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Author Topic: Is it bedtime yet? [02.06.2590//7.34pm] Oarlen  (Read 220 times)

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Is it bedtime yet? [02.06.2590//7.34pm] Oarlen
« on: May 08, 2017, 07:41:16 AM »
Why did she have to end up with four? Four? Yes, Kyareena loved her little family of flitters, but there really were a lot of flitters to entertain, especially when all she wanted to do was crawl into her furs and sleep. At all other times Kyarsk would help her entertain them, take them off for a walk or flick her tail so they’d follow it, but not tonight. No, tonight flitters need food, Kyarsk needed food, and Kyareena needed food, but the only person who the kitchen staff would allow to collect that rationed food was Kyareena.

Really, it was just unfair.

Sighing as she balanced the various plates and made her way to a table, Kya pushed the plates across and dropped into her seat with the energy of someone who had no energy. Sliding the meat scraps away from her own plate, and moving Kyarsk’s to the floor, all of her little family tucked in to the food around her, and Kya found she was just a little too tired to eat.

Allowing her head to rest on the table for a moment, Kyareena’s black hair falling around her unchecked after she’d taken it out at the baths, she wondered how rude it would be to fall asleep at the table. Just for tonight.

Just a little nap.

Kyarsk nudged a giant gold head against her leg. Replying with an unladylike “nyugh,” Kya shot her Gold wher a dirty look over her shoulder. Unfortunately, given the size of her Gold, who’s head sat level with hers at any given time, including when they were both standing, it was very difficult to argue. Turning back to the table she picked up her fork and scooped it into her mouth with frustrating slowness for anyone who’s mind was working at normal speed.

But tonight, Kya was just a little too tired to care.

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@Kyya love you

Offline Oarlen

Re: Is it bedtime yet? [02.06.2590//7.34pm] Oarlen
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2017, 12:09:20 AM »
Next to baths and hatchings, mealtimes were Oarlen’s favourite time of the day. It didn’t matter that their choices were often limited, food was food. And there was nothing the beat sitting down at the end of the day and having a meal with the rest of the weyr. The chatter was lovely, and it was one of the few times you’d see the huge variety of people waltzing on pass just begging to tell you everything there was to know about them.


He hesitated as he grabbed the plates of food for himself, Freckles, Sweets and Canopy. The scraps of meet not nearly as appetising as what the kitchen staff had managed to produce for the human portion of the weyr. Balancing them with an ease that had only really come about in the last month or so, he glanced at the various tables to figure out where he should sit.

Which is why he almost dropped the plates when he spotted a somewhat familiar gold hide and a fair of flits.

It had been ages since he had seen Kyareena and Kyarsk, the farmer and her bonded much too busy with the increased workload that while great for the weyr as a whole, made for little social time. He quickened his pace as he realised something even more important.

Kyareena still only had one wher.

And now wherhandlers could have two.

“Kya!” He cried out as he got closer, stepping easily around people as they too made their way around the dining hall. He did not bother to note that she was clearly exhausted, only that her Wher and flitters were there and he just had to see her.

The negative part of him refused to accept he would be a dragonrider one day, despite his best attempts at telling everyone (and everything) otherwise. But a Wher. Kyarsk was the first one he had ever met personally. And he’d been told that they bond to most people.

Queen wher’s even bonded to men.

So he may have had a teeny idea that if one day he got too old to stand for the clutches and that niggly part of him managed to be right, Kyareena may just let him approach Kyarsk for a wher egg (or two). He was quite fond of the working beasts, even if he may have had a slight preference for a dragon.

They were bigger.

In any case, he quickly claimed the seat next to his friend, offering Kyarsk a low bow of respect and offering her one of the more choice bits of meat on his plate. “Hello Obi, Courage, Morni and Onor” He chirped as well to each of the Firelizards, though with them eating their own meals, he did not deign to offer them food. Kyarsk was different. She deserved all the gifts.

Scooting on closer to Kya, he spread the plates for his own Firelizards out nearby and made sure they were settled before getting to the really important stuff. Manners aside in light of the question that had been bubbling up inside him ever since he’d found out about a handler being able to have two whers he spoke.

“Are you gonna get another one? It should be blue. So you have one of each.”

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Re: Is it bedtime yet? [02.06.2590//7.34pm] Oarlen
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2017, 10:07:21 PM »
Hearing her name from across the room, the dark haired farmer paused with the fork still in her mouth, eyes blinking as she tried to process the bouncing blond hair heading towards her. All her flitters and Kyarsk managed to process it before she did, each trilling or crooning or huffing at the boy in greeting. Grinning tiredly as the boy sat, her brain finally kicked into gear.

“Hey Oarlen. Freckles, Sweets, Canopy,” she said as she nodded to them in turn. Kya didn’t usually greet flitters by name, it wasn’t really considered hugely important, but Oarlen had always done it for hers and she considered him a good friend. Even if he wanted to become a rider, ugh.

She didn’t manage to get out anymore before he jumped in with the perplexing question. Thankfully, Kyarsk interjected. After finishing her dinner, including the extra gift from the young candidate, she leaned over to put her overlarge head in his lap. Again, given Oarlen’s size, Kyarsk was as big as him, and her head would take up the whole space on his lap, but if Kyareena wasn’t going to give her attention, she knew he would.

The reprieve gave Kya a little more time to eat a few mouthfuls, but still didn’t give her enough time to figure out the question. “Another what?” asked the farmer as she continued to try and figure it out, very, very lost as she was.

Blue? She looked down at her shirt to see it’s colour, not blue, but then again, the ‘one of each’ line didn’t really work for shirts. Blue meant dragonkin usually, and especially flitters and dragons from Oarlen… but she was not getting another flitter. And she would never consider giving up the farmer craft, or Kyarsk, for a dragon. Not that you can really give up a wher. Certainly not a Queen, they were a little too… dominant for that. So, a blue what?

Offline Oarlen

Re: Is it bedtime yet? [02.06.2590//7.34pm] Oarlen
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2017, 07:23:33 PM »
“Don’t take food from Sweets, Canopy. You’ve got yours.” Oarlen chided, giving the green flit a quick tap on her head to stop her from continuing her not so stealthy creep towards Sweets’ platter of food. The blue gave a greatful chirp and shifted so his tailend was closer to the green than his head, continuing to nibble delicately at his food while she scoffed it in a most unladylike manner. Freckles ate more sensibly, chirruping between bites of food to any who happened to look his way.

His face lit up as Kyarsk finished her meal only to put her head in his lap, delighted with the affection she showed and offering a hand to her head to give her a steady scratching while he ate his meal with the other. He may not be bonded to the golden beast, but that didn’t mean he was going to let her down, and despite the weight pinning him to his spot, he found himself practically bouncing with the excitement of it all.

He paused before responding, struggling to swallow the rather large spoonful of food from his plate and needing a quick sip from his cup before he could answer. “A wher of course. You can get two now didn’t you know.” He had barely finished the sentence before he gasped, removing his hand from Kyarsk’s head with such speed one may think the wher had bitten him.

Both hands on the table now, he tucked his head under to look at the gold, frowning as he returned his attention to Kyareena. “She’s had a run, hasn’t she? How long ‘til she lays her eggs?” Another not-so-pause before his eyes widened as the proverbial penny dropped. “Are you waiting for her clutch to get another one?”


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