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Author Topic: All the Pretties Shine [19.06.2590/8.30PM]  (Read 121 times)

Offline Laimora

All the Pretties Shine [19.06.2590/8.30PM]
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:58:47 AM »
It had been a long day- moreso because it had been stinking hot. Laimora had worked hard, and now she intended to play hard. With a quick bath- for both herself and the adorable, overly-attached green baby who rode on her shoulder- followed by a small meal, Mora was ready to begin the night’s proper relaxations. A cursory glance of the Weyr Hall did not yield too many… socialites, but she did spy a beautiful lady in the company of that goofy Prairierider. “Nana! Hey!” The Bluerider hoped that her enthusiastic gestures, coupled with the deviouscharming grin she was so prone to wearing prior to any shenanigans, might entice the lovely Greenrider into sitting with her in one of the private nooks. Whether the other rider came along or not… well, Mora wasn’t a selfish woman. She could share.

Plopping down on the plush cushions, Laimora took a moment to ensure Thalia was settled and content, before sitting back and reaching into her jacket. The willowy young lady produced two sealed wineskins. “You would never guess how I got these,” the woman whispered animatedly, eyes alight with the excitement of a promising night, “I mean- really. It was craaa-zyyy.” She set them on the table, an eager curve to her lips.

“We should play a game.” Did that sound sinister to anybody else? There was a flicker of doubt in her mind, from Daraneth. Your games always end unfortunately for those involved. What if something happens to Thalia? His voice was cautious with a hint of accusation. Nothing will happen to our baby Darling. She reassured him, reaching up with a hand to stroke the dark, watery green who was dozing, nestled into her neck. Laimora had not brought cups, but the game she had in mind didn't really necessitate them.

Spoiler for OOC:
@Kyya @Inki -- let me know if there's anything you want me to change about this. Didn't want to assume too much.
@RaynePOTM -- just in case. ;) <3

Open to anyone for a night for shenanigans.

Offline K'zaya

Re: All the Pretties Shine [19.06.2590/8.30PM]
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2017, 07:01:16 AM »
Beachsnakes may become more of a threat on sweltering days like the one K’zaya had had, however that didn’t stop him from accidently falling into the water when assisting one of the fishers in retrieving one of the nets. Not that his ploy ended up mattering when he tripped over that very same net and ate a mouthful of wet sand. Unfortunately, working with the fishers did not give him much time to clean himself off, and his clothing was dry and stiff by the time it came to returning to the weyr.

A quick bath, a change of clothes and a very careful oiling of the bottle-green firelizard that had hatched the month before (with Fyenoruth “assisting” by interpreting Gloss’s croons so K’zaya knew just where to focus his attentions), and K’zaya found himself with a few hours to kill before they would be forced to retire to their weyr.

She has grown again, K’zayamine. You should see if Cremath’s has as well. She is still much smaller than the little brown one. the dragon huffed as he gave the firelizard a final lookover before she took to the air, circling around them a moment before swooping to land on K’zaya’s shoulder, thrumming her appreciation for the oiling.

K’zaya gave Gloss a gentle pat, unable, still, to adjust to just how tiny she actually was. She was almost fully grown, and yet he barely felt her weight when she sat on him. He’d forget she was even with him half the time if Fyenoruth wasn’t so attentive to her. She wasn’t the Bronze he had hoped form but she’d quickly won him over with her sweet mannerisms.

To the weyrbowl then, hey boy? he though as he swung himself into place on Fyenoruth’s back, gripping tightly in light of the lack of straps but knowing[/s]hoping[/s] the Bronze would be steady enough so that he didn’t fall during the short trip. For a moment, he relished the fact he’d managed to mount without the faintest of issue – slightly annoyed that the only witness was his dragon – who seemed to embellish every word he spoke to others and a firelizard who glossed over details to make the image suit her idea of “pretty”.

Seeing Inanna again would cheer him up, however, and so he found himself in the weyrhall looking for the beachrider relatively quickly. He hadn’t maaged to work with her during fishing duties today, and had been late both to breakfast and lunch, and so his day had been quite lacking in greenrider. “Inanna! Fyenoruth wants to ask if Terra had gotten much bigger. He thinks Gloss has.” HE spoke loudly as he approached her, searching for his companions clutchmate as he spoke. Truth be told the curiosity wasn’t just his dragon’s. The growth rate of Firelizards was a completely new concept for him, and while Gloss was smaller than Terra, she was definitely growing quicker than what Fyenoruth had done after he had hatched.

Someone else calling Inanna’s name drew his attention, and he watched as a dark haired woman gestured wildly for her to come over.

Not waiting for his own invitation, K’zaya strolled on over, flopping down on the cushions nearby and patting the empty space between him and Laimora with a wicked grin of his own. “Wine? Two skins of it at that! Inanna, where’d you find this one?!” He crowed excitedly, leaning forward to shake one of them, chuckling at the weight of them and giving Laimora an approving look.

“I’d like to hear the story one day. Not many people can cajole a wineskin from the brewers, let alone two.” He was quite animated as he spoke, voice lowering slightly as he fished for details of the achievement. The mention of a game however, distracted him quickly enough, and he squinted as he gave her another look over.

