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Author Topic: And Too Bad For Him [ 20.2.2590, 5am ] || Q'nys & Se'qua  (Read 385 times)

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And Too Bad For Him [ 20.2.2590, 5am ] || Q'nys & Se'qua
« on: April 12, 2017, 04:54:38 PM »
N'aen still didn't know whose weyr it was when he woke up. Honestly, he didn't know if it was anyone's; he seemed to just be going from empty weyr to empty weyr, most of them small, presumably having been abandoned fpr weyrmatings or deaths of young dragonpairs. How depressing.

He wasn't drunk, but part of him felt like it; he was woozy around the edges, and part of his left hand bruised. N'aen hadn't had alcohol in eons, so it must've just been some other kind of headache.

Care to enlighten me?

Eldereth snorted, licking a dainty paw, and didn't bother. She had other, more important plans; she really missed her sisters, and the out-of-sorts N'aen couldn't be bothered to stop her from saying hello. Especially if she wasn't doing it physically … if she had to, she'd just leave him sitting on this convenient ledge trying to figure out what happened to his hand and go visit on her own. Of course she'd eventually have to come back, but …

The most innocent of curious 'ting' on glass sounds reached out to Niazyth and Tinth, a simple and polite, Hello! Is anyone home? I would like to visit. I, and not we. The dragons weren't in any quarrel; perhaps her sisters might just like to see her. And I will only bring N'aen if you think I should. It is high time he stops being stupid, but he may be too stupid right now to even consider defending himself or apologizing.
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Re: And Too Bad For Him [ 20.2.2590, 5am ] || Q'nys & Se'qua
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2017, 05:46:04 PM »
While she was idly awake, Niazyth had yet to fully rise and greet the day. She and Q’nys would have to report for their Wing duties in another candlemark or so, but she was content to relax until then. Q had already bolted down a quick breakfast and returned, preferring in his almost perpetually sour mood to avoid as many people as possible. He’d interact with them if he had to, but… his tenseness, lingering with the entire situation with N’aen, had made him pissier and more volatile than usual.

She was surprised, then, to hear Eldereth addressing her. It had been a long time since they’d spoken. Straightening to fuller attention where she sat on the weyr ledge, she glanced toward Q where he was fussing with his clothes and riding leathers in the weyr—which prompted him to look up. //What is it?//

Nothing, she answered smoothly, though the distinctly too-quick response made Q narrow his eyes in suspicion.

She directed her next words to Eldereth. I am here. Uncomfortably flaring and then refolding her wings, she clarified, At our old weyr, that is. If you would like to come, I do not mind.

At the mention of N’aen, her anger ran hot again, which had Q’nys throwing a sock at her with a demand to know what was going on. Huffing faintly, she told him simply, It’s none of your business. I’m talking to another dragon.


Niazyth ignored him. I do not know if bringing him will help… If Tinth and Seaphonellqua agree to visit too, it may. This couldn’t go on forever, but if there was going to be some sort of confrontation between them, it should be between all three. At least in her opinion.

Spoiler for OOC:
@SanctifiedSavage I purposefully left this vague so that it wouldn’t interfere with wherever you wanted Sequa and Tinth—whether they’d been with Q that night in the weyr, or staying with L’ren and Morriganth. If I did inadvertently add anything that conflicts, just let me know and I’ll edit it. <3

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Re: And Too Bad For Him [ 20.2.2590, 5am ] || Q'nys & Se'qua
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2017, 02:34:57 AM »
While Seaphonellqua did like L’ren, she still dearly loved her brother. Besides, Q generally was easier to get along with in the mornings. So every so often, she slept with Q. No matter how near and dear her bronzer might be, Q was… Q. He would always be in her heart. The sooner that everyone in her life could accept that they all mattered to her, the easier her life really would be.

Also, fuck mornings. She wasn’t getting up. Not yet. She didn’t care. She didn’t want to.

Seaphonellqua curled up in the furs and denied that the morning existed. Tinth, idly sharing the ledge with her sister green, was in an equally annoyed mood. Mostly because she hated mornings and didn’t particularly enjoy sharing a ledge with Niazyth. She’d always had an odd relationship with the other greens – loving them but in a very gruff, almost snappy way. Much in the same way that Seaphonellqua loved their riders.

Tinth’s head tilted when she received Eldereth’s request, but it was the only indication another dragon was talking to her. She considered, eyes an acrid green, while she watched Seaphonellqua. Her voice reached both of her sister Greens, a somber hiss, I think it would be good for you to bring him. As much as she was angry at N’aen for what he’d done to her rider, she also knew that Seaphonellqua ached for him. Wanted him. Missed him. And Tinth was always there for her Se’qua.

“Who are you calling bitch?” Seaphonellqua grumbled from her pile of furs.

Spoiler for OOC:
Just thought it'd be easier for her to be there. 8D

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Re: And Too Bad For Him [ 20.2.2590, 5am ] || Q'nys & Se'qua
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2017, 09:32:43 AM »
I will.

Tinth may have been spiteful and snitty, but Eldereth still thought she was rather smart, and respected her sister's opinions. That was enough for her to decide that she was going to act on her determination to fix this. Her N'aen might get upset. He might end up having trouble breathing again, or numb fingertips. Things that scared her. But she knew he would get better, and everything would be so much better if this got fixed. He'd been doing that anyway, a couple of times, and even one was enough.

N'aen, I am ready to go.

Already? It's a little early yet for wing duties. I don't even want to be awake, Eldereth.

I want to go.

"Well," he said aloud, as grumpily as he ever got, "The boss wants to go, so I guess that's what we're doing." Eldereth positioned herself nearby and allowed N'aen to mount up, thrumming smugly at him. Fine. She got her way. He let her get her way too much, most likely, for what their Weyrlingmaster taught them long ago ... but she was all he had, now, and he couldn't do to upset her too.

