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Author Topic: Private Dirt and Dust [18.04.2590] [2pm] N'iko  (Read 771 times)

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Dirt and Dust [18.04.2590] [2pm] N'iko
« on: April 28, 2017, 03:25:25 AM »
X’rine slapped her gloved hands together, brushing them together and watching the dirt fall from them. Any sign of Astaroth? With N’iko having been assigned the lands to the west of Benden, and X’rine the lands to the east of the hold, the two riders had agreed to meet up at the Hold before they headed back to the Weyr. The view down the valley on both sides from the hold, would provide the perfect general image for their overall areas.

Not yet.

The town was barren, broken apart, but with the look of partial living. When the hold had been abandoned, the hold folk had only been allowed to take what was very necessary for them to survive, and so, walking down the streets, seeing the herb gardens of houses, and the chairs where a dice table sat between them, gave the Hold a look of ghostliness.

But X’rine was used to it by now, she carried the chair to the edge of the town, where there would be no houses blocking her view of the valley below, the mountain rising up behind the hold to the north.

Already having taken soil and water samples from her patch, and closer sketches from down below, she started the overview sketch. Making note of where she had taken her soil samples, her water samples, where the landmarks where that she had described already in her report, little dots with a tidy hand beside it, detail to the maximum.

Every now and then, X’rine would push the image she had of an area into Trouvaille’s mind, and the green would send back her own from a slightly different angle. Their two minds worked the same, X’rine never forgetting something she had seen before, so they worked together, taking note of their surroundings from different angles and merging them all together in the end. Many a rider had compared her photographic memory to that of a firelizard, and she couldn’t say that they were wrong.

Tocath winged to land near her, laying down on the cobblestone of the old hold. 

Spoiler for Hidden:
@Lyndi Let me know if you want me to change anything, I took a few liberties with their work and such.  :love:
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Offline N'iko

Re: Dirt and Dust [18.04.2590] [2pm] N'iko
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2017, 07:58:41 PM »
N’iko was crouched in the dirt, his sketchbook resting precariously on the one knee that was up while one hand held the side of it. His other hand guarded his eyes from the sun as he peered across the distance. Of course the sun was at its highest point for the day, and it seemed it glared at him anywhere he looked. That and it was melting him out of his clothes. He’d lost his riding jacket and shirt marks ago and tossed those in the bags on Astaroth. He wasn’t going to be needing those again until they went between back to the Weyr.

The thought of between gave him an imaginary shiver. Ah, that was so nice. The  crowded Weyr on the other end, he could do without. The bronze rider looked back at the sketch and added more markings, then checked back at the valley and added a few more. Once he was satisfied that he’d captured everything, he stood and stretched. Astaroth, where’s Drakon? The bronze huffed and looked toward some of the town houses. He’s not with me.

N’iko smiled and shook his head. Astaroth had become so familiar with the brown flit by his side that is was apparent to everyone but the bronze that he’d become attached. He bent over to pat some of the dirt and dust from his pants and then strolled through the street to look for the fire lizard. “Drakon,” he called out evenly. An image of a bowl on a table flashed in his mind.

A noise would have been more helpful, but it was rare for the brown to be vocal. Taking the hint, he poked his head in and out of the homes, searching for any bowls on tables. When he found one, he had to pause and stare at it for a few extra seconds before he saw the brown flit. He was curled up in a tight ball in the bowl, as if trying to fit himself completely in it, though it would be physically impossible. “Drakon, you were supposed to be looking for anything useful in these homes,” he chastised, though he couldn’t keep the amusement out of his tone.

The brown uncurled himself until he was upright in the bowl, then plopped a few small objects over the edge of the bowl with his talons. N’iko picked one of them up, inspected it, then went to the next one. They were knick knacks from different households. Nothing of real value that they could bring back for the Weyr to use. He sighed. “The bowl you’re in is more valuable than these trinkets. I’ll have to work on giving you better examples of what to look for when we’re back at the Weyr. Come on, now. We’re meeting with X’rine before we leave.”

Drakon hopped and flicked his wings a few times until he landed on the rider’s shoulder. N’iko gave another cursory glance around the home and then returned to Astaroth. They weren’t too far from X’rine, so the trip was short before they had landed again. Drakon found his comfortable spot on the bronze and curled up now that his job for the day was done. N’iko strode over to X’rine, who seemed intently focused on her sketch and notes.

He peered over her shoulder, perhaps a bit closer than most people’s personal spaces, and hummed softly. “That looks good. Almost makes me want to go back and make sure I didn’t miss anything on my side,” he spoke with a smile. While he wouldn’t call himself an artist, he felt he did a pretty good job on his sketches and making sure everything was labeled and any details of was he saw or found were recorded. He would never doubt his own work, but there was something about hers that had that extra…something.

N’iko stepped back to give her some space and surveyed the town. “Odd, isn’t it? Coming to a place that is so wild and domestic at the same time?” He could almost believe, for a second, that people could live here again. But it was just a flicker of belief before reason reminded him that no one could live here. It wasn’t habitable again yet, if it ever would be.

Spoiler for OOC:

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Re: Dirt and Dust [18.04.2590] [2pm] N'iko
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2018, 12:33:42 AM »
N'iko. Was all Tocath needed to say to pull X'rine's attention away from the sketch. Whilst the upstir of dirt from Astaroth's landing would have eventually brought the bronze's landing to her attention, it was easy to get absorbed in the smaller aspects of her work.

Finishing off the final few strokes and dismissing the image from her mind, X'rine looked over her shoulder into the smiling face of N'iko. "Why thank you." She snorted delicately in amusement at his statement. "I'm sure your sketches are perfectly fine. Not like W'sar won't obsess over we got all the details correct anyways, regardless of how good they look."

Trouvaille winged into the space that N'iko soon vacated, ignoring the bronze rider and instead conveying her approval of the sketch in front of her. The green would complete the task set to her regardless of whether it might have been deemed rude to do so with company. When X'rine dismissed her, she took to perch herself on Tocath, her prim position a stark contrast to Drakon's relaxed one.

Leaning back in the chair, she stretched strained neck muscles and X'rine too surveyed the town with slightly fresher eyes. It was sometimes hard to really see what they were here to record. Hard to see it in it's full glory, or lack-there-of, when she was so intently focussing on the individual components.

"Sometimes I can image someone just walking out of their house to water the garden before breakfast." She sighed. "And then the rational kicks in and I remember that this is likely all I'll ever see out here." X'rine might get the privilege of watching things grow again, maybe see animals crawl their way out of whatever caves they'd been hiding in, but if this land ever became liveable for dragonriders or holders again, she didn't think she'd see it in her days. N'iko might not think the same, he was younger than her after all, if not by an extreme number of turns, but X'rine knew her limitations, and the limitations of their society.

But then where would I be able to go for my dust baths? Tocath joked, conveying the comment to all to lighten the mood that was forming.

"Ah yes. You've definitely got your priorities." The smile she gave to Tocath was one that all dragonriders could likely relate to. With a look in her eyes that conveyed more love than she had ever felt for an actual human. Two sides of the same mark they were.

"You think you've got everything you need for your report N'iko?"

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