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Author Topic: Twisted Ankle [25.04.2590, 7pm] (Open)  (Read 94 times)

Offline Isalia

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Twisted Ankle [25.04.2590, 7pm] (Open)
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:15:10 PM »

Isalia did it again while looking for something to do she had tripped over something in the tunnels and quite possibly broken her ankle. As she lay there on the ground her ankle starting to swell and she tried to get up on it only for her to scream out in pain. The pain was so bad it almost made her faint but she would not do that not before help arrived. Looking down she almost let out a string of curse words as she saw the swelling in her ankle. She did not do that as she was alone in the tunnel at the moment and had no way to get to the Healer hall to get her Ankle checked out.

This was going to be so much fun and Lil sat there chittering at her to be more careful. She looked at the little golden firelizard and shook her head. “Lil I need you to get help please. This Hurts sweetie and I need help now. Go find someone to help please Lil Go” The Gold Filt was reluctant to leave but did so to find help and looked for anyone along the Tunnel to the Candidates Barracks as that was the way she was going. Isalia hoped that the gold would find someone soon as if she did not she would surely pass out  from the pain and then all they would find would her passed out with a swollen ankle and not know what happened.

Offline Nieve

Re: Twisted Ankle [25.04.2590, 7pm] (Open)
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2017, 05:50:12 PM »
The tunnels were less crowded these days. Many crafters and holders had jumped ship for the promise land of the minehall, leaving mostly dragon-minded folk behind. Nieve fell somewhere in between categories, taking allegiance only with her fellow drudges and forsaking everyone else. She remained only because it was safer here and she was comfortable enough with the tunnels to sneak her way through life. She didn’t want to start all over again.

Her chores, however, remained unchanged. Sweep the weyrs, collect the trash, dust that fine grit of dust and sand that collected all day, every day, without fail. The unsavory life of a drudge was not for many, but it was what she knew.

Evening did not offer reprieve. She was expected to do as much as possible but now her duties extended into the tunnels and halls rather than the living quarters where most had already retired for the night. It was here that she heard a cry of pain. The sound was echoed which meant it was a bit further down, but it was unmistakably human.

“Look ahead for me, would you?” This was whispered to the big gold wrapped around her entire back. Lovely had reached her full, massive size but nonetheless retained her habit of staying beneath Nieve’s hair. Now, however, the Gold unlatched herself and dropped to the floor. She did not take flight, these tunnels weren’t quite wide enough for her to maneuver her way easily and she did not want to be caught incase there was trouble ahead. She instead scurried forward with speed unbefitting of her size. Halfway to the source of the cry, the sound of wings had Lovely flattening herself further to the ground. Another Gold flew overhead and she hissed a response, feeding the image back to Nieve so she wouldn’t be caught off guard as well.

Lovely continued her crawl until she was able to see the fallen form of Isalia. Just one human meant there wasn’t a fight, at least not anymore, and that was all Nieve needed to know as she trotted down the path.

Nieve’s firelizard remained at a distance and when her bonded arrived, she made her way back up the girl’s back and nestled again within her hair. The drudge took a better evaluation of Isalia than her flit was able to give, seeing the source of the pain and, seemingly, that this whole thing had been the result of a clumsy accident. She knew Isalia to be a candidate and Nieve scoffed. “What, don’t even know how to walk? And they’re letting you be a rider? Stupid girl.”

She stayed back some feet, out of Isalia’s reach, and struck the pose of someone in power. One hand rested on her hip, the other curled under Lovely’s chin, scratching her hide there.

Offline Isalia

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Re: Twisted Ankle [25.04.2590, 7pm] (Open)
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2017, 06:20:08 AM »
Isalia looked at the woman that had came and frowned. She noticed the knot on the woman's shoulder and shook her head who was she trying to be all high and mighty to her. She rolled her eyes as she tried to stand again only to wince in pain. She growled at the pain but stood holding onto the wall picking up her hurt foot so not to put weight on it. "I was looking for something to do and if there was not so much bloody sharding shit on the floor I would not have tripped. I am a good candidate and usually do not fall but as you can see there is more on the floor than should be this time."

She pointed to the debris that where all over the floor where she had fallen as she leaned against the wall. She looked at Lil and sent her a picture of the Candidates area and to go there to find help if this girl would not help. Lil popped out of sight as Isalia continues to stair down the woman. "If your only going to berate me for tripping over something I could not control and not help then go away I will get other help." Yep She had a backbone but only when push came to shove.  This one was probably not going to be that helpful to her and her gold was cranky as well.

Offline Nieve

Re: Twisted Ankle [25.04.2590, 7pm] (Open)
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2017, 06:07:54 PM »
As Isalia struggled to stand Nieve looked on with a thin smile. She did not move from where she stood, neither helping or going to get help. This candidate might’ve earned a smidge of respect for her tenacity, but that was quickly lost by the princess attitude. Nieve was used to people looking down on her for her station in life, but drudges carried the entire weight of Pern on their shoulders. Her people were the lifeblood of civilization. They knew every secret, every whisper, every escape route. They knew more than was often realized.

“So you’re blind, then? Or is your nose so far stuck in the air that you can’t look down?” This was a rare moment for Nieve, one in which she clearly had the upper hand. She wasn’t going to waste it. “They must’ve felt bad for you, told you that you had a chance to Impress. Bet every dragonet would rather between than be stuck with you.”

Nieve glanced down the tunnel, front and back, to see if she could figure out where Isalia’s flit had gone. “Looks like your own lizard even abandoned you. Smart of her.” Nieve’s own Gold hissed in approval of her bonded’s words. Lovely was happiest when she was the only female around, aside from Nieve of course.


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