Everything seemed fine when they took to the skies, and N'aen even started to relax atop Eldereth's neck, but when she started coming in for a landing not where he thought they were going, the tension returned. "Eldereth. What. Are you doing. I thought you were making sure I got breakfast."

You might still get breakfast, the green pointed out as she allowed for space to be provided by Niazyth and Tinth, then settled onto the ledge and did her best to dump N'aen off. He wasn't moving on his own, considering he felt like he was going to throw up, but his head was weakened right then and he wasn't doing a spectacular job of forcing Eldereth to take off again. Or forcing Eldereth to do anything.

"I hate you."

You need this. Go inside before they have to come out and get you.

But N'aen only got as far as getting off his dragon, then stood stock still where he was, impervious to Eldereth's nudge.
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Re: And Too Bad For Him [ 20.2.2590, 5am ] || Q'nys & Se'qua
« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2017, 12:00:16 AM »
“Niazyth, not you.” Q had turned to Seaphonellqua when she grumbled from the bed, crossing over to sit on the mattress and huff. “She’s talking to someone but won’t tell me who the fuck it is.” A fact which annoyed him, and had Q’nys grumbling just as much as his sister.

//Come on, Niazyth, just tell me who it is. You’re acting odd.//

You’ll find out soon enough. Tinth’s answer had sealed that for certain. Shifting on the ledge, Niazyth moved over to make room for another dragon to land, though she disguised it with an agitated flaring of her wings and movement of her weight. Her mental tone was somewhat defensive, still cryptic, and far more closed off than Q was used to hearing it. Angrily, he stood again to glare at his dragon out of the opening to their weyr.

But then a distinctive Green shape filled the space, and Q’s breath caught as he watched Eldereth land next to Tinth and Niazyth—where she belonged. Hidden in the shadows of their weyr, he got the opportunity to watch her for a moment, with all her glorious dark hide, and the figure of who could only be N’aen seated on her neck. A N’aen who hesitated in getting off his dragon, and had to be all but forcibly nudged off by Eldereth herself.

A N’aen who didn’t move to enter the weyr, but instead stood just in front of his dragon. But with the way he stared, he surely couldn’t see his brother. So for a few heartbeats, Q just stood there.

And then he stepped into the light, out onto the ledge where the three Greens were sitting in a semicircle. “You are a son of a bitch,” he accused breathlessly in a low hiss, but his hands were shaking. His next harsh words were directed at Niazyth, and he felt like he was choking. “And you are a deceitful cunt.”

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Re: And Too Bad For Him [ 20.2.2590, 5am ] || Q'nys & Se'qua
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2017, 04:20:53 AM »
Niazyth was talking to another dragon? Tinth?

She’s talking to me, she clarified, but only for Seaphonellqua. Not moodily, not even snappish. If anything, the pale green was remarkably calm and level when addressing her rider. She didn’t want to upset Seaphonellqua any more than she was already this morning. If that meant being sweet and mellow, then Tinth could very well be that. Only for Seaphonellqua, of course. Always for Seaphonellqua.

The fact that Niazyth seemed to be keeping this relatively harmless bit of information from Q only amused Seaphonellqua, so she didn’t bother rolling from the furs or thinking anything more of it. Let the little Green torment her brother in he morning. What did she care if it meant she could sleep in?

At least, that was how she felt right up until she heard another dragon land. It wasn’t Morriganth, he wouldn’t arrive here. Not without saying something first and Tinth would’ve warned her. That Tinth didn’t say anything had Seaphonellqua slowly sitting up, allowing the furs to pool around her waist. What did she care that she was naked? Someone was imposing on her space, after all.

Except that dragon was familiar. A very familiar Green.

Tinth even tolerated the presence of Eldereth landing near her. Her eyes were still an acidic green but she was otherwise quiet, resting on side of the ledge. Making it very obvious she was not going anywhere. Seaphonellqua would have to climb over the wall of Greens to throw herself from the cliffside to get away from this situation.

Though that was not Seaphonellqua’s first reaction. Rather, seeing N’aen’s dragon brought up a hot spike of warring emotions. Her first inclination, by sheer reflex even after so long, was to run to him. The urge to pounce on her older brother, even now, was real. Ingrained. N’aen had been hers for so long. Was still hers. He just didn’t know it. And that fact brought up the hot taste of anger as she gripped the furs.

Q stole the words that were caught in her throat. Son of a bitch did not begin to cover it. But she was crying. Seaphonellqua didn’t want to cry, didn’t want N’aen to think she missed him even though her heart was breaking just at the sight of him. Her palms burned to touch him. Her legs shook and her body trembled. Every fiber of Seaphonellqua missed her brother.

Why couldn’t she breathe? “N’aen…” she managed, but it was a whisper, almost a whimper. Not the sound of a woman furious but that of someone almost drowning. Did he know how much she needed him? Why couldn’t she move…?

You miss him, love… The ghost of her dragon’s voice touched her mind. She didn’t want to crack into Seaphonellqua’s warring mind, but her Rider needed to know. All this turbulence was for a very simple reason.

When had Seaphonellqua moved to the edge of the bedfurs? She’d crawled forward, vision blurred, expression blank, but she found enough breath to say again, “N’aen?” She wasn’t dreaming, right? He’d really come to see her? To see them?

Seaphonellqua didn’t feel like the thirty turn old woman she was but like she’d woken from some terrible nightmare and all she wanted, in that moment, was her older brother to move to her and hold her. To tell her, as she’d wanted in the beginning, that it would be ok.
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