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Author Topic: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!  (Read 1217 times)

Offline Spiffy

The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« on: May 10, 2017, 09:04:14 PM »
Everyone else seems to be doing an about me section so I guess I'll fill this in with that eventually >.> here we go!

I is Spiffy. I'm 24, Bio grad, English by birth but now living in Australia as of late 2014. I spend most of my time either at work, slobbing around the house poking at SWW, or going on long drives into the mountains with my partner on the weekends. I also occasionally game, tending toward single player plot driven games such as Unchartered and Asassin's Creed, though I've finally gotten around to playing Skyrim this year too. I like reading, have read many of the DRoP books but most of that was years ago. I tend to read online more now, currently well stuck-in to Unsounded (webcomic), Dragonchoice 3 and the Red Lantern universe by Rukis on Furaffinity (it's furry stuff but idgaf because they're good stories). I love reptiles, particularly snakes, and am currently building myself a fancy looking rock BG for a viv which I should hopefully soon be putting a Stimson's python in (I can't wait :happy:).

I can be a bit scatty with posts and tend to lurk more than a write, so please bear with me. I try to keep my tracker updated so that I don't forget about any owed posts, but my muses are fickle and there are several other things I should be doing with my time too.
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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2017, 09:08:56 PM »

J'hal of black Lesserath, 23, Weyrling
There's a fire inside of this heart
And a riot about to explode into flames
About: J'hal likes to act tough, but we all know he's a softie really. He's antisocial but ultimately lonely, having lost contact with those he considered to be family after the move to Southern Winds. He's since Impressed to black Lesserath, further isolating him from many of the Weyrfolk who hold to more traditional views.

Lesserath himself is a bit pessimistic where bronzes and Jungle riders are concerned, but is of an age where he's interacting with others more and is more open-minded than J'hal. He doesn't, however, take insults to himself, his rider or black dragons in general well at all. Though he likes to think he's the more rational of the two of them, he's as likely to fly off the bat as J'hal is, especially when J'hal is riled up also.

Wanted: J'hal needs some guy friends to do guy stuff with. I'm also always open to having someone piss him off, it's about time he got some actual IC consequences coming his way, he's been too good recently. Anything with the other Weyrlings in his class, or other Weyrlings in general, is cool. He was an orphan back at Fort, living on the 'street' as it were, so people he might know from back then would be awesomesauce. I'm not looking for any romance with him for now, being a Weyrling, but might be open to someone picking up his ex Sayel at some point, just to torment him, because that's always fun.

Warnings: He's outwardly homophobic and unafraid to be scornful, probably moreso than most because he's inwardly struggling with his own sexuality. That said, he's a Weyrling and wouldn't jeopardise Lesserath's wellbeing for the world, so he's not going to be acting on anything for a while yet. He's only just gotten around to even having 'the talk' with Lessy. He is, however, currently rather attached to Haithen.

The associates
Haithen, acquaintance friend, weyrling of another class. They're totally gonna be all the cuteness one day <3
Sayel, ex long-term partner. He harbours a lot of resentment for their split, but can't escape the fact that he cared a lot about her and still kinda does.
S'bok, past rival turned Weyrleader, fellow blackrider. They still hate each other, but I shall conspire to throw them together... regularly.
Erieen, past rival, not friendly in the least, mainly because J'hal's a bit of a homophobe.
R'sin, arrogant bronzeriding asshole who seems to hate black riders, and for that J'hal hates him back, but he's giving them extra lessons to get Lesserath flying earlier, so for now at least he's putting up with him.
X'kis, Weyrsecond who's helping him train his firelizard to Mountain standard.
M'lan, fellow weyrling blackrider, they gripe at each other occasionally.
T'veck, fellow weyrling blackrider, they gripe at each other occasionally.
A'srian, in the same weyrling class but rides bronze, so J'hal's not sure about him.
Fisk, Journeyman Fisher who had to watch him untie knots once.
Droissa, candidate he shares firelizard training sessions with.
Rinokan, candidate who cam pestering him with questions about blacks once.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

J'thir of bronze Adakhanyth, 40, Jungle Wingrider
This will never end 'cause I want more
More, give me more
Give me more

About: J'thir is a middle-aged career bronzerider. He's been in and out of the Weyrsecond position for the last 20 turns, as Adakhanyth is rather good at catching Junior Golds, but since the move to SWW hasn't had any rank to speak of. He's understandably a pit pissed about this, but he's biding his time, waiting for either a step up to Wingleader of Jungle Wing (should yet another Jungle 'Leader perish) or Adakhanyth to eventually win another Gold flight. He is beginning to get a bit impatient on both fronts, however. He's a supporter of B'ron regaining the Weyrleadership, a position he doesn't want for himself as it garners too much criticism, and also rather critical of S'bok, though at least he doesn't outright hate the kid. He did fuck up his first turn as Weyrsecond, after all.

Laid back and self-assured, Adakhanyth knows he's shit hot and doesn't feel the need to shout about it. He's not infallible, of course, but he likes to think he is. He likes children and Weyrlings and bathing in Fort Island's warm waters.

Wanted: Everything, really. He's sworn off of getting himself romantically attached to a woman again since the death of his wife and daughter, but he wouldn't be all that opposed to someone attaching themselves to him as long as they were clear with the situation; If Ada catches a gold, she's out on her arse. I need to get him involved in Jungle Wing stuff too. Also he has a brownrider brother if anyone wants to take him up.

Warnings: He can be a little ruthless in his pursuits, and more than likely displaced a few bronzeriders from Weyrsecond himself, but he tries not to make negative diplomatic relationships with others.

