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Author Topic: Teeahn [19.01.2568 / Brown Weyrling]  (Read 273 times)

Offline Mareep

Teeahn [19.01.2568 / Brown Weyrling]
« on: May 13, 2017, 11:04:06 PM »

Play By:
Morena Baccarin

TEA - anne
Date of Birth:
19.01.2568 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
2590/22nd Turn
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

With honey-hued skin and well-kept curls of a deep, dark chestnut, Tee is undeniably pretty by conventional Pernese standards. Soft curves and a sway to her step cast no shadow of doubt on her femininity- Teeahn is aware of her beauty and charm, and she makes conscious decisions to play up her best features whilst out and about. On the rarest, most festive of occasions, Tee will apply some of her precious kohl and daub her lips with some rare rouge.

Skirts and blouses were her favoured clothes, until she Impressed. Now she has swapped what little frippery she owns for the practical shirts and pants of weyrlinghood. Despite the physical exercise in which she engaged during candidacy, it was Impression that caused the muscle change to stick: her stomach firmer, her bosom not quite so perky, her beautiful behind… well, the private tears she sheds for her fading womanly form are very, very few. She’s still beautiful in her eyes- and tougher than ever before.

Teeahn walks with purpose, head held high, shoulders wide and back straight. She is not unsure of her place in the world at all, and it shows in her unabashed confidence.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Born into a family of riders, Threadfall, whilst not faced directly, was a constant presence in Tee’s life. She saw the weary riders return and the mark of low morale in the drawn frowns of her peers, and provided comfort and support in times of need. When she was old enough to make her own choices in terms of future, Tee chose to provide love and care to those who were left behind by the riders- the children of the Weyr. Being chosen for Search only reinforced her belief that she was meant to help the Weyr.

Response to dragon color mutations:
What would have been appreciation was tainted by a very dark notion that she might never Impress. Sokon might have made her peace with never bonding, but the black and red dragons- beautiful, and not necessarily any different physiologically- were just more reminders that maybe Teeahn was unfit to be a dragonrider. After Tee Impressed, her confidence restored, she saw them in a much more favourable life: a sign that dragons were changing to face new obstacles, just as they had to.

Who are you...

Soup; Extravagant feasts are all well and good, but Tee looks back fondly on those pre-candidacy days, when she was curing sniffles with hugs and spoons of delicious soup. It’s more than just a taste thing- the smell brings back memories both pleasant and nostalgic.

Romantic gestures; serenades, candlelit dinners, romantic twilight flights… Anything that brings two people closer together in an intimate setting. She has this dream of falling madly in love with a man, and raising her own children as well as her parents did.

Matchmaking; although Tee is above gossip, she loves putting people together in her mind. If they seem even slightly receptive to her subtle suggestions in real life, she’ll concoct elaborate plans for the individual parties to meet, orchestrating romance in even the most awkward of situations.

Children; babies, toddlers, childrens- shells, even the pre-teenies are all right. Tee wants a brood of her own for whom to care at some point in the future, though other people’s kiddies will do just fine till then.

Gardening; although her green thumb is not extraordinary, Tee developed a passion for growing food during candidacy chores (under the watchful eye of farmers far more proficient than her). She has a vested interest in the budding bamboo plantations, and dreams of one day being able to have her own little garden full of vegetables (and maybe flowers).

Violence; Thread-fighting and snake-wrangling, sure. That’s unavoidable. But human altercations and corporeal punishment makes her feel ill, and often times she can’t bear to watch. This isn’t to say she wouldn’t fight, but only in extreme situations.

Dirty underthings; clean up your smelly, stinking clothes, especially when you’re expecting company.

Bad smells; gifted with a super sense of smell, Teeahn doesn’t cope well with anything rotting or fetid. Soiled nappies, urine and vomit are manageable- just- but anything worse causes her to gag and retch.

Bullying; Tee has no tolerance for children picking on other children. Adults bullying each other is probably just a political thing (unless it’s sexual or something)… but kids- no, kids can be better than their grownup peers. Plus, if you teach them not to bully young, then they tend to not do it when they’re older too.


* PATIENT : Blunders and mistakes are human. Teeahn has incredible amounts of patience for those who are close to her, and even sometimes for strangers. Tolerant and accepting, mistakes and mess do not faze her in the slightest. It might take someone a hundred tries to learn something, but that moment, when frustration is replaced by joy and relief, is more than worth it.

