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Author Topic: Approved Niema [ 2570 9th Pass / Green Rider ]  (Read 5653 times)

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Niema [ 2570 9th Pass / Green Rider ]
« on: March 07, 2014, 12:03:38 AM »

Play By:
Raffaella Modugno

First Name:
Sweetheart, Darlin’, Beauty
Date of Birth:
14.04.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Niema is a pretty lady and boy does she know it. Weyr life suits her in that she’s a highly sexual, physical individual. Which means she wears as little as is acceptable. Her shirts are always low cut, her skirts cut high up on the thigh, or her shorts… impossibly short. She is a big advocate of wearing as little as possible, which keeps her skin tanned, and draws a fair amount of attention. Her black hair is long and curled naturally, which she usually leaves down. All the more reason to wear loose weave shirts when it’s hot.

Niema also enjoys modeling clothes and altering them to suit her rather strange tastes. That is, she’ll cut them to be as revealing as she’d like them.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Well she got a dragon out of it, so she’s pretty much set. As a weyrbrat, it was pretty much her destiny. She recognizes that it was a terrible time and people died, but that was 2 turns ago. Let’s move on! Be happy, rejoice! They’re on a freaking tropical island! On the more serious note, she would like there to be better food and more space to frolic. And freakin’ Hunters and Snakes. Screw them. She’d love to be a Scout and show them a thing or two about how awesome Dragons are.

Response to dragon color mutations: My my how big and pretty that black dragon is. And how oh so delicious the current weyr leader is. All the more power to a man who can beat out the rest of the Bronzers, who are equally tasty.

Who are you...

Likes: Sunshine, swimming, and being outside. She wants to be out of the weyr tunnels, in the weyr bowl, climbing ledges, or swimming out in the open ocean where stuff doesn’t try to eat her. Pretty boys, strong men, arrogance, and sex. She’s a Green Rider and she will flaunt herself and her Green all the time, any time. So she also loves attention. Oh oh oh please tell her how pretty she is, how much you want to bed her, and if you touch her at the same time then you’re golden. She also loves her pretty dragon and thinks that she is easily the prettiest damn Green in the weyr, and will turn into a fiery beauty if anyone says otherwise.

Dislikes: Prudes and people that tell her to wear more clothes. It’s all based on jealously. She’s only going to be young and pretty for so long, she wants to get her kicks in while she can. She doesn’t like female Blue riders because they’re not right – Blue Riders should be excitable, yummy boys. So she’s generally disappointed when she wakes up next to women.  She also doesn’t like Green Riders who present themselves as competition. She’s the sexiest, her dragon is the prettiest, and everyone should just accept that. Cept maybe the Golds, and that’s only because they’re big and shiny.  She also doesn’t like working really hard. Like should be about fun now that they’ve survived the 9th Pass.


* ENERGETIC : She is young and full of ‘let’s go do everything’. She rarely quits because she’s tired – be it swimming, climbing, or sex.

* FEARLESS : Life is meant to be lived and you’ll be hard pressed to find a Green Rider that embraces this more so. Hunters don’t scare her, her dragon is better than they are. Beach snakes are easily outmaneuvered if one is attentive enough, and Pern is built on fearless, fantastic Riders who face these threats head on. Niema is one of those women.

* FRIENDLY : She loves everyone that loves her, or doesn’t mind her, or who don’t get in her way. It’s only those that directly confront her about something they might perceive as a flaw does it bother her. Then she turns into a fiery woman who is quick to respond and put people in their place.

* FOLLOWER : She takes orders and commands rather well. Duty is all part of being a dragon rider. If she happens to find someone else who does her chores for her, at least they’re getting done right? But she fought thread right alongside the others.

* LOVING : Niema is of the mind that the whole Weyr is one big family. She loves everyone equally, until they prove to be assfaces. Which means she dotes on children that aren’t hers, she listens to others with a sisterly ear ( unless she’s trying to bed them ), and feels like the whole weyr should function that way. Halirina is like… her mother, so she believes in that ultimate authority. Boys are only considered brotherly if they’re obviously homosexual or not interested in her sexually. Doesn’t mean she’s not interested in them, just that she won’t try to bed them. They can still get along and have a good time.


* SLACKER : Chores do not equal duty. Chores just need done by anyone and so she’ll try to get someone else to do them so she can go swimming, or climbing, or hang out in the weyr hall to pick up sexy riders.

* WILD : She’s in that stage of life where she seems to think she’ll live forever and threats are met head on with little regard for the bad stuff that might actually happen.

* NARCISSISTIC : She has the ego the size of a Gold dragon and is relentless in making sure she looks good and is desirable. This creates a lot of concern over herself and more for herself than others in her leisure time. She’s not overly selfish – she will do things for other people, but not at the expense of her looks.

* TEMPER : Just like she’s full of energy, her temper is explosive and often loud. She’ll scream, she’ll throw stuff, and she’ll be wickedly vicious with what she perceives as flaws. It’s not about being right, it’s about getting them to admit what they said was foolish, mean, rude, or unneeded.

