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Author Topic: Approved Omenya [29.01.2571// Sr Apprentice Beastcrafter]  (Read 1413 times)

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Omenya [29.01.2571// Sr Apprentice Beastcrafter]
« on: April 13, 2017, 02:16:09 AM »

Play By:
Taylor Lashae

First Name:
Enya or Meny
Date of Birth:
29.01.2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Hedda (deceased)

Your Reflection...

Omenya wears clothes that cover most of her body at all times, usually mismatched in style and material, she just needs as much skin protected as possible from the sun and the bees. She likes the warmth and cosiness it gives her too, although that was only after a long time getting used to it.
She keep her hair at a wavy chin length, not too long to get honey in, but not too short because she likes it to look pretty.
Omenya’s most impressive feature is her big eyes, they give her a constant, youthful look of surprise and are a soft brown, almost the very same colour as her hair. Enya has scars all along her hands, from splinters and burns and the bites of cranky bovines, they aren’t particularly visible but they are part and parcel with the Beastcraft role, she has a more substantial burn scar on her upper left arm, from where she jumped back into her father as he was holding the smoke torch.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Omenya’s world is very insular, the catastrophe was terrible, but for the most part her world stayed the same. She finds it hardest not to know what Pern was like before. Not to know how real or exaggerated the stories about Pern before are, or to know any of the places her parents had been before Fort Weyr.

Response to dragon color mutations:
Mutations and evolution in response to disaster is an awe inspiring thing! Omenya, if she was asked, would say she’d love to study more about dragon physiology and figure out exactly what else is different about the mutations, but that isn’t what the beastcraft focusses on, and her family have instilled in her the importance of staying in your place and filling that place to the best of your ability. Her father pushed her to do so because he loves the bees as much as her, and knows they need to focus all their energies on protecting them and the other beasts. Her mother believes it because that is what women do, they find their place in the world and then they do everything in their power to make sure that place benefits the people around them in every way. 

Who are you...

Bees – duh? Why wouldn’t people like bees? They defy nature with their amazing abilities and ask for nothing in return even though they work so hard to provide the weyr with honey. So it’s up to the dedication of people like her father and her fellow beastcrafters to protect and help them when necessary, it’s the least they could do.

The smell of smoke – Given she has to use it to calm the bees for transport or hive expansion, even sometimes to collect the honey, it’s a good thing she likes the smell, although no one actually like smoke in their face. Quite often her clothes will smell of it and she’s perfectly happy with that, although many aren’t. She dislikes washing her clothes, especially if the weavers wash them while they repair them, because they use a sweet smelling soap and she much prefers the smoky smell.

Spicy food – The cooks have to use everything they can for the weyr, even the stuff that wouldn’t have made it onto the tables before the catastrophe, the easiest way for them to make it more appealing even though it could practically be considered gruel or porcine food (RIP) is to spice it beyond recognition, easier said than done with limited supplies, but this is Omenya’s favourite food. It also helps that she won’t be able to taste what meat parts it is. She’s not by any means of the word a vegetarian, and doesn’t want to be, but sometimes it’s easier not knowing.

Klah – Omenya is, like most beastcrafters, up early in the morning and finishes work late in the night, often times with little break for food or relaxation. Klah is a saving grace for keeping her awake and on point. She needs it strong and dark, given her dislike of sweeteners.

Honey – Unfortunately, she just doesn’t like the taste. Which is good because it means she can be trusted not to steal from the weyr but it would be far more useful if she liked the stuff, given she’s often covered in it, and how much her mother likes it.

Dragons and Flitter enthusiasts – People who think dragons and flitters are the greatest creatures on Pern annoy and sometimes infuriate her. Sure, they’re great, but they aren’t the only creatures worthy of respect and admiration. People who treat dragons and flitters with the highest praise but treat their whers or the runnerbeasts as just tools or commodities are people she doesn’t get along with.

People trying to ‘fix’ her – Her world is a certain way because that’s what works. She works hard to make sure everything in her worlds sits properly and perfectly, and she’s never let her personal preferences get in the way of doing the right thing or finishing her work properly, so when people come to mess with her things or try and ‘fix’ her schedule, she cannot stand it. They don’t understand so how can they possibly know what’s best? For this reason Omenya can’t stand Weavers cleaning or repairing her clothes because they always do it wrong, she needs her mother to do it for her, she doesn’t trust anyone else.


