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Author Topic: We Have Standards [08.04.2590] [6:45am] X'kis  (Read 323 times)

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We Have Standards [08.04.2590] [6:45am] X'kis
« on: May 08, 2017, 03:37:56 AM »
It was the next day yes. The next day after the Weyr had spiralled down another level of madness. A brown Weyrsecond, standing beside him. B'ron. The Weyrleader for decades, and under the black. If he had been speaking, the word would have been accompanied by a look of distaste.

Due to D'mir's demotion those months before, B'ron had thought it best that he be the one to induct X'kis into their ranks. To let him know what was expected of him and how everything was run, and additionally, to give him a low down of the work which had been allowed to lapse. The rest of the Weyrleadership, had, of course, taken over most of D'mir's responsibilities, dividing it out between the few of them, however, the less important paperwork had been allowed to lapse. At least, until now.

B'ron had conveniently, and nicely, he thought, piled it all up in a cheery wobbly stack on the man's new desk. A mountain of work, how convenient, considering his wing previously.

The man had been given a days grace, to recover from the flight, to move into his new Weyr, and to meet everyone, but now they had a job to do.

B'ron had told the new Weyrsecond that he would give him his brief at 7am sharp. He himself, had only arrived at his own office a few minutes before, so X'kis was not late, yet. Unusually, his office door was open, so that he could see when X'kis arrived to his own.

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Wanted to do some more posts with B'ron and we talked about this thread a few times in the past. Let me know if it's okay  :love:
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Re: We Have Standards [08.04.2590] [6:45am] X'kis
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2017, 11:29:15 PM »
It was odd, after all those years alone when Cinta passed away, and the continued solitude being part of Mountain Wing could bring, to wake up with another person in his – well, her – bed – particularly without the fuzziness that often followed flightlust. Odder still was the sense of calm that radiated from Maelboroth, still utterly smitten with his catch, the faintest tint of pride to his thoughts as he rumbled gently to his waking bondmate. They’d been doing fine, prior to catching Eimerra. They had a weyr to come home to, and any successful flights resulted in only a temporary pairing. Often, the morning after it was just him, Maelboroth and Lesiff again. Sometimes their partner didn’t stay longer than an hour or so after the fact. He was surprised to find that he missed the connection that came with a weyrmate.

Fortunately for him, his usual routine was not thrown out despite the oddity that was waking up with a queenrider beside him, and Rukbat was still (mostly) hiding beyond the horizon when he shifted, careful not to wake the young woman. She needed rest. He couldn’t begin to imagine the effort it took to control a gold in the middle of flightlust, yet despite her almost fragile appearance beneath the bedsheets, the young woman had done all the right things. As far as he could understand, in any case. Besides, gold dragons didn’t choose just anyone to bond to.

The other weyrsecond, B’ron, had made it clear to him last night that he was not to be late, not that X’kis was the sort to be tardy even if his entire world had been flipped upside down. SO while he was careful not to wake Eimerra as the sun started to rise, he was quick to eat what Lesiff delivered from the kitchens, tend to his straps and his gear, albeit briefly, and give both the firelizard and Maelborth a quick oiling to ensure their hide wouldn’t be at risk of cracking. Since these were all things he did on a daily basis anyway, he was dressed and ready with plenty of time to spare. He exchanged only brief words with Eimerra, not yet used to company that wasn’t dragon or dragonkin before stepping out of the weyr’s entrance and into the tunnels, his pale blue flit settled in his usual position on X’kis’s shoulder, tail wrapped lazily around his waist.

He was not unfamiliar with the layout of the weyr, despite the lack of a need to use the tunnels often, and it was still a good bit of time before B’ron was due to debrief him on what duties he would need to attend to when he arrived at the weyrsecond’s – no, his – office. He identified B’ron, briefly, through the open door to his office, and gave a polite nod before turning towards his own, nudging the door open and stepping inside to see what it was he had to work with.