Acquaintances: B'ron - As Weyrsecond for a long time, J'thir has developed a good working relationship with the former Weyrleader. They often drink together, complain about the way the world is going, and discuss removing S'bok from power.
Eimerra - Adakhanyth won Imyth's first two Flights, so was Eimerra's Weyrmate for two turns. He sired her child which unfortunately miscarried.
Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Arrobella, 38?, Goldhandler
I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain
I'm coming on like a hurricane
About: Bella is a little lady with a LOT of attitude. She's bratty, scatty, and utterly ruthless. She cares only for herself and her wher, and is haunted daily by the ghost of her dead husband. She will not only watch the world burn, but would probably light the fuse for good measure. She gets her kicks from baking pies, brewing bad alcohol, and watching/starting fights. If drama is brewing somewhere, she'll be neck deep in it. She does not make friends, as such, but there are people that she definitely finds more interesting to interact with than others, whether because they've done something that she considers worthy of her respect or because they're fun to torment.

You'd best stay well clear of Arrobesk. She likes no-one but her Bella, not even whichever wher is her mate at the time. Arro is territorial and aggressive, with a penchant for violence that has Bella keeping her on a very tight leash... most of the time. She's only un-muzzled in the company of her handler, and usually only when necessary. She very much desires to be queen-bee and doesn't take well to other whers threatening her fantasy that this is the case. This is not the case.

Wanted: People who will react well to her brattiness (read: people who react badly). I should also post her with Tavianna and her lot more, since they did business stuff together. And everyone at the Mine Hall. Anyone with whers. Anyone who did questionable stuff at Fort, I'd imagine that more than a few of the little darlings (read: hellspawn) that came from Arro's eggs would have gone to the fighting pits, for a price of course.

Warnings: Bella does not love. She did once, but that time is over. Now she only screws around with people. She retains some loyalty to Tavianna for giving her Arrobesk's egg, but that's about it.

Tavianna Afetr teh death of her husband, Bella came begging to Tavianna for a wher egg, at the price of recovering some goods for her. They worked together distributing wher eggs at Fort Hold too.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2017, 09:10:46 PM »
Active Threads

J'hal and Lesserath
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Prevention is the Best Cure || Private || X'kis and Droissa || 17.6.2590 8PM
Drills, Drills, Drills || Lesson || Kalestath 2589 Class || 10.8.2590 1PM
Port in a Storm || Private || Haithen || 13.08.2590 8.45PM
Competition Can be Fun! || Private || R'eso || 20.8.2590 7.15AM
Changing Bandages | Private || Sayel || 29.8.2590 4PM

J'thir and Adakhanyth
Let off Some Steam || Private || B'ron || 2.4.2590 8PM
A Little Bit of Drama || Flight || 20.7.2590 4AM
The Death Keen || Event || 1.8.2590 2PM

Bella and Arrobesk
Nothing to Give || Private || Tavianna || 6.7.2581 9PM
Pie Face || Private || Paylae || 6.4.2590 11AM
I Challenge You to Challenge Me || Wher Run Event || 7.8.2590 9PM

Completed/Inactive Threads

Spoiler for J'hal and Lesserath:
You're Doing it Wrong || Private || Kiila || 4.2.2584 8PM
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Still Not Tired || Open || T'veck || 13.8.2589 11.30PM
Show Me || Private || Pryndel || 14.8.2589 3.30PM
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Is it so Unfair? || Private || S'bok || 2.4.2590 11PM
Wear Your Bruises with Pride || Private || M'lan + T'veck || 3.4.2590 8.30PM
A Weyrling's First Steps || Lesson || Weyrlings || 10.5.2590 8AM
The Eggs! || Flitter Hatching || 9.6.2590 8PM
Behind Rainbow Eyes || Private || Laimora || 15.6.2590 12.30PM
Déjà Vu || Kalestath's Hatching || 34.6.2590 10PM
Remember What You Were Taught? || Hatchling Feeding || 34.6.2590 10PM
The Death Keen || Event || 1.8.2590 2PM
Unexpected Meeting || Private || Sayel || 13.8.2590 8.30PM

Spoiler for J'thir and Adakhanyth:
It Could be Worse || Private || Eimerra || 23.7.2581 7PM
Like the Pinwheels of Your Mind || Gold Flight || 7.4.2590 4.30AM

Spoiler for Bella and Arrobesk:
Let's Start a Riot || Event || 2.4.2590 12 PM
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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2017, 09:11:16 PM »
Planned Threads

J'hal and Lesserath
All the Haithen threads :3 Because Haaaaaiiiiiiithen
Thread with [{Nalata}} somewhere.
Approaching T'vil at lunch.
LOTS with Sayel :3

J'thir and Adakhanyth
Y'vis and he talk about who will become the next Jungle Wingleader.

Bella and Arrobesk
Egg discussions with Nycolus after his bronze catches Arro.

Potential New Character Ideas

(because we all like to play with WIPs now and again).

Finish off Danaera and Sydilenth.
Bring Shea back. Get new arts for him.
Ex-peacekeeper who lost his brown wher and re-bonded his late friend/lovers green. May or man not be highly tempted to make him Notkerric's brother Thoridan if lace doesn't think the concept is too far out.

Spoiler for Thoridan:


Play By:
Toby Stephens

Thori to most, Dan/Danny to those close to him
Date of Birth:
23.02.2553 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:
Arinada - Wife

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Thoridan has been a peacekeeper for long enough that he’s fully accustomed to wearing the leather armour that forms their uniform, but he still carries a slight windswept look from his days among the Fishercraft. He's tried to distance himself from the scruffier, loose-fitting clothes that he’d have worn around the fishers and his early days as a Peacekeeper, instead wearing more sombre and fashionable attire. He’s usually sporting some sort of reddish stubble, if only because it grows back a few hours after he shaves it off in the morning, if he even bothers with that. His hair is usually of medium length, long enough for him to pull into a small runnertail, but not let to grow long enough to flap around behind him when he does so. It’s a bit of an oddity in that it’s reddish, where the rest of his bloodline is predominantly brown. His forearms have numerous small scars and scratches from days of old working with boats and rigging and fish hooks, with a few larger ones from his wher to complement them: Ridansk had liked to chew once his teeth grew in. He’s of middling build and slightly less than average height.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: With such hard times, family had to come first. He was raised with this dogma from an early age and has tried to live by it even when he would disagree with them. His family did, after all, support him in his darkest of times and get him back on his feet, even if they didn’t condone his actions. That’s what family is for. But his Hold is important to him too. He dreams of reinstating better times to the Hold, of regaining the peace and prosperity his ancestors had before the 9th Pass, making a fresh start on Fort Island out from under the thumb of the Weyr. It may be optimistic, but it carries him through.