* OBSESSIVE: Some people mightn’t consider this a strength, but given the lack of resources and people in the Beastcraft, her single minded dedication and love for her beekeeping is an asset. She’d never lose focus on them for friends or family, she’s willing to push herself to and over the limit to help or protect the bees and others never have to worry about ulterior motives when she says the bees need something because she would never do something that might come back to harm them.

* HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE: Beastcrafters need to be. You can’t really yelp or jump or scream when you’re in pain at risk of startling the animals or causing the animal that caused you pain to trust you even less. Some people need to learn to deal with it, Omenya has always done well with pain, and both her mother and father praised her for it as a child, so she’s now very proud of this particular skill.

* UNFAZED: There are very few things in the world that Omenya cares about enough to be upset over. The beasts are one, her family another, but everything else doesn’t really affect her. She loves to learn and enjoys taking part in/learning about other things, but she isn’t emotionally invested in them. Likewise with most people, how others view her isn’t really her concern, she likes making friends and taking part in others’ lives, but that’s about as far as it goes unless the person is really special.

* CALCULATING: Omenya likes to think before she does anything, she won’t race into anything too quickly, and she will always caution those around her for the same reason. The animals and people she loves are always too close to danger to act rashly, and she’s too intelligent to simply skim over all the risks involved.

* RESOURCEFUL: Comes from having little material and lots of need, Omenya is used to taking bits and pieces of materials and ideas and using them to create something worthwhile. Her mind and its twists and turns that seem erratic to some actually helps sometimes because she can come up with ideas that anyone else may have overlooked because they couldn’t see the connection.


* ENCLOSED SPACES: It’s not quite claustrophobia, but Omenya can’t stand small, cramped spaces or enclosed caves. She doesn’t have a curtain on her weyr door and her cot sits directly opposite to the opening so she can look out and know she’s only a short trip down the corridor from open sky. Sometimes if she’s feeling unwell or if it’s very humid, she’d rather just bunk out in the pens with the beasts.

* TACTLESS: Omenya believes honesty is important, and given she has no reason to lie in her everyday life she lacks the tact needed to be kind and honest at the same time. Instead she’s just honest.

* INSULAR: Omenya’s world is very small and insular. She doesn’t need much outside that world so although she’s open minded about the outside, she doesn’t really need or want it and won’t spent too much time on integrating it into her life if there isn’t a stellar reason to. 

* RESTLESS: Feet constantly tapping, mind always working, hands always moving, Omenya finds it difficult to sit still. If a conversation bores her she might zone out or simply walk away, her mind on something else more useful or interesting. This does help with chores, given she’d rather sweep or clean dishes or the like while in conversation so that she has something to do, but occasionally it really offends the people around her. 

* SUPERSTITIOUS: Omenya has a number of mini rituals that help her go about everyday life, some of them she copied from her father, others from other crafters that helped train her, even some from her mother and some just from her own habits that became superstition. If she misses something or something goes wrong, she’ll be off her game all day and mightn’t go anywhere near the bees in case her bad luck hurts them.

Describe Yourself:

* SUBDUED: ----- Even at her most excited, Omenya will be smiling and maybe small giggling or soft gasping, but really her excitement doesn’t get much beyond that and neither does her shock or anger. Some might mistake this for calm, but she does feel the emotions, she just doesn’t show them as much as other people.

* SINCERE: ----- Omenya doesn’t lie. She feels like dishonesty is the height of disrespect and that was always the most important thing for her father. He told her not to shirk her responsibilities, own up to her failures and treat all living things with respect, so that’s what she lives by now, her mother told her that proper women do not lie because they do not need to, they should not be in a position to have to lie if they are proper women.

* ZANY: ----- Omenya’s mind makes connections no one else can seem to see. Which means conversation with her can jump to different topics quickly and unexpectedly. In her head it makes sense, but it can confuse and irritate others who aren’t used to her, especially if they are people who like keeping on track in a conversation.

* OPTIMISTIC: ----- Believing that everything will turn out all right doesn’t mean she thinks it will happen without hard work and effort, Omenya simply knows that people find a way to survive and move on. Even if it isn’t like it is before, even if it was painful to go through at the time, you will always come back to a point where things can be happy, and she tries to always look for that.

* LOYAL: ----- The reason why her world is so insular is because everything and everyone in it fits perfectly together like pieces of a puzzle. She will defend those people with everything she is because that’s what family does and that’s what her job is for the bees. Omenya might never lead the charge, given her submissive nature, but she’ll stand side by side with the people who need her, if she trusts them. Her loyalty also brings out strong guilt whenever she feels she’s disappointed or betrayed someone she cares about, which is sometimes used against her.