* SEX : She will drop anything to get laid, get in trouble for slacking, and skips out on chores. There is nothing more fun for her, and in that, she can often get in trouble for tumbling with people already involved or when she’s doing something else.

Describe Yourself:

* FUN: She just wants to enjoy life, she wants others to enjoy life with them, and they should all just party all the time.

* Physical: She wants to be touched, she wants to touch, and all the better if there are no clothes involved. But she also likes dancing and just lounging on top of people.

* GOLD DIGGER: Pern doesn’t use money, but oh does she love a man in power. Especially if that means she can shirk duties, responsibilities, and all she has to do is cater to said pretty man. She’d be quick to claim them as weyr mate if they’d let her. She wants a privileged life.

* Active: Why are they all moping about? Didn’t they survive the 9th pass? Let’s go out and swim, play, fly!

* Gossip: What is life without talking about other people? Because their entire life revolves around the people in the weyr, she likes talking about them. Not necessarily in a bad way, but she enjoys a good rumor as much as the next.

The Magic Touch: If such a thing exists on Pern, Niema is a border line Nympho. She loooves sex. She loves being with people, being around them, and wearing as little clothing as possible. This woman loves sunbathing naked on the ledges, swimming without clothes, and soaking in the hot springs. However, due to her vanity and fear of what being pregnant might do to her body, she has consistently aborted by going Between.  Something she tries very hard not to draw attention to. This is usually accompanied by a night of heavily drinking to try and forget it.


Mother: Issada, Green Rider, 2546. ( Deceased )
Father: T’rax, Bronze Rider, 2547. ( Deceased )

Siblings: ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN THE WEYR. She actually doesn’t know, but she’s sure that there’s at least 20 people she’s related to.

Tell us a story...

* 2575, 5 Shows a pronounced aptitude for being lazy and manipulating other children to doing things for her so she can go outside and play with the older boys. Loves loves dragons and doesn’t seem to understand they might need their own space.

* 2577, 7 Shoved into the Healer Hall after basic lessons to help out with chores. She rather likes being in there not because she works hard, but because she likes talking to all the hurt/sick people and making them feel better. The Healers don’t actually mind her being there because of this, as she proves to be a sweet, kind hearted bed-side nurse who eagerly fetches water or food to make people more comfortable.

* 2579, 9 Actually lands a gig baby sitting in the Crèche on the recommendation of the Healers which she happily take because that means she gets to have other kids to chores and all she has to do is watch them, feed them, and play with them. She excels in this as much as she did working in the Healer Hall. It’s rapidly apparent she does well working with people and not chores.

* 2582, 12 She’s searched before the clutch hatches, tossed into Candidacy, and impresses to Green Vorloruth like it was all meant to be. In fact, she had spent her entire Candidacy telling the others that she was going to impress to the prettiest Green Pern will have ever seen. That is, when she’s not sleeping with the other Candidates. Being given the ‘go ahead’ to bed people before Impressing was like unleashing a horny tiger on the Weyr.

* 2584, 14 Her first Mating flight is a riot and she absolutely has a fantastic time. It’s won by a Bronzer who she pretty much swoons over. But she’s also eager to fight Thread and show Pern that her and her beauty can hold their own. ( It’s also a great excuse not to have children! )

* 2586, 16 Her sweet Vorloruth sustains massive injuries fighting thread and is out for an entire turn healing the damage to her wing. This doesn’t deter the ladies in the slightest and they push through their recovery beautifully. This has left a massive scar on the wingbones of Vorloruth, and it was and is only with the continued dedication of Niema that the muscles don’t become stuff and hamper her flight ability.

* 2587, 17 Aborts her first baby. It’s a noticeable termination since Vorloruth has been grounded though Niema has still been having sex. She has to go to the Healers Hall for them to get it out of her – they think it’s still born naturally. She doesn’t tell them the truth. It wasn’t far enough along to warrant surgery but it was difficult and painful. She spends several days in the Healer’s Hall because of it.

* 2589, 19 She’s eager to help the new holders explore the island. She’s all for expanding and making more room for people because she wants everyone to be happy.

There was one thing that she adored more than anything else about the fact they’d moved to Southern Winds Weyr. The heat and sun were absolutely perfect. Especially how long the days were! So, because there happen to be no clouds in the sky, Niema had convinced a pretty boy to do her laundry chores and she’d seen fit to find a smooth, flat ledge that was open to the sun. Shedding her clothes and laying out was the absolute best way to spend an afternoon, not coped up in the weyr helping out with drudge tasks.

Somewhere above her, Vorloruth had likewise claimed and space and had fanned out her wings. But rather than closing her eyes and drifting off into a nap like her Rider, Voroluth’s blue gaze searched the skies for any pretty dragons. Perhaps a big, strong Bronze with which to tease so he would try to fly her next. Or a stunning, bright Blue who would compliment her green hide. Or even a cool, calm Brown that she could rile up in a mating frenzy. These thoughts bounced around her mind, teasing her Rider and bringing her out of what had intended to be a nap.