Response to dragon color mutations: Honestly, it’s none of his business what the dragonriders are getting up in arms about, as long as it doesn’t affect him he’d rather keep it that way. They're nothing but an oddity that the Weyr is making noise about. If they start popping up in the wher populations… well, then he’ll consider caring about them.

Who are you...

Climbing - As a child he’d often retreat to some quiet ledge up high to read whatever he could get his hands on, away from the raucousness of a large family.  It stood him in good stead in climbing masts and rigging in the early days of his apprenticeship.
Books/Reading - His lover, Ellevan, liked books. By settling down and reading in the quiet hours of the night as they would have done together, he feels just that bit closer to his old lover.
Quiet - It’s peaceful, providing opportunity to relax and/or read.
The Sea - It was perhaps a sense of wanderlust for the open ocean that attracted him to the Fishercraft in the first place, even if his life were to take a different direction eventually. It’s a crying shame to him that Thread had at the time ruled exploring the ocean a deadly fantasy. The ships of old were a sight to behold, but the further he got through his apprenticeship, the less of a desirable future he could see in the Craft. Small fishing vessels just weren’t the same in scope.

Dragonriders - If it weren’t for the bluerider that failed in doing his job, Thoridan wouldn’t have lost Ridansk and Ellevan to Thread. If it weren’t for the riders messing with the Red Star, Pern wouldn’t have gone to shit. If it weren’t for their martial law, imposed upon Holders who should have been autonomous, he’d have had a job for the last two-three turns. The dragonriders have a lot to answer for.
Wher Meat - Since Impressing Ridansk he’s found eating wher meat incredibly distasteful. He’d rather not eat meat at all than come to rely on it. It is, however, a family business of sorts, so he will not make a big issue of it to others. Doesn’t stop him giving his brothers judgemental looks for partaking though.
Inaction - Thoridan likes to be be working toward some greater goal, to better himself and others. Under the Weyr’s thumb, he found himself stagnating and he hated it. With no authority as a Peacekeeper, he was suddenly limited in what he could do to achieve… well, anything. Free handouts weren’t his style, so he threw himself into carving out the new Mine Hall at the earliest opportunity. When the new Hold rises from the ashes of the old he will take great pride in his hands having helped build it.
Corruption - The new Hold is as much his child as his bloodline and he will put as much effort into seeing it set straight. His hands aren’t clean, he’s had to fall back on his family’s dodgy dealings before, out of a sense of desperation after losing Eleven and loyalty to the big brother who took him in at his lowest. If he learned anything from those times, it’s that he doesn’t want to see the new Hold fall to the same low as the old. He honestly hopes that Notkerric will do best by the people of the hold as their new Head Peacekeeper, reforming the ‘Keepers as they should be, not bowing down to pressure from the Gangs looking to reform themselves. He’s not going to make a big public issue about it if he does butt heads with his brother on this, but he’s determined to be the voice of reason on Notkerric’s shoulder nonetheless.


* Patient : Thoridan is a relatively patient man, though when he does reach the end of his rope he can snap rather spectacularly. It’s something that he can suppress however, if doing so is better for achieving whatever outcome he desires… most of the time.

* Strategist : When presented with a problem, Thoridan is the type to take a moment or two to think it through from all possible angles. He doesn’t take a step back to do so, as such, as he will often begin going about doing something about the problem before he’s fully considered it, but he does so slowly and with the expectation that he may abruptly change tack once he’s arrived at the best possible course of action. Thus, it often looks like he just instinctively knew what to do and how to go about it best, but it’s more likely that he’s put a lot of thought into it as he went. Add this to his patience and he’s usually able to play the long game, too.

* Dedicated : Thoridan is one to see a problem through to the end. He doesn’t enjoy leaving something undone or handing it over to someone he feels may not go about it in the same way he would, even if instructed to do so by his superiors. He’ll do what he’s told well enough, he’s had enough respect drilled into him for that, but he won’t like something just because he's told to.

* Discrete : Thoridan doesn’t believe in airing his dirty laundry in public, as it were. Issues should be handled quietly, as his was, which he is glad of. He doesn’t want it colouring people’s opinions of him as he moves on with his life and believes that others should be granted the same courtesy.

* Fair : Though it's his job to uphold the law of the Hold, Thoridan does understand that sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. It won't stop him from taking down someone who has broken the law, particularly if they have caused someone else harm in doing so, but he will take a more understanding stance on punishment and will see what he can do to prevent such things having to happen again. Sometimes, it can be quite a simple fix.


* Closed off : He does not share details (or even vague bits) of his past with just anyone. There are parts of his life that he just does not share with anybody, not even his family. He was an Apprentice Fisher, then he was a Peacekeeper, he did his job and that’s all anyone needs to know.

* Austerity : He’s not into creature comforts, and gets by with the bare minimum, the exception being his small collection of books. They’re rare and hard to come by and are very precious to him. Other than those and his gear, everything else in his quarters was put there by his wife and kids.

* Rage : It’s not that he has a short temper, but there’s an anger bubbling deep beneath the surface, directed at any that he feels are responsible for the great injustice that he’s suffered and that his lover ultimately died from... including himself.

* Haunted : Due to the nature of his relationship (being that it was with another man), Thoridan has had little opportunity to really find consolation in others from the Hold. It being a rather taboo subject, he hasn’t even tried, not even in the Weyr where at least the Weyrfolk would probably lend a sympathetic ear. His family tolerate it, but he wouldn’t burden them with the details even should they ask, because he knows that they don’t truly want to know. Thus, he’s yet to really recover on an emotional level, especially with Ellevask providing a daily reminder of what he’s lost.

