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Author Topic: K'eir [32.07.2557 9th Pass // Brownrider]  (Read 1389 times)

Offline Dashin

K'eir [32.07.2557 9th Pass // Brownrider]
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:07:25 PM »

Play By:

Kel-eh-neer (as in sneer), K'eir as in near
Kel or Neir, though most people just call him by his honorific--it's short enough as it is.
Date of Birth:
32.07.2557 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wingrider
None currently.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: One of K'eir's few selfish attributes is his opinion of his appearance; he puts a fair amount of effort into appearing effortlessly windblown, whether he's jumping off his dragon or out of bed. His clothing is generally in good shape, but not spotless. Well-worn, but well cared for, as it could mean his safety or his dragon's if something were to go wrong out in the field. He has somewhat curly dark brown hair and icy blue eyes, and is tall and broad enough that he has a tendency to make him appear a lot more intimidating than he really is.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: K'eir was lucky in that his family, those he knew of and has since found, made it through the Pass with little more than abnormal casualties, but he's still angry. At the Holders for blaming Pern's downfall on the Riders and the less than honorable reactions that stemmed from that.

Response to dragon color mutations: K'eir is very much disappointed in the fact that Neisoth was even allowed to participate in Kalestath's Flights, let alone more than once; his opinion of the Weyr's bronzes lowered a bit after that, though he would never utter the words aloud. The mutations in general he's not particularly happy about, but in general hold his opinions close.

Who are you...

Likes: Rain: It's calming, and K'eir has always liked watching and/or standing in it, propriety be damned.

Children: Though it's more a sense of duty than anything else, and convenient since he's definitely got nothing against having sex, he's always had a fondness for children. He's faintly certain it's a side-product of growing up in the creche, where he was responsible for a lot of the toddlers when he grew old enough to have that responsibility.

Solitude: Perhaps a side-product of his wing-related duties, K'eir has developed an appreciation for his own company and that of his draconic partners; though there's certainly exceptions to the rule, he's never really had a hard time with the extended missions of Mountain Wing.

Learning: Kel has always had a thirst for learning, reading whatever scraps of literature he could get his hands on and harassing the Harpers every chance he got for more. That has only become a near-obsession since his induction into Mountain Wing.

Dislikes: Jokers: While K'eir certainly possesses a sense of humor, he has a hard time dealing with people who are too casual in the way they live and the way they interact with others.

Arrogance: K'eir has a healthy respect for his bronze bretheren, but their arrogance has always had an exceptionally negative effect on him; he thinks his own brown is as good as any bronze, and while he's not stupid enough to say it out loud where anyone might hear it he makes sure to remind Sicharth of how exceptional he thinks he is every chance he gets. Of course, his dislike of arrogance isn't reserved for bronzers alone; anyone who seems to have an 'above their station' kind of attitude tends to get his hackles up.

Klah: Bitter and a little too strong for his liking, no amount of sweetening has ever been able to make the drink any more than vaguely tolerable, and K'eir generally tries to avoid it unless he has absolutely no alternatives.


* FOCUS : K'eir has always found it easy to dedicate his attention to seemingly menial tasks, seeing each as important enough for his scrutiny.

* ADVENTUROUS : K'eir has always had an exploratory streak, something that he's finally able to indulge with his missions from Mountain Wing.

* SENSIBLE : His common sense is strong, and very sensible. As a result K'eir is almost unnervingly reliant on his instincts, which makes him rather fast-acting and impulsive (though he makes an effort to tone that down as much as he can when he's away from the Weyr and such things might get him into trouble).

* CLEVER : Quick-thinking and sharp, K'eir's perceptiveness is rather at odds with the careful way he presents himself otherwise.

* RESPONSIBLE : K'eir takes his position very seriously, both as a brownrider and as a Mountain wingrider. He does his best to meet expectations whenever he can, and if he can't, does his best to make up for that shortcoming in whatever way(s) he can.


* ALOOF : K'eir has a tendency to be a tiny bit oblivious to general Weyr-happenings; his focus elsewhere is generally lost on the brownrider when his attention isn't needed for the exploration of Pern.

* FICKLE : More in terms of the subjects of his affection than anything else, as his loyalty to the Weyr outpaces everything by dragonlengths. He's never been great at settling down with one person, though both he and Sicharth are both guilty of having their favorites when it comes to bed- and Flight-partners.

* HEDONISTIC : K'eir takes his own sexual pleasure very seriously, and while he didn't begrudge Sicharth the enforced celibacy of his Weyrlinghood, he certainly doesn't miss it.

* NARROW-MINDED : Despite any good intentions K'eir might have, having been raised more or less by Weyrbound crecheworkers, his idea of what's right and proper is very narrow and very hard to sway him from.

