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Author Topic: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open  (Read 1123 times)

Offline Elremmiria

Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« on: April 29, 2017, 09:45:18 AM »
The slim dark form of Miria moved around the shaded parts of the main door of the Miner's Hall. She wasn't about to get caught up in dealing with her family again, and personally, she thought it was strange to not be with the Weyr, though she understood why. There was work to be done, she just wanted nothing to do with it. She was a small girl, what help could she possibly be? She'd spent the last forever carrying things, back and forth, sometimes getting yelled at by the adults for no reason. She was done!

The bronze flit clinging to the walls above her, supposed to be a look out, crooned at her as he felt her irritation at the idea that she should become nothing more than a drudge. Daddy would not have made her do that! Truthfully he probably would have, but for Miria, her father was the one who had brought the sun. She stopped as some people passed by, crouching in the shadow, greatful for her darker clothing. If she could just get outside.
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Offline Nealros

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2017, 04:46:21 PM »
When his schedule allowed, Nealros lended himself and Rossk to the construction of the wall. This was one such morning. The holder was kitted out in some of his rougher clothing, things he didn’t mind got dirty. His wher sported a pair of goggles meant to shield the light from his eyes and his usual harness had been traded for one with many more attachments. Rossk was a large creature, good for hauling some of the heavier loads, and the extra clasps he bore meant he could be hooked up to multiple carts.

Per his usual habits, he was getting to work late. Most of the miners started before dawn, but dawn was usually when he finally found sleep. A few scant hours of naptime meant he was in his usual foul mood and the smell on his breath suggested he’d opted to continue drinking rather than suffer the hangover.

Rossk was the one that alerted his bonded to a figure ahead, someone hiding. The Brown’s paranoid nature had a low growl building in his throat and Nealros had to set a hand on his shoulder to still him. “Easy,” he advised quietly.

Raising his voice to address whoever was lurking, Neal shouted out, “Come out, whoever you are. My wher doesn’t like it when people sneak around, I can’t promise he won’t hurt you if you continue.”

Offline Elremmiria

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2017, 09:11:03 PM »
It would be Miria's luck that one of her cousins would find her. And one that Miria wasn't ever clear on how he felt. Miria knew about him, and, as she was part of the little, Wher Butcher family, knew that he had more power than her at the moment. She eyed his wher, but it was her flit that gave her away. Guardian trilled at the brown Wher, and quickly came out of hiding, ignoring the annoyed swearing coming from his bonded, as the dark clad girl came out from the shadows and into the bright light.

"Nealros, Rossk."

Her tone was more neutral than was probably good for her, but at the moment, she was pretty sure she was about to get in trouble for trying to hide and not having to work. Things that everyone in her dumb family seemed to be focused on. Why did she have to lift more stupid things? It wasn't like she wanted to spend much time outside anyways. Wher's didn't like the light. Well most of them. Rossk seemed ok with his goggles.

Her gaze flicked from the wher to his master, and back. There was that desire to have a wher. The desire to touch, hold and work with those odd beasts. Loyal to only her. That would be the dream, as she sent a rather nasty look at the flit that was currently on the ground near the wher, sniffing at him.

"Going to help with the wall?"

Play it cool, Miria, play it cool.

Offline Nealros

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2017, 06:05:47 PM »
The firelizard that appeared looked familiar enough for Nealros’s guard to drop. He wasn’t sure who he was or who he belonged to, but likely it was family and that deserved some measure of respect. His shift in attitude had Rossk relaxing, too, albeit the wher’s natural state wasn’t exactly docile. The Brown was always ready for a fight, even if he didn’t outwardly show all of the signs.

Quiet curses followed the firelizard’s appearance, the voice light and feminine enough for all assumptions of a threat to disappear. Out of the darkness appeared one of his cousins and Nealros rolled his eyes in an irritated way. “Figures it’d be you.” He didn’t have any especially close friendships to his extended family, but he still knew to tolerate them. The timing for her behavior was bad, however, and that was likely where his irritation came from.

She was still young, though, and it wasn’t his place to lecture. Nevermind he’d been married at her age with his first wher, many fights under his belt and just as many addictions. Since threadfall had stopped it seemed kids were staying kids for a little longer and Nealros supposed that was an okay thing.