* DEDICATED : Tee is the kind of woman who will throw herself into a project with unwavering concentration and energy. Although she may be a multi-tasker when it comes to simple chores- she knows how to bounce a baby and prepare a stew and keep the firelizard from getting into trouble all at the same time- she dislikes having her attention too thinly spread for important matters. On top of that, her dedication extends to her family and friends: nobody can complain that Teeahn is inattentive in conversations, or that she lacks time or cancels plans. Tee believes her actions define her more than her words- so why show the world that there is a possibility of her not caring?

* FAIR : Despite her love-filled heart, Tee is a stickler for fairness and reciprocity. Debts will be repaid- the sooner the better- and favours returned. No one person should be entitled to anything more than others (abusing power or privilege angers her).  In discussions and arguments, Tee tries to consider all sides and points of view before reaching her own verdict, and does her best not to show bias or favouritism.

* OBEDIENT : Rules are put in place for a reason- usually, it's because of safety or tradition. Why contravene them? Her leaders will find her most dependable in times of need, as she does her best to encourage others to follow her example and not stray down more dangerous paths.

* PROTECTIVE : Her kin- family, friends and children- are, whether they like it or not, under her fierce protection. This consists of her being mindful of their health and safety, and engaging in fights in extreme situations. Her preferred type of retribution involves verbal reprimands, followed, in tougher cases, by some sort of rationing.


* FIERCE TEMPER : Fine fine fine fine fine BOOM, Tee has exploded. Her rage is a rare, rare monster that emerges only in choice situations: someone beloved is hurt, and the chance of further aggression is high. Someone might even be screaming- but when Tee’s temper explodes, her screaming is most certainly louder, her language more colourful, her fists more furious. She is unbridled and savage when pushed to this point, and struggles to remember what has happened after the fait.

* PEDANTIC : When a task is given, it must be done properly or not at all. Detail-oriented doesn't begin to cut it: Tee does not approve of sloppiness or anything half-assed, and has severe reprimands for those under her who do not perform to her high standards and expectations. She is meticulous in her own work, and does not like having her own shortcomings pointed out to her. Consequently she can be a little slow to finish more exacting or refined tasks.

* BOSSY : Her love of rules has unfortunately left her with the sense that ‘nobody else understands them as well as I do’, and she may come across as a little strict and regimented towards her equals and underlings. She dares not try this with her superiors, for whom she has an immense amount of respect, but those under her may occasionally feel the sting of her tattling or scolding.

* CAUTIOUS : Tee does not make decisions without knowing every little fact, nor does she act without planning for every consequence. She is careful and considerate of her own actions, not wishing to offend or trouble anyone.

* NAIVE : Teeahn tends to trust people too easily, refusing to see past whatever facade is presented to her. She is frequently blindsided by people’s change in heart, for despite her need to plan her moves in advance, she does not consider the fact that others may have ulterior motives.

Describe Yourself:

* MOTHERLY: ----- A more nurturing soul might be hard to come by. Teeahn has a bleeding, tender heart for all those who suffer and need guidance- not just children, but adults too. Her wisdom may not stem from experience, but is governed by a core set of beliefs, framed by abundant love and devotion. She is also bossy, and possessed of a great sense of self-righteousness that leads her to think her rules and work ethic are more valid than others.

* TRADITIONALIST: ----- Not in the fullest sense of the word- people change, and so do the societal expectations of them. But there is value in the End-Turn Feast, in rare Gathers, in intentional courtships and planned pregnancies. Everything ought to have order and a well-designed role to function effectively, something that Tee approves of and appreciates. Traditions give people a sense of purpose, it gives them something to strive for and something of which to be proud. That Tee’s own sense of self is tied to her role in the Weyr is merely a reflection of well-followed tradition. That's why it works, see?

* TRUSTWORTHY: ----- Secrets never pass her lips, and Tee is not one to gossip. Hard-working, honorable and loyal are qualities that make her a wonderful friend and future wingrider. Tee can be counted on to be there for others in their time of need, and her friendship is a valuable thing.

* CHEERFUL: ----- Tee is usually a positive and happy young woman, not because of her inability to express sadness, but because she finds pleasure even when circumstances are challenging. She is a good conversationalist, tactful and empathic, and has commendable listening skills too.