* REACTIVE : Perhaps a result of his Wing duties, K'eir has a tendency to rely on his instincts before his common sense, and as a result he's not the type one wants to sneak up on; the brownrider tends to punch first and ask questions later.

Describe Yourself:

* DEDICATED: K'eir takes his responsibilities, whether Weyr-related or more private, very seriously (though an exception to that is any children he may have sired--if he and the mother hit it off well he's more likely to stay in contact, but otherwise he generally doesn't bother), and has a tendency to get irritated when he's forced to pause more than a time or two during a single project or activity.

* DETAIL-ORIENTED: K'eir enjoys taking his time and making sure his work is of as high a quality as he can manage, and that trait has only become even more relevant for his new calling with Mountain Wing.

* FRIENDLY: Exceptionally well-spoken despite his constant isolation, K'eir finds it exceptionally easy to make friends and doesn't usually have a hard time striking up conversation with much of anyone.

* LOYAL: K'eir feels very strongly that his first duty is to the Weyr and his dragon, and only second to himself.

* PRIVATE: K'eir generally doesn't like to share his personal issues with others, preferring to deal with problems on his own.

The Magic Touch: K'eir is pretty good at sleeping around, though at the same time he's not quite promiscuous enough to actively seek out bed partners all the time. When he returns from the Weyr from longer missions especially he has a tendency to seek out one (or on occasion several) of his favorite bedpartners and enjoy them to the best of his abilities. He takes lovemaking very seriously, and prides himself on his skill--one of the few things he's truly arrogant about.


Mother: Thierra of Blue Foroseth, Searchrider. b. 2540, Impressed 2553, d. 2587.
Father: B'lye of Green Uereth, Mountain Wingsecond. b. 2539, Impressed 2551.

Lyannaly – Born 2559 – Journeywoman Weaver with children of her own
Iralye – Born 2563 – Jungle Wingrider of Rallekath
[{Kyfer}] - Born 2565 - Apprentice Harper
Merikelye – 2580 – Female

Keleshi – Female – 2588, mother is Nishi, Greenrider of Xasheyth.
Neritol – Male – 2587, mother is Nishi, Greenrider of Xasheyth.
Harton - Male - 2586, mother is Nalise, Greenrider of Hiakimth.
Temeira - Female - 2583, mother is Teeahn, Brownrider of Jyndith.
Unnamed - Male - 2582, mother was a greenrider whose Flight he won. Baby died shortly after it was born.
Korel - Male - 2578, Candidate. Mother was Korinla, Greenrider of Jarunth.
Rinneir - Female - 2573, Green Weyrling (Impressed 2588). Mother was Korinla, Greenrider of Jarunth.
K'eir may also have several Hold-bred offspring, though he wouldn't even know their mother's names, let alone the child's.

Tell us a story...

* 2557, 0 Keleneir is born and his mother surrenders him to the Creche when he's six months old. She keeps an eye on him, but isn't interested enough in raising a child to do much more than that.

* 2562, 5 The creche is a relatively safe, uneventful place for a child to grow up; Keleneir doesn't want for much, and learns very quickly that he will be much better off, and much better liked, if he does what he's told to the best of his abilities. He quickly becomes one of the darlings of the creche.

* 2563, 6 Kel isn't really old enough to understand it, but tensions now begin to rise between Hold and Weyr, and ultimately Nabol Hold falls to the conflict within. Keleneir was always a relatively serious child, but the stern faces around him only make that more important for him to uphold, and any funny business he may have pulled off in different situations simply never comes to pass.

* 2568, 11 High Reaches Hold falls, and Keleneir is truly beginning to understand their dire straits now; the last several Turns haven't been easy for the Holders, and while he doesn't really have any love lost for them, Kel has the capacity to feel at least a little compassion for them.

* 2570, 13 Keleneir is searched by his mother's Foroseth, and a few short months later he Stands for Rayneth's clutch. He Impresses Brown Sicharth, and despite his confidence that he would Impress well, K'eir is undeniably relieved when that little brown body cracked his shell and presented himself, very calmly, at Kel's feet and matter-of-factly demanded food.

* 2571, 14 It's decided that High Reaches Weyr must be abandoned, and the rest of the dragon population on Pern relocates to Fort Weyr. It's the first time K'eir spends any length of time away from High Reaches in his life, and while his youth lends some small amount of excitement to it, that feeling is numbed slightly by the reality of the situation.

* 2573, 16 K'eir fathers a child with a greenrider whose dragon's Flight his brown won. He keeps in touch in a cursory kind of way; enough to know that the child is surrendered to the Creche, something that he's entirely content with; K'ier knows very well how difficult it can be to raise a child as a dragonrider, so he doesn't hold any hard feelings towards Korinla for making that decision, nor did he offer any insight into it, not seeing it as his place. He keeps tabs on the child though, a girl named Rinneir.

