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Author Topic: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event  (Read 455 times)

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The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« on: May 18, 2017, 12:58:23 PM »

No matter how many times he had led a class of Candidates to a Touching, they always made O’sir wound tight as a spring. His students might be concerned with more normal worries—would they Impress, to what color, what would their future hold—his own mind always wandered to even extremer contingencies. What if some of the Candidates were mauled during the Hatching? Would any of them offend the Queen? Be too careless? He’d never heard of a mishap during a Touching that resulted in a crushed egg, but it was a sobering thought nevertheless. And since the events of the last two turns, he worried too about newer things:  would there be more Reds and Blacks hatching out of this clutch? What if some of the dragons were sickly? Would any of them go Between? Would there be a mishap like the infamous one with A’tor?

All sobering topics, so despite the happiness of the occasion, the Candidate Master looked rather dour as he led his herd of students from the classroom where they had gathered to the Hatching Sands.

They’d all been told what to do and how to act—even the more recent Searches. Be clean and presentable. Send all flits away to avoid angering the Queen. Bow to Halirina and Kalestath. Above all, be gentle. O’sir would be watching them like a sky courser watched a flock of wherries; if any of them slid a toe out of line, they would find themselves severely punished.

If Kalestath didn’t eat them first.

Pausing outside the entrance to the Sands, O’sir motioned for the Candidates to gather one final time. “Remember the rules and you’ll be fine,” he told them, pitching his voice loud enough that even those in the back could hear. “You can linger as long as you like, so long as you’re gentle and respectful. Don’t forget to bow. And when you’re done, exit out the side through the feeding pavilion. It’ll be good practice for when you Impress. Are there any questions?”

When there were only various answers to the negative, the Candidate Master nodded. “Alright. Then follow me.”

The weighty heat of the Hatching Sands was, as always, almost physically suffocating—especially at the height of summer as this was. Sometimes, it seemed a wonder to O’sir that the eggs didn’t cook where they sat. But even in the faint ripple of heated air, they gleamed with promise. Stepping to one side at the edge of the Sands, the Brown rider bowed to Halirina and her Gold, knowing that his Candidates would follow suit. If they knew what was good for them. “Thank you for allowing us here.” Touchings might be an honored tradition, but it was fully within the Goldpair’s right to deny one for any reason.

Once Kalestath had given her blessing—disgruntled though she may be—O’sir motioned to the Candidates that they could step onto the Sands. So long as they behaved, they could stay as long as they liked.

Spoiler for OOC:
The hatching approaches! :shock: It’s suggested that  you post here with your Candidates, but you can always check in at the OOC thread with them or other characters as well.

Also, don’t forget about the Rider’s Bet! It also has an OOC thread, including a new system for OOC betting! Go rack up some points and bragging rights. There may be a reward for those that do. :para:

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2017, 01:01:28 PM »
Convincing both Escort and Lady to stay away had been something of a trial. The Bronze had some experience with needing to be scarce for Touchings and Hatchings, but so newly hatched, the Green understood the need for it far less. Instead, she’d been rather distressed at the idea Erieen would be going somewhere she could not. It had taken a fair bit of cooing, coddling, and promising to return before she finally ceased clinging to his arm and curled up with Escort on Erieen’s bed in the Candidate Barracks.

Even now, as he followed O’sir and the rest of the Candidates to the Hatching Sands, Lady was radiating concern through their bond. Escort was a far calmer presence, coiled around the smaller flit and doing his best to calm them both. It would have been enough to draw a smile from their bonded if he wasn’t already so nervous and on edge. His stomach felt like it was trying to devour itself; anxious as he was, he hadn’t trusted himself to keep anything down, so he hadn’t eaten at lunch.

Erieen tried to tell himself that he was being ridiculous. He still had a handful of turns before he was forcibly evicted from Candidacy. But desperately, he hoped it wouldn’t come down to that. C’ace and Reesskith had Searched him for a reason.