* IDEALISTIC DREAMER: ----- Her hopes and dreams revolve around family and Weyr. She does not often disclose them to others (except her sisters and mother), but she has romanticised her wedding day in a safe and free Pern, her children flying on the back of her dragon, her family growing old but never passing. These are the softer secrets of her heart- the ones that bring a warm smile to her lips in times of quietness.

The Magic Touch:
Tee truly has a heart of gold, and means well in all that she does. When she becomes violent herself, she does not usually remember it after the fact. She used to fear she would never follow in her family’s footsteps, but Impression has brought her a whole new world of love, and her self-confidence has been fully restored.


Mother: Tyxana - Greenrider to Casseth (Impressed in 2562) - 09.10.2550
Father: G’fri (formerly Glaffri) - Brownrider to Bofth (Impressed in 2562) -  11.01.2548

Aeylah - Rider to ? (Impressed in 2583, Imyth) - 13.05. 2566
Sokon - Greenrider to Creath (Impressed in 2590) - Played by Kyya
C'sooli (formerly Chaisooli) - Rider to ? (Impressed in 2585, Imyth) - 30.01.2573

Children: Name and parents up for change and adoption.
Temeira - 2583
Tee’s first child and daughter. Temeira was the result of a lost Goldflight. Her father is K'eir (played by Dashin).

Xiahn - 2585
Tee’s second child and first son. His father is the man Tee had tentatively promised herself to with intent to wed, until the courtship was broken on his part by her refusal to give up Standing.

Tell us a story...

* 2568 - 0
Teeahn was born to a loving, weyrmated dragonrider pair: Tyxana and G’fri. Her older sister, Aeylah, has just been moved to the creche. One Turn later Sokon was born, and the sisters are still, to this day, nigh inseparable.

* 2570 - 2
Shortly after her second Turnday, Teeahn was moved to the creche as well. Frequent familial visits meant the young girl was surrounded by her sisters and parents’ love. Though she remembered little of it, she spent a lot of time with Aeylah.

* 2571 - 3
Sokon moved into the creche with sometime during Tee’s third Turn. It was toddler bliss for Tee, who had the possibility of smooshing her baby sister with love, whilst still being cared for by her older sibling.

* 2573 - 5
Chaisooli was born in Tee’s fifth Turn. He was the last child and only son of the dragonriding parents, and was doted upon by everyone. Tee was ecstatic, and frequently pestered her mother to have a turn at changing soiled nappies and wiping away spit and snot. So began Teeahn’s long, enduring relationship with babies.

Her sistership with Sokon strengthened as they played and socialised together. Teeahn became Sokon’s voice in larger groups of children, ensuring she needed for nothing. Aeylah kept busy with small tasks, and Tee looked up to her older sister as a paragon of responsibility and maturity.

* 2574 - 6
Fall was perilous and difficult, yet despite living in a Weyr it seemed so very far away to the young girl. One night, Teeahn overheard that a wingmate of her father’s had gone Between. She spent the night studying her parents’ faces, speaking very little at the evening meal. They seemed perhaps a little more sad and drawn than usual, but the brave faces they put on, the small smiles and nods they awarded their children, were proof of their strength. It was a sobering thought, to think they might one day not come back. She had to be strong for those who were left behind.

* 2578 - 10
Aeylah took up apprenticeship with the Harpers, and Teeahn felt, more than ever before, responsible for her family and siblings. She kept a close eye on Sokon, who had taken Aeylah’s place as errand-girl, as needed, and ensured Chaisooli was happy and content. Tee developed a reputation as strict with younger weyrbrats, but those who were bullied ran to her skirts, and she would wipe away their tears and turn her ire on the perpetrators. Even the older, more ambitious children learnt to stay out of her warpath.

* 2580 - 12
At twelve, Tee knew she had to make a decision. She loved her life at the creche. She loved the children- especially her siblings. A life without their smiling faces seemed emptier and sadder to her. She requested to be trained as crechemother, promising to care for the weyrbrats as her own. The head crechemother agreed.

* 2581 - 13
At Sokon’s Turnday lunch, Teeahn and the aforementioned sister were approached by an attending dragonrider, whose dragon had sensed their potential. Although it seemed like a straightforward decision, Tee wasn't overwhelmingly happy to accept Search. She knew she wouldn't have the time to attend to her creche duties- which she adored. But dragonriding was in their blood, and they could serve a greater purpose if they were fortunate enough to Impress Sokon and Tee accept.

