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Author Topic: Event Weaver Hall Press Gang [ 34.5.2590 / 4:30 PM ] || Event  (Read 4720 times)

Offline N'iko

Re: Weaver Hall Press Gang [ 34.5.2590 / 4:30 PM ] || Event
« Reply #50 on: March 29, 2018, 12:18:21 PM »
N’iko helped the young girl up on Astaroth first, being naturally inclined to assist ladies first, and offered her a polite smile as she shared her name. He turned to the next candidate, although not before catching the rhythmic taps she began on her thigh. Others might have dismissed any thought or consideration of it, or more than likely wouldn’t have noticed it at all, but music had been a big part of his past. His previous weyrmate had done something similar any spare moment she had, as if there was always a tune or melody to be played through in her head.

The sight of that drew a more genuine smile from N’iko, but he was already focusing on the second candidate. He didn’t comment on the small stumble, although the bows drew more of his attention. Perhaps he’d been away from the Weyr too long to remember that as formal practice, but the idea of someone bowing to him was…odd. Still, the candidate was very polite for a boy of his age, and N’iko couldn’t have asked Drakon to pick out better help.

The apology from one candidate to the other, though, was interesting. Once Calladren was also astride Astaroth, N’iko patted the bronze’s hide. “Nice to meet you, Ysveta and Calladren. I’m N’iko, this beast here is Astaroth, and the flit in front of you is Drakon. We’re going to be working together today to collect as many supplies as we can before returning here and unloading everything, so be sure not to wander off.”

He mounted Astaroth and gave a curt nod to Drakon. The brown fire lizard blinked between, preparing to greet them at the other side. “Hold tight,” he warned, waited a moment to make sure they were ready, before Astaroth launched into the sky and went between. He breathed in the three seconds of frigid air before they were hovering over the Weaver Hall.

Astaroth glided to the ground, parking them in a spot that gave the candidates plenty of room to hop down. Drakon was already back on his perch on the bronze, chirping another greeting to the candidates. N’iko quickly slid from the saddle before reaching an arm back up to assist the two candidates safely down. “Do either of you come from the Weaver craft?” It would be useful if they had, but no problem if not. He could already see other riders and their small groups splitting up to take different areas of the Hall. The more area they were able to cover, the more supplies they could hopefully bring back.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Red @Inki   suuuuuper delay, but for Calladren and Ysveta

Offline X'rine

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Re: Weaver Hall Press Gang [ 34.5.2590 / 4:30 PM ] || Event
« Reply #51 on: March 30, 2018, 12:44:50 AM »
At the candidate's reassurance of his firelizard's understanding, X'rine raised her eyebrow at her own. The green seemed to have accepted his words, and wrapped herself tightly around the X'rine's forearm, her eyes glowing in the darkness of the room. Now that I've got her permission, I guess we'll go in.

You taught her.

Waiting only slightly for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, X'rine took stock of the room, peering down to the left and right to reassure herself that the arrangement of this room seemed to match the understanding she had of the building. When it seemed to corroborate the image in her mind, X'rine's eyes searched over the nearest shelves.

Taeghen was unrolling a scroll, and the ease at which his long fingers slowly rolled open what could have been crumbling under a harsher grip, X'rine was reassured of his training. Not that she doubted what he had said previously, but there was a difference between just being an apprenticeship, and excelling as an apprentice. Whatever Taeghen had been, he seemed to have absorbed his teachings.

She did the same, on the opposite shelf, carefully unrolling the most intact scroll there. "Class schedule." She said, turning to look enquiringly over her shoulder at Taeghen, wondering what his had revealed.

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Offline Ysveta

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Re: Weaver Hall Press Gang [ 34.5.2590 / 4:30 PM ] || Event
« Reply #52 on: April 02, 2018, 10:47:27 PM »
Ysveta cocked her head, blinked twice at the other candidate, mulling the apology over in her head only briefly. "Thank you." Was all that she could think of to respond, and simply got astride the huge bronze. The dragon was huge, and although she had ridden dragon's before, the act of clambering onto one was a unique experience every time. It was like crawling up a large rock, striving to reach the peak and gaze down over a beautiful landscape. Instead, the beauty was not what you could see after you reached the peak, but the rock itself. A living, breathing rock of pure strength.