It was pretty easy to see where his time would be spent that day, if not longer depending on the complexity awaiting him in the precariously stacked pile of papers on the desk he would have to familiarise himself with. He didn’t blanch, however, understanding too well that he had to do his part in picking up where the previous weyrsecond had left off, particularly when said weyrsecond hadn’t been weyrsecond for the entire turn.

Instead, he placed his hands around the papers at the approximate mid-point, separating the pile into two, slightly more manageable ones to minimise the possibility of knocking the entire thing over and made note of the one on top. He was sure B’ron would explain in what order he needed to peruse the paperwork, and whether the urgent items would be found at the top or the bottom. He made a note to ensure he asked, just so that there was no confusion and took stock of the objects that had been provided for him.

Lesiff remained stoic throughout, a permanent fixture to his shoulder, though X’kis did note that the desk itself was large enough to accommodate a small nest for him to relax in. Maelboroth himself may not be able to fit down in these tunnels, but Lesiff would be required to ensure that he was contactable at all times. Settled in as much as possible, a piece of pale hide in front of him and a quill poised and ready to make notes for what B’ron was about to speak to him about, X’kis waited for the 7th hour to arrive, and his fellow weyrsecond to begin his induction.

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Re: We Have Standards [08.04.2590] [6:45am] X'kis
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2017, 12:24:14 AM »
B'ron was pleasantly surprised at the arrival time of his fellow Weyrsecond. At least he might not be a complete waste of space after all.

He wouldn't have won if he was.

Oh, my poor naive dragon, you know that's not at all how it works. Just look a S'bok. He returned caustically to Leremith at the bronze's addition. Unoffended by his riders rudeness, Leremith snorted, and continued to listen in to B'ron's thoughts. He too was curious, after all, he had a position to uphold as well.

At 7 on the dot, B'ron walked into the office without knocking, after all, he was expected.

"Well then," he began without the small talk or the minced words, "You are the administrative power for Prairie Wing. I preside over Beach, and S'bok over Mountain and Jungle." Although with B'lye and two Wingseconds, Faranth knows what he actually does. "You will also," unfortunately, "work with S'bok and myself looking over the crafthalls, the materials, the wings in general, and the Weyrlings."

He paused for a moment, allowing X'kis to ask any questions he should wish before he continued.
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Re: We Have Standards [08.04.2590] [6:45am] X'kis
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2017, 03:34:13 AM »
X'kis nodded politely as X'kis entered the room, though did not say anything, respecting the man's experience through his silence as B'ron started to explain his role. Lesiff was equally silent, and the lack of acknowledgement that there was a flit present pleased X'kis. It meant his tiny companion was once again doing as expected.

He did acknowledge the individual assignment with a firm nod, jotting down Prairie Wing - Z'tai; On the bit of hide followed by Crafthalls; Materials; Wings; Weyrlings in a small, neat hand, developed to use as little space on the writing surface as possible. Waste not, want not.

He didn't hesitate when B'ron paused, offering only so long so as to establish that it was, actually a pause before speaking up. "Administrative power such as this?" He gestured to the two piles of paperwork he had created from the initial mountain, adding "Was it in any particular order? I imagine since the Weyr hasn't fallen apart the more critical items have been handled by yourself and the weyrleader." It wasn't meant to be humerous, just statement of fact. Having only ever dealt with wingseconds so far as paperwork was concerned, he didn't have any more than a rudimentary understanding of what was required of the upper echleon. He could only assume that the Weyrleader and the wingsecond had taken critical tasks on board when D'mir stepped down.

He wasn't the sort to ask a pile of questions at once, and since B'ron was only beginning to tell him what would be required, it seemed pointless to ask anything else. He had an inkling of what was meant by the joint effort between himself, B'ron and S'bok, though his experiences as a weyrling himself were too far away to be much use in expanding on those points.  Brown's did not always get taught the same lessons as Bronze's. Just as Golds had specialised lessons, so too did the dragons that would fly them. 

At that thought, Maelboroth rumbled smugly through their bond. It may not have been an expected result, but he would happily repeat it if the opportunity presented itself again in future.

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Hope I've given enough for you to work with Inki 
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