* Ellevask : The mind of this green he’s found himself bonded to is as alien to him as a hunter. She did not grow up with him, did not train with him, their only connection is the man that they both loved. It took him a long time to learn how to communicate with her, beyond the basic commands that he’d seen Ellevan using with her. Through all this time though she has never ceased to amaze him and he continues to work with her in the hopes that one day they will reach a true understanding of each other.

Describe Yourself:

* Intense: ----- Thoridan’s dedication to a task can come off as a bit intimidating to others, as does the level of self-sacrifice he’s willing to go through to see something he desires come about.

* Refined: ----- An odd inconsistency with the circles he’s ended up in, his family made sure that he was raised with the proper respects of a Holder in society, even though it was falling to its knees all around them, and later on the Fishercrafthall did the same. To this day he still has an impeccable sense of manners, though he uses it less often.

* Second: ----- He initially Impressed a brown, which to the Peacekeepers meant that he and Ridansk should be capable leadership material, once the requisite course was passed. Which he did. But Thoridan is realistically more of a support to those above him. He’s capable of taking the limelight, but his quieter personality is more suited to caring for small groups and advising his commander, his sense of strategy helping him pull strings where needed.

* Self-sacrifice: ----- Thoridan is somewhat married to his work, at the expense of enjoying time with his family or quiet moments on his own. He gave his life to the Hold when he became a Peacekeeper and it’s something that he takes very seriously. Every thing he has he gives to the Hold, to his siblings, or to his wife and children.

* Loyal: ----- Family means a lot to him, even if he does sometimes have to be coaxed home because he's gotten a little too involved in his work for the time being. Even though he chose none of them, he stands behind them in all that they do. If he does disagree, it's something that he’ll raise with them in private, because he understands the importance of maintaining a sense of unity and showing discord in public only serves to undermine that.

The Magic Touch: If there’s anything else you’d like to add, like habits or an addiction, please add it here.


Mother: Kythae, b. 2534. Wife, unofficial baker. d. 2574
Father: Firneal, b. 2529. Peacekeeper. d. 2572

Notkerric, b. 2547
Ganos, b. 2549
Evelthra, b. 2550
Catyra, b. 2552

b. 2575
b. 2578
e. 2591 (pregnant)

Tell us a story...

* 2553, 0 Thoridan is born last of 5 children to Peacekeeper Firneal and his wife Kythae, doomed to forever being the ‘little brother’ of the brood.

* 2554-59, 1-6 Thoridan spends a lot of time with his mother and sisters in his early years, the two brothers being more involved with their father’s life at the time as they were significantly older than Thoridan. It probably influenced him becoming more quiet than his older brothers. He becomes somewhat jealous of Notkerric when their father gifts him with a bronze wher egg. Firneal notices this and begins to involve Thoridan more with his own wher to help him feel less left out, promising that when Thori is older he’ll have the chance at a wher of his own too, if that’s what he wants.

* 2560-64, 7-11 The resentment toward his brother is soon forgotten as Thoridan becomes more involved with his father’s life. The boy’s natural curiosity is awakened and he begins to ask lots of questions about Firnesk, what is is his father does and the wider environment of the Hold than he has so far been exposed to. He would question the other Peacekeepers he eventually met through Firneal, and they would regale him of tales from their beats and their families, some taller than others. Thoridan knew not to believe them all, but he liked hearing them all the same. It saddened him that many of the things the older ‘Keepers told him of no longer existed, destroyed by Thread and abandoned to the wastes of time. What fabulous things must have been left out there, scattered across the rest of Pern. He would often retreat to the quieter parts of their household to read any scrap of record he could get ahold of.

* 2565, 12 On turning 12, Thoridan chose to pursue an apprenticeship in the Fishercraft, despite his father’s obvious wish that he follow in his own footsteps and that of his eldest brother. In his youthful optimism he hoped that doing so might get him out and seeing more of the world than the corner of Fort he’d grown up in, at least when Thread finally came to an end (which he firmly believed would be well within his lifetime and when it did he’d surely be a Masterfisher and able to go sailing off to rediscover old lands). At 14 he gets himself a firelizard egg, hoping that it would eventually help him in his craft. It hatches a blue who he initially names Ripple for the pattern on its wings, but the blue is frequently referred to as ‘Ol’ Weathervane up there’ by the dock workers for his habit of sitting on the top of the masts and facing into the wind and the name Vane sticks instead.

* 2570, 17 The Fishercraft offer him the chance to travel to the FisherCraftHall in Tillek to complete his apprenticeship, an opportunity that the young man couldn’t have taken up any faster. Getting there is difficult enough, with the strain from Thread, and opportunities for returning home to visit his family are non-existent. He is reduced to communicating only through messages sent by Vane. He misses them more than he expected he would, losing that support network that had been around him his entire life. It is also here that he begins to truly see the dire situation his Craft is in, Tillek losing more and more vessels to the increasing pressure of Thread and the overstrained Weyr unable to protect them. His ambitions of captaining a ship around the globe seem suddenly very, very far away.

* 2572-3, 19-20 When word reached Thoridan that his father had died, he took it hard. The young boy had idolised his father somewhat in his youth, determined to be as good a man as he had been when he himself grew up, even if his passions had lead him in a different direction in life. A sense of hopeless despair settled over him for a time, throwing him off his studies so close to being tapped a Journeyman. He felt guilty for not being there to say goodbye, nor be with his family to grieve. Eventually, Thoridan decides that the best thing for him would be to return to his family and become a Peaceguard himself, just like his elder brother had also. The Fishercraft had lost its appeal to his wanderlust, and in maturing he’d decided that he wanted to do something honestly good in his life, somewhere he could make a difference. He traded in his possessions he’d come to have for a wher egg, for without one he couldn’t hope to become a Peacekeeper. A short while later, it hatched a brown, the pair of them making the trek back to Fort as soon as the wherlet was old enough. He returns to his mother’s household to a sombre welcome. He reconnects with Notkerric and is enrolled in formal training with Ridansk. Much of it is like being an apprentice all over again, running errands and such, but it’s different enough and progresses quickly enough that he doesn’t find it too frustrating.