Later that night, their parents arrived with wobbling firelizard eggs. Their own flitters had flown, and had clutched six eggs. Even Aeylah had been given leave of her harpering duties to attend the impromptu hatching. As the family sat before the hearth, the eggs cracked and broke.

The egg that Teeahn had chosen for herself revealed a small, slight golden form. The little creature creeled with hunger, and the young girl was instantly smitten. With due care and consideration for a tiny newborn life that is both hungry and possessed of sharp teeth, she gathered the flitt into her arms and fed it some food. The warmth and happiness of firelizard Impression suffused her as she cradled the tiny queen with rainbow eyes.

Tee named her Ember, for the warmth she felt each time she hugged her golden friend.

* 2583 - 15
The lack of success on the Sands was not fazing the young woman- yet. Early in her fifteenth Turn, Teeahn was the rather unwilling recipient of a lust-addled K’eir’s attentions post-Gold flight. The encounter, whilst brief, had a lasting effect on the lady: she fell pregnant.

Despite her fears of being unable to Stand- potentially missing out on her dragonmate- and also being unable to care full-time for her child as a candidate, Teeahn desperately wanted the baby. She carried to term and gave birth to a beautiful girl, whom she named Temeira. The little girl was dearly beloved, receiving plenty of family visits. Teeahn informed K’eir about the arrival and health of their child, though she had more time than him to be a parent.

* 2584 - 16
Aeylah was Searched, and later Impressed that very Turn. Teeahn was excited that her older sister has become a dragonrider- it was a sign, right? Tee believed her and Sokon’s odds of Impression were even greater now. Sokon was similarly enthused, and Tee earnestly felt that it was only a matter of time.

Sokon fell pregnant in a similar manner to Tee’s, and Tee did everything in her power to help her sister and make her more comfortable. Tazik was born- a perfect baby boy, nephew and cousin. Teeahn was overjoyed at the thought that Temeira would have company her age (she hoped they would forge a relationship like the one she shared with her sister), and made frequent visits to the pair. As Chaisooli had plenty of time and opportunity to care for them, Tee worried very little for their well-being.

* 2585 - 17
Chaisooli is Searched at age 12, and Impressed in similar fashion to Aeylah. Whilst outwardly happy- indeed, it was just more confirmation that their family met the seemingly high standards of dragonkind- Tee was also worried. Maybe she wasn't as good and as virtuous as she first thought? Sokon, young and competent and determined… it was only a matter of time before she Impressed. But Teeahn? She knew deep inside that her heart was still wavering. Every visit to Temeira was a reminder of what she’d given up- all of that love, that nurturing… even Ember, who had grown into such a darling little girl, had given her the love that she so craved. Maybe her fate wasn't entwined in dragonwings? Maybe she was just kidding herself?

Desperate to do something about her life, to feel more in control of her future, she entered into a formal courtship with a fellow candidate: Draxion was handsome and quiet, and had previously shown an interest in her. Though it was frowned upon to engage in long-term sexual relations during candidacy, Tee was becoming more and more certain she would never be a dragonrider.

She fell pregnant shortly before a clutch was due to hatch. Draxion Impressed. They had a short, brief conversation a few days afterwards, in which he told her to officially stop Standing and return to being a crechemother-in-training. It was a double-slap of pain and disappointment: he had Impressed, so having children and a family was no cost to him in terms of his dreams; on top of that, he expected her to wait- to give up entirely on something she had, Tee realised thanks to his ultimatum, longed for in her earliest days. Free time spent with her parents and their dragons were amongst her fondest memories as a child: playing with Sokon, Casseth and Bofth, learning to wash and oil and care for Pern’s greatest saviours, even a few sneaky, short flights around the Weyr...

The realisation was a shock to her, but it helped her solidify and strengthen her resolve. When she told him she would not stop Standing, he broke their engagement. Xiahn, their son, was raised in part by her, but mostly by the crechemothers for whom Tee was eternally grateful. She made a promise to herself that she would remain a candidate until she aged out, and after that she would pursue her future family with a lot more passion.

* 2587 - 19
The Weyr prepared to transition to Fort Island. Teeahn refused to let her children out of her sight for very long, even after they'd settled in their new home. Xiahn, so young, did not mind the attention so much. Temeira was more spirited, and between candidacy, dragon care, and looking after two growing youngsters, Teeahn’s life was a blur.