* 2578, 21 K'eir sires another child on Korinla, this one a little boy named Korel, who is similarly surrendered to the Creche. Like his sister, Kel keeps casual tabs on the boy, but he doesn't go out of his way to associate with Korel until he's older. This is about the point that his decision to leave his childrens' fate up to their mothers becomes more of a habitual thought than a conscious one, though it's still something he believes is the best choice. It doesn't stop him from watching, from a distance, to assure that they're in good hands, and for the most part he makes an effort to make sure these children know who their father is. Any more than that is left to the children's prerogative.

* 2581, 24 K'eir ends up, for reasons beyond his comprehension, in possession of a firelizard egg. There was a clutch up for grabs in the dining hall one night, and pure curiosity had K'eir wandering over to investigate while he finished his own meal. He knows enough about them to successfully Impress the little bronze that fell, quite literally, off the dining hall table and into his lap, and he named the little beast Thirrus. The entire ordeal was something of a chaotic one, and having a firelizard was something K'eir never expected to appreciate as much as he quickly came to.

* 2583, 26 Once again K'eir finds himself caught up in the clutches of a Gold flight, and the encounter ends with the girl, a young Candidate named Teeahn, getting pregnant. Very briefly he feels a little guilty, because he's never seen himself as the type to force himself on anyone (nor the type to need to, but that was his own male arrogance talking more than anything. Eventually, though, his worries fade, and life, more or less, seems to carry on as normal.

* 2586, 29 Fathers a child on a young woman named Nalise. He feels similarly about the child as he has in the past, a relative curiosity as to the well-being of the child but more or less leaves the care and upbringing of the boy to his mother.

* 2587, 30 K'eir ends up falling into bed with an Apprentice Fisher that he's at least vaguely familiar with during one of the Queens' Flights. He knows her name, at least (Nishi), and they interact enough even after that evening that K'eir is one of the first people she tells when she finds out she's pregnant. In all honesty he cares more about the girl than he does about the baby, but he carries on with the dutiful father tendencies, keeping an eye on the child once it's born. In the midst of all this is the mass exodus to Fort Island, an event that somewhat shakes K'eir's confidence in himself; he was lucky that High Reaches lasted as long as it did, and that his life wasn't completely upended by the move to Fort; this time, though, things are much worse. Early on in the days that the Weyr is being founded, his mother and her dragon are attacked and killed by Hunters. He was friendly, if not particularly close to his mother, and the loss hits him surprisingly hard.

* 2588, 31 Upon returning from an extended mission, K'eir is surprised to find Nishi awaiting him in his weyr, and the two end up sleeping together again. Later, a slightly ashamed Sicharth admits that he may have mentioned to the girl that K'eir was feeling lonely, and while the brownrider's first instinct is to be irritated, his dragon's shame is enough punishment for the poor creature and his irritation quickly fades to amusement.

Even after weeks or even months away, K'eir always returned to the Weyr with somewhat mixed feelings. All that time spent without human company sometimes left him feeling a little overwhelmed by the return to population, and it could sometimes take a day or two for him to stop twitching every time someone showed up unexpectedly. That was part of the reason he always hurried through his dinner so quickly the first night back--eager to return to his weyr, the one thing he ever did truly miss while he was gon, and to sleep in a bed that was a little softer than stone. Perhaps he'd search up some company later. K'eir really was easy to please.

His first order of business upon his return to Southern Winds was always to hand in his mission reports, either to W'sar himself or B'lye when the former wasn't in the Weyr. Easier to get that out of the way first, after all, so he wouldn't have to worry about much of anything until his next assignment got passed down.

All that really meant for Sicharth was that he got several hours' worth of time to do dragony things, and reacquaint himself with the goings on in the Weyr. Thirrus was usually his dutiful little helper for that, though today it seemed the big brown would be on his own in that regard. Ah, well. He'd functioned for a while without a firelizard to help him out. It would seem, though, that things had been relatively tame in the since their departure, something that Sicharth was sure K'eir would be relieved to hear.

Well, nobody's tried to kill anyone in the last week, so that's good, he commented idly to his rider, sliding languidly through the shallows of the cove as Thirrus flew in circles around the brown's head.

'Good. We shouldn't have to come back to some sort of uprising or scandal every time we leave the Weyr to its own devices for a couple days.' Sicharth hummed his agreement.

After that, the brown absconded to one of his favorite ledges in the weyrbowl. It was one of the lower ones, and therefore both less likely to be a favorite for anyone else, and more likely to be a little more isolated. Thirrus was curled into a ball at the base of his neck, the little bronze smart enough to know that he likely wouldn't find much peace and quiet with K'eir for a while yet.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Bronze Weyrling A'srian
Bluerider K'ran
Greenrider B'ryn
Candidate Thealdrae
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable I suppose!
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'em Up!
Anything Else:
I don't think so. He's a playa

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
34.02.2570 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 35
Mature Height: 7.5
Mature Wingspan: 61

General Appearance...