* 2574, 21 Kythae introduces her son to a young woman whom she believes would make him a good wife. Thoridan is not so sure. Arinada is a sweet girl, yes, but he feels no particular desire for her even if he has no other objections. He agrees to think about it. Shortly afterwards Kythae takes ill and dies of an disease that swept through the cramped conditions of Fort like wildfire. With limited resources, there is not much the Healers can do. It is a sad time for Thoridan, so soon after losing his father with no warning, but at least this time he was with her when she passed. Arinada is an unexpected source of comfort during this time, and Thoridan eventually agrees to marry her. It's what his mother wanted and he does what he can to be a good husband.

2575, 22 Tillek Hold, High Reaches Weyr, and the Fisher Crafthall fall the same year he’s placed into a patrol to finalise his training. Taking into account his craft experience, Thoridan was quickly assigned to patrol the docks area once he completed training, as he would have a better understanding of the goings on there than many. He is to help the patrols there deal with the influx of refugees from the fallen Fisherhall alongside generally putting his training into practice. His first child is born during this time.

He befriends another ‘Keeper in who transfers into his squad, who would have been captain by now had he not bonded to a green wher, for he was a smart and charismatic man and his green an impeccably trained tracker. His parents had given him the funds to choose any wher egg he desired, Ellevan said, so he’d chosen the one with the biggest lucky fold in the shell and, well, it’d hatched out Ellevask. The slightly older man is partnered with the brownhandler, Thoridan is to show him the ropes of the new beat. Though it was clear to Thoridan that Ellevan had far more potential than was being realised by his superiors, getting to know the pair he could not deny that Ellevask was a fine specimen of her type - a lucky green indeed. He vowed that one day, when he’d eventually earned himself a leadership position that he felt was surely in the runnings once he’d gained more experience, he’d do well to listen to the greenhandler’s advice and see that he got more of a say in things. 

2578, 25 Thoridan had passed the leadership classes with flying colours and was now well on track for promotion, should a position somewhere come up. He and Ellevan have become first friends as well as partners by this time, even outside of patrols. Ridansk often catches Ellevask during her runs, which isn’t surprising to most considering how much the two whers patrol together. It’s in the build up to a Run, while Ellevask is proddy and due at any time, that Ellevan and he first share a kiss. It’s impulsive on Ellevan’s part and leaves Thori a little stunned, but somehow it had felt so much more right than anything he’d shared with his wife. He’d never really thought of Ellevan as anything other than a good friend, as two men should be, but the gesture opened his eyes to the realisation that he cared a whole lot more for this man than even his wife. It was taboo, yes, but it was right for them. He doesn’t tell his wife, but she’s suspected the two of them for some time and chooses to keep her silence for the sake of their family. She straight up guesses what happened from his odd behaviour that week, shocking Thoridan again that she doesn’t seem to mind what he’s doing as long as it doesn’t affect her or their children. Ridansk wins the run a few days later, but the two do not share the time together, remaining separate so as to not arouse suspicion. 9 months later, Thoridan has another child.

* 2579, 26 Thoridan is promoted to Captain his squad. He feels that Ellevan deserved it more than he and would be better at it, but that’s the dice they were rolled when they Impressed. Thoridan uses his command to begin stamping out the lingering corruption in his squad. In ding so he steps on a few toes, drawing the attention of Ellevan’s influential father. The man isn’t happy with having a Captain snooping into dirty dealings that he’s profiting from and begins to look for a way to discredit Thoridan. In doing so, his relationship with Ellevan is found out. To say he wasn’t happy would be an understatement. Ellevan’s father uses his influence to get them both assigned to ground crews as punishment and then to be sent on to different quads, splitting them up.

During threadfall, a stray knot of Thread falls toward them, left open by a Threadstruck blue dragon above. Each recognises the danger to the other before the danger to themselves. Thoridan sends Ridansk in to Ellevan in a desperate effort to get his lover out of danger, but Ellevask is quicker and barrels him out of the way even as both Ellevan and Ridansk are consumed. The two escape together, bonding after Ellevask licks clean a wound she caused on his leg. Thoridan is shellshocked, both at the loss of Ridansk and the strange new mind of Ellevask attached to his conscience and at witnessing the death of his brown and his lover in one. Inconsolable, he receives little sympathy from his Commander, for whom things have worked out rather conveniently.

* 2580-87, 27-34 Thoridan is packed off to join his new squad, Ellevask in tow. It raises some questions in the new squad, as they were promised a brownhandler with leadership experience, not a depressive greenhandler. It doesn’t last long, however, as he’s soon reassigned again to the squad newly commanded by his elder brother, to better to keep an eye on him. As far as anyone in that Quadrant are told, he lost his wher to Thread and volunteered to take on the green whose handler had been killed also, but who was a total stranger (‘don’t ask too many questions, dumbass'), and his fall from grace is kept hush-hush. Eventually he recovers from the shock of the loss of both lover and wher, functionally at least, though it still bothers him on a deeper level.

Thoridan is grateful to Notkerric for looking out for him in this tough time of his, even though he knows that his brother probably doesn’t approve of his actions, as he knows that family is important to him. Despite attempting to stamp out corruption in his own squad, he finds himself falling into it out of loyalty to his brother, though it never feels quite right to him.