"Thank you, Sir." Her heart beating in her throat almost made her refrain from the polite address, but she decided silence wouldn't be appropriate in this particular scenario, especially given Calladren's own eloquent waxing. He did have a way with words. If he'd continued his Harper training, he might have had a real talent for shaping phrases. Not that Ysveta had been very good about judging people in the past.

N'iko. Astaroth. Drakon. N'iko. Astaroth. Drakon. The triumphant melody in her head, twirled around the names as she sought to burn them into her memory, each beat of her fingers accenting the new names.

Her fingers abruptly stopped their tapping as their clenched around riding straps at N'iko's warning. One. Two. Three. Came the cold of between before they were out again, out into the balmy air of the afternoon.

It was so... barren. So sad, Ysveta thought. The countryside was seared as far as the eye could see. Sure, this was also something she'd seen before, when the entire population of Pern had ridden adragonback to Fort Island. But the glimpse above Fort Hold was that terrain was all you had ever known, was much different from this one. They had been living in a veritable island paradise for 3 turns, and the contrast was stark.

As Astaroth glided down, Ysveta had to rip her eyes away to prepare for the job they were about to do. She was grateful for N'iko's helping hand, the sight of all the destruction had made her knees just a little wobbly.

"No Sir." She responded quickly, and as much as she knew that she wouldn't be as useful given her background, there was no sign of regret in her voice. "I was Harper trained."

Spoiler for OOC:

Has a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek, obtained in Kalestath's hatching of 2590.

Offline Calladren

Re: Weaver Hall Press Gang [ 34.5.2590 / 4:30 PM ] || Event
« Reply #53 on: April 03, 2018, 02:55:50 PM »
Calladren's little blue fire-lizard, Octave, squawked at the sight of his rider astride a bronze and swooped down to perch himself of the candidate's left shoulder. The blue's spindly tail quickly wrapped around Calladren's neck and squeeze slightly. A wave of anxiety and fear reached Calladren's mind and the young man absentmindedly reached up to stroke the fire-lizard's neck. Slowly, the blue's eyes slowed and faded from yellow to more of a green color.

That was until the bronze took flight. Octave squawked again when he was lurched about and his tail reflexively tightened. Calladren's cough was lost between and before he realized it, they were all over the Weaver Hall. He gasped in awe at the sight of the place and tried to commit as much of it to memory. While singing and player were his talent, he enjoyed drawing and mapping, both of which were taught to him during his apprenticeship. The desolate scenery was something that should be - nay, needed to be shared among the survivors of the Ninth Pass.

Calladren's attempt to memorize the place was ended when Astaroth descended down to the ground and N'iko assisted him and Ysveta down. He nodded in gratitude to the rider and waited on Ysveta's response, before he answered N'iko's question. "I am Harper trained as well." He smiled apologetically and removed Octave from his shoulder. "Fly overhead, little blue. But stay close." With a chirp, the fire-lizard left Calladren's arm and flew lazy circles a few meters above the group. Calladren did not want Octave to wander off too far; he did not know the dangers of the depleted continent.

Offline T'ghen

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Re: Weaver Hall Press Gang [ 34.5.2590 / 4:30 PM ] || Event
« Reply #54 on: June 21, 2018, 01:09:06 PM »
It was unfortunate that the first scroll wasn’t anything particularly practical. It might be the sort of thing that was interesting to his historian’s mind, but those in the current Weaver Hall would not find it particularly illuminating. Certainly just as much as a former class schedule would not.

“These seem to be orders that were placed with the Hall. Or received shipments from elsewhere.” That was his best guess, anyway; though the parchment did not hold a label or title at the top, it did bear a long list of textile items and supplies, along with locations and numbers followed by a small ‘m’ notation that Taeghen knew represented a Pernese mark.

These truly were old if they had been written when currency was still something that had been worth notating.

Rerolling and replacing the scroll, he reached for the next one with a glance to the Mountain rider. “Some of them may be intact enough to sort into collections worth returning with.” It was more a statement than a question. As much as he wanted to simply begin the task himself, he was there only by the grace of the rider that had elected to take him. Taeghen cared about hierarchy enough to let her take the lead in that regard. Even if he wanted to himself and would have under different circumstances. But given that he wanted to join Mountain once he was a rider himself—and still there was no doubt in his mind that would come true someday—he did not relish the idea of giving any of them a reason to counsel against his addition to the Wing.

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