But one of the few things that will ever distract him from his task will be a proddy female in the vicinity.

Flits : Yoheisk thinks they're fascinating -- how small they are, how they move, that they can fly, and everything else about them. He may even chase them if they flee from him, but it's out of playfulness rather than aggression. It won't occur to him that they might be afraid of what he'll do to them if he ever catches one.


Frustration : Other people's, that is, especially when directed at him. Yoheisk may not be the sharpest of whers, but he's doing his best. Those who get testy or short with him will find him grumpy, reluctant, and more slow moving than usual. While he won't directly disobey, his heart won't be in whatever task he's doing if he knows his handler or someone near him is upset at him.

Aggressive Whers : To say that Yoheisk is submissive, or a coward, would be incorrect. But he doesn't have the aggressive strain in him that many other watchwhers do, and he's uncomfortable around those who have a particularly wide streak of it. He doesn't have anything to prove, and won't ever get into a fight for the sake of it; in most cases, if he's attacked by another, he'll just try to leave the fight rather than retaliate.


* FAST : A good runner, Yoheisk is fast for his size and builds speed quickly when he needs to. He'll be good at chasing down things or people as necessary, though the bulk of associated training will need to be toward what to do once he's caught them. But getting him to run on command or chase things will be an easy task.

* OBEDIENT : This Brown doesn't have a rebellious bone in his body. Even if he's unhappy about something, he won't ever disobey an order given by his handler, and will complete each task to the best of his ability.


* THICK-HEADED : Unfortunately, Yoheisk is not the smartest wher ever hatched. Complicated instructions will be beyond him, and he'll end up doing whatever part of them was told to him first or that he remembers best. Training him to do anything complex will be nigh impossible, including going Between. Anything beyond a simple two-part command at a time will confuse him.

* UNAWARE : Similarly, he's not very good at being aware of anything other than his handler and Kyohisk -- and only because the Blue is sharing Kyohei's mind with him. In particular, he will be useless at sensing the approach of Hunters. He may not freeze when they arrive, but he'll be oblivious that they're getting close unless another wher alerts him to that fact.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
I hope you like him. :bird:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

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