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Author Topic: Another Homecoming [15.06.2590 // 5:15PM] Open  (Read 295 times)

Offline K'eir

Another Homecoming [15.06.2590 // 5:15PM] Open
« on: May 17, 2017, 11:28:42 PM »
Even after weeks or even months away, K'eir always returned to the Weyr with somewhat mixed feelings. All that time spent without human company sometimes left him feeling a little overwhelmed by the return to population, and it could sometimes take a day or two for him to stop twitching every time someone showed up unexpectedly. That was part of the reason he always hurried through his dinner so quickly the first night back--eager to return to his weyr, the one thing he ever did truly miss while he was gon, and to sleep in a bed that was a little softer than stone. Perhaps he'd search up some company later. K'eir really was easy to please.

His first order of business upon his return to Southern Winds was always to hand in his mission reports, either to W'sar himself or B'lye when the former wasn't in the Weyr. Easier to get that out of the way first, after all, so he wouldn't have to worry about much of anything until his next assignment got passed down.

All that really meant for Sicharth was that he got several hours' worth of time to do dragony things, and reacquaint himself with the goings on in the Weyr. Thirrus was usually his dutiful little helper for that, though today it seemed the big brown would be on his own in that regard. Ah, well. He'd functioned for a while without a firelizard to help him out. It would seem, though, that things had been relatively tame in the Weyr since their departure, something that Sicharth was sure K'eir would be relieved to hear.

Well, nobody's tried to kill anyone in the last week, so that's good, he commented idly to his rider, sliding languidly through the shallows of the cove as Thirrus flew in circles around the brown's head. Dahlia had, rather gleefully, leapt to K'eir's shoulder when he'd stopped briefly in his weyr to drop off any of his accouterments he didn't need to retireve dinner, and the little green had absolutely refused to leave his person since.

'Good. We shouldn't have to come back to some sort of uprising or scandal every time we leave the Weyr to its own devices for a couple days.' Sicharth hummed his agreement.

After that, the brown absconded to one of his favorite ledges in the weyrbowl. It was one of the lower ones, and therefore both less likely to be a favorite for anyone else, and more likely to be a little more isolated. Thirrus was curled into a ball at the base of his neck, the little bronze smart enough to know that he likely wouldn't find much peace and quiet with K'eir for a while yet.
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