He did not want to be the one black mark on their record of Candidates.

The walk to the Hatching Sands seemed to pass in a haze, as did the Candidate Master’s usual advice and warnings. Soon enough, Erieen and the rest of his class were entering the chamber itself, all full of heat and eggs and Kalestath’s huge bulk.

Silent and serious, Erieen bowed to the Gold when O’sir did. And when the Brown rider gestured that they could move toward the eggs, he did so carefully and deliberately. The first egg that drew his attention was smoky and almost grey, a subtle blend of blue and violet that wasn’t quite any of the three depending on how he looked at it. [6] Sitting slightly set off from the groups to either side of it, it drew him in some strange way. Kneeling next to it, Erieen lightly set his fingertips on the warm curve of it, feeling the surface of the egg and trying to imagine what kind of dragon might lie beneath.

At previous Touchings, he’d always concocted little stories about what sort might emerge from the eggs he touched. But this time, he just hoped they were all healthy. That none of them went Between.

And inwardly, he pleaded, //Please find me worthy this time.//

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2017, 01:01:39 PM »
Most of the Candidates were quiet and almost somber on this occasion, which suited Taeghen just fine. He couldn’t stand their inane chatter—especially from the younger ones—so their silence now was welcome. This was an important day, after all, and should be treated with the proper amount of decorum.

Unlike most, though, Ateghen wasn’t nervous. He simply wasn’t an anxious person in general, and there was no reason to be as far as he was concerned. Either this clutch would hold his dragon or it wouldn’t. The Touching was largely regarded as superstition even if it was tradition, but contact with the eggs certainly couldn’t hurt any. So he was pleased to attend either way, and additionally because it was a part of Pern’s growing history, in a way. Not as much as the Hatching itself would be, but still significant.

Quiet and alert, Taeghen followed the stream of Candidates into the chamber, but his attention wasn not on them. Rather, he was studying Kalestath and the Senior Weyrwoman. They were major players in the history of Pern and the Ninth Pass, and Taeghen did not know of a time when the Gold had thrown an unhealthy clutch. New colors of dragons, maybe, but none broken. None defective. Surely this clutch would be better fated than Imyth’s.

Passing another Candidate once they’d all bowed, Taeghen trailed his fingers along a splotchy egg [4], but didn’t linger on it or its closest pale blue sibling. [5] Instead, he aimed more for those in the back—in particular a grey, white, and silvery one [30]. Maybe it held another Black, another one of Neisoth’s dark sons? Only time would tell, but something about it felt right under his palms.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2017, 01:01:50 PM »
No doubt about it, all of this was exciting. No matter the fact that Rinokan was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to actually Stand again, at least not for this clutch, he couldn’t help the restless energy in himself at the prospect of getting to touch the eggs. He’d wandered by the Hatching Sands a few times since they’d been laid, just admiring them from afar, but he never lingered long. Rinokan didn’t especially want to piss off the Senior Queen.

But this was different. Immediate. And even if this wasn’t the clutch for him, he still had time. Plenty of it. Unlike some of the far older Candidates, he didn’t have to rush things. So Rinokan wasn’t really worried.

But he wasn’t about to fuck up an opportunity to touch dragon eggs regardless. So he bowed low when O’sir led them onto the Sands, eying Kalestath a tad warily—even waiting a moment for some of the others to go first before he set foot toward the clutch. The Gold was a monster, the biggest dragon in the weyr—maybe the biggest one ever, from his understanding. And it’d be damn easy for her to eat one of them if they made her mad.

Reaching the first line of eggs, Rinokan pressed a hand to a palely orange shell [17]. Maybe it held a Bronze or a Brown? He tried to imagine himself on one of them and almost grinned. A Bronze would be nice. Big and dependable. And so would a Brown; like he’d told Droissa all those months ago, he wouldn’t mind a dragon like Scoria. Even if the little fucker was insufferable at times.