“Yeah,” he said loftily, opting to follow her casual lead, “We’re about to head out. Wanna come along? You can ride Rossk.” The Brown was no fan of screaming children but if they were quiet and didn’t move too fast, he didn’t mind them. That aside, he knew with his work gear on that there were tasks to be complete and that put him in a better state of mind. A wher with a job was a content, even happy creature. To his credit, the big beast was even tolerating the firelizard’s inspection, responding only with a dull huff that blew hot air toward Guardian.

Offline Elremmiria

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2017, 09:58:43 PM »
Miria was glad she wasn't being lectured. She watched her cousin. She was the youngest in the family. Oddly she didn't get the lion share of the attention. That wasn't her worry really. She'd rather be forgotten. She wanted a Wher though. Getting to have one of the beautiful creatures all to her own would be amazing.

She would settle for a dragon as well, but that wasn't something she'd ever vocalize. Her eyes watched him, curious. She knew he'd been married by her age, but she was greatful she didn't have to deal with some idiot boy. Maybe it was because she was the baby, but some of her other siblings were similarly unmarried. She was only 11 after all.

Her gaze turned to the brown. An offer to ride Rossk? That was very hard to turn town. The issue with it was having to work. A quick glance at her flit, which seemed to be pleased with the warm breath from the brown. He returned the breath before returning to her shoulder, his tail wrapping around her long black locks. She nodded.

"Sure. He won't mind? I'll try not to be heavy."

Miria wasn't as savy about the wher's as she'd like to be. She knew her father wanted nothing to do with the Whers, or her aunt's family. Now they had no choice, and she enjoyed the creatures. She wanted a gold, like her aunts, but she doubted she'd ever be that lucky. Maybe she'd get two! That would be cool. Her uncle had gotten two. Maybe she'd get to try next time. She moved carefully forward, towards her cousin and his Wher. She wasn't dumb, she knew to approach a wher carefully.

Offline Nealros

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #5 on: May 17, 2017, 04:27:43 PM »
“Just don’t scream or anything.” Nealros tugged Rossk’s lead, giving it a successive series of yanks that the wher knew meant he needed to kneel and wait. The heavy Brown dropped to his knees with a resigned grunt. He was slow as ever in the movement so Nealros held his hand up to Elremmiria, motioning for her to wait.

“Alright, come here and be predictable. Don’t bounce, don’t do anything unexpected. This guy behaves best when everything is boring.” Nealros ushered her forward all while feeding soothing thoughts to his wher. The Brown was eager to work but was forever obedient toward his handler in situations like these. If he sensed any nervousness from Neal it could spell disaster, so the holder adopted his usual cool facade.

“We don’t go near the wall, we’ll just be helping with hauling material to the next post. You can help me hitch him to the wagons but don’t worry, he does all of the heavy lifting.” The miners and smiths had grudgingly accepted Nealros’s help. Rossk was a big, strong wher with an unchallenged work ethic. So despite his handler’s tendency to be less than reliable, the crafters would take what they could get.

He patted the groove of Rossk’s shoulder blade, behind his neck and just in front of his tattered, useless and tiny wings. If his cousin looked like she had trouble getting up, he’d offer her a foothold in the form of his cupped hands.

Offline Elremmiria

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #6 on: May 17, 2017, 06:23:59 PM »
Miria found herself excited. Riding a Wher? She didn't get to often. Usually she'd bother her mother's Wher, but not for long, as the Wher was dedicated to her mother. Beyond that, she watched from the sidelines. Someday she'd have her own. She waited as Nealros held out his hand to stop her. Guardian wrapped his tail around her neck, and secured himself with his claws, hunkering down on her shoulder, a dragon shaped pauldren on her thin form.

A quick nod was followed by measured steps. She was excited, but not stupid. There was no way she wanted to piss off a wher. She'd seen the fights. She knew what they could do to one another, she didn't want to find out what would happen to her.

"That sounds fun."

Miria managed to make it sound not upset. Still work. But at least she'd be working with a Wher, which was a plus compaired to the last three days. Her shoulders ached. And Guardian was just as tired of helping her lift stones, or buckets, or what ever they were told to fetch.

