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Author Topic: Syrena [16.03.2572 9th Pass // Candidate]  (Read 661 times)

Offline Aster

Syrena [16.03.2572 9th Pass // Candidate]
« on: May 16, 2017, 07:50:33 PM »

Play By:
Amanda Seyfried

First Name:
Sy, Syre, Syra
Date of Birth:
16.03.2572 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold.
Job Before Search:
Healer Apprentice
Color Preference:
Red: Matches her upbeat and emotionally-bright personality as well as never-staying-still physical tendencies but counters her openness and trusting nature with their distance; she'd be a pretty good red-rider.
Blue: Who can say no to a blue? I feel like blues work with just about anyone who has anything extroverted about them at all. They're versatile and so is Syrena.
Brown: Unlike the numerous similarities followed by the one or two differences in personality when it comes to reds, Syrena has very little in common with browns except for being easygoing and good natured ... which makes the same interesting parallel. A brown would be a good counter to her personality.

Essentially I guess I'm saying 'not green.'
Future Rider Name:
Wendin, deceased

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Syrena’s bright disposition is nearly always visible in her brilliant eyes and a sunshine-y smile tends to be ever in possession of her features. Though not picky about her clothes, she tends to shy away from anything that looks at all solemn, preferring lighter colors. She dresses as flowy and 'fun' as she can get away with while still being efficient for working, and prefers to keep her wavy blonde hair down.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Syrena was born near the end of the 9th Pass and as such has little to no memory of it. However, hearing the stories is enough to give her pause and make her generally sunny disposition cloud a little bit.

Response to dragon color mutations: Syrena thinks the Black Dragons are, aside from being beautiful creatures, a helpful addition to the colors -- they seem to know what to do with the Hunters, for all that they're a little bit strange. If there was going to be one new dragon in response to the ... different ... new environment, why not two? The reds certainly frightened her when they hatched, but she's come to terms with them and finds them intriguing.

Who are you...

Likes: Syrena likes any kind of domesticated animal. From her youth she has admired the diversity of all the different creatures that inhabit Pern, viewing it as people's job to take proper care of all the animals that have been entrusted to their care.

She loves spending time with her brother, B'nyn. Even though their personalities are so different, she grew up with him and is one of the few that understands him. Even just sitting in silence with him is better company than talking to certain others of the Candidates.

Sun showers and rainbows always lift her spirits. They symbolize to her the fact that even when things seem gloomy, the light can fight it's way through.

She just likes people in general and enjoys observing and engaging the uniqueness of each person. The fact that of all the people to have ever been born on Pern, no two have ever been the same, is a marvel to her.

Dislikes: Syrena can’t abide a liar. If someone can’t tell her something, they need to admit it to her face, not lie. She sees it as an indicator of their estimation of her if they’re willing to lie to her about something.

She automatically distrusts anyone who abuses animals or sees them as nothing more than tools. How someone treats those beneath them is an indicator of who they are inside, even more so with how they treat animals.

People who get easily upset annoy her, even her brother sometimes. People make mistakes sometimes and need forgiveness and encouragement to do better. Life is too short to hold grudges. Admittedly anger is justified in some circumstances, but not many.

Anyone who messes with B'nyn earns an immediate place in her dislike book. If they have an honestly justified reason she might let it pass. She has no patience for those that would joke at his expense.


* Empathic: She connects on a basic level with people who will open up to her, understanding their point of view and struggles, and genuinely caring. Once you’re her friend, her shoulder is always there to cry on. She is also genuinely glad when people succeed in life.

* Resourceful: She lived a fair piece of her childhood without a home. As such she had to make do with what she and Brehnyn could scrounge from what other people viewed as trash. She’s never really lost this ability and could likely survive if she was ever on her own again.

* Loyal: When she commits to someone or something she will never turn back, she’s in it for better or worse. No amount of persuasion or danger will dissuade her.

* Hard worker: She’s no shirker, if she’s given a job she will stick with it and do it to the best of her ability. Cutting corners is not something she does. Because of this, she would have issues delegating should the need ever arise.

* Intuitive: She has a strong gut instinct and it’s often right. Whether about people or curses of action, those who know her know that if she has a 'strong feeling' about anything, you might want to listen.


* Involved: Syrena tends to have trouble remaining objective in most situations. She’s just too swayed by emotion and tends to take sides too quickly and commit to them too strongly. She has in past had occasion to look back with regret at times she took the wrong side without knowing any better.

* Bigger inside than out: Even when facing someone who could be potentially dangerous she doesn’t know how to step back and hold her tongue. She’s never afraid to scold someone for wrong behavior; size doesn’t scare her, even when it should.

