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Author Topic: Laimora [07.03.2564/Blue Daraneth]  (Read 1444 times)

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Laimora [07.03.2564/Blue Daraneth]
« on: May 09, 2017, 11:39:25 AM »

Play By:
Anne Hathaway

Lay - MORE - ah
Mora, Lameylamepants reserved for closer friends
Date of Birth:
07.03.2564 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Beach Wingrider
None currently.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: She wears the most charming of smiles to disarm the more foolish folk, but the mischievous gleam in her eye hints at something a little more eccentric and temperamental beneath the good girl guise. Sometimes her silliness shows in her mannerisms- literally flouncing across the weyrbowl, drawing laughter from the young crechelings. Other times it’s in the uplifted turn of her lips, or the subtle measuring draw of her brows, as she assesses you for future joke-potential. Laimora is energetic in manner and emotion, her face bright and radiant with whatever positive feeling might be crossing her psyche.

She dresses, when not performing her duties to her Wing and Weyr, with a sort of casual love for the hot summery sun of the island. Long flowing blouses, loose-fitting trousers, belts made of soft fabric- in plain colours, but decorated with some personal touches. As she burns easily in Rukbat’s rays, Mora indulges in ridiculous headgear (quite often makeshift), much to the delight of onlookers. When she is performing wing duties, the only notable accessory is an elegant white scarf- a gift from her mother- along with the usual protective wherhide gear in muted, mundane shades of tan.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Do not mourn those who go into the cold Between, only those left behind to remember them. The hardships that everyone endured- holder, crafter and rider alike cost every individual. Courage. Sacrifice. Death. When the world faces a crisis, everyone pulls their weight for better or worse. We are all the same.

Laimora might look back on the catastrophe and the increase of Threadfall, and wax poetical, but she hurts on the inside. She hates that her father died to save them, just as she hates that her home collapsed, and that she too must fight. But it is a secret hate, one that she does not even wish to share with Daraneth. He knows to leave well enough alone.

Response to dragon color mutations: After everything that’s happened, maybe these new dragons are just what Pern needs to return to its former glory? Or maybe they’re harbingers of greater despair. When you have nothing, everything is a blessing, right? Laimora is perfectly content with the new dragons and their riders. Her worries include not dying and ensuring other people are also not dead. And everyone knows dragons don’t eat people. Right?!

Who are you...

Snow; as much as she loves sunshine, and warm, tropical waters, Laimora harbours a fondness for snow and cold and high mountains and jagged horizons and dark, grey sceneries.

Impromptu musical sessions; not that she can sing, but caterwauling to an old ditty whilst indulging in some hard-to-find alcohol? More please.

The thrill of the chase; as long as Laimora is in control of the situation, she loves turning on the charm in the hopes of getting something more out of her companion. It’s innocent, it’s sweet, it’s fun and it’s… well… pleasurable, too, if it’s successful. What’s not to love?

Relentless flirting; casual teasing here and there? Yes please. Playful banter? Mmm, delicious. But given her unwillingness to be emotionally vulnerable, someone who tries to break down her walls tends to just… annoy her.

Sourfruit; why, oh why, would anybody want to eat that? It’s just… ewww, look at your face!

Certain injures; in particular the ones where people have broken bones that have pierced the skin. That’s just… that’s just not right, you know? Bones stay inside the body. Blood and guts are fine. Bones- no.


* DEPENDABLE : Even in crises, Laimora keeps a steady head on her shoulders. For some reason, panic and fear helps her focus. She may be feeling utterly terrified deep down, but that emotion hits a well-adjusted shell, and becomes unquellable energy that the Bluerider uses to help and direct and organise.

* POSITIVE : Whilst she may not necessarily be optimistic about things- bad things happen, and only a fool would not consider those possibilities- Laimora is the kind of person to make the best of a terrible situation. She’ll spin it on its head, always looking for the silver lining, always striving to move forwards and encourage others to do likewise. She typically likes to approach things with a sensible, if sunny attitude. It just makes the dull day-to-day survival… fun, y’know?