With a mentally practiced movement, she barely managed to make it onto the brown's back, and tried to stay still, while he figured out his balance. Her flit chirped softly, as if curious as to what was going on. At least they were doing something different. They both thrived off of new experiences. Nothing but her father had ever been solid in her life, never changing. She'd grown use it, and she wasn't sure she wanted it to stay that way.

She watched Nealros, for any sign she was doing things wrong. She didn't want to upset Rossk.

Offline Nealros

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #7 on: May 18, 2017, 06:45:51 PM »
If the Brown noticed additional weight added to his back, he made no response to it. She was lighter than most of the carts he pulled and was a feather compared to the feeling of another wher plowing into him. At Nealros’s signal the wher pushed himself back up with the same slow, prodding motion.

“You can hold on to these,” Neal tapped the crisscrossing bits of strap that made up Rossk’s harness. “Don’t be afraid to grip hard if you get jostled, he’s used to having it tugged around. If you fall he might not notice, though, and I can’t promise he won’t step on you or drag the cart over you.” His tone didn’t have much in the way of actual concern. He was forever detached, apathetic, but nonetheless playing protector to this girl that he claimed kinship to.

With that advice, Nealros snapped his fingers and began to lead Rossk once more toward the gate. The Brown lumbered along. He wasn’t the smoothest ride but his back was broad enough that Miria wouldn’t easily fall off. The workers at the gate received them with raised eyebrows, but let them pass nonetheless. Into the daylight they went.

The morning air was fresh and not entirely choked yet by the humidity of the jungle. Nealros still squinted at the sudden onslaught of bright sunshine, something he was sure he’d never get used to, but his wher was blissfully unaffected. “I’m sure you know the rules out here?” The question was rhetorical and even if she admitted uncertainty, he wasn’t going to spell out further guidelines. They’d be working close enough the base of the mountain that if trouble came, they could make a safe retreat.

Offline Tresrissa

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Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #8 on: August 04, 2017, 07:48:11 PM »
After cleaning up their family cavern, and helping with her brother's various children if she was needed. Nyc had been doing a great job since Caleah's passing, but Tresrissa had helped where she could, and as much as she found Ellariel... confusing, she was more than willing to help the woman when she could. They were family after all.

But now she had done her duties for the morning, and was free to wander. She knew that the construction would still be doing on, Faranth knew that everyone in the entire bloody hall could hear it. Perhaps she would finally find someone interesting to talk to.

The miners were an interesting lot. They either had a lot to say, and she could never get them to shut up, or Tressie had to struggle to draw even one word out of them. It was like they enjoyed being cramped up in dark and dingy caves all day without any human connection. Weird.

But she knew there might be visitors from the Weyr, it seemed they had lifted the little lockdown or whatever they had called it, two months ago. And now, Tresrissa could meet a least a few dragonriders if she was out at the right time of day. Today, it seemed she had missed them.

What she didn't miss, was the arrival of Nealros and... a child? Her cousin. So it was with a grin that Tresrissa approached the two of them, they were far more interesting than the boring old miner she had started talking to when she realised the lack of dragonriders today.

"Hey cous, Neal. What're you two up to? Giving back and supporting our fine Hold with some backbreaking labour?" It was sort of strange to see them together, Tresrissa not thinking Nealros was much for hanging out with the children of their extended family.

Tressisk was, as always, by her side, pressed close to her calf, staring down any and all she deemed too close to Tresrissa.

Spoiler for OOC:
Since this was still open and it didn't say otherwise, I thought this would be a good place for Tressie to slot in <3

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Offline Elremmiria

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #9 on: August 05, 2017, 07:52:40 PM »
Miria sighed inwardly but didn't make a comment about having to work. Another day of doing stuff. At least this time it was with a Wher. That was exciting! Guardian chirped worridly again, but beyond that stayed still as she nodded seriously and grabbed the tresses she was pointed to. With a quick shift she felt better about being on the brown wher's back. This could work. She was finding herself excited even if she did have to work today. She loved all dragonkin, and secretly, she wanted to be a rider, but a wher handler would do as well. They seemed like the best creatures to her. Probably because of her family's history with them.

"I won't fall."

Her tone was a bit annoyed, but there was also a bit of awe. She was close to a wher. Actually close. One that wasn't her mother's. She was riding one. She blinked and squinted as they entered the light. Bright. But as her eyes adjusted she found herself smiling a little. It was beautiful. The colors were vibrant, beautiful and just... there. A reminder that she was alive really.

