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Author Topic: Approved X'rine [27.10.2548] Brown Rider  (Read 1285 times)

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X'rine [27.10.2548] Brown Rider
« on: April 23, 2017, 10:23:49 PM »

Play By:

(Zuh - reen)
Date of Birth:
27.10.2548 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Harper Hall/Fort Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wingrider

Your Reflection...

X'rine, even at over 40 turns, is undeniably beautiful. Her hair is often worn tied up in a messy ponytail or bun, however, when she wears it out, it frames her face in waves.

The stark contrast between her slight 5"4' figure and her hulking brown is even more interesting than the rarity of their bond. But there's a hidden strength within her, she never slacked in her Weyrling training, and after turns of constant threadfall, and no major injuries to take her out of it, X'rine is lightly muscled underneath her boring clothes.

X'rine is usually seen in her riding leathers, simple, brown, she doesn't bother to gain favours from the weavers in order for them to die her clothes fancy colours, she takes what she can get and is a little pleased by the way her browns blend into the desolate landscape of the main continent.

She hasn't escaped her years of fighting thread without a good few threadscores, but they're mostly situation on her arms and thighs, and aren't too extreme, just a light pattern here and there.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: X'rine survived by knuckling down and working. She kept her eyes and ears open, trying to be open to all the thoughts and feelings of the survivors, but in the end, she knew she had to stick with her gut feeling. The riders were her family, they did what they had to do, and if she had been in the same position, she wasn't sure she would have done anything differently.

Response to dragon color mutations: When the mutations came around, X'rine was glad that she could be in Mountain Wing and retreat from the politics that came with them. Honestly, if they can pull their weight, she doesn't care what they look like. They're here now, there's nothing they can/should/will do about that fact, so they should just keep going like they always have.

Who are you...

Work - Physical, mental, anything stimulating for her. Whilst she doesn't like to share much about herself, she enjoys listening to other people talk if it's more than just drivel.
Quiet - X'rine enjoys the sound of quiet, there really is something special about it, it makes her feel at peace.
Sketching - She's not the best in her wing by far, but she did have some formal training at the harper hall and so her sketches to accompany her reports are good. However, removed from her wing duties, she enjoys sketching people, when she's at the Weyr she sits in the corner of the Weyr hall and sketches on a slate, ready to wipe clean at the end of the night.
Being needed/wanted/desired - Emotionally, in a friendship way, in a romantic way, in a sexual way, in a work environment, but this is all mostly buried within her, she's pretty emotionally closed off
Love - She secretly desires a Weyrmate and wants to be swept off her feet, even though she'd never admit it

Stupidity - X'rine doesn't have time for people who are stupid, it's not her job to teach, it's not her job to mentor, so she will quickly push someone who makes a stupid decision out of her mind.
Recklessness - There's no room in threadfall for recklessness, and no room in her life for it either, if anyone puts her, or her wing at risk, then she doesn't have time for them.
Laziness - This is her biggest pet peeve, because she works so hard, she feels like lazy people are the lowest of the low. Lazy people shouldn't be allowed in the Weyr, everyone needs to do their best to make the Weyr their best.
Tears - This is an outward show of emotion that X'rine just can't deal with, she thinks it's manipulative and unfair.
Showing weakness - She's a strong independent woman, and as much as she secretly wants to be able to rely on someone, she hates the idea of showing weakness to anyone.


* DUTIFUL : X'rine is very much for the Weyr and for Mountain Wing. She would never deny her brown a chance to chase, because she believes it is her duty to allow the flying female the chance to be caught by the best possible brown. Whether or not it's her brown, it doesn't matter, but if he was, X'rine would not want to deny that. She also follows orders, not without question, because she likes to know details, and like to know why and how the best way to go about things are, but ultimately, her duty is to W'sar and B'lye and their ultimate orders and X'rine is satisfied with that fact.

* TIRELESS : She loves her wing, and enjoys being away from the Weyr. X'rine would never tire of her orders, nor would she tire of seeing Pern. Whilst it may look exactly the same to some, X'rine is confident in the fact that she will see and understand more of their world than some may ever even try to comprehend.

* ANALYTICAL : X'rine will recheck and edit her reports over and over again, and analyse every piece of information that comes her way. Whilst she's not understanding of people's emotions or feelings, nor her own, she's observant of actions, and nervous twitches.

* CALM : She's definitely not one to get up in arms about most things. Whilst she will get annoyed at people if they're lazy or inefficient, she's not one to scream, shout or throw things, she'll calmly tell someone to get out of her way, or get their act together. Heat and anger is not something X'rine is well acquainted with.

* COMMITTED : If you give X'rine a task, she'll still with it until the very end, not just because of duty, but that does play a significant part, but also because she mostly just enjoys doing things, or enjoys being busy, so whatever you give her to do, she'll stick to.


