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Author Topic: OOC Father Figure and Half-Siblings  (Read 1515 times)

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Father Figure and Half-Siblings
« on: April 14, 2017, 01:13:20 AM »

"I'm definitely okay with that, with anything, anything is fine."

Z'ryr // Prairie Brown Rider // 30

Journeyman Miner - Lariem - Father Figure:
- 53 turns old (2537)
- Was married to Z'ryr's mother Melaneryr and was madly in love with her
- Is sterile
- Craft cannot be changed
- Name can be changed if you wish

- Lariem was married to Melaneryr for most of his life, and he had no idea that she cheated on him for their entire marriage and that he is not the biological father of any of the children that he raised.
- I ultimately think that he would be a kind person deep down, Z'ryr liked him as a child, however, it's up to you how he found out about his wifes promiscuity. He must find out after her death, but if you want any of his children to tell him, that's up to you. After finding out such a shocking piece of news, that could have changed him from the loving, kind person he was. Or he could stay the same.
- So his personality is mostly up to you

Apprentice Fisher - Melanon - Half-Sister:
- 25 turns old (2565)
- Mother Melaneryr, father NOT Z'phe or Lariem
- Name can be changed if it's a big deal, but she does play a big part in Z'ryr's history (must be traditional name made of unnamed father and Melaneryr)
- Craft cannot be changed - but the extent of her dedication to it can be

- Close with Z'ryr, they grew up together, he visited her while she lived with her mother and their fisher relatives
- Should be close with Lariem (thought he was her father until her mother told her otherwise when she died)

Various Open Half-Siblings:
Name/Birth Turn
Lirynae b. 2548
Wa'by b. 2553 ~ Played by Kyya
Zira b. 2557
Nerihep b. 2558

- Father = Z'phe
- Z'ryr doesn't know who they are, just that some half siblings may exist
- Names can be changed (just fillers)
- Rider/crafter/holder any is possible
- Genders/sex open
- Ask before you start making so we can talk about ideas/plotting/right track etc Either here or PM  :love:

Face Claim Ideas
Melaneryr looked like Kristin Kreuk
Z'phe looked like Clint Eastwood
If you want to use these to help you for faceclaims for any of the above, then use them, if you want to just say "Their other parent had dominant genes" that is okay too :D

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Re: Father Figure and Half-Siblings
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2017, 08:28:09 AM »
Hey Inki - As discussed, Gonna steal half-sibling 2s spot, though if the name can be changed to Waikoby? He's gonna be a journeyman brewer turned bluerider. I'm making him born early in 2853 so no need for a date change, but it may be useful to have them know eachother at some point? We can probably plot that a bit once I get to history?


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