Or maybe a Blue? Rinokan’s hands shifted to the next closest egg [18]. He knew that the color of the shells didn’t necessarily mean anything in terms of what color hatched from what. But at the same time, it was hard not to associate them. And he wasn’t really sure what kind of dragon would fit him. A Queen was right out, since they only Impressed to women. And he couldn’t imagine himself on a Green. But beyond that, he wasn’t sure.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2017, 01:18:07 PM »
Lokin was quiet as she was lead, by O'sir and the rest of the candidates from the classroom to the hatching sands. She was cleaned, presentable, and quiet. It had taken a quick command, but both of her flits had disapeared to her bed, no doubt, and she was with out her comfortable pets. Her gaze was on the huge gold. Seeing the queen was surprising. Lokin knew she was huge, but the Senior Queen of Southern Winds Weyr was just... big. She bowed deeply, and waited a moment, before making her way forward, looking at the eggs.

The blonde had no idea what kind of dragon she should have. A gold was wanted, but unneeded, a red was strange. She didn't want a green, though she wouldn't deny having any dragon would be good. A blue or a brown. She had no idea what she was suited for. She was closest to a pale egg with slightly darker swaths across it. Her fingers touched the egg [1], gently, stopping for a moment to look down at it. She moved past the egg, not sure if she was supposed to send mind thoughts at the eggs or just touch and hope.

Drawn to a pale blue egg, she touched it [6] gently, glancing at their mother, hoping to not piss her or her rider off. Gentle, slow, methodical. Lokin was not in a hurry. She was here because they needed riders, and because she'd been searched. There was a reason for it. She'd find a dragon eventually.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #5 on: May 18, 2017, 01:25:18 PM »
She had convinced Lil to stay with Lazy since it was egg touching day and the little gold did not like to be on the sands on that day besides Lazy needed the Gold to stay with him. She had on her shoes and her loose dress of light fabric as she made her way to the sands. She listened to O'sir and nodded her head. She had questions every time and she did not ask them for they concerned the dragons in the eggs. She looked at the eggs and smiled there where three of them she liked though she was sure this was not her time to impress it would be next time. She did not mind though. She would touch the eggs and talk to the dragons inside the eggs to let them know they have someone out here that would love to see them.

As she made her way onto the sands she bowed to the queen and smiled softly to her around the dragons and other animals she was not shy around people though she was very shy she hoped what ever dragon she got weather it be this time or the next would help her get over being shy around people. 

Looking at the Weyrwoman she smiled softly "They are lovely and I am glad it is a big clutch Weyrwoman. You and our great queen are doing well this evening." she spoke to them softly. She would touch her eggs in a minute a greeting to her werywoman was needed before she did anythingelse.

After the answer would she touch any eggs. She hoped for a blue dragon like her dad flew though she hoped it had a slight color change would be good like if it looked slightly purple in color since that was her favorite color. For some reason though the Weyrwoman never scared the girl. She guessed it was because she grew up with her dads'.

She walked over to the slightly grayish looking egg[19] and touched it softly speaking to it. "You know when you hatch you need to find your one and only. Go to them, bond, and be their best friend. Do not stay in the shell come out and play." She sent the dragon inside the egg good vibes and smiled as she did this little one would find his or her bounded and be a good dragon to that one.

Moving on she looked over the eggs to see which egg she wanted to touch next. She walked to the one with Bronze strips [20] touching it in turn and smiling sending it good vibes as well. "Hatch into a strong dragon and find your bounded best friend on the sands little dragon. It might not be me but I know you will find the one for you." She looked at the others on the sands and smiled she knew some would get their dragons this time around and some would not but that was okay this was what being a candidate was all about.