* STUBBORN : Once X'rine makes up her mind about something, she's not the sort to change her mind. She sees no reason to, because she had weighed up everything in her mind beforehand, before the brownrider had made up her opinion. Some may think that's harsh, but X'rine doesn't dwell on it, especially not having to be at the Weyr often and dealing with those she doesn't like.

* JUDGEMENTAL : X'rine is overcritical, she knows that, but it's who she is, she's a perfectionist, and if people can't meet her standards, she's definitely going to judge them, harshly or not.

* RETICENT : She's closed off, preferring to keep her emotions to herself, no one needs to know her deepest thoughts and dreams. She's got Tocath and Trouvaille, who know how she's feeling all the time, she feels like she doesn't need to share that with anyone else.

* CONCISE : X'rine isn't particularly loquacious without reason, she feels like the overtalker is sometimes showing a little too much of themselves because they're insecure. That's a weakness X'rine would prefer to not show.

* SECRET CRAVINGS OF AFFECTION : X'rine has managed so far to last without a Weyrmate, believing that she doesn't need anyone, however if the right person comes along and sweeps her off her feet, she fall head over heels.

Describe Yourself:

* DIRECT: ----- If X'rine wants to know something, she'll ask you straight up, she won't say it in a roundabout way because of awkwardness, or politeness, she'll ask you, she sees no point in not being honest and direct with people.

* BY THE BOOK: ----- In true brownrider fashion, X'rine likes to follow rules, after all, what's the point of them if they aren't followed exactly?

* RATIONAL: ----- X'rine thinks in a way that reasons everything with logic and with practicality, there are no jumps of faith, simply fact.

* PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY: ----- This makes her an incredible addition to mountain wing, however, she had to work on her language skills in order to make her reports reflect what she remembered in her mind. Luckily, she possesses a good hand for sketches, and can compliment her reports with sketches.

* ENJOYS THE UNPOPULAR: ----- X'rine likes being wanted, so by choosing jobs, and enjoying things that other people don't like, it means that people rely on her, and come to her to do things.

* GENERALLY NICE: ----- At first meeting someone, X'rine can be nice, sociable and willing to talk to people. It's usually when she gets to know them a little more when she decides she doesn't like them. They're either too lazy, too needy, or too unrealistic. But her wingmates she would enjoy their company, and when working for the first time with people, candidates, crafters, Weyrling or riders lending a helping hand, she can be nice enough.

The Magic Touch:
- X'rine doesn't dislike people really, she just doesn't have time for the stupid ones
- She hasn't really thought about her sexuality, it's not something that she ever worried about. She's a brownrider so she's always known that she was going to sleep with both men and women, however,
 she doesn't bother much with it outside of flights, because she wants to make her own decision about who she sleeps with, and won't choose to do it with people she doesn't know.


Mother: Ialdilrine - Journeyman Harper, b. 2530, m. 2548, d. 2560
Father: Xanundaugh (like Shenandoah with a Z) Master Harper, b. 2520

Half-Siblings from Father (1st Wife - Erotha m. 2534 d. 2540):
E'xan of Green Kurenth - b. 2535, imp. 2552, d. 2570
Rothan - Crafter - b. 2537
Eundaugh - Crafter - b. 2538

Her mother found it hard to carry children to term
Dilan - Crafter - b. 2553
N'daugh (N'door) of Bronze Tyreth - b. 2557, imp. 2572
Unnamed - b. 2560 d. 2560

She went between too many times during her younger, more sexually active years, and has never been very interested in taking the time to carry a child to term. Tocath spends a lot of time catching female ridden greens.

Tell us a story...

* 2548, 0 Born Harper Hall to her father, a Journeyman Harper on his second wife, his apprentice student.

* 2553, 5 Xandilrine spent the first 5 turns of her life in this blissful ignorance of an only child, until she finally realised what her mother's giant stomach meant as her younger brother came kicking and screaming into the world. She was a little wary at first, but quickly came to ignore him when he was annoying, but enjoy her time with the baby when he was quiet.

* 2557, 9 At age 9, Xandilrine was much more familiar with the ways of the world, and therefore a lot more excited when she heard about her mother's pregnancy. She wanted a little sister, one she could talk about boys with and watch her grow up to be a little mini-me. Alas, that was not the case, and Xandilrine welcomed another brother into the world, with a look of horror at the birthing process, which quickly turned to a look of disappointment when she noticed that it was not a baby girl. Xandilrine and her siblings grew up distantly, but not disliking one another. They were simply distanced in age significantly enough that by the time they actually had the means to think and make friendships with the other, Xandilrine was a little too old to really want to connect with them.