* 2590 - 22
Turnover was a merry affair, and Teeahn spent it with her family, catching up. The following morning was a complete disaster, although Teeahn had been assigned to creche duties for the day and was consequently out of harm’s reach. She searched high and low for Sokon, whom she found safe and sound. They disposed of the deceased, and Tee spent the night in the barracks with her sister, her children and her nephew.

Imyth’s clutch hatched the next day, almost as if the baby dragons did not care for mourning periods. Teeahn Stood, though her heart was heavy. It was a long, arduous clutch. The dragonets took candlemarks to emerge, and some did not survive to Impression. People shook their heads and sighed. The consensus was nigh-unanimous: this clutch was doomed.

Despite her queasiness, she stood straight, shoulders back and head held high. After hours of waiting, her hope waning and waxing with the level of her discomfort, Teeahn watched her sister Impress. It was an unbelievable moment to witness- awe and shock played across Tee’s face. Tears slipped down her Sok’s face. The happiness and love shared between Sok and Creath was unlike anything Tee had seen her sister show before.

Between the death of the baby dragons and her own frayed confidence, Teeahn had a hard time focusing on the movements of a brown dragon. She heard him announce himself to the world with a trumpeting cry, but missed the croon, missed the first spark of his unfailing love and devotion to his family. A blue hatched and Impressed a fellow candidate, and Tee’s attention wavered once again. The brown was wandering past the candidates, studying them with that infamous newborn curiosity.

It was then that another egg hatched- or at least tried to. A delicate green lay panting in the remnants of her eggs. Tee’s heart twisted sharply with anguish, and she fought to control the urge to run and provide assistance to the little creature. Not everyone can be saved, Teeahn. The gentle whisper in the back of her mind snapped her from her dismay.

Her body moved without her prompting, and she found herself moving towards the brown, the words “she’ll be okay…” tumbling from her mouth. They would be okay. They were together now. “It's going to be okay, Jyndith. Let's get you some food.” Teeahn might have Impressed, but others did not, including that green. There were many deaths that clutch.

Nevertheless, weyrlinghood began. Teeahn and Sokon spent a great deal of time together. Sharing headspace with Jyndith was an entirely new experience, that not even her Impression to Ember had prepared her for. He was, in an awfully cliche way, her better half. That part of her she didn't realise was missing. Jyn was as strong-willed and keen as she was, and even though Tee did not always pick up the lessons quickly, her devotion to studies (with Jyndith’s continuous encouragement) enabled them to keep pace with their classmates.

Roleplay sample:

“Tem, don't eat sand. It's not that tasty.” The smile was audible in her voice as she bounced Xiahn in her lap, her eyes on her beautiful daughter some ten steps away.

“Ember does it. I've seen her.” The child responded, the hint of a rebellious young woman in the pugnacious tone of her voice.

“I don’t think so, sweetie. She’s probably just burying her eggs.” The gold, perched on her shoulder, chirped in agreeance.

The mention of eggs caused her daughter to stop what she was doing, fingers wet with sand and saliva, and dash back towards her mother. She skipped the last few steps and purposefully fell, so that Teeahn would reach out and Temeira could leave sticky sandprints on her mother’s forearms. “Oh mama, please oh please oh pleaaaaseee may I have an egg from her next clutch? I’ll promise to look after it all day and alllll niiight. I’ll wake up every three hours and feed it. I really, really want a firelizard mumma.”

Teeahn couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her, and Ember moved to alight upon Tem’s head. She ducked her small head into the child’s face, who chortled with glee and tried to pluck the tiny Queen from her hair. Ember ducked out of the way and took flight, chirping once again.

“I’ll see, okay? The weyrleaders might want to use them to help foster better relationships with some of the more prominent holders and crafters.”

“But why? They’re not as well-behaved as I am.” The complete confidence in her child’s voice amused the young woman, who ruffled the little girl’s hair.

“We shall see, okay? No promises. But at some point in the future, you may care for one of Ember’s children, if she so lets you. You have to earn her approval.” The teasing was gentle. Teeahn lay back, her sunhat shadowing her face from Rukbat’s heat. Xiahn was drowsing in her lap, arms loosely wrapped around her tummy. His face was still so cute and pudgy… was there a more beautiful boy, anywhere on Pern? Well… Tasik, maybe… But they could be tied in cuteness.