"Uh, Don't stray to far, stay close to Rossk, and get inside if things get bad?"

A movement caught her and Guardian's attention and the Bronze flit lifted his fine head to watch the green wher and her handler approach. It took Miria a moment, surprised that anyone of her family was outside. She understood Nealros, but not Tresrissa. She hoped Nealros wasn't angry at her not knowing all the rules. Mostly she had worked near the caves and the wall, never getting any farther. Not something she wanted to do in the first place.

"Hello Cousin."

Miria watched her cousin carefully before responding again.

"It seems like a good thing to do."

She smiled again, and her bronze suddenly took off into the sky wanting the fresh air. For a moment the girl was distracted by the bronze flit's sudden joy as he caught the air and rose up into the sky, meeting other flits along the way.

Offline Nealros

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #10 on: August 09, 2017, 04:56:46 PM »
Miria recited back the gist of the safety protocol with due diligence. She was a smart kid, he knew that, and really it came at no surprise. Their entire clan tended to have more street smarts than what was good for them. It still did encourage a half-crooked grin out of him and he nodded his head once in confirmation. “You got it, kid.”

With all intention of leading them both over to the hauling carts, his steps only slowed when his sister showed up. He was as surprised as his cousin, but he hid it so as to not give her too much of a reaction- she’d enjoy it too much. “You know I like to show my wher off,” he said offhandedly, “Most of the stronger ones are out here, too. S’good to know who’s who, if you get my meaning.” He was purposefully vague. Wher fighting wasn’t outlawed, but it wasn’t smiled upon, either. Furthermore, he wasn’t sure if Elremmiria knew of his hobby and he didn’t think a girl of her standing ought to alerted to it. What a gentleman.

Rossk chuffed a low grunt toward the general direction of Tressisk, knowing her familiar scent and appreciating it. The Brown knew, however, that he was saddled up for work and his attitude reflected that. There was no time for funny business, not right now.

“The real question is, what’re you doing out here? You’ll give mother fits.” Neal had an idea of what her intentions were, given her nature, and he levelled his expression at her in a serious way. Younger brother he might be, but he was no less protective. “I assume you’re only planning to set the best example for the likes of our young cousin here.”

Offline Tavianna

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #11 on: August 10, 2017, 04:38:45 PM »
Tavianna was certain that moving to the Mine Hall had been the best for her family. Certainly in regards to space and her husbands promotion. However, she now needed to find something to do with herself. Without the dragonrider’s overbearing oversight, she was learning to breathe a little more.

Not to say that the Mine Hall was a pit of lawlessness. Hardly. With everyone so caught up in what needed done, and the still hard reliance on the weyr for supplies, Tavianna had found that there were still hot blooded loyalty to the weyr and their strict ideals.

And those wishing to shirk that sense of obligation too. She suspected all the Hall would need was some more time and the realization that they were well and truly separate from the weyr before she could do anything overly drastic. Until then, Tavianna played the nice housewife and made as many friends as she could.

That was the entire reason she bothered being out in the construction site at all. Tavisk was a big wher, obedient and well equipped to do whatever was asked of her. While Tavianna wasn’t about to go digging around in the dirt and exhaust herself overly much, it was still a nice show of solidarity and faith in the Hall if she helped out here and there.

So she did.

A little.

Early morning was her preferred time to do so. Before most of the children were awake or might need her, which would then allow her the rest of the afternoon and evening to do whatever else might be required by her family. So it was late morning that she decided to wave farewell to her hardworking ‘friends’ and call it quits.

In time to see some more familiar faces just arriving. Dressed down in a simple shirt and pants, Tavianna approached her daughter, son, and niece with Tavisk on her heels. She surveyed the three with a cool expression, not wholly unpleased to see either of her children. It’d be… good… for the other holders to see members of her family contributing.

That is, if that’s what they were out and about to do. “Tressie, Nealros. What a pleasant surprise.” Her tone conveyed that she wasn’t upset to see them, not at all. Which changed by several degrees when her attention shifted to Elremmiria. While Tavianna cared for her sister dearly, she took a very hard disciplined approach when it came to her sister’s children. They were not her own and, if they caused her sister any manner of grief, Tavianna wouldn’t hesitate to make sure they didn’t bother her, or anyone, ever again. “Elremmiria. What are you doing out here?” Her children would definitely recognize the edge to that question – one they’d grown up knowing was Tavianna’s ‘unfun’ voice.