The Magic Touch:
Omenya has to pat Yannusesk three times whenever she pats him, it’s one of her rituals. She has to make her rounds of the hives at least five times a day, although she only disturbs each hive once a day, the other times she just walks around to check. If she ties up her hair it needs to be in pigtails, she cannot stand a single ponytail.

Personal History & Education

Mother: Ominni - Holder Wife, BD: 2557
Father: Yannuseh – Beastcrafter, BD: 2557, DD: 2587

Yanni – M – Born 2569
Ominniya – F – Born 2572
Ominuseh –  M – Born 2576
Yaninni – F – Born 2580
Omseh – M – Born 2582 (still born)

Omedda – M – Born 2585

Craft: Beastcraft - Honeycrafter

Rank: Sr Apprentice

Date Apprenticed: 2583/12

Specialty: Bees! Honeycrafter

Education Details: Omenya loves learning, something to keep her mind busy, and it opens endless opportunities for her to expand her resourcefulness if she knows more about how things work, plus her mother always told her that proper women don’t neglect their studies even if they know what they’re going to be one day.

Tell us a story...

* 2576, 5
Although Omenya already has two siblings, one was older and the other was too close in age for her to really remember their birth. She can remember the birth of Ominuseh and it made sure she spent the majority of her young childhood proudly pronouncing she’d never have children (much to her mother’s chagrin, her father’s amusement and the disapproving looks of the other hold women). Her mother had never had easy births, far more blood and pain than the young Omenya ever wanted to experience, and enough that Omenya definitely could not understand why her mother wanted to have more. Even in her adult years, after her own child, she cannot understand why her mother is so upset that she won’t have any more.

Omenya wasn’t particularly fond of the babe either, he screamed constantly, never slept, and she was called upon to ‘help’ take care of him sometimes. Although she enjoys taking care of the young beasts when she’s called to, taking her of a human babe just has no appeal for Omenya and she (like many philosophers before her) struggled to understand how the young beasts became so capable so fast and her younger brother couldn’t even hold up his own head.

As her brother grew up, they grew closer, and she probably likes him more than her other siblings because he doesn’t mind her teasing him for how useless he was as a child, but there isn’t much in it as she loves all of her family dearly, even those that don’t quite understand her.

Her mother didn’t call upon her to look after her youngest sister when she was born, Ominniya is far better at helping their mother anyway.

* 2579, 8 Broken Arm
Her arm cracked. The sound reverberated through her head reminding her of the shutting of the herd pens in the evening. The pain was bad, but she didn’t scream. She did begin to shake, a natural reaction to the shock that she couldn’t help. Biting her lower lip, she picked herself back up off the ground, gingerly holding her broken forearm with her opposite hand. Omenya shuffled herself away from the cave she’d been climbing in and decided against finding her father. She didn’t want him to be disappointed, he’d told her not to go climbing, so instead she kept her head down and made her way to the infirmary. It was good the only people she knew would be out in the fields today, the benefit of her insular future beastcrafter world. But, through the pain, she hadn’t quite realised that this would be very difficult to hide.

Her mother found her first and her reaction was… tense. Her mother wasn’t one to yell, but her nose flared and she had to visibly pat down her skirts to calm herself before she could speak to Omenya. “Did it hurt?” was the first thing her mother said.

Nodding in return, Omenya bit the inside of her lip.

Letting out a short sigh, her mother replied in the matter of fact voice she usually used with the only child of hers she didn’t really understand. “Well, I assume that is punishment enough. That and the fact that you will miss out on joining your father in his work, can’t tend to the beasts with a broken arm so you’ll just have to sit help me with my chores instead.”

Although her mother couldn’t understand Omenya’s obsession with the beasts, she could at least predict it by this point. She was right, after only a week of not being able to help tend to the beasts, and having her father give her disappointed looks every time he set out in the morning alone wishing her good luck with her lessons, Omenya had vowed never to go against the wishes of her parents again.

* 2583, 12 Apprentice
It came as no surprise to anyone, the beastcraft hall had practically adopted Omenya from birth, simply giving her the title of apprentice was inevitable, although appreciated by the steadily decreasing numbers of people in the craft, and by Omenya herself. It had always been her dream, now it was finally a reality. She was excited, but the beastcraft wasn’t overly known for parties, so a couple of pats on the back and back to work it was.