“Mumma… do you really think you’re going to Impress? If you Impress, can I have a dragon too?”

“Of course you can have a dragon. Why, I think Kalestath is looking for a new rider. Why not go ask her?” Temeira scrunched up her face and pushed against the older woman.

“No! I want my very own dragon! Like grandma’s green. Casseth is so beautiful.” Temeira snuggled against Teeahn’s side, resting her head under Tee’s arm.

Dragonriding blood really did run in the family, huh… She and Sokon… well, their time would come. And maybe it would come for Temeira, Tasik and Xiahn, too? She looked down at her daughter, whose eyes were semi-closed, staring at something invisible in the distance. Was dragonriding something she wanted for her children? What if they were hurt and she couldn’t protect them? Couldn’t save them from a terrible, awful fate? Did her own mother think the same when she stared at her children? All those Turns ago, when they still fought Thread, did they sit at their nightly meals and hope they were never Searched? Had her joy masked her sadness and despair when Aeylah and C’sooli Impressed?

Or were they stronger than her? Teeahn might be afraid for her children’s welfare, but maybe Tyxana and G’fri were more adjusted, more trusting… Maybe they believed their children would stay out of trouble?

“Don’t grow up too fast, sunshine…” She whispered to her daughter, resting her cheek on the top of her daughter’s head. The little girl had fallen asleep, too, like her brother. There was still time to just be a family together. No worries. No stress. Just smiles and happiness.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Laimora of Blue Daraneth
Inactivity Preference:
Have their fate decided by their PC family.
Mauling Permissions:
Rough’em up! <3
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make. If you would like your character listed as nonbinary, please note it here.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Lineart here.
Bought and coloured for me to use freely by a fellow roleplayer.
Flit Details

As the word.
Date of Birth:
30.05.2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Dainty and delicate, Ember is elegant and graceful. She is the picture of beauty in a firelizard, if undersized for one of her colour. Sleek, slender limbs give her mobility on the ground, and long, tapered wings grant her aerial maneuverability to rival her tinier brethren. She may not be as quick as the smaller colours in a short race, but she is capable of speed, and her flights are often arduous and acrobatic.

A soft, golden shade covers her body, with very little in the way of markings to set her apart from the white-gold island sand. That being said, there is a faint gleam of pinkness on the underside of her body- like a little soap bubble, ready to be popped. It colours her neck and reaches all the way to the tips of her tail. She does not often show her belly to others, and it takes careful inspection to notice the strange colouration.


Mind Voice: Her images are sepia, and lack distinctive colour except for a golden tinge on more important elements of her focus. The emotions she impresses upon her bonded are strong, but not often indicative of her more negative feelings.

Fish; which comprise her favourite food and also her favourite sport. Despite Ember’s petite frame, she is a fierce and joyous hunter. Being brought fish is especially pleasing- because it shows her that the other party cares. Fish is a surefire way to win her affections.

Parties; fond of large crowds and gatherings, parties are a wonderful combination of acquiring food and attention that allow her to also show off a little. She enjoys merriment, and seeing people happy, well… it buoys her. Happiness is contagious.

Children; especially those who are close to her bonded. Having spent a good deal of time around crechelings, and then coming into maturity and clutching her own broods, Ember has become rather protective and affectionate towards all manner of young things, human or otherwise.

Rain; which spoils any good day, really.

Pain; including emotional pain. Ember doesn’t deal well with tough situations. For all her queenliness, she’d much rather not exert her power over other firelizards or lesser beings coughhumanscough. Everybody just play nice yes? Yes.

Losing; when Ember makes up games or competitions, she doesn’t want to lose. Which is fair enough. But she really doesn’t want to lose. If she hosts a flying content and you beat her, she will ignore you forever more. And she does hold grudges. She is a sore loser. Funnily enough, flights are an entirely different matter.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Force catch due to colour, though she will have favourites amongst her suitors. Rises 06.06. Expects loyalty from her mate, but does not enforce it.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Teeahn [19.01.2568 / Brown Weyrling]
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Re: Teeahn [19.01.2568 / Brown Weyrling]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ JHIN-dith ]
Date of Birth:
02.01.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 32.3M
Mature Height: 5.1M
Mature Wingspan: 50.37M

General Appearance...