* IMAGINATIVE : And perhaps, creative too- but in the sense that she lets herself welcome new ideas, and tries to think outside of the box when it comes to problem-solving. She can entertain children endlessly with made-up stories, although she doesn’t have a lick of sense when it comes to feasibility.

* CARING : Those who suffer may find in Laimora a warm recipient to their struggles. Due to her inner emotional resilience, she is more than willing to shoulder other people’s burdens, and will volunteer herself as a confidant to those who need it most. Occasionally she’ll sit at sickbeds and listen, or talk if that is what’s needed most at the time. She is deeply intuitive and empathic, masking her own pain with the pain of others.

* ENERGETIC : If something’s not being done and it can be done, she’ll probably go do it. Even if it’s not hers to do. There’s no standing still for someone who’s well and ready to face the world. Laimora doesn’t really come with an off-switch.


* GUILLIBLE : Although Laimora believes she that she is a good judge of character, she is quite easily fooled, too, and taken in by shows of kindness and emotion.

* FEARFUL : Deeply hidden at the bottom of her heart lingers the unspoken fear that everybody she knows and loves will be taken from her. She is terrified of death- Daraneth’s more than anyone else’s, although her mother is a close second. Her own mortality is a given fact, but the eventual passing of others is deeply upsetting and not something that she can handle very well.

* UNRELENTING : Sometimes people have had their fill of Laimora for the day. She does not necessarily get the hint, and she can be… a bit much. But a gentle shove out of the door will teach her. It’s just not a lesson she remembers well.

* FOOLHARDY : In life and death situations where another may be saved at personal cost, Laimora is more than willing to throw herself into the fray. She disregards personal safety not out of some silly idea of martyrdom, but only because she expects other people would do the same for her. Who wouldn’t risk their lives for another, right?

* BLUNT : Mora does not often sugar-coat her words, nor is she necessarily tactful (unless the situation is one dictated by social tradition). But at least she is honest, and she’s usually polite about it when she tells you that your idea is stupid.

Describe Yourself:

* Affable: ----- Kind, easy to talk to and generally a pleasant conversationalist. Laimora is social and does not struggle to make friends.

* Eccentric: ----- With a zany, often inappropriate sense of humour (who spiked the punch at that Wingsecond’s wake), this Bluerider is often described as ‘not quite all there’. She uses her eccentricity to deal with the monotony of life and death, and as a way to enjoy herself in an otherwise heavily scarred world.

* Charming: ----- Because she is a flirt, deep down. Although she fears becoming too close or too attached to someone, she does not hesitate to take pleasure in brief courtship and encounters. Her words are honeyed with the intent of attracting friends and lovers.

* Proud: ----- Proud of herself, her achievements, her work and her dragon. Laimora is, for the most part, a dignified woman with a bubbly sense of humour and an approachable nature. She doesn’t let the world bring her down, as much as she thinks it wants to. And of this, she is more proud than anything.

* Emotionally stunted: ----- Laimora is very practiced at the whole happy-gamut. She’s well trained at smiling, reciprocating compliments, being almost sickeningly positive when things take a grim turn. But she is incapable of allowing herself to feel pain or sadness, and her grief, buried deep, is a sort of sour knot that she rarely touches. Daraneth is keenly aware of this absence, and perhaps drawn to help her through her pain by other means (such as distraction, or humour).

The Magic Touch: She likes to make merry in every sense of the word. She might be a hedonist, but she does her best to be responsible about it. She is drawn to women more so than men, whom as a whole she finds a little difficult to deal with and quite abrasive to boot.


Mother: Talaila - Weyrfolk; Cook - 14.01.2542
A kind woman, mother to all those who need her, confidante and cook in equal measure. Talaila and Laimora get along famously.
Father: D’mor (formerly Damor) - Brownrider to Ilzanath (Impressed 2551) - 2534-2568
Although D’mor never had much time for his daughter, she respected and admired him from afar. She’s always been rather keen on Ilzanath, who may have harboured a small fondness for the young girl.