* 2587, 34 Threadfall ends and the Weyr announces that everyone, Weyrfolk or Holder, willing or not, would be moving to this new island they’d found. They’d be building a new Weyr and everyone would live in that… and they’d all follow Weyr rule, which would mean that the Peacekeepers were to be redundant. Thoridan is furious. After everything they’d done to keep the chaos at bay, to keep law and order in the Hold to support the Weyr, they were being reduced to no more than the common criminals who'd also be dragged along and given a new start. He is among the ex-keepers at Southern Winds that reject their enforced retirement, as it were, working still to solve disputes between Holders in their own way, before the Weyr gets wind and deals with it in their own militaristic fashion. Any move from Maeron to gain more independence for the Holders gets a thumbs up from him and when the construction of the Minehall begins (on the proviso that many Holders will be able to move in also when it’s completed) he joins the construction efforts. It’s manual labour, but it’s building toward something, toward reestablishing their way of life. Maybe they can even build something better than they had before.

2590, 37 This is a year of surprises. The Minehall opens and construction of the Hold begins, but the hunters keep stalling progress. The dragonriders panic and withdraw their support to the anger of everyone else, isolating those at the construction site, but the Holders and Crafters pull through with a trump card up their sleeve: whers. To top it all off, it turns out that green and blue whers prove to be the best early warning system around and Notkerric is selected to be the new Head Peacekeeper at the Hold, allowing their family and the Peacekeepers to get their lives back together. To Thoridan, this is the Hold's best chance to reinvent itself to be better than they were before and with his brother at the helm of the law, he intends to see that it does. With new and much more private quarters for the both of them now in the Minehall, rather than Arinada staying at the Weyr while Thoridan worked on the Hold, Arinada falls pregnant again and is expecting in mid 2591.

Thoridan quietly, but pointedly, took a seat a beside Notkerric. There were others already gathered by the time he arrived, all varying stages of early or on time, for he himself would never have been late to such an important meeting. The reforming of the Peacekeepers, with his brother at the head of it all. What an occasion for them all, for his family, for the Hold itself. One step closer to the Holders of Fort achieving their independence from Weyr and Hall. One step closer to making the new Hold better than the old.

He nodded first to Notkerric, then to the others that he knew, whether he approved of their presence of not. Even a couple of new faces that he didn't recognise from the Peacekeepers of Old. Good, new blood that hopefully wouldn't be influenced by the corrupted deals that many older Keepers had with gangs and the like. Hopefully they'd do their part in preventing such from popping up again.

Ellevask trailed in quietly behind Thoridan, choosing not to follow her handler to the table but instead to take up a place against the wall near Kyohisk and Yoheisk, casting slightly suspicious glances at the many bronzes and one queen gathered about them, before calmly turning her attention to watching everything else going on in the hall. Thoridan was not agitated, therefor there was no need to be particularly worried herself about what was going on around her.

Member Info...

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Wher Details

Date of Birth:
06.02.2564 9th Pass or 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Ellevask's egg was of medium size, with a very large fold at the top end. It was a dusty brown in colour.
Mature length: 2.9m
Mature height: 0.9m

General Appearance...

Ellevask is on the slightly longer side for a green, but a little too short in the legs to be perfectly proportionate. It makes her good at fitting through small spaces, and doesn't seem to affect her agility all that much, if it does reduce her straight line speed a tad. She is predominantly a pale mossy green in colour, with darker markings resembling scratches along her spine and wing fingers. Her belly is even darker still. It makes for excellent camouflage in dark or greenish surrounds.


Empathetic: Ellevask tends to be more empathic, sharing her emotions on a low key level with her handler whether or not she experiences them in turn. She can and does send images too however, having been trained to keep up a steady stream of pictures while tracking to enable her handler to follow behind her better.

Likes: Warm rocks - Good for snoozing on, as long as the bright sunshine isn't in her eyes. Rocks warmed by geothermal activity are all the better than those warmed by the sun.
Youngsters - Though rather serious in nature herself, Ellevask has seemingly endless patience for the antics of young whers and firelizards that would irritate many others. That doesn't stop her from disciplining them herself when they do something she knows is bad, however.
Tracking - Ellevask genuinely enjoys her work and the challenge of picking up the scent trail of a person that she's lost sight of and following it through all sorts of terrain.
Browns - Possibly because they tend to be of a calmer personality, much like herself. Yes she likes watching the antics of more energetic members of her species, but she seems to like relaxing with more mellow-headed whers more.

Dislikes: Being cold - In that Ellevask at least prefers her new surroundings. Being cold makes her grumpy.
Bronzes - That swagger just doesn't do it for her. Awfully big-headed. Golds too but she doesn't have to deal with too many of those.


* Noble/Controlled : Ellisk is exceptionally well trained. She knows exactly what to do when given a command and never oversteps the boundaries of how much force is required. She will never kill a person unless directly instructed to do so by her handler. Ellevan never believed in such things being necessary and Thoridan has sworn to himself that he’d never ask it of her either. When not actively pursuing someone or something she maintains a rather aloof attitude to others, though she’s usually watching them closely.

* Tracker : Not large by any means, not even by green standards, Ellisk is nonetheless fast and nimble as her size allows. This allows her to pursue a target through narrow streets and rat runs that a larger wher wouldn’t. Sure she’s not big and intimidating, but no matter how far or fast you may run, she’s right behind you.


* Small : As a green, Ellevask is not ideally sized to be taking down other whers where their handlers are causing trouble. It does, however, mean that she can track a person through the smallest of gaps that a wher could possibly fit through and/or weave through a crowd of people causing as little collateral damage as possible in pursuit of her target. It's all well and good until they have a wher of their own, however.

* Dogged : Ellevask is more than capable of adapting to a chase as she goes, being that her handler is often unable to follow at quite the same speed she is capable of reaching, and of remembering when she's not to cause too much damage to her target, but as a green she's not exceptionally good at deviating from a set task nor of handling more than one target at a time. If her handler's on the ball, however, she can switch from one task to another as directed by them.

Member Info...

Runs on 04.04. Tends to be choosy.