Much of Jyndith's hide is sepia in color, particularly lighter along his spine, wings, and underbelly. Towards his head, feet, and the end of his tail and wing digits, however, he darkens to a much deeper shade, rich and dark that gives him a rather unique appearance among other dragons. When he hatched, his underbelly was far more russet in color, speckled liberally with ruddy spots similar to the membranes of his wingsails. As he ages, however, the marks on his belly will fade to a much more subtle chocolate color, only retaining some of the brighter hues in direct light. His wingsails are the flashiest part of him, given than they are almost a burnt orange in color, with further scintillating speckles that also splash up onto the bones of his wings.

In terms of build, this Brown is short, stocky, and muscular. He's a ball of muscle from the moment he hatches, with proportions that might make him look almost stumpy until he starts to fill out into his adult proportions. Overall, his length, height, and wingspan are all rather short for a dragon of his caste. However, the way he easily hones and puts on thick muscle will make him a powerful creature as he ages -- capable of great feats of strengths and powerful bursts of flight or action. He's just not built for endurance, and will tire easily even when he's an adult.


Mind Voice: Jyndith's voice is like a whisper -- low, gentle, and fatherly. He never makes much noise at one time, but he doesn't think he needs to. Rather, this dragon firmly believes that when he speaks, other people should listen without him having to raise his voice. Even for all that, Jyndith's voice is very pleasant, like a low and sonorous drone.

Sunbathing : There's little he'll enjoy more than stretching out in the Bowl or on a ledge to nap and soak up some sun. Jyndith will also be very good-natured if Teeahn's children, nieces, and nephews end up climbing or playing on him while he does so.

Having a "project": Jyndith is a bit of a busy body, so he'll take well to his rider's tendencies towards matchmaking. This extends to other things too, however; if there's a friend of theirs that needs encouragement, practice at something, guidance, or any other kind of advice, Jyndith will happily throw himself into it however he may. He's a very fatherly dragon that enjoys feeling as though he's helping.

Being talked down to : Jyndith has difficulty believing that he can do wrong. Rather than manifesting as rebelliousness as it might in a less rule-bound color, he instead dislikes having to endure what he may believe is unwarranted criticism. This will be something that always rankles him, though he'll keep his mouth shut if it's a superior doing the reprimanding. But if it's someone he considers an equal or a lesser, he will never listen.

Teeahn's prospective suitors : He's not distressed by sex or relationships, but, well… if Jyndith were human, Teeahn would be the sort of person he'd court -- lavishly and with much fanfare. He'll never do anything to make her unhappy or chase someone away that she likes, but Jyndith does get very jealous of his rider's attention. He'll be huffy and closed off to anyone that takes a shine to her, and will only reluctantly admit when and if he likes them. Maybe. Possibly. As far as he's concerned, he's already her soulmate, and the two of them will be surrogate parents to any in the weyr who will let them be. But why she'll ever need someone else, he'll never quite understand.


* THOUGHTFUL : This dragon will never rush into anything. A strategist at heart, he prefers to have all the facts before making a decision. He's notoriously slow about making up his mind when it's not a matter of life or death, but his unique ability to categorize information and consider all the angles of a situation objectively mean that once he does act, it will be with purpose and full confidence.

* NURTURING : Much like his rider, Jyndith has a powerful calling to take care of others. Some might see this as patronizing, but it's really meant in good faith and earnestness. Even as a young dragonet, he'll be inclined to take those under his wing who might need guidance, or who he feels could benefit from his and Teeahn's brand of wisdom. A warm dragon with an indomitable spirit, he'll always be kind and compassionate.


* EASILY TIRED : Jyndith is a dragon built for quick bursts of speed -- essentially air sprints and feats of strengths necessitated by emergencies or training exercises. But he is not a creature meant for endurance work, and he easily becomes exhausted when he tries to push himself past his abilities. It's entirely possible that he may hurt himself inadvertently if Teeahn doesn't temper him, because it will frustrate this Brown that he can't be the best at everything.

* OPINIONATED : This Brown feels a particular way about everything, including things that don't really concern or impact him. He thinks that being wishy-washy is a mark of weakness, so he is very much not despite taking a while to come to decisions. Nevertheless, his often argumentative ways -- even when he doesn't intend to be -- can be trying and frustrating to others. They may even read him as more aggressive and intense than he necessarily is because he will happily debate anything and gets rather animated in the process.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #63380F; Text: #a87f59

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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Re: Teeahn [19.01.2568 / Brown Weyrling]
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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