Siblings: Open to change and adoption

Half-sister: Taruhi - Apprentice Harper - xx.xx.2569
Talaila’s second child and daughter, Taruhi was raised with as much love and care as Laimora received, although born at Fort Weyr and not High Reaches. The half-sisters are on good-terms.

Half-brother: Talsikan - Apprentice Smith - xx.xx.2574
Talaila’s only son is a strong, strapping boy who was ushered into a life of physical labour due to his build. He is quiet and softly-spoken, and despite having very little interaction with his sisters he is on good terms with them.

Half-sister: Danasta - Greenrider to Feysiath (Impressed 2569) - xx.xx.2554
First daughter of D’mor, Danasta has only a passing knowledge of the fact that she has half-siblings, and has no face for the name that gossip dropped around the time of Mora’s birth.

Half-brother: M’ord (formerly Mordran) - Bronzerider to Xelkiarth (Impressed 2569) - xx.xx.2550
Son of D’mor, born before the man Impressed, M’ord is a conscientious and ambitious fellow who keeps tabs on all of his relatives. He is perfectly aware of the existence of all of Talaila’s children, but has not revealed himself to any of them, including Laimora or Danasta.

2581 - Miscarried at 3 months

Tell us a story...

* 2564, 0-1 Born as the last of the winter snow turned to ice to one of the most loving people on Pern: Talaila, a cook come creche nanny. D’mor may not have had time for his daughter, but Laimora never lacked for love. Her mother was sweet, effervescent and made time for everyone.

* 2568 - 4 It was a desperately difficult Fall. Laimora was more and more aware of the difficult situation facing Pern. Her mother told her about her father, about his courage and his bravery. She took to waiting by the entrance to the weyrbowl, watching for the emerging dragons as they returned from duty. Ilzanath was distinctly beautiful- an unusual glow in his honey-streaked chest and wings. One day the pair did not return. The little girl waited and waited, until her heart turned cold with realisation. Neither were coming back. The faces of the High Reaches riders mirrored her own anguish, although hers was kept secret and hidden. More and more of their numbers were lost. High Reaches was untenable.

* 2568 - 4 The High Reaches folk were shifted to Fort Weyr, shortly after Fall which claimed her father. The young girl was heartbroken to leave her little world behind, but Fort Weyr was bustling with life. It was a new experience, and the change had a positive impact on her health. Instead of closing up and refusing to speak, she embraced the opportunity to become someone else. Laimora may not have understood the repercussions of the events that were taking place

* 2573 - 9 Lessons were fun, and even if Laimora was not the brightest tool in the shed, her enthusiasm turned her into a favourite amongst the Harpers. She was not musically-inclined, much to their dismay, for her charisma and friendliness would have made her a good candidate for their Craft. But they recommended her to the Healercraft, due to her innate nurturing ability. Though the world outside was being devastated, she persisted in bringing smiles to the other children’s faces.

* 2576 - 12 Talaila is delighted that her daughter was so open and affectionate, although surprised by the covetous looks she shot the other girls (was it envy, she wondered). Laimora assisted in the infirmary, a capable assistant if a little squeamish at times. She learned to overcome the revulsion by any means necessary, and she did so by wearing the biggest smile on her face. It wasn’t always the best response when a person was screaming in pain, and perhaps that’s why people thought she was a little bit weird.

* 2580 - 16 Progress and improvement- Laimora showed initiative, even if she wasn’t necessarily skilled at practicing medicine. Her bedside manner was flawless, her diagnosing was lacklustre, her triage skills far above par. She was shifted to emergency medical services, and worked tirelessly during Fall to provide relief to those in need. Death was everywhere, but it hardened her more and more with every passing keen and every sobbing head pressed against her shoulder.

* 2581 - 17 Shortly after the end of another Fall, she was approached by a man and his Blue Dinaeth, a cautious, shy dragon she had come to know just candlemarks earlier after Thread had glanced his wing. It was the dragon who spoke at first, thanking her for her work. The man, S’lan, cocked his head and asked her to Stand for Kalestath’s clutch. An odd feeling overcame her as she considered the possibility. To be a rider, to risk everything... If her father could be a rider, surely she could be on too? She was brave. She knew how to fight and how to help people. That’s what dragons looked for, right?