“What sort of game did you have in mind?” He asked, though it was quite obvious he wasn’t going to be leaving any time soon. He didn’t even have the foresight to think that perhaps the invitation had just been for the greenrider… She definitely looked the sort to add some liveliness to the evening and he was always in the mood for some fun.

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Offline Inanna

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Re: All the Pretties Shine [19.06.2590/8.30PM]
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2017, 06:25:46 PM »
Inanna opened her mouth to respond to K'zaya's question, when she was interrupted by the call from the other side of the room, and K'zaya's quick departure over to that table. She smiled, following after him too, her limbs covered in firelizards.

Served her right for deciding to impress all of them at once, why hadn't she just waited? It was because she hadn't been able to resist the lure of the shiny gold egg out in the Weyrbowl, tempting her. After all, she needed a gold to keep her handful browns in hand, even if she thought that Terra wouldn't much appreciate the sentiment.

Terra was snoozing in the crook of her arm, Miss was tucked on her shoulder, blinking at all those who looked at them, reasonably pleased with the attention she and her bonded received. Inanna preferred not to think about where Khaos would be, probably perched on top of a door frame waiting to drop on someone's head. The oldest of her faire was undeniably the biggest troublemaker of the lot.

"Hey Lamey." She addressed the bluerider with a grin as she plopped down into the booth beside her. "Here." She scooped the sleeping brown from her arm and placed him down for K'zaya to see. "You can see for yourself." Terra was not upset by the movement, the little brown simply dozed on. "I think he's bulking up quite a bit."

Turning her attention to Laimora she grinning mischievously. "How did you get that? But alright," she said, leaning back, flinging one leg over the other, and relaxing back against the chair, "Tell me how did game goes."

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Offline Colvin

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Re: All the Pretties Shine [19.06.2590/8.30PM]
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2017, 09:42:50 AM »
Colvin strolled into the Weyr Hall late. Honestly, he’d lost track of time and hadn’t realized the rest of the Candidates had gone to dinner already. One minute he had been working on a music composition, lost in the sounds of his dulcimer as he hit note after note and scribbled down the ones that worked and the next minute he looked up and the place was empty. Vic trilled as if to remind him at least he was still there.

The blue flit replayed an image in Cole’s head, one of Zondesh standing at the foot of the Candidate’s bed and trying to get his attention to see if he was coming to dinner. “Oh, huh.” So that had happened. Now that Vic reminded him, he vaguely remembered his roommate’s attempt at conversation.

“C’mon, let’s go see if there’s any food left.” Vic hoped onto Cole’s shoulders, wrapping around his neck. The Weyr Hall wasn’t empty in the least though many of the earlier dinner crowds had thinned out. Those still here were either enjoying their personal time, or had also been caught up late in chores and duties and gotten a late start.

He was walking past the little nook when he picked up some of the conversation from the riders inside. ’We should play a game’ Color him intrigued, his steps slowed and then another voice, ’Not many people can cajole wineskins from the brewers, let alone two’. He knew that voice. And with that Cole smirked and did an abrupt about face and leaned against the edge of the entrance to the nook.

He scanned the other two riders, none of them jumped out at him as ones he knew, or at least ones he’d pissed off any time recently. Both of them were gorgeous. Look at little Kizaya having game! His former roommate was doing well for himself.

“It looks like you’ve got uneven teams. How about a fourth?”

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Offline Laimora

Re: All the Pretties Shine [19.06.2590/8.30PM]
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2017, 06:57:18 AM »
This one! Pah!” She pretended to be offended, her dark eyes dancing with mock anger. “You make me sound like some sorry rained-upon dog. No, Inanna and I go way back.” This, she said with a beatific smile on her face as the Greenrider sat down beside the redhead. “Hey sweet thing.” Mora greeted, a slight, one-sided curve to her smile. Nana was looing well- as usual, really (when did she never look good?)- albeit laden with flitters that the Bluerider did not recognise. She leaned forwards slightly, inspecting the sleeping brown she placed on the table for K’zaya’s benefit. Thalia roused ever so slightly, opening one sleepy eye to stare at the other flitt. Shyness overcame her desire to make friends, so she shifted to conceal herself within Lamey’s curls.

Settling back against the soft seat, Laimora tilted her head ever so slightly in response to their continued questions. “A lady doesn’t kiss and tell. But there may have been kissing.” This was followed by the shifty, somewhat dubious wink of someone who definitely enjoyed kissing and telling. Subtlety was not an artform at which she was particularly talented.

Another voice joined the conversation, this from an unfamiliar young man. Laimora wore a warm smile and patted the seat beside her. “Sit, you brave and possibly foolhardy man.” She opened the first wineskin, wrapping her fingers around the neck of the container. “Let’s start easy.” She pulled a 1/32 mark from her pocket, an old, world-weary harper’s coin, and flipped it. “If I call it right, I pass it on to… you, fuzzy face.” She nodded to K’zaya. “If I don’t, I get to choose between drinking or removing a piece of clothing. I’m sure we’ll probably have to move to someone’s weyr in the future.” The smile was devious.

Without waiting for consent- or really, any reaction at all (Mora just wanted to drink and potentially admire Nana in less clothing), she flipped the coin, called Harper, and smirked as it landed with the craftprint rightside up. With the flourish of someone who was excessively pleased with her luck, she nudged the wineskin to the Bronzerider.


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