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Author Topic: Talking to a wher [22.05.2590//1.36pm] OPEN!  (Read 460 times)

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Talking to a wher [22.05.2590//1.36pm] OPEN!
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:48:06 PM »
Omenya didn’t usually consider herself an envious person, it wasn’t really in her nature. She was happy with her life and the people around her, and there wasn’t much to want in the current new state of their Weyr. But for the first time since she was very young, Omenya found something that she really wanted.

A second wher.

As much as she loved Yannusesk, not only for himself but also because of her father, she couldn’t help the excitement when she thought of having a wher that chose her. Yannusesk did chose her, but he did it for her father to keep her and the bees safe, not really for her. She never even considered other whers until this point because she would never give him up, he was too much a part of her and her father.

But now she wouldn’t have to give him up, now she could have it both ways. But she’d missed her chance at the last hatching, and who knew when a new clutch would happen that she’d be allowed to participate in. In her brother’s words, when he too found out that he’d missed the chance for a second wher, it ‘stank worse than the beast pens after a dragon feeding’.

She kept shooting glances at her father’s Brown wher, who lay in the grass with his eyes closed under his googles as he soaked up the warm rays of the sun. They were sitting at the edge of the Weyrbowl, enjoying lunch on the grass in the open air, with her back resting on the warm stone and her legs spread out in front of her, Omenya chewed absentmindedly on her food as she mulled over what the chance for a second wher could mean.

Speaking out loud without realising it, her voice soft and calm as it always was, she asked the relaxing Brown, “would you mind if we got another wher? To help out? You could have another friend and they’d help you protect the bees? And then you could stay home with Mum and the kids if they come to help me sometimes, because I know you like babysitting.” She wrinkled her own nose at the thought, but only slightly. “I think it would be nice to have a second wher. But only if you wanted one.”

As per usual, the Brown didn’t answer other than to move his giant head to rest it on her knee before settling down again and closing his eyes once more. Omenya didn't mind much, she spent lots of time talking to the Brown even when he didn't answer, it wasn't unusual to see the pair in exactly this position at lunch on most days, unless her mother forced her home for a bit.

Sighing as Omenya continued her train of thought aloud, she didn't notice there was someone else out enjoying the sunshine, close enough to hear her talking to a wher who wasn't going to answer.
« Last Edit: April 24, 2017, 08:54:23 PM by Omenya »

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Re: Talking to a wher [22.05.2590//1.36pm] OPEN!
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2017, 07:23:46 PM »
One of the advantages of being a Senior Apprentice was that Galle didn’t really have to take classes anymore. He’d long since moved past the regular apprentice schedule even though he hadn’t been Tapped, now able to attach himself to the Journeymen and even Masters’ projects if they’d let him. And with all that, he had a bit more freedom in his daily schedule too. For example, if he wanted to take his lunch later than normal—once a batch of dye was actually done stewing, and it was time to soak fabric in it—he could do that too.

As he’d done on this particular day. Though much of the Hall had eaten during the typical hour between noon and the first mark of the afternoon, Galleweyne had stuck around in the Dyeing Room to test their latest concoction and then make sure that the fabric it was meant to be dyeing was properly submerged and the first hourglass set to make sure it came out in time. By then, most of the others had returned too, and he’d escaped to the Weyr Hall to seek out what leftovers there might be to sate his hunger on.

But he still had about twenty minutes before the next mark rolled over and he was expected back; so rather than return early, Galle elected to make the most of the pretty day and soak up some sun in the Weyr Bowl. Even Needle decided to join him now that he was no longer in the Dyeing Room, and thus away from the smell that always drove her off.

With his dye-stained hands stuffed in his pockets, he’d really only been meandering aimlessly across the grass until a voice nearby had him slowing to a halt. At first, Galleweyne had thought the young woman had been talking to him—but as she continued to talk, it became clear that she was addressing the Brown wher who had his head in her lap.

It wasn’t unusual for handlers to talk to their wher, he knew—rambling on to Alleshask oftentimes himself—but he was never the sort to skip making a potential friend. And, well… he had twenty minutes to kill.

“Is he saying yes or no?” Galleweyne was grinning a bit with the question, genuinely curious about her answer. Of course, he’d already heard about the surprising events at the wher hatching a few days prior; he and his family might not be living at the Hall, but news moved quickly, especially for something so exciting.

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Re: Talking to a wher [22.05.2590//1.36pm] OPEN!
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2017, 09:50:39 PM »
Head turning sharply to the sound of the newcomer, but face unchanged except for the slightest widening of her already overlarge eyes, Omenya blinked for a few moments while she processed Galle’s arrival. Flicking her gaze to Yannusesk and then back to Galle, she utters an “oh! Umm, I think he’s just telling me it’s nap time.” As if on cue, the Brown let out a puff of air from his nose that sounded suspiciously like a snore.

The puff of air bounced a couple of crumbs off her crossed legs and onto the ground. Hurriedly putting down what’s left of her roll and brushing the crumbs off her lap, the small beastcrafter curls her hands in her lap and smiles. It would be poor manners to sit there with a half eaten roll and crumbs all down her lap, of course.

“Um, hello,” she said, a little confused. Was she supposed to know him? Was he supposed to be out here? Did he really expect her to be able to translate whers? Yes, some of the more advanced of the dragonkin, with strong bonds to their handlers, could parrot over a word or two, but they weren’t really conversation words? They were signals to be trained, he couldn’t really answer her, and she couldn’t understand it if he could. Did he not know that? It would be rude to ask, wouldn’t it? If he was just making a joke of course, he’d be offended if she tried to explain that, because it would make him feel stupid, and then she’d be in trouble. Well, not in trouble, but she would have done something mean, and she’d have to tell her mother, because she wouldn’t want her mother to find out from someone else. Her mother cared so much about being polite. “Do your parents care about being polite?”

Abrupt, to the point, seemingly unconnected to the previous thread of conversation, but Omenya was genuinely interested. She liked meeting new people, and she loved learning new things, and she didn’t know all that many people outside her own family and the Beastcrafters in order to be able to ask.

Because Omenya had been so focussed on one thread of information, she didn’t connect back to think how strange, and possibly rude, her new comment may seem. It made sense to her, why should he not understand?

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