She walked among the eggs and touched others just sending them good thoughts. She did not single out a specific egg for herself out of this group of eggs but she would send them all good thoughts and hope they grew and hatched into strong dragons who would find the right candidate for who they are.
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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #6 on: May 18, 2017, 01:25:48 PM »
The tall, slim young man was used to this after three years, and so was Starling. The bronze had given him a quick nudge before curling up on his pillow. Desh was dressed to impress, well tailored clothing, in darker colors. He listened to O'sir seriously, his blue eyes a bit distant. Another clutch, and probably more faliure. It was getting harder to come back.

He was one of the first to bow, and first to move, once he'd been given the go ahead by Kalestath. His eyes were drawn to an all black egg, and while he moved carefully, he was quick to get to the dark egg [30] first, brushing his fingers gently over the egg. Maybe his dragon would be here this time? A small bright light of hope always appeared at this time, and while he tried to squash it, it wasn't going anywhere. He felt the confidence from his Bronze flit. The firelizard was confident in him, no matter what.

Desh knew that color didn't matter, but still, it was easy to see what one wanted, right? He send a quick thought to the egg beneath his hand, hoping that it would be taken as, not pleading, but hope that the egg would find it's bonded. As much as he wanted his own dragon, he didn't want any more eggs to go between, or die, or candidates to be harmed. Desh drifted past to another, this one also dark [27], sending the same sentiment down to the egg. This moment, for Desh, was more private, at least at this point. For him, this was nothing more than a hope to find his bonded. He didn't pay attention to the candidates around him, slowly spreading out as they each chose an egg or two, or three to touch, hoping, desperately, excitedly, that they'd get to have their very own dragon.

Offline Ysveta

Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #7 on: May 18, 2017, 03:36:44 PM »
Ysveta, for once, had no questions. O’sir was an understandable and thorough teacher, and anyone who had any doubt as to how they were supposed to act today, were obviously not listening hard enough to his lessons.

No matter how many touchings she had been to, although admittedly, the number was few, Ysveta couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement, nerves and anticipation. Knowing that many candidates stood for turns to find their dragon, Ysveta wasn’t impatient to impress. She’d take this touching one egg at a time, and just let her feelings drag her as they may.

Waiting for O’sir to give them the go ahead, Ysveta stepped forward, making sure to give the expected bow to Kalestath and Halirina. Each of her hands went to rest on a set of twin green eggs, both lightly coloured, and swirled with similar patterns of a bright green [13], [15]. The colour reminded her of Rantasyth, and she wondered what it would be like to ride a green, to be just like her mother.

She moved on, walking slowly, not touching an egg unless she felt a pull from it, or simply liked the colour of it. It was hard to tell whether you were actually feeling anything or not, she knew that it was probably just superstition, but it was nice to think that the little dragons inside were scoping the candidates out in preparation. But that was folly, Ysveta knew that it wasn’t possible for the dragons to have any sort of cognition yet, they were still weeks out from the hatching.

Passing by an orange tinged egg [14], she wondered whether the colours actually had any stake in what dragon emerged from inside. If that was the case, Ysveta was sure a beautiful would break free from that egg. Knowing that a bronze was not within her power, both because of her sex and her temperament, Ysveta continued on.

Stopping at a pink egg [29], her mind was drawn to the idea of the mutations. It seemed only logical that Neisoth would once again produce the new spawn, and placing both hands on the roundness at the top of the egg, she wondered about what was inside. Perhaps she could impress a black? The more aggressive temperament would be a stark contrast to be sure, but opposite was not always bad. No women had impressed a black yet, so perhaps they were like bronzes in that way. A red then? A little flighty perhaps, but Ysveta could work with that, perhaps they wouldn’t be too afraid to nag her to get some sleep.