* 2585, 14 Marriage and Childbirth
Her mother had wanted her to get married. Said it was only proper. And Omenya didn’t like to disobey her mother. She was thankful her mother had at least arranged for her to marry another beastcrafter, someone who could understand her love, even though her mother couldn’t. He was a sturdy man, strong of body and of opinion, who held his craft and his holder values dearly. They would marry and have kids and work with the beasts for the rest of their lives together, and Omenya thought it didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Childbirth and pregnancy weren’t her strong suit. Her first pregnancy was painful, and her time away from the beasts at the very end was even worse, but it was the bloody birth that really put her off the idea of it in future. She’d seen the births of animals half a hundred times to know that hers didn’t go as it should.

Shortly after was the first time she’d ever seen her mother cry, she had asked why at the time but her mother just smiled and waved her hand, holding her grandchild gently. “When you’re strong enough to walk again you can go back to the beasts, I’ll take care of the babe,” she said. So that is what Omenya did. She grew a little bump a few times after that, but never eventuated to a proper pregnancy again, which Omenya was secretly happy for.

* 2587, 16 The Collapse
Being caught out in threadfall is a horror story that was unfortunately much too common in the recent pass, some people would think at this point people would have learnt just to not go outside, but this isn’t possible for most of Pern. Work needs to be done, beasts need to be taken care of and food needed to be gathered. Thanks to the terrible and almost constant fall of thread during the pass, beasts only had limited time out to graze in most areas, instead being cooped inside with trough food. This is a sure fire way to spread disease and fester injuries and bad tempers amongst the beasts so the craft had always made sure to make the most of the limited outside time.

But thread is always hungry, and hard to predict, and collecting the herdbeasts from the outside paddock and getting them into the stocks without creating a stampede and killing off more than thread would scorch is not an easy task. Her father ran to help, as per usual… and… didn’t make it back in time. Her elder brother holding her back from running to him, Omenya could only watch in horror, even if she showed very little outward signs of her inner turmoil.

It was a good thing her brother sought to catch her, but everyone knew she doted on her father. What no one expected was when her mother rushed out to help him. She didn’t make it to him, threadscore sending her to her knees before she got anywhere near her husband, far out into the open area where he fell. Although Omenya didn’t realise at the time, her mind closing in on itself in shock and fear, it was her husband who dragged her screaming mother back into the shelter of the Hold, both immediately being carried off to the Healer Hall.

Her husband, wasting precious seconds to grab her mother, didn’t survive the trip to the infirmary, and no one held out hope for her mother to survive the score that covered her body. But she did, having to relearn how to move through the pieces of her skin that seemingly melted together, covering her head that can only grow hair in patches with a cheerful coloured scarf, her mother had children to tend to, she couldn’t succumb to death so easily.

Yannusesk, trapped on the other side of the beasts and unable to come to his Bonded’s aid, yowled like an injured babe, and her brothers tried to bond with him in the coming days so he couldn’t be a danger to himself. The bonds fell through, and it was her mother, still wrapped up in the infirmary, that suggested Omenya take over his care. Omenya, who hadn’t yet shed a tear over her husband and father, cried when she bonded to Yannusesk. She knew the reason their bond worked was because he loved her father as much as she did, and she felt less alone from that day onward.

Omenya did grieve for the loss of her father and husband, even if it didn’t involve tears. Her father, the only one who truly understood, the one who loved her the most, without condition. She saw him in everything she did as she kept working and wordlessly filled the shoes he left behind, and although this now fills her with happiness, at the time it only left her feeling cold and empty. She grieved for her husband too, but even she knew it was a marriage of convenience. She missed sleeping with him at night, and the comradery of having someone to listen to her about her bees that wasn’t with her all day.

Her mother grieved for the loss of her love too, in a way that Omenya felt closer to the woman than she’d ever been in years. But her mother, like Omenya, had people to care for, as Omenya had the bees. Although they would sit at night quietly to grieve together, they would always rise in the morning to go to work. That was their way. Even though it is hard for those to recognise her mother as the woman she was on the day she married, Omenya feels far closer to her mother than she ever did as a child, finally realising that the thing they both share is a love for their family.

* 2588, 17 A helping hand
Having spent little over a turn moving the bees to the weyr with the help of Yannusesk, who Omenya considered more of a sibling than her actual siblings, Omenya was gifted with another helper to tend to the bees, given she was the only one to do it now, and most of the new apprentices to the craft were required to maintain the herdbeast numbers in a growing weyr. The little flitter was hard to train but grew to fit their little family swiftly and with delight. Even if she is still a little too excitable to be allowed to fly near the bees, Smokey proves to be a good assistant in message carrying to and from the other beastcrafters and her mother, who still cares for her children and grandchildren every day.