* 2560, 12 Not long after she turned 12, her mother died in childbirth. Xandilrine took it hard, her mother having been an inspiration to her being both a mother and a student and succeeding in both. However, her death taints the idea of children and child birth for her, and perhaps this young, Xandilrine has already subconsciously made the decision to not have children. She starts her apprenticeship not long after, and her father encourages her to work hard in her studies, and when he asked her about marriage, her explanation about wanting to only focus on her apprenticeship, is good enough for him, so he doesn't broach the subject again. Xandilrine can breathe a sigh of relief with her father deciding to not arrange a marriage from her, and her studies come along nicely.

* 2563, 15 Only a few turns into her apprenticeship, Xandilrine is searched for Southern Weyr. Due to the constant flood of refugees away from the southern parts of the continent, the Weyrleaders were worried about having not enough suitable candidates for their next few clutches at Southern Weyr. So she travels the length of the continent, from Fort Hold to Southern Weyr, leaving her entire family behind, because she believes it is her duty to attempt to save Pern if she could. It was terrifying but exhilarating all at once, and Xandilrine enthusiastically works through her candidacy. 

* 2567, 19 After standing and supporting Southern Weyr for 4 turns as a candidate, it finally falls to the constant devastation of thread. During the evacuation to High Reaches Weyr, Xandilrine considers asking them to just take her back to Fort Weyr, she almost gave up, after 4 turns of watching everyone else impress, and her siblings grow up away from her. But she doesn't, she realises in the flight between, that she must impress, she will impress, because she can't imagine going back to the Harper Hall after all this time.

* 2568, 20 Finally, Faranth seemed to step in, and in her first turn at High Reaches and Gold Annyth's first clutch, Xandilrine impress brown Tocath, and the brown calmly tells her, she's now X'rine. Being Annyth's first clutch, there weren't many eggs in it, and it couldn't seem more perfect to her, she now feels like the reason she had been waiting for so long to impress, was simply because she was waiting for all the pieces to fall together. Annyth to be born, X'rine to travel to High Reaches. It's perfect and X'rine is the happiest she's ever been.

* 2571, 23 Only a turn out of Weyrlinghood, High Reaches Weyr is the final Weyr to fall because of the catastrophe. X'rine is torn, horrified and confused by this turn of events. She watched so many of her clutchmates fall, many who Tocath grew up alongside, and she's devastated, but she can't help but feel happy to finally see her family again.

* 2575, 27 Xanundaugh gets married for the 3rd and final time. X'rine is happy for him, he's a crotchety old fool sometimes, but his new wife seems to be the perfect counter for him. Attending their wedding, X'rine is pleased to see her father happy, and potentially have someone to live out the rest of his life with.

* 2576, 28 X'rine, going to recover some things from abandoned Weyrs and Holds, as part of her work whilst not fighting thread, discovers a firelizard clutch, which had been ravaged by tunnelsnakes, obviously the leftovers of a dead gold or a neglectful green, there was only one egg left to hatch, and X'rine took it back with her, hatching into her beautiful green which she affectionately named, Trouvaille. X'rine loves the little firelizard, and immediately takes to training her.

* 2581, 33 It's X'rine's first pregnancy that she notices, and she has to make a decision to take a swift trip between, fighting thread like her Weyr requires, or to take what might be one of her last chances to have a child. After all, her mother's death in childbirth is something that had stuck with her, dormant, all these years. Eventually, she decides to terminate the pregnancy, not wanting to be out of action from a fighting wing when every last dragon and rider are necessary to protect their final safe place. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately, she's not unhappy with it, and is a little glad that she doesn't have to worry about any complications.

* 2587, 39 Thread ends, and they take the trek to Southern Winds Weyr. X'rine is part of the search parties that helped to discover the island, and is confident in their new world, so much so, that she doesn't feel the need to keep herself tied to it, and is accepted into Mountain Wing by W'sar. She's proud of her wing and proud of her Weyr and of the people of Pern who lasted through the toughest time in their history.

* 2589, 41 Neisoth catches Kalestath and whilst X'rine hadn't necessarily been worried about the black, after observing that he could indeed pull his own weight through Weyrlinghood, this was something she had not expected. But X'rine doesn't care much for politics, and so, she'll watch and see if S'bok does well, or watch and see if he doesn't do well, either way, X'rine will keep going on the same way and she's always done.

X'rine jumped down from Tocath's back, slapping her hand against her thigh to rid her brown pants of the layer of dust upon them. It was hard to get around the main continent without getting dusty, let alone the Weaver Hall which had been abandoned for so long.

She had been mighty pleased when she had heard word this morning. It was always pleasant to discover a veritable treasure trove of equipment, when you were only expecting an armful of salvageable goods. Having been called in from her latest assignment to help with the collection of supplies, X'rine breathed in the sweet smell of the Jungle and the cooking of the Weyr, before checking Tocath's straps and attached carrysacks to make sure everything was okay.