She said yes.

There was the... ‘issue’ of sex. Troubling as her desires had been in the past, Mora knew she needed to overcome that if she were to be allowed to Stand on the day of the hatching. Though deep down, some part of her knew that S’lan- and the other men whom had approached her with intent of courting her in the past- were not quite… well, right. But S’lan was a friend- had been a friend before he Impressed- and she cared for him as much as she did any other friend.

It was gentle, and not wholly unpleasant, but it did feel a little strange at the time. It took her about a month to realise that her monthlies were late. Coupled with her mild and daily sickness, Mora realised that she was pregnant. She didn’t often turn to her mother for advice- so sure of her path and independence, that her mother had become a friend instead of a guide- but at that moment in time she needed nothing more than those familiar, comforting arms around her. It was going to be okay. No matter what, Talaila would always be there for her.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Some three months later, Laimora felt incredible pain and miscarried. She lay in the infirmary bed staring at the cavern walls, wondering if this was for the best. If not having children meant she didn’t have so much to lose. Or did she miss out on the best love of all? The love between parent and child? She wasn’t sure whether to mourn or rejoice, but nevertheless she could stand once again, and clearer than ever she saw a path to helping people that ranged beyond her medical scope.

Over the following Turns, she avoided engaging with men and turned to women for her sexual needs. The experiences showed her that sex was not an uncomfortable experience, and developed a sort of youthful eagerness that accompanies her still to this day.

* 2585 - 21 Imyth's clutch wobbled on the sands. People looked on, some eager and hopeful, others wearing the resigned look of people afraid of starvation but needing draconic protection. Times were hard, and everyone felt the pinch. Pern was being made barren despite their best efforts.

It was a sizeable clutch, and Mora watched with a grin as each dragon emerged onto the warm sands, creeling until they crooned with the pleasure of bonding. There was no fear of not being deemed worthy, only a quiet confidence that, no matter what, she would do her best.

Would you really? A voice, as cool and as lilting as water, entered her mind, lifting a fog she had never known was there.

“Y-yes.” And though the word trembled as it left her lips, it was not fear, but awe that caused her stare wide-eyed at the beautiful dusky creature that had snuck up on her.

Well now… Daraneth supposes that that is satisfactory. But not as good as food, MoraMine. Look sharp. And with what would become his usual fervour, he butted her gently into a more dignified position. No rider of his would be caught slouching, no siree.

Laimora’s face broke into a grin as she cupped the wobbly, oversized head and stared into those rainbow eyes. She had never realised what her life was missing until that moment- but it all made sense. Like floodgates being open, emotion well up inside of her and she bit her bottom lip to keep the tears from falling unchecked. “Daraneth…” She uttered, more to convince herself of this new reality than to let her neighbours know. If there was such a thing as magic, it was them, it was there, it was whatever created Impression and bound two souls together.

* 2587 - 23 Weyrling training went… sort of smoothly. Daraneth had a big mouth to go with that big body of his. Not in the worst possible way- oh, neither of them tolerated criticism towards them or their sisters (he was especially protective of his greens, which Mora found strange). He was complimentary, if roguish and somewhat presumptuous. She realised, as they grew together, that they were more alike than she had ever thought possible. Some riders were opposites of their dragon. He was a counterpoint to her emotional fragility- he lent her strength and courage when her own failed. Together, the future seemed brighter, even as the Red Star faded on the horizon leaving nothing but shadows and ash in its wake.

The leaders of Fort were in the process of organising the move. As an able-bodied and recently graduated rider, Laimora was determined to prove her worth to her peers. She ferried people until she couldn’t keep her eyes open, then basked in the warmth of the summer sun until she and Daraneth could resume their work.

The first clutch- Southern Winds Weyr’s very first- yielded a strange, dark dragon, and Mora reached out to Daraneth as Neisoth took his first tentative steps on the sands. Was it an omen? They didn’t share in words what they knew in their heart: it would work out. As long as they had each other, it would work out.