//You’re such a horny beast// Niema teases, stretching out on the ledge before casting an arm over her eyes to shield them from the sun. //Certainly there must be some dragon about to pay attention to your proddy self.// It seemed like Vorloruth was always on the verge of a mating flight, but that could be because Niema herself spent so much time ‘mating’. The act of sex wasn’t really confusing for the Green dragon and she delighted in the attention her Rider received. And liked a bit of it for herself. Any pretty, big boy dragon that wanted to come and coo next to her was certainly welcome. And, maybe, they’d bring along their Rider to keep Niema company. All the better if it was a Bronzer of rank who could pardon both of their dereliction of duties with a good excuse. Because meeting on the ledges outside for a bit of attention and teasing flirtation was a very good reason not to have to do chores.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Sethunya, Halirina, Sevastjan, L'ale, C'ace, Keassa
Inactivity Preference:
Anything Else:
@_@ All the characters!

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Niema [ 2570 9th Pass / Green Rider ]
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2014, 12:05:48 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2582 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 20 meters
Mature Height: 4 meters
Mature Wingspan: 36 meters

General Appearance...

Vorloruth is a deceptively dainty dragon with a lot of stamina and speed. She’s highlighted along the top of her body with a lighter green and splotched with a darker color along her underside. She takes well to the jungle coloration and has a slender frame for a Green. Lean and light, one of the smaller ones in the Weyr, she considers herself a lady with narrow, long wings and lands just as delicately on her hind legs first.  While she may appear rather delicate, she’s a threadfall tested dragon whose slightly larger wings carry her with agility through Falls and Flights alike. She has a thrill for flying having almost lost the ability and a nasty scar on her right wing bone that almost crippled her. It’s imperative she exercise all the time to keep the muscle from becoming stiff.


Mind Voice: She has a calm, silky voice that is prone to a purring, lower tone when she’s pleased or excited.

Likes: Flying – Having almost lost the ability, she will insist she does this regularly. Male Dragons – She’s a lot like her Rider – she loves attention from any male dragon that’ll give it to her.

Dislikes: Other Greens because they’re not as pretty as she is and they’re stealing her attention. She also hates sitting around and can become fearful if she doesn’t get to fly – down right unmanageable then.


* FAST : She’s small, light, and built for speed. She might not be able to last an entire threadfall and she might not be overly strong, but this girl puts out an impressive Flight.

* SWEET : She’s usually pretty nice to just about every dragon and so gets along well with most the weyr. She can even be amicable toward other Greens so long as they don’t try to upstage her.


* SMALL : As far as dragons in Southern Winds go, Vorloruth is actually quite tiny and doesn’t have much weight or strength to go around.

* PRODDY : Given her Rider’s highly sexualized nature, this often rubs off on Vorloruth which can make her a bit of a tease even when she’s not supposed to Fly yet, and sometimes occasionally moody to boot.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(142B07); Text: #(93E66A)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Niema [ 2570 9th Pass / Green Rider ]
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2014, 08:11:51 AM »
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Re: Niema [ 2570 9th Pass / Green Rider ]
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2017, 02:03:43 PM »

Major Events:

- 10.08.2589
Though Berynth catches Vorloruth for the first time on 18.7.2589, the dragons maintain a close flirtation for near a month before their Riders finally get with the program. After a teasing night, K'mar goes to Niema’s weyr ( where his dragon already had been spending time with Vorloruth ) and they get together. This is the start of Niema and K'mar’s relationship.

- 28.08.2589
In the aftermath of the Hunter attack, Vorloruth is severely wounded. K'mar and Berynth are there for Niema when she almost loses her dragon.

- 10.10.2589
Niema goes to relax on the ledges and she meets Colvin for the first time. After a confrontation between V'len and Colvin, in which K'mar takes the candidate to see O'sir, Niema invariably wants to mentor the candidate.

- 08.01.2590
 K'mar misses Vorloruth’s Flight, and it is won by another. They deal with the aftermath and their conflicting feelings – accepting jealousy and their love of one another. There’s a bit of a disagreement between K'mar and V'len.

New Relationships:

- K'mar
No longer a flighty green, Niema is well and truly in love with this Brown Rider. Her dragon, Vorloruth, is also mated to Berynth. Though both rider and dragon are still extremely friendly and flirty, they don’t mean anything by it and won’t be pursuing anyone besides K'mar and Berynth.

- Colvin
Niema she feels responsible for him since becoming his mentor. She wants him to be able to find his place in the world – be it dragon rider or not. Niema is both sweetly flirty and oddly, for her, protective of Colvin.

Important Personality Trait & Why:

- SEX: Though she still very much enjoys sex, and will skip out on chores or have a trumble whenever she can get it, it’s now limited rather exclusively to K'mar. Knowing he’s not a fan of public displays of affection is something she’s always challenging him on. Kissing him in front of other people, pressing against him, and even encouraging him to mess around with her in the hot springs. He’s the focus of her wants now.

- GOLD DIGGER: Vorloruth’s desires for Berynth has tempered this quite a bit, but she’s still very proud of K'mar’s position as Wingsecond and she wants him to continue being so. Not necessarily for the privilege, but because she feels like he can do some good. Needless to say, she is pretty thrilled to be mated to the Wingsecond of Beach.



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