Looking around at the bustle of weavers and candidates and apprentice crafters she couldn't help but feel a little excited for what they would be able to bring back. Trouvaille sat perched on Tocath's shoulder, pointedly ignoring the hustle and bustle, if they could just get back up into the air again and get on with their work, the little green would be happy, she wanted to explore the Weaver Hall as much as anyone.

Perhaps the day would reveal some interesting views, which X'rine could catalogue in her mind for sketching later on that night, test out some of her skills with some new faces, or work on her still life.

Let's pick a candidate or two and head there. Her brown said simply, the Weyrbowl was even busier than usual today, and the brown was getting a little antsy, he'd be much more comfortable once they got into the air and away from all this noise.

Will do.

"Alright, I need two passengers over here." She waved a hand at the crowd, not fast or overexcited, just enough that if someone looked up at her words, they would see her arm over the swathe of heads. Tocath would definitely be able to handle three extra passengers, and even 4 without the rest of his cargo, but there were enough Mountain Riders to go around, X'rine would just be able to fill up his sacks a lot more now.

Member Info...

Created By:
Swamp Witch
Other Characters:
Fisk, M'dak, Inanna, Paylae, Y'tol, W'um, Iralye, B'ron, Tresrissa, Ysveta, Elrost, Z'ryr
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:
X'rine is an ISTJ-A

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Coloured by SanctifiedSavage
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Toe - kath
Date of Birth:
36.02.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 31m
Mature Height: 6.5m
Mature Wingspan: 51m

General Appearance...

Tocath is on the smaller side of the brown size range, but is thick limbed due to overproduction of muscles. He was that was from the beginning, hatching from his egg, a big round ball of brown, with the greenish tinge that could've confusing made him look like a bronze to those in the back of the stands.
However, X'rine was not to be the first female bronze rider, and instead, Tocath grew, thick and fast, being much larger than the other browns of his clutch through the early months of his Weyrlinghood, but stopping his growth too soon, the rest of his clutch overtaking him.


Mind Voice: Tocath's voice is mellow, calming and soothing whomever he speaks to, with a timbre slightly deeper than the majority, but not unusually deep.

- Dust baths: He enjoys rolling around in dust bowls that he can find across the main continent.
- Storms: He likes to shelter in caves with X'rine and Trouvaille and watch lightning spread across the sky.

- The crowded weyr: Tocath doesn't particularly enjoy the business of the Weyr, there's so much going on all the time, and it sometimes just seems a little confining.
- Fish: Luckily, he can either feast on some of the wild wherries on the main continent until he is allowed to eat a herdbeast at the Weyr.


* ENDURANCE : It was as if he was born for Mountain Wing, Tocath and X'rine had to train hard to get his musculature built for long distance endurance, but now he is an expert and rarely tires.

* LEVEL-HEADED : He doesn't get angry or annoyed about things, he likes to keep things simple and just enjoy his lot.


* OVER-STIMULATION : Tocath can easily get overstimulated by loud noises and the constant movement of the Weyr, it just makes him tired and uncomfortable.

* CONFLICT : He doesn't like conflict, and will just remove himself from the situation, if X'rine ever gets upset he regularly noses into the conversation and whisks her away instead of allowing her to deal with it.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #9B7E4F; Text: #692A00

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He doesn't get the opportunity to fly for greens or golds very often, therefore, when they are at the Weyr, he takes every opportunity he can get.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Coloured by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Tru - vay - yuh
Date of Birth:
12.07.2576 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Trouvaille is on the smaller end of firelizard sizes, but she's strong, with a frame and strong, large wings, meaning she can carry the messages that need to be carried.


Mind Voice: Trouvaille communicates mostly with emotions, since X'rine's photographic memory means that her green doesn't need to convey messages directly to her bonded in that way. However, she will do so her Tocath, and to whichever Mountain firelizards/dragons she needs to, anyone removed from duty, she won't bother talking to with pictures. She can parrot words, "report", "found" and some other important words for their Wing work.

Clouds/Fog/Mist - She likes hiding in clouds and fog, feeling the condensation on her body as she wings through the fluffy whiteness.
Work - Trouvaille likes being needed, and likes effectively carrying out tasks. She won't dally, won't stop to chat with other flitters, she'll deliver what she needs to deliver and pop back to X'rine and Tocath.

Other people - She's a quiet flitter, choosing not to communicate with other firelizards, dragons, or humans unless it is necessary for her work.
Over eating - Trouvaille was very good at letting X'rine know when she was hungry and when she was finished, even as a hatchling, she very rarely gorged after the first few days.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
A lucky find.
Flies on 01/09 is a force catch.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: X'rine [27.10.2548] Brown Rider
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