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Author Topic: How To Train a Dragon [01.06.2590, 2:01pm] open  (Read 131 times)

Offline Nalise

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How To Train a Dragon [01.06.2590, 2:01pm] open
« on: May 13, 2017, 07:06:23 PM »
Nalise was on the training ground and looking around as she put the flight leathers on her dragon. Haikimth looked at her and puffed her hair as she was checking the straps. Mine are we flying today? I like to fly. Haikimth was almost ready to bounce around the training grounds as she worked. Nalise laughed at her dragon "Calm down you big Green Dork or we will never get these on right to do anything. I am just making sure I do not have to order new ones again you grew more and these are the old ones. Also you look like you need a bath soon."

I do not need a Bath. I need to Fly Mine and you do as well. I want to play in the Sky. I think you want to play in the sky as well. Nalise shook her head. "We can not fly with out permission yet till after we graduation you know the rules. Do you want to get into trouble and be grounded like the last time?" As she asked the question the Green looked down and did not say a thing but almost huffed as if she wanted to do what she wanted to do which was fly and only fly. Nalise had her hands full with her Green but she did love her.

"You know we get though all this and you can see the boy. You know you love to see the boy."  At the mention of her son Haikimth perked up she loved the small boy and would protect him till he could ride a dragon of his own. We will see Harton again after this. That is good I like the boy he makes me happy.Nalise laughed at her dragon. "You and him get along to well and he loves you." She worked on the straps noting that she would need to order new ones soon as she saw the frayed edges of the straps.

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Haikimth is 2 turns and one month as of 20.6.2590

Offline Nishi

Re: How To Train a Dragon [01.06.2590, 2:01pm] open
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2017, 11:08:42 PM »
Nishi couldn’t quite contain her excitement as she wound her way across the training fields with her equipment. After stretching and running over restrictions to the kind of work they were allowed to do, Nishi had run off to collect her new saddle from the Weavers, before heading to join her little drills group of older Weyrlings.

It had been in the late afternoon yesterday that the old Weaver Berlya had come to measure for the modifications for Xasheyth’s saddle. Given that Xasheyth was probably at her full size, this might be the last time they had to extend the seat… ever!

Of course, the saddle would absolutely have to be changed in future, no dragon rider would allow wear and tear on their gear for fear of the ghosts of all Weyrling Masters descending on them. Nishi wasn’t even superstitious, she just didn’t want anyone to think she didn’t care, and she considered it almost disrespectful to her Xasheyth to not keep their gear up to standard. Also… falling out of the sky on a calm afternoon in the middle of Summer didn’t seem like the best way to convince anyone she should be in Jungle Wing. Which meant oiling her straps and gear after and before every flight, and keeping in good stead with the Weavers so she could exchange her leather straps whenever they looked less than perfect.

This saddle didn’t have any wear and tear, it was pristine, and the heavy wait of the saddle as she made her way towards the Weyrbowl made Nishi’s heart flutter with how close she was to being a full rider. A proper rider.

A green rider?

Oh, shush you.

Nishi felt the humour of her Green flow through her, and she didn’t even have the gusto to argue anymore. It was amazing to Nishi how it was only just over a turn and a half since she’d impressed but she’d completely accepted that she wasn’t meant to be a Gold rider. Well… almost completely. It was a good thing that Xasheyth had never taken much offence.

That’s because I knew I wasn’t wrong. I rarely am.

Yeah, yeah. At least I can remember what happened last week.

Exactly, you remember it for both of us. Now hurry up, I want to feel the wind in my wingsails.

At least that was something both Nishi and Xasheyth could agree on. Running the last little way out of the cave and towards their corner of the training fields with a wide grin on her face, Nishi quickly began to work on strapping Xasheyth into the new saddle.

There is very little wind today Mine, the smallish dragon noted as she landed, pleasure emanating from her and mixing with Nishi’s own happiness.

Nishi snorted indelicately, knowing of course it was a subtle reference to Xasheyth’s dislike of strong winds. “We aren’t even going high enough for wind to be an issue, we’re going to do hovers and dives today, remember? It’s important to build up your strength if we want to be in Jungle someday.”

Finishing up strapping the saddle to the bright hide, and then double checking everything as Nishi always did. She stepped back to admire the new saddle on her bonded. “I reckon this is it, Xasheyth. I think you finally look like a proper dragon.”

Nishi’s moment of happiness and admiration was met with a deep snuffling noise, the dragon’s version of laughter.
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Xasheyth is 1 turn and 6 months old and will be graduating in the tenth month of 2590

Offline Nalise

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Re: How To Train a Dragon [01.06.2590, 2:01pm] open
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2017, 06:45:11 AM »
Nalise looked as another weyrling came over to her group and smiled as she worked on the straps. Haikimth tried to bounce and Nali looked at her dragon. "Hai calm down please. We need to be calm or the straps might break and then you will not get to fly." With that the green fluffed her hair with some air and settled down. But I want to play with the Green. I want to fly. I want to do it all. Nali laughs "Not now or the straps will break looks like we need new ones anyway. These are old. You know we forgot the saddle Hai. I can get it real quick. NO one will know I am gone to get it.

Nalise shook her head "No Hai we will just have to have you fly without me on you today okay we can do those drills. Besides I probably need to saddle replaced soon anyway it is worn a bit." Oh new Saddle can we have them put a wher pic on it I like the whers they are neat creatures and cousins like the firelizards. Nalise laughed "Maybe when we get to our new wing when we graduate we can look at having the new saddle inlayed with some pictures okay." Hai nodded as she calmed down. The green was just too into getting new things that she liked.
Haikimth is 2 turns and one month as of 20.6.2590


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