Sicharth was always a rather funny-looking dragon; he looked a bit like a patchwork blanket with the starkly contrasted colors of his hide for the first Turn or so of their Weyrlinghood. A dark, almost purple-ish brown over most of his body, his underbelly and the undersides of his wingsails are a lighter mottled tan. The backs of his wings are much lighter, almost a creamy color, mottled with darker brown.
 His frills, spikes and eyeridges are perhaps the most colorful part of him, a vibrant almost orange-ish shade of brown. He's a pretty big brown, long and a little skinnier than the average, though his wingspan and height push the limits of what one would consider normal.


Mind Voice: Sicharth's mind voice is relatively quiet; K'eir has grown used to it and generally doesn't have trouble hearing him, but others who aren't used to the lack of volume to the dragon's voice may have trouble hearing him at first.

Likes: Firelizards: Sic is always pleased to find himself the subject of firelizard attentions; they're enjoyable little creatures, amusing to watch and for the most part pleasant to communicate with.

Swimming: Never one to deny himself the opportunity for some relaxation, Sicharth is certainly the type to take advantage of any chance to go for a swim.

Dislikes: Funny business: Sicharth is a very serious dragon, and with that comes a dislike for messing around; he takes everything very seriously.

Lots of dragons crowded into the same general space: Not something that he has to deal with all that often, but it's a preference that leads him to doing his best to avoid most Hatchings, and even some of the more popular greens won't find him Chasing if they have too many suitors already. He's even dropped out of Flights if too many join in after he's already given chase, but it happens rarely.


* AGILE: Slightly skinnier and more mobile than his brown or bronze bretheren, Sicharth is exceptionally good at completing complicated movements, either on the ground or in the air.

* QUICK-THINKING: Sicharth's mind tends to be as agile as his body; smart comments, whether insightful or of the more humorous kind, are rather common, though K'eir is usually the only one who gets to hear such things.


* PRIDE: Sicharth is a very prideful dragon, taking himself and his rider very seriously.

* FISH: After several Turns of eating little more than the slimy, bony creatures, Sicharth is not above taking shameless advantage of every chance he gets to eat anything else.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #130b0f; Text: #c5af65

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Srs babby

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Colored by SirAlahn
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
21.10.2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Thirrus is a very grayish bronze, making it very easy for him to blend into cloudy skies. The backs of his body and wings are slightly more variant, though mostly still shades of very light bronze and gray. Thirrus is big for a bronze, right up there with the smallest of the Golds he's so fond of Chasing.


Mind Voice: Very low and somewhat monotone when he does have to speak, Thirrus is the picture of a working flit in that K'eir has spent a lot of time teaching the little bronze to project images of anything he finds interesting to his bonded, Sicharth, or both if it's something he thinks is of particular importance.

Likes: Sicharth: Thirrus utterly idolizes the brown dragon, doing his best to emulate the serious, task-oriented Sicharth in everything he does.

Water: He's an avid fan of spending lots and lots of time in the Cove, splashing about in the shallows.

Dislikes: Being Dirty: While he will do absolutely anything for K'eir and/or Sicharth, Thirrus detests being dirty and tends to complain when more than a handful of hours pass before he has a chance to clean himself up.

Whers: He thinks they're silly, in act and in looks, and (taking after something he's noticed in Sicharth, here) as a result has decided that he very much does not like the wrinkly creatures.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Like the flower
Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This lady looks like a child has taken to her wings with a paint brush, splatting a lighter green onto her wingsails. Fully mature, she'll top off her growth at 0.85m with a body thick with muscles, and wingsails larger than normal, carrying her high and far in her flights, making her a challenge to catch even for the largest of bronzes.


Mind Voice: Smooth, but loud and penetrating, she'll be heard in a crowd and won't care who knows it. Her emotions are enveloping, and this green will shove them into K'ier's mind without grace or care. Impatient and strong, this green won't be taken for granted and will hold her own in terms of intelligence and dedication with Sicharth and Thirrus.

* WORK - She enjoys being given tasks and being good at them, and won't hesitate to shove a smaller flit out of her way to achieve her task first and the best.
* FLIGHTS - This green is both agile and strong, and causes her flights to be both entertaining and challenging to her chasers.
* BEING RIGHT - Not that it happens very often that she is wrong, she simply enjoys being right, and takes a great deal of pleasure in others being wrong.

* OVER EXCITABLE PEOPLE - Flitters, whers, humans, dragons, those that are far too easily amused and excited greatly bother her, she doesn't feel the need.
* LAZINESS - What's the point in being lazy when you have a whole big world to explore?

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

She will fly on the 01/09 and is not a force catch.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: K'eir [32.07.2557 9th Pass // Brownrider]
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Re: K'eir [32.07.2557 9th Pass // Brownrider]
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

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