* 2590 - 26 Between new wing duties and new dragons, Mora and Daraneth had plenty to captivate their attention and energy. In the first month of the Turn, a serious snake attack left many injured, and claimed the lives of a number of folk, including the Wingsecond of Beach Wing. It was yet another reminder of Pern’s cruelty, although in the midst of crisis it just seemed like another fact of life.

Mounting tensions between riders and the other folk could not be dissipated with smiles alone, and Laimora felt torn. Riders had lost their lives. Crafters and holders, too, and their families had been torn apart. They had no dragons to protect them, either. The whole situation was a mess.

She was rather vocal in her disapproval of the Weyrleadership’s decision to withdraw protection from those who were more adventurous. Though simmering at the thought of not being able to provide assistance to those in need, and being forced into light fishing duty (which, let’s face it, was a bit of a joke when paired with Daraneth- half the battle was getting him not to eat their catches), Mora gritted her teeth and bore it. With some well-meaning advice from her Wingleader, M’rek, and Daraneth’s gentle platitudes that we will soon be able to help, just you see, she reined in her desire to go against the Weyr’s new rules.

With life slowly returning to normal, Mora has regained some of her usual good humour, and is more than happy to assist with whatever needs to be done.

Roleplay sample:

Listen, do you hear that?

Is it the sound of you destroying this beautiful moment with your incessant chatter?

Darling, please. Don’t be rude to me. She swatted at him playfully, and he huffed, moving his head away.

No, I hear it. Sounds like a damsel in distress. Crying?

From somewhere within that copse of trees… The willowy woman turned from her post near the water shallows, staring at the far-off trees and straining her ears. Lend me your eyes Darling. She closed her own eyes, feeling for the invisible bond between them, and opened them again to see further than before. Sharing dragon-vision was strange, but incredibly helpful. The melding of minds, whilst delicate, made them stronger.

An injured woman, bleeding, supporting herself against a tree.

She’s not far…

Go. I’ll watch from him.

And so the rider sprinted. She didn’t need telling twice to render assistance. There was a little voice, in the back of her mind, that told her to use caution- whatever had injured the poor woman might still be around. But she knew Daraneth would be up and by her side in a wingbeat- he was fast and furious when he sensed danger, and his instincts were sharp.

The treeline provided shade that may have cooled her head, for as she sighted the woman, she also saw exactly what was frightening her.

The wherry was young, yes, but aggressive and frenzied. Her hand reached for the small blade at her hip, and Mora squared her shoulders, ready to tackle the beast to the ground. Behind her, almost imperceptible to her adrenaline-filled brain, was the rush of wings taking off and a dragon sweeping in.

Skin was pierced, and her dagger made contact. There was a sharp, fiery rush of pain in her shoulder, but she bore down on the creature, raising and stabbing without notions of fear or mercy. Roars and screams filled her ears, but consumed as she was by her single-minded intent, the sound seemed so very far away.

An angry beak snapped at her, and she darted backwards, bumping into  a large blue head. The red haze left her vision as Daraneth’s comforting breath warmed her, and Mora realised that the bird had been in its death throes.

Trembling as the energy deserted her, she turned to the nearby woman, glancing towards the seeping wound across her chest. “Can you move?” Breathless and husky, Mora found herself almost surprised by the lack of clear headedness.

Just breathe. I think you are in pain but forgetting to feel it.

Thanks. She couldn’t keep the hint of sarcasm from her voice, but the dragon rumbled nonetheless.

The woman stammered a yes, and the three of them moved back to the shore, Mora issuing instructions to press wads of cloth against the wound until Daraneth made successful contact with another dragonriding pair. It was not as though Laimora was unequipped to do so, but she didn’t trust her hands not to shake.

At least I will not go hungry tonight. The deep, rumbly laughter brought a smile to her face even as the pain radiated through her body in waves.