Spoiler for OOC:
Hope this is ok 8D

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Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #12 on: August 10, 2017, 05:01:25 PM »
Tressie's face brightened when she saw her mother, just the kind of person she wanted to see out here when she was feeling like contributing to the betterment of the Hold. She was surprised that she hadn't spotted her mother out here earlier, but she supposed when she was just distracting the current workers, and Tavianna and Tavisk were actually working, Tressie could forgive herself for not noticing.

Note to self, check where mother is always.

After all, she wanted to please her mother, and she hadn't gotten the ice-queen tone, so things were definitely looking up for her. She didn't particularly care about her cousin either way.

"Hi ma!" She said brightly, not having to stand on tip toes to give her mother a kiss on the cheek. The women of their family had been blessed with being short, after all, it meant people constantly underestimated them.

Tresrissa considered trying to carry the conversation from there, brightly ask her mother about her morning, gush over all the work that had been happening, but Tavianna had asked Elremmiria a question, and Tressie wasn't going to get in the way of that.

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Offline Elremmiria

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #13 on: August 11, 2017, 11:47:58 AM »
Miria found herself feeling pleased that Nealros agreed with her rundown of what she was supposed to do out here. Normally she wouldn't care, but as the rest of her siblings were elsewhere, and she was hardly noticed anyways, she found herself wanting, against her own will, attention. And Her cousin was being kind for once, so she wasn't going to knock it.

Her other cousin was nice. Or at least happy. That was always good. She smiled a little at Tresrissa, and then at her green wher. It was the sight of the much larger and more stunning Gold Wher that grabbed both Guardian and Miria's attention and the Bronze Flit returned to his friend's shoulder, dropping a bit heavily, and again giving her a dragon pauldron as he settled down, and clawing into her clothes to stay on.

Miria glanced up at the woman with the gold and then back down at the brown back of the Weyr. Her aunt terrified her. Her father had always told her that Tavianna was not to be trusted, and once he was gone, Miria had learned that for herself. Tavianna was not a kind person. She was sharp, harsh and took no flack from anyone.

Miria knew better than to not look at Tavianna when she spoke though, and her head came back up, her face a mask of neutrality. Well as good as a 10 year old could get. The tone wasn't one Miria liked, but had, more than once, dealt with. She was probably the only of her siblings to still do things she shouldn't. Stepping out of line was fun. And mostly she didn't get caught.

"Hello Aunt Tavianna... I wanted to help with the wall. And then I met Cousin Nealros, and he offered to take me to the wall and let me help."

Her tone was as non-confrontational as possible, but there was an edge of annoyance that her motives were being questioned. It didn't matter that she hadn't started all of this with the desire to help. Now she was going to. She realized she was still sitting on Rossk, and slipped off to stand next to the brown wher. Her aunt probably didn't want her riding the wher. She stood with her hands behind her back. Guardian watched her aunt carefully, ready to fly away if Tavianna decided that Miria was lying or causing problems.

Offline Nealros

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #14 on: August 14, 2017, 01:50:33 PM »
Tresrissa didn’t get a chance to answer his question, not with their mother coming into view. That was fine, he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear what she had to say, anyway. Tavianna looked, as ever, put together and appropriate for the environment. He’d always envy and admire that about her, how easily she seemed to adapt her appearances. Neal himself stood a little straighter, one hand clasping the wrist of the other as if he was in the presence of someone with rank. He might as well be.

She met them with pleasantries, which his sister exchanged immediately. Neal nodded to her, but it wasn’t his style to grovel. And then his cousin was under fire, and Neal hid a grin. It was always fun when someone else was in trouble, no matter how old he got. The girl offered her story and he had to chuckle, it certainly sounded innocent enough. “She was underfoot in the hall, lurking around like some drudge.” He gave Rossk a pat as he continued, “I figured it’d be better to keep her out of trouble and keep an eye on her out here. If she runs off she’s as good as dead, she’s smart enough to know that.”

“Besides, it’s good for Rossk to be around kids more. He’ll have to get used to them one way or the other.” Meaning he thought it was okay to use Miria as a guinea pig, nevermind the harm that could come to her.