I’mma have that green wher by SirAlahn in the Creature Bank page 3 please :3 [/appbio]
Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Coloured by rubi
Flit Details

As expected
Date of Birth:
04.06.2567 9th Pass or 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Vane is a long and narrow creature, all sharp angles and bones. Even on a steady diet of fish guts growing up, he never seems to gain any fat on him. His colouration overall brings to mind a stormy sky, darker grey-blue underneath and a paler cast on top.


Mind Voice: Vane has a piercing voice that could be heard even over the winds of a hurricane. Which is the point. Thankfully, he doesn’t use it often and is usually content to just whistle pleasantly rather than screech. He also responds to whistles from people looking to get his attention, to the point that he's learned a number of whistled commands from Thoridan. When excited, he tends to share a barrage of images to his bonded.

Likes: Wind : His favourite place in all the world is clinging to the highest point of a ship with the wind in his face. Hence his name, an abbreviate of Weathervane, as he always faces into the wind.
Fish guts : It’s what he was raised on, since the fish meat itself was a precious resource for the humans, but he’ll happily take both.

Dislikes: Indoors : You could say this flit is claustrophobic. He’s much happier outside. He gets grouchy when cooped up for long periods and is usually absent while his bonded is patrolling the Hold’s tunnels.
Ellevask : Vane is of the opinion that Ridansk is/was Thori's wher, the one that was their egg, not that strange new green that belonged to someone else. He's not very affectionate to her and refuses point blank to ever perch on her.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
From Creature Bank, top of page 6, by rubi

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2017, 09:11:38 PM »
Art Appreciation :3

Spoiler for Lesserath by Tribs <3:

Spoiler for Adakhanyth by SirAlahn <3:

Spoiler for Sydilenth by SirAlahn <3:

Spoiler for Arrobesk by rubi <3:

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #6 on: May 15, 2017, 01:32:40 AM »
Everybody should plot with me. Go on. I know they're all grumpy as fuck but they can be fun too, honest.

Online Kyya

Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2017, 01:36:43 AM »
You want a J'hal/X'kis thread? Either one on one or i can see if @Drewliet  wants to throw Droissa in there? I know there was flit training mentioned briefly in the cbox and if your down I'm totally up for it!


Arrobella and Nyc might also be able to be a thing. Either past or present. Either naturally or as part of wheelings and dealings if Nycolussk ever won a run of hers?
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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
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I'd be down for group flit training, or you guys can one on one it, either way is cool with me <3

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #9 on: May 15, 2017, 07:11:51 AM »
Laimora and J'hal:
I was thinking maybe a frienemyship? If he's overtly homophobic and has seen/heard gossip of Mora's relations, she'll be antagonistic. Otherwise she'll probably bombard him with affection if they ever cross paths and she notices his antisocial-ness. The crossing paths might be problematic, but who knows what can happen. ^^

Laimora and J'thir:
I'm not sure they would have had much interaction, and I'm getting an impression that they might not get along if they did? But that could be fun in and of itself. Ada is handsome regardless. <3
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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
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@Kyya @Drewliet I'm totes up for a group training thread :) I may have him approach X'kis (tentatively) at the hatching with a question or two if that's ok?

Yes! Definitely. Maybe after Nyccolusk has caught Arro and they're discussing what to do with the eggs this time around, ie. who's approached them asking for one, how many should be butchered maybe? She runs in the 8th month, about the 7th day, if that matters at all.

@Mareep I'm always up for someone pestering J'hal :3 He doesn't really have many dealings with full grown riders, being a Weyrling, but that's not to say that they would never cross paths.

I can't see why J'thir wouldn't get along with her? He's not a complete hard-ass, he does have a sense of humour. Ada and Daraneth both like children so maybe they play with the kids while their riders are talking? Maybe they knew each other from before the move, i.e. he could have been her Wingleader for that brief period between her graduating Weyrlinghood and the Wings being reordered at SWW? Just an idea.

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #11 on: May 15, 2017, 06:34:33 PM »
@Spiffy Yes on both counts -

X'kis is still hanging around, so J'hal can approach if he likes. And since Dro offered him the scraps it gives a good tie in for her as well. There's plenty of time between their hatching and the current timeline too, so we can definitely start a new thread after a week (or two) When they'd be sleeping a little less and thus able to train.

Just be after 8pm since he's bound to be tied up during much of the daylight hours.

And That would work for me: Nyc and Arrobella. Perhaps after she's clutched. They could go through deciding what eggs would be suited for what purpose? Any preference for timeframe? Most of Nyc's wheelings and dealings happened in the evening though, since he looked after his kids during the day while Caleah attended to Peacekeeper duties. Nights were when he was free to do his thing.

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #12 on: May 15, 2017, 07:41:51 PM »
@Kyya Sure thing! Lessy can drag Dro into the convo too xD

Bella's as much of a night owl as the whers are, so evening/nighttime would be perfect. It can be as recent or as old as you like, respective of the whers ages of course. Bella's timeline isn't super busy after getting Arro (which reminds me, I meant to edit wher she got the egg from >.>).

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #13 on: May 15, 2017, 09:42:47 PM »
Ahh, I'm sorry! From my (admittedly not deep) reading of J'thir, I imagined him very ambitious and determined. Mora can be a bit... clashy with leader figures, especially recently, with the tightening of rider involvement in holders' lives. Fortunately M'rek set her on the straight and narrow before she could disgrace herself or Dara. Saying that, she's not especially fussed with whomever is in charge- just as long as she can agree with their policies. Common ground there, maybe?

I'm racking my brains for a way for Mora and J'hal to cross paths, but it's sludgecity up there. ^^;; I'll get back to you on that, if you want.
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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #14 on: May 15, 2017, 11:06:12 PM »
Here I am, stalking plotters because I'm bored. :para:

SO. I know we had the one thread with A'srian and J'hal once upon a time before I vaporized off the face of the earth, but I'd love to revisit that thread and/or do something new; I do feel like they could go either way in terms of friends or enemies, and it would be interesting if they did manage to do the friend thing, since A'srian has half an eye on Jungle once he graduates. Makes for some drama down the road. :happy:

Also, both B'ryn and A'srian could stand to have a thread with J'thir; the latter because, like I said, he's looking at Jungle as an after-graduation possibility, and may work up the nerve to ask some questions about things if they hit it off well enough. B'ryn, as a fellow Jungle Rider, would be interesting to throw at J'thir; partly because they're both older(ish), but I also just want to see how B'ryn--and Nikolyth, tbh--interact with their wingmates.