“Omenya,” her mother called from across the fields, “Omenya!”

Noting the change in voice with mild apprehension, the young beastcrafter turned and walked back the way she came. She didn’t hurry or rush, she never did, and her face was serene as she approached her mother, who’s hands were on her hips and who’s foot was tapping with impatience.

“Yes mother, what is it?” Omenya’s voice held a calm, almost bored tone, as per usual. It wasn’t purposeful disrespect, that was just the way she sounded. Her sister had always joked that she would have made a great Lady Holder if she wasn’t so obsessed with the bees, given how haughty she always seemed.

“You aren’t to get yourself dirty today, remember? And no getting stung.”

Omenya’s brows, pinched in slightly in the center, her head cocking to one side as she tried to imagine what her mother was talking about. She was a beastcrafter after all, getting dirty was simply part of the job, and her mother didn’t usually complain about it. Nor did she ever mean to get stung, there wasn’t anything she could do about it if it happened or didn’t happen, her mother really should have known that by now too.

Opening her mouth to correct her mother, the older woman waved her hand flippantly, already knowing that Omenya had clearly forgotten her need to be careful. “You’re to meet your future husband today, you need to look presentable. I’m not going to try and keep you from going out into the fields, as if I could,” she muttered the last under her breath. “But I would like you to try.”

Her voice soft and far away as Omenya’s brain went into overdrive trying to remember as much about the boy she was meeting today as possible, her only reply was “ah…” before she turned and walked back to the fields. She would be more careful about dirt than usual today, she didn’t want to disappoint her parents, but she was a beastcrafter after all.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:

Inactivity Preference:
Any of the above. Fodder for the admins.
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it On!
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Wher] Baby Template by leelyloo
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
21.10.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
A squat looking egg, but reasonably large in size with an off white band towards the top.
Mature Length: 3.8 m
Mature Height: 1.3m

General Appearance...

Yannusesk is a pale, almost sickly brown in colour with a paler underbelly and wingsails. He’s got some very pale spots on his head, discolouration from bee stings, most from the early days of his training before he learnt how to make the bees like him. And he has scars on his tail and right front leg from defending the hives over the rough years.


Yannusesk doesn’t really like using images, he’s much more prone to emotional pushes, but doesn’t have a ‘constant’ emotional connection like some wher’s do with their handlers. He’s very tactile for a wher, likes physical contact and uses physical signals, such as sail movement or pawing numbers for his training. The only image he really uses is one of the bee hives, although this is largely redundant because Omenya wouldn’t think of anything else if he needed to warn her of something.

Children – Yannusesk is very much so a protective wher, and watching Omenya grow up made him protective of her from very early on, like, almost immediately. His love for children and overprotective nature is probably the only reason he had a strong enough reason to rebond with Omenya, but the protectiveness does translate to all children and small animals.
Warmth – Even though he has to wear glasses whenever it is very warm, Yannusesk enjoys the warmth of the sun and the bathing pools, and dislikes the early morning when it hasn’t warmed up yet, but that doesn’t mean much.

Dragons – He can’t protect anything from dragons, they’re too big, whenever he has to be around while the dragons feed he will sulk because he feels he has failed to protect the beasts he was raised around.
Sleep – Not that he truly ‘dislikes’ it, he just doesn’t sleep all that well or for that long. If it wasn’t necessary, Yannusesk wouldn’t sleep at all. Yannuseh learnt early on to work the wher hard during the day so that he’d be tired enough to sleep when told and as Omenya has the same drive to push herself to exhaustion, the two work well this way.

Strengths: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* PROTECTIVE: If it wasn’t obvious already, Yannusesk wasn’t just trained to be a guard wher, he was born for it. Preferring beasts and small children, given that those were what he was told to protect by his original handler, these protective instincts have always been strong, and it was only though excellent training that he could overcome the more violent nature of hurting people who tried to hurt what Yannusesk thinks is his. It has yet to be seen whether his bond with Omenya is quite enough to have the same effect, given her submissive nature, but it will hopefully not have to be.