The wher in question was still being very good, even with the child moving to get off of him, and then stand beside him. A combination of draconic ear muffs and his blinders kept him focussed on the task at hand, and not on who was near him and what they were doing. It helped, too, to have Tavisk there as he’d always bend to her will.

Nealros snaked his arm around his cousin’s shoulders, like an older brother. The only awkward part was that he’d never cared to act in that particular role before. “Don’t fret, ma. I’ll take good care of her.” At least he sounded innocent enough.

Offline Tavianna

Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #15 on: August 16, 2017, 12:00:40 PM »
Tavianna liked to believe she had perfect children. But she was also a very realistic woman and understood that, no matter how even she might strive for perfection, that was quite unrealistic. Striving for the best, working toward the ideals and goals she had, was realistic.

No one was perfect.

So while she liked to believe the best of her children, she knew that even they could slip up and make mistakes. As such, she eyed each one in turn as they addressed her with consideration. Wondering if they might be trying to lie to her. Tressie’s sweet face and chipper, but brief, response gave very little away. But that’s because Tavianna hadn’t specifically addressed her daughter. For that, Tavianna ended Tressie’s scrutiny with a soft smile and a caress of her daughter’s cheek.

Elremmiria was less Tavianna’s concern in a familial way. As her niece, Tavianna wanted to make sure she wasn’t getting herself in any trouble just for her sister’s sake. The last thing that Tavianna’s dear sister needed was one of her wayward children causing her any more stress as she struggled to find her way in the world without a husband. A widow in this world had a rough time of it. In that, Tavianna was fiercely protective of her sister – not so much her sister’s children. So she put very little stock in whether or not what Elremmiria said was the truth, waiting to see if Nealros would verify the words as truth.

Tavianna’s children might not be perfect, but she would always take their word over anyone else’s.

As such, her attention turned to Nealros. She was pleased he seemed alert and attentive, not just to her, but to Tressie too. Tavianna idly relied on her sons to keep an eye on their sister, after all. When Nealros clarified, however, Tavianna’s jaw tightened and she glanced at Elremmiria. Underfoot certainly fit the description of her sister’s children. Lurking around like some drudge didn’t impress Tavianna either. If anything, both her children would pick up on the curl of distaste the corner of her lips took. It was subtle, but they knew her.

She wasn’t happy. Tavisk’s soft rumble behind her echoed the sentiment.

Tavianna mulled over what she should do. While she hated the thought of taking any responsibility for her sister’s children, she also knew her dear sister needed all the help she could get. Since her son had the good sense to show up and put on a good face for their family, the least this girl could do was as she’d pretended to do in the first place. “It’s a good thing you found her then, hm, Nealros?” Tavianna eventually said without looking at Elremmiria. Instead, she smiled for her son. “See to it she works hard today, hm? And if she doesn’t, be sure to let me know.” It sounded like idle concern – everyone present knew it wasn’t. She added almost absently. “I’m sure her mother would want to know if she was misbehaving.”

With that, Tavianna kissed her daughter’s temple, offered Tressie another smile, and said, “Behave,” but in an infinitely lighter way than she’d just addressed Nealros before she turned to leave them. Tavisk eyed Elremmiria a long moment before she slowly lumbered after Tavianna.
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Re: Avoiding Responsibility [04.06.2590 - 10am] - Open
« Reply #16 on: August 30, 2017, 03:59:20 PM »
Tressie grinned cheerfully at her mothers departing back not at all enjoying it when others were chastised before her, especially in that special kind of way her mother did it. She was able to threaten someone but the words still sounded oh so sweet. Tresrissa just enjoyed it infinitely more when that tone was not directed at her.

"Well dear brother, cousin, I will see you two later. Good luck." She winked at them both before departing, Tressisk beside her, as always, green wher pressed up against her calf, slinking along close to the floor in her uptight way. Tresrissa might like her brother more than the young girl, but that didn't mean she had anything against Elremmiria, she just... had her priorities in order.

Neither did she particularly care anymore what they were actually doing. The whole situation had lost her interest after Tavianna had left, so it was now time for her to find something else to do. In fact, the whole mine hall construction site had lost her interest for the day.

Besides, it wasn't like Tresrissa didn't always manage to find things to do.

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