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Author Topic: Lunch with Mum [35.05.2590//1.07pm] Berlya and Open  (Read 631 times)

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Lunch with Mum [35.05.2590//1.07pm] Berlya and Open
« on: April 22, 2017, 05:31:12 PM »
Sitting and waiting, contrary to popular belief, is usually one of B’lye’s strong suits, because it allows him to watch the world around him. He enjoys watching folks going about their daily routines and catching snippets of conversation as the move past or sit at one of the other tables down the way. It’s why he didn’t mind when his mother was a little late, either through old age legs or simply forgetting about their lunches.

At one point, he would have collected her from the Weaver Hall and walked with her, but some of the tunnels were narrow between the dining tables and his mother’s favourite seat, and an old woman with a cane and an old rider with crutches was sure to get in the way. Plus, his mother was a fierce woman who’d never liked to be babied, least of all by him.

His Blues were curled up in his weyr, awaiting possible deliveries, and his Brown was off chasing tail. Only his Bronze was with him, and he’d taken up residence lying across the table on his back so B’lye could rub his tummy.

B’lye was eager to talk to his mother over the recent events, the planting and the newfound ability to bond to a second wher. Even though she wasn’t a particularly political minded woman, he liked getting her take on things, and her opinion on other people’s opinion, she was nothing if not shrewd, his mother.

Resting his leg on the bench opposite him, and eyeing the weyrbrats off in the corner, B’lye settled down to wait.

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Kyya I made it open in case other people want to jump in with lunch but I can take it out if you like so it's just B'lye and Berlya.
« Last Edit: July 08, 2017, 12:38:09 AM by B'lye »

Offline Berlya

Re: Lunch with Mum [35.05.2590//1.07pm] Berlya and Open
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2017, 10:16:16 PM »
Berlya was working on a saddle for one of the weyrlings, odd proportions meaning one of the old saddles required adjustment before it would be safe for them to take their rider on their first flight. There were very few reasons to create brand new saddles for the weyrlings, since dragon growth was such a rapid thing, and even this saddle she was working with would only last a month or two at best, if at all. It wasn’t usually too difficult a task, except that it had required both widening and shortening, which was a little tedious when the original work wasn’t even her own. By the time she had managed to fix the pieces to where they were required to be, lunch was already ending.

Clicking her tongue in annoyance, she stood up, brushing down her skirts even as Dreamer flew from her nest on the workbench to the folds at her thighs, and untangling the bits of thread that had been wrapped around her ring for safekeeping. A quick pat of her hair to ensure the bun was still in place – it would not do to meet the Mountain Wingsecond in disarray afterall – she collected her cane and started the long walk towards the Weyrhall.

She was pleased when the throngs of people returning to their after-lunch duties didn’t infringe on her path past the fields and into the tunnel that led to the weyrhall, most of the weyrfolk moving to one side to let her pass by unimpeded. It saved her a small amount of time for when she managed to enter the weyrhall proper, glancing over the heads of those who remained until she identified the scruffy faced son of hers watching a group of weyrbrats still fiddling with their food with all the carefree attitude of the children who had not suffered the horror of the pass.

She smiled at the children as she hobbled past them, offering a raised eyebrow to a young boy who looked as though he was about to throw a tuber at his tablemate before proceeding around the room until eventually finding herself at the same table as her son. “The least you could do is come to lunch with a clean face.” She scolded as she settled herself into the spot opposite him, careful not to bump his leg before looking down at the plate in front of her, delighted at the unmistakable sight of stewed rabbit.

“At least you care enough to save me some stew,” she teased smoothing out her skirts and inviting Dreamer to the table before eating a spoonful. The flit, polite as ever simply settled herself down to the right of Berlya’s bowl, ready to return to her skirts when the opportunity arose.

“How is Uereth, today?” she asked, knowing there were things other than his dragon that her son would rather be talking about but interested as ever in the man’s pleasant green. News of his dragon always gave her that little bit of insight into what, perhaps her life would have been like had she impressed in her younger years.

Spoiler for OOC:
I’m perfectly happy to have anyone jump in if interested :D

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Re: Lunch with Mum [35.05.2590//1.07pm] Berlya and Open
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2017, 12:50:44 AM »
B’lye smiled as his mother came into his field of view, “how could I do that when it would deprive you of the one topic for which to badger me on, Mother?” He removed his leg and sat up a little straighter, a respect mirrored by Axander who rolled over and sat up primly, offering a welcoming chirrup to Dreamer. “Given that, if you hadn’t, I’d feel terribly jealous of that poor boy whom you raised an eyebrow at. You know, I can’t remember the last time you raised an eyebrow at me? It seems you’ve grown too used to my stubble and I’ll have to grow a proper beard just to feel a loving mother’s wrath again.”

This was, of course, all hyperbole and lies. B’lye would never dream of growing an actual beard and his life was nowhere near devoid enough of raised eyebrows for him to have forgotten his latest, but both he and his mother worked hard and there was something nice about simply being mother and son, rather than Wingsecond and Master Weaver.