* KEEN NOSE: Most wher have a keen sense of smell, Yannusesk especially so. This is useful in his training, as well as for early warnings of lunch time and which herdbeasts to avoid the rear end of.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* STRENGTH: Yannusesk is not the biggest or strongest wher, he isn’t weak either, but he can’t do as much manual labour as some of the bigger browns, bronzes and queens can do. Though it does make it easier for him to play with kids because he is less likely to accidentally hurt them.

* WEAK STOMACH: Whers shouldn’t be picky eaters, not when they are some of the last to be fed in the weyr, but Yannusesk is very picky and has a habit of throwing up stuff he doesn’t like. It’s not ideal but thankfully Omenya doesn’t mind worse stuff so they can switch meals sometimes.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Yannusesk was trained very well and very specifically. He can smell a number of issues with the bees, from diluted honey to disease to decreased numbers of viable larvae from the queen, and has a set of image and physical signals that allow him to communicate what he smells to Omenya. He’s also very good at hearing when the hive has quieted enough for Omenya to collect honey, whilst calmed by smoke. He was also trained to protect the hives in the violent way wher’s are known to protect, but well trained enough that he hasn’t killed anyone. This was, however, during his bonding with Omenya’s father, and it isn’t known whether she’ll have a strong enough bond with him to help give him that control.

Also to note, Yannusesk was Omenya’s father’s wher, given they were raised together she considers Yannusesk more of her sibling than her actual siblings, and they are devoted to the same things so Yannusesk was at loathe to leave the bees or her, hence the rebonding.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Pern Dragon 3 by VagabondSentinel
Flit Details

Smoke - ee
Date of Birth:
19.02.2588 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Smokey is not an attractive green. Although the rich green of the forest leaves is the base colour of her hide, and is quite attractive, it is mottled with a variety of muddy greens that make her hide in general look too blotchy to be attractive. She’s average size for a green flitter, with slightly shorter wings than normal, but not by much.


Mind Voice:
Smokey is a very talkative flit but doesn’t like to use emotions or pictures or even real words. She’s much like a lorikeet, not quite smart enough for words but will act like they have everything in the world to say.

Male flits – she’s a very vain flit, even though she isn’t the prettiest (or very pretty at all), so attention from male flits is one of her favourite things.
Noise – she works all day outside with buzzing bees and herdbeasts and woolbeasts and yelling crafters so when it gets too quiet in their room in the evenings she doesn’t like it. Smokey prefers to sleep on top of Yannusesk where she can hear his heart beat and his soft snores.

Small children – Unlike Yannusesk, Smokey has never been around small children and would rather keep it that way. They pull on her tail.
Honey – much like her bonded, Smokey finds honey too sticky and too sweet and would rather avoid it at all costs, she stays politely tucked around Omenya’s neck to act as a guard so the bees can’t sting her neck or face than get too close to the sticky stuff.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Smokey will rise on the 5th of the 4th and will be a force catch.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Omenya [29.01.2571// Sr Apprentice Beastcrafter]
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Omenya [29.01.2571// Sr Apprentice Beastcrafter]
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Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Like the colour
Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This brown is large, the largest he can be, 1.5m long, and will grow for too quickly for his hide to keep up, leaving his hide sensitive and easily flaked. Breaking out of his egg, he looked like a mottled red ball, but as he grows the cracked-earth look of his skin will become more pronounced and darker. 


Mind Voice: He will never learn to speak words, he finds it a little obnoxious to go parroting about when he has such an advanced grasp of firelizard language. But he’s quite good at picture communication as well, so between his unique trills and whistles, and his pictures, Omenya will never be left wondering what he means. Very much a working flitter, he can sometimes be overpowering with his presence and opinions.

*TALKING - He's a very expressive firelizard, he likes to share images, emotions and express himself in a vocal sense, Omenya will quickly learn that a descending trill means something very different from an ascending trill.
*PROTECTING - Very protective of Omenya, Smokey, Yannusesk (although the big wher doesn't really need it) and the bees. Yannusesk and this brown will make a good working pair, keeping a sharp eye out on their surroundings.

*RAIN - This brown thinks that it upsets the bees, he worries about them when it's raining, and will keep a close eye on their hives at all times.
*FLIGHTS - He will chase occasionally, but not very often, if he has work to do, or believes that it in inconvenient, he will find it very easy to fight the urge to chase.
*BEING DIRTY FOR TOO LONG - If Omenya asks him to do something which may get him dirty, he will do so without asking, however he'll get uncomfortable and itchy with something on his hide for too long. He happens to have particularly sensitive hide, so Omenya will need to keep him clean and oil him more regularly than usual.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


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