* Open: Syrena gives people her trust too quickly. Having an optimistic view of people, she sees them as trustworthy until proven otherwise. This can cause her to get hurt quite often.

* Lightweight: Syrena is rather petite. Not weak, or malnourished, just small in general.

* B'nyn: Her Achilles heel. If he was ever hurt or killed she would absolutely lose it.

Describe Yourself:

* Optimistic: The sun will keep on rising and setting no matter how hard life gets from her point of view. In the end, everything will turn out alright. She has enough faith in people to believe that they will keep on surviving no matter how bad things get.

* Caring: She has a heart for any creature in need of comfort or healing, and will help in any way possible to alleviate suffering. This is why she found herself training to be a healer.

* Spunky: Life’s dips can’t get her down and neither can nasty people. Not taking nonsense from anyone, she’s often known to have a quick retort at her lips, softened only by a mischievous smile.

* Helpful: If anyone ever needs help with chores or otherwise, she’s there. Work isn’t a bad thing from her perspective, but she understands it is from other’s, so she’s happy to help wherever she can.

* Fun: A happy person in general Syrena can be just fun to be around and knows how to let her hair down, relax, and have a good time.

The Magic Touch:
Deep down, Syrena has romantic feelings for B'nyn -- but she's long since come to terms with the fact that it's best that nothing come of it. It would be too much of a change to their relationship and she's happy the way things are; someday maybe there will be a better love for her, and maybe not. She allows herself to love him, but no longer to dwell upon what could have been, letting it be a quiet love that's present but not interfering or influencing her actions.


Mother: Litha, Hold Drudge, 2548. Deceased.
Father: Syrnen, Watch-Wher Handler, 2541. Deceased.

Siblings: B'nyn, Prairie Wingrider, brown Niskyleth. Brother (by choice/adoption), born 2571.

Spouse: Husband Wendlin, Beastcrafter. Born 2570, deceased 2586.

Children: None

Tell us a story...

* 2572, Newborn Syrena is born to Syrnen and Litha, a wher trainer and a drudge from Tillek Hold. Litha dies a few months after giving birth to Syrena from an illness contracted during pregnancy.

* 2577, 5 In the cramped and overcrowded space of the Fort Hold, Syrnen gets into a dispute with a group of men over their treatment of a wher. Things escalate and they kill him, leaving Syrena an orphan. The men are brought to account and exiled from Fort, sent to die in the wastes.

* 2578, 6 Having survived 6 months on her own by begging, Syrena meets a fellow orphan named Brehnyn and they become fast friends. Deciding to adopt each other as brother and sister, they help each other survive for several moths before they’re taken in by a kindly older man named Prain and his wife Kelien who are unable to have children.

* 2583, 11 Brehnyn joins the Smith Crafthall. Syrena doesn’t see him quite as much, and misses him every moment he’s away.

* 2584, 12 Now old enough to be accepted into a Crafthall, Syrena joins the Healers, eager to work with just as much dedication as Brehnyn. It’s difficult work, but she loves being able to help people, even if it’s in a roundabout way. As the topic of marriage is brought up quite often now, she finds herself uncomfortable thinking about it. It’s at this time that she has to face the fact that she really doesn’t want to marry anyone other than Brehnyn.

* Late 2584, 12 Of officially marriageable age, Prain and Kelien begin to pressure Syrena to get married. Terrified to admit she loves Brehnyn, she begs them to give her a year to find someone other than the match they preferred. Someone of her own choosing. Loving her like a daughter, they begrudgingly agree.

* 2585, 13 Prain has a heart attack and dies. His wife Kelien can no longer support them, and knows with a heavy heart that she will have to send them away. She tells Syrena she must marry the man of their choosing and Syrena, heartbroken over the loss of a man she adored as a father and guilt stricken over having disputed with him over the matter, agrees, becoming the wife of a Beastcrafter named Wendin. Brehnyn lives on his own, but visits often. His steadiness throughout this period is all that keeps her going.

* 2585, 13 Despite her desire to become a mother, it seems that Syrena and Wendin cannot produce children. Syrena is disappointed, having hoped for the solace of a child in a relationship without real love.

* 2586, 14 Wendin is killed by falling Thread. The tragedy hurts Syrena more than she thought it could and she mourns Wendin’s loss. He may not have loved her, but he always treated her gently, and with respect. Brehnyn, who had as of late grown distant, returns to her and takes up even more strongly the role of older brother. There is a certain joy she feels that they are once more struggling through life together.