“Uereth is lazing about our weyr, sunning herself and enjoying the retired life. She sends her love, as usual, though she missed you yesterday with all the excitement. How is the Weaver Hall doing organising everything?” B’lye himself wasn’t particularly surprised that he hadn’t seen his mother outside the Weaver Caverns, he wasn’t exactly expecting her to start dragging looms around, but they’d missed her all the same. Out of all the crafthalls he had to deal with on business, the Weavers weren’t particularly common, with the exception of saddle upkeep, which thankfully was his mother’s forte.

He was interested to hear her take on things, the whers were a little outside her expertise just as they were his, but Berlya ruled in the Weaver Hall. Well, not quite ruled, but close enough. “I know we brought back a fair amount of material, but how useful do you think the tools and records will be? I didn’t have time to properly examine them before we had to cart them out of the way.” Was that the sound of jealousy? From B’lye? Can’t be.

Offline Karou

Re: Lunch with Mum [35.05.2590//1.07pm] Berlya and Open
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2017, 04:49:20 PM »
Karou sat a the table with the weyrbrats, easily able to get along with the children of the Weyr just as much as the adults. These kids were some of her first friends when she’d moved her from Fort, a group of the weyr kids having set up a code system for marking the more unexplored and treacherous tunnels. They taught Karou those codes and she helped them map out the deeper parts of the Weyr back then. It was how she’d found the little cavern she’d begun her mural in turns ago.

Today they were going over some newly discovered tunnels. “We marked it, same place as always.” One of them said. Karou asked where it was and another weyrbrat answered. “You know that tunnel way to the northeast of the old miner’s caverns? The one with the rock outside the entrance that looks like a grubworm?” Karou was nodding but another boy spoke up. “It doesn’t look like a grubworm you dimglow! It looks like a deformed tuber!” The first boy picked a tuber off his plate, ready to throw it, “I’ll show you a deformed dimglow ya limp wherry!” Karou laughed, preparing for what might turn into an all out food war at lunch. But Berlya walked by and with just a single glance the boy holding the tuber thought better of it. He dropped it back onto his plate with a splat.

They kept talking but Karou’s attention followed the Master Weaver. She’d just met Berlya not more than a sevenday ago. She watched the woman join a green rider that she didn’t recognize. Hesitating for only a moment as she considered her options, Karou took her leave of the gang of weyrbrat, placating their whoops and hisses at her leaving with promises that she’d hang out with them later. Her leaving was made easier by the fact that Belior chose to stay with the table of weyrbrats, helping himself to their leftover food. Timor clung to Karou’s shoulder as she made her way over to the table where Berlya and B’lye sat.

She came up in time to hear confirmation of what she’d been hoping for, they were talking about the expedition to Southern Boll from yesterday!

Karou slid onto the bench at the table though a little bit aways from them, clearly eavesdropping.  Timor projected an image of a wher crashing loudly into walls in the daytime. The obvious comment on her slyness made her scowl. She wasn’t that bad! It was the middle of the lunch hour, what was she supposed to do? Crawl underneath the tables?! She was certainly small enough for that.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Wasn't sure if you guys still wanted this to be open or not. If you'd rather keep it private at this point let me know and we can either delete this or you can have one of them shoo Karou off and tell her to mind her own business and I'll have her leave.  :bird:

Offline Berlya

Re: Lunch with Mum [35.05.2590//1.07pm] Berlya and Open
« Reply #4 on: September 11, 2017, 11:19:33 PM »
B'lye's words resulted in the very raised eyebrow he had been bemoaning, the severe set of her lips making her seem as though she were well and truly reprimanding her son with a look. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) there was amusement beneath the look, and the greenrider would not likely miss it before her face softened once more. Berlya took another spoonful of stew while he continued to talk, a fond inclination of her head at Uereth's words the only interruption until she was certain he was finished.

Her eyes widened slightly when his tone turned… wistful…? At mention of the materials and tools having been carted in without him being able to properly peruse them, uncertain, at that point, whether they'd managed to slip the news of the silkworms past him. There was plenty of other things to worry about at the time and since W'sar had been informed directly there was little need for him to have known there and then. Not to mention the silkworms were a prize for a … specific group of people. Namely Gwinn and any weavers aiming to specialise in the care of the 'worms… Though it still didn't seem a feasible option to be letting apprentices mess around with the creatures.

Before she could respond though, her attention turned to the small girl who had settled in just down the table, near enough to hear, but not actively participating in the conversation.

"One would imagine eggs on the sands would mean lesson attendance is required, hmm?" She asked, her tone leaving little room for protest, and instead making certain the child was aware their presence was not required, regardless of whether or not there was actually a lesson to attend. There were some things she'd rather not talk about in-front of the more impressionable denizens of the weyr, one never knew how a babe would interpret things and it would mean less need to censor their conversation.

She waited long enough for Karou to make her leave, accepting the apology for what it was before turning once more to her son. "Now tell me you haven't heard about Gwinn's 'worms? Surely she's shouted it from the top of the volcano already!" Her fondness for the older woman was clear in her tone, and the amusement as she recalled her friends excitement when her grandson delivered the news softened her face before it returned to a sly look for her son. Perhaps this was one of those times she had the opportunity to be a step ahead of him after all.

Spoiler for OOC:
@RaynePOTM - I Assume B'lye totally knows of the glowworms <_<'


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