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #15 on: May 17, 2017, 02:58:41 AM »
@Mareep. Fair enough, no need to apologise. I guess we'll never know until we try, eh? XD Shall we start with them being unfamiliar with each other and work on from there?

My usual reason for J'hal talking to people he wouldn't normally talk with is simple: Lesserath. He's more chatty and dragons J'hal along for the ride ;)

@Dashin I must admit I've been wondering about which way they'd go. I think just about everyone has their eye on Jungle to some degree, haha. But yes we should totes throw them back together.

Yes I do keep meaning to get J'thir interacting with others in Jungle, so that'd be great :) A'srian too, I can't think he'd mind helping out a young bronze hopeful.

Offline Mareep

Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #16 on: May 17, 2017, 08:59:44 AM »
I am very excited to try, for sure! ^_^ Sure, sounds good to me. I can get a thread started for them shortly, if you would like? ^^ I'm thinking feeding pens/chatting whilst watching dragons. ^^

Lessy is gorgeous btw. <3 I can't wait. ^^
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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #17 on: May 17, 2017, 11:01:49 PM »
A'srian's not sure himself where he wants to end up, and a lot of his final decisions will probably come from the people he meets/talks to as he progresses through his Weyrling training, as well as how Cosilanth matures. He likes the idea of Jungle, but he might end up going for something else, for reasons stated above. \o/ Did you have any specific ideas for J'hal/A'srian to get thrown together? Chores are always a good way to start, but maybe dragon shenanigans would be more entertaining to work through; A'srian is much more likely to engage if Cosilanth is already neck deep in activity with someone, so that might be a better way to go.

For J'thir, possibly some Flight training-related shenanigans...or something more casual that gets around to asking for post-graduation advice or something?

B'ryn might be a bit more challenging, tbh, and it might have to be a on-J'thir's-prerogative sort of thing, if he's the type to initiate conversations. Dragons starting things might actually be a good choice here, too, but I'm always open to ideas if you have any. :happy:

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #18 on: May 20, 2017, 02:04:11 AM »
@Mareep I'm absolutely terrible at getting around to starting a thread, so feel free to pop something up whenever it suits you! I tend to do most of my posting on weekdays so there's no rush to get it up over the weekend :)

@Dashin Dragon shennanigans sounds cool, J'hal's also more likely to converse if Lesserath's dragged him into something. Lesserath's not above passing some snarky comment onto a bronze if he thinks they're fair game, but since Cosilanth's a sibling it probably wouldn't be too nasty unless Cosilanth has done something to piss him off. Or they could, Y'know, just 'run into' each other quite literally and we'll go from there? xD

I'm open to whatever you feel most like for J'thir. Adakhanyth likes young things, so wouldn't be afraid of giving some unsolicited advice if he catches Cosilanth practising in the Weyrbowl, whether it's something he should be practising or not.

As for B'ryn, I've thrown J'thir into the riders bet, if that would make it easier to think of a reason for them to speak - if only because they're the first two jungle riders to appear :)

Online laceface

Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #19 on: June 14, 2017, 08:15:23 PM »
@Spiffy We gotta do something eventually with Esclamonde and J'thir. Just tossing that out there <3

Offline Spiffy

Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #20 on: June 15, 2017, 06:40:00 PM »
@laceface Oooooh yis what were you thinking? I need to get him more posties

Online SirAlahn

Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #21 on: June 24, 2017, 09:11:14 PM »
Here's that Rinokan and J'hal thread that got lost. <3
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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #22 on: August 30, 2017, 06:20:19 PM »
Hey Spiffy - In light of the Lesson Topic, I thought it was probably overdue for me to see if you had any ideas for how Nalata and J'hal (as well as Minath and Lesserath) got along. If you didn't have any headcannons, we can always plot something out. I wouldn't mind a few more weyrling threads with Nalata and her classmates :)

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
« Reply #23 on: August 31, 2017, 01:23:07 PM »
@Kyya Oooh yes, I do admit I did snag her in that thread because I was interested to see how they'd interact.

J'hal definitely wouldn't seek out her attentions simply because she's a goldrider. Other than possibly being slightly warier of her, he wouldn't really treat her any differently than he would any other of his classmates (and by that I mean with his usual grumpy reserve and sarcasm). I guess how they get on depends how she would react to that. He really wouldn't appreciate her dobbing him in for any misdemeanours, if she's that way inclined. He does occasionallyfrequently like to whinge about people's opinions of blackriders without actually having done much to change them, so from looking at her profile that may not sit well with her. On the other hand, she could be the one to encourage him to change his game and actually do something about it, I'm always up for that?

On the part of their dragons, I can see Lesserath and Minath getting on alright, occasionally bitting heads as with the lesson thread because they both seem quite headstrong, but it seems that they'd both respect that in the other. From looking at Minath's profile anyway. As an aside, Lesserath hadn't turned out to be anywhere near the liar that I'd imagined when I wrote the profile, so Minath shouldn't have too much to be picky about on that front, but he's no beacon of honesty either.

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Re: The Even Spiffy-er Plotter/Tracker!
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Alrighty, well perhaps after the lesson thread she can ask him if he'd be willing to work with her to try and give a bit more finesse to her bladework? In a safe environment, of course, and probably still using sticks <_< I would gather that there's a stark contrast between her bulky movements and his own, and she's not afraid of asking for help. And if you like that idea we can of course continue in the drills thread for now until we've got a better feel for how they'd view eachother. To then be able to have a thread off it.


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