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Created By:
Other Characters:
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Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable, kill them or fade them out, as would most benefit the site.
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Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit: Red
Dragon Details

Dah - rah - NEHTH
Date of Birth:
2585 9th Pass
Place of Birth: Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Gold Imyth
Clutch Father:
Bronze Jenrath
Mature Length: 28m
Mature Height: 6m
Mature Wingspan: 50m

General Appearance...

The day he broke the shell, Daraneth was awkward and gangly, all limbs and loose skin. Big, the weyrlingmasters had told his rider. He would be big. His hide was a beautiful, uniform dusky purple, though as he grew and the baths and oilings increased, his odd-patterned sparkles became more and more apparent. They dot his limbs, body and wings- and it has earnt him the affectionate nickname of ‘Sir Sparkles Glitter’.

His stomach was bottomless for all intents and purposes of ever finishing a feeding on time. He put on weight, which then had to be turned to muscle with rigorous exercise. Though he may have been chubby as a young dragon, he has grown into his body and is a fine, if slightly slow, fighter. His endurance is remarkable for a blue, and his agility is impressive for one his size.



Mind Voice: Cool and liquidy, like a refreshing pool on a summer’s day. He possesses roguish charm (or at least he tries to act like he does), which adds a sort of gruff drawl when he attempts to flirt. His laughter is deep and rumbly, coming ‘from the belly’ as is the expression. When angered, his voice grows quiet, with an intensity akin to storms.

Cake; though rarely given the opportunity to indulge in his sweet tooth, he discovered his passion for baked goods after an early venture into the dining cavern. Did I mention he was chubby once?

Hide and Seek; which he prefers to play in sand dunes, and with crechelings or his riders. Other dragons just aren’t as fun as squealing kiddies.

Drunkenness; it bothers him that sometimes Mora can’t even walk straight. What is the point of that? Plus it always makes her feel ill afterwards. Can’t be good to be that muddled.

Having to share food; food is so personal. And his food is especially so. No, he won’t share a kill. He might help you kill it, but only after he is full and doesn’t want anymore.

Strengths: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* NOBLE : Will put his needs last to provide assistance to his friends and comrades. This is especially true for Mora, whom he values more than anything or anyone else in the world.

* LOVING : He is incredibly affectionate towards female dragons, from Reds to Golds (although they are awe-inspiring and occasionally scary). If there is something he can do to get closer to them, he will do it. No questions asked.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* POSSESSIVE : His food. His women. Nobody else’s!

* RECKLESS : Will not cease duty unless Laimora persuades him to do so. He doesn’t think he has physical limits.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #635ec9; Text: #a3a0ea
HTML Notation Colors: 3e4288, a3a0ea, 635ec9

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Anything Else:

Super cute and affectionate. <3 Come make friends with this lovable lump!
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Re: Laimora [07.03.2564/Blue Daraneth]
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Re: Laimora [07.03.2564/Blue Daraneth]
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Re: Laimora [07.03.2564/Blue Daraneth]
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Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

THAH - lie - ah
Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Blotched and watery, this greens hide looks like the watercolour paintings that the harper artists use. Not the smallest green that will be, at fully grown she'll top out of 0.6m long, but will never develop much muscle mass, staying long and skinny.


Mind Voice: Soft and sweet, a little high pitched, she'll be happy enough to communicate by all three techniques, vocally, mentally and emotionally. Her mental images will be tinged with brightness, happiness, the image will have a positive spin regardless of the content.

* DARANETH - No man will ever live up to Daraneth's high standards, and as much as she will be a hit with all she meets, her heart with be forever with the blue.
* CUDDLES - She won't want to leave Laimora's sight, and will love to be curled up beside her or Daraneth at night.
* COMPANY - A typical sweetheart, this green will enjoy giving and receiving attention, having a nice conversation, and being able to be happy.

* STORMS - They're big, scary, loud and she's afraid that she'll get swept away with the gusts of wind that come with it.
* THE HEALER HALL - So many people are sad and in pain, and it just smells like unhappiness to her.
* CONFLICT - She would prefer to cower away in a corner than to listen and deal with conflict, especially when it concerns Laimora and Daraneth.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.
She will fly on the 25/06 and is/is not a force catch.

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