* 2587, 15 Amid much excitement, Fort Island is discovered and over the course of a year the entire population of Fort Hold and Weyr have migrated to their new home. Life is new and exciting, everywhere there are new places to explore. Not that there aren’t new dangers.A Bluerider finds Brehnyn and Syrena and seeing potential in both, Searches them as Candidates. For Syrena it’s a dream come true. Though she loves caring for the infirm, the idea of one day becoming totally bonded with another creature in soul and spirit is wondrous to say the least. She makes a silent promise to her unborn dragon that she will study to the best of her ability, so that when the day finally comes for them to meet, she will never let it down.

* 2587, 15 Later that turn, Brehnyn finds Niskyleth on the Sands, becoming B'nyn; Syrena is left standing. She's initially disappointed, discouraged and a bit hurt (as well as shaken by yet another separation from her brother and best friend) but rebounds with hope and conviction that she wouldn't have been Searched unless there were a dragon for her someday. And despite being initially terrified by Neisoth, she's pleased when she finds that B'nyn has befriended the black dragon's rider.

* 2590, 18 B'nyn has finished weyrlinghood and found a spot in Prairie Wing, and his friend S'bok is now Weyrleader. Syrena remains a Candidate, though she occasionally considers meeting her brother's desires and returning to healing if she can find someone to marry -- she still daydreams of having children, but is determined to continue standing as long as it feels right and isn't about to have a baby outside of a marriage.

RP Sample:
There was a bittersweetness to being set to folding linens in the infirmary, even if Southern Winds Weyr's infirmary wasn't the one that stuck in her memory. Syrena had barely ever been a healer at Southern Winds, but she had been a healer before she was a candidate, and she was ... fairly confident, at least, that she'd been a good one.

No one had ever told her she was a bad one, anyway. She couldn't imagine she would have been a bad one, she had generally all of the makings of a good healer! Empathy, politeness, a loving of people, a loving of the art, being good with plants ... no, it would have been a good life for her if she'd stuck with it.

If she'd been able to have children, maybe.

It was something she tried to avoid musing over, though as with anything in her life there was a glimmer of hope that maybe it was Wedlin, and not her. That maybe someday she'd have children again ... somehow, in the life of a dragonrider. Some dragonriders had proper relationships, she knew it; it had to be doable.

Trying to push those thoughts out of her mind, Syrena focused back on folding and arranging, careful to make the bandages rolled in a way that would make them easy to pull (with properly triangled tips) and not tangle, chatting idly with a few others without dominating the conversation. Better to interact and to just be than to dwell.

But Syrena couldn't entirely stop thoughts of 'what if' from slipping into her mind - what if she did leave candidacy like B'nyn wanted and had a family. What if she Impressed a gold and had no control over what happened to her life. What if she simply aged out, and spent so much time making nothing of herself to be back as an apprentice turns after any of her agemates made Journeyman ...

It never mattered, because that dwelling was all canceled out by You made a promise. To a dragon that didn't yet exist, but it still counted: she still made a promise, and promises were crucially important. With that concluded, the thoughts were firmly pushed from her mind for the day: no more time for that. There were too many more bandages to roll, linens to fold, and people to talk to.

Member Info...

Created By:
Original profile by Jynx; previously played by Dezzi; now played by Aster
Other Characters:
Pythia, N'aen, Vanelwynne, Noa
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
Anything Else:

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Offline Aster

Re: Syrena [16.03.2572 9th Pass // Candidate]
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2017, 07:51:41 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art, colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
20.01.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Willa is on the large size for a green, measuring up to a small brown.  She is a dark green with lighter green touches on her face and at the claws on her wings.  She has light green speckles coming from her face and along her neck.  She has a large wing span which will allow her to fly for longer periods, but she will not have the stamina of a gold. 


Mind Voice: Generally a quiet, gentle voice -- but there is a definite hint of steel at times. She's one for repeating others' words for agreement or emphasis, but not generating her own.

Sunning: There is nothing quite like finding a spot in the sun and letting the rays warm her.

Being pampered: Whether that is being bathed and oiled or being given a sweet treat, Willa loves them all.  She will take as much love and affection and treats as anyone wishes to give her.

Rain: Willa hates the rain.  Especially if she has just been bathed.

Loud Noises: These will make her angry and she will not be afraid to tell off the guilty party. Noisily, which is a little bit of a contradiction.

Tears: If she sees anyone crying she will try to comfort them, though her levels of success are dubious if the person in question doesn't like space-invading firelizards.  She hates to see anyone upset.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flies on 01.09, force catch.

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Re: Syrena [16.03.2572 9th Pass // Candidate]
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