Not wanting to hog any egg for too long, she moved away again, fingers trailing across egg after egg, wondering if her future dragon would be among them.
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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #8 on: May 18, 2017, 03:57:52 PM »
Twitch, Pip, Dart and Russet were forefront in Saviavi’s mind when it should have just been eggs. The Touching was today and tradition dictated it to be a most important event, but the girl was too worried about her recently acquired firelizards. They had been bribed with a massive lunch in the hopes that they’d succumb to a sleep coma and be willingly absent for the afternoon. All was going according to plan so far, all four of them were a sleepy contentedness in the back of her conscious, but she could only hope they stayed that way.

O’sir’s final caution was one she’d heard many times before. Savi hadn’t missed a Touching in a while, it was just the actual Hatching that she always seemed to be absent from. Not this time around. At least, pending any firelizard disaster.

She followed the line of candidates out, pausing only to offer Kalestath a wide, sweeping curtsey. The outfit she’d chosen today was one of her better ones, with a long skirt befitting formal gatherings. Normally the dress worked well in her favor, however with her absent mind as she came up out of the curtsey she managed to trip on the hem. She didn’t quite go spiralling in a fall, catching herself just before, but it was enough to shake her nerves more thoroughly.

Saviavi watched her fellows approach the eggs but she herself stayed back. She did not want to trip again, not around such delicate eggs. Instead she did her best to look as though she was just admiring them, memorizing each patterned shell. They hadn’t darkened much, after all, but Savi found a beauty in their quiet pastels nonetheless.

She told herself she’d wait for most of the others to have their turn and when it was less crowded, then she’d walk through. For now, however, she forced herself to be content with waiting and steeling her nerves.

Offline Thealdrae

Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #9 on: May 18, 2017, 07:27:02 PM »
This wasn't Thea's first Touching, and the pessimistic part of her whispered that it wouldn't be her last as a Candidate, either. She'd always been more than a little enthralled by the sight of Sounthern Winds' Senior Queen, and Kalestath's bulk settled on the Hatching Sands only proved to remind her of that. She bowed, a little later than the rest of the herd of Candidates, to the shining Queen and her Weyrwoman, and after a slightly delayed moment Thea fell into place with the rest of the Candidates moving onto the Sands.

The heat emanating from the Sands was always surprising despite have experienced it before. It was always just that much hotter than she remembered.

She didn't stick with much of anyone, preferring to keep to herself and employ a little privacy. The idea of Touchings affecting what or when you Impressed was, in her understanding, a largely superstitious belief, and for the most part Thea didn't fall for such things. Of course, it didn't keep her from going along with it despite herself. Belief was belief, and even if she didn't agree, the opportunity to touch the eggs wasn't something she was about to pass up.

Thealdrae wandered among the eggs, stepping carefully between them as she tried to decide where to start. Eventually she came to a stop next to a creamy egg with yellow striations [20] that looked almost like grass...or scales. Kneeling down beside it and setting one hand lightly on the shell, Thea spent a moment just staring at it, thinking of all the possibilities this Clutch--this egg, even--might possess.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #10 on: May 18, 2017, 10:50:16 PM »
This was the part that was both exciting and terrifying all at once; Sionann was never sure what she would find on the sands though she always hoped for that first beautiful moment of being able to connect even briefly with her waiting dragon. Not that it had happened. Not yet at least.

She wanted it to though but so did everyone else and there was after all only so many eggs as opposed to all of the available candidates that were waiting for their chance to Impress on their one and only dragon. Sionann approached the sands patiently, showing the respect to the great golden queen Kalestath who watched them all around her offspring. What would it be like if she Impressed a gold? There were no signs of a queen egg being part of the clutch but it was entirely possible that the eggs were not as obvious as had once been common and traditional.

Sionann like everyone else hadn't expected the first arrivals of the black and red, so who knew what else might be afoot later on? All she could do was try and so she headed for the nearest egg to her line of sight [32] and reached out her hand to stroke the smooth surface, attempting to connect to the little hatchling presently within the shell. Was this her dragon? Right here? It didn't see likely that it would be the case, not the first one right off the bat but that didn't mean it couldn't happen. She tried to almost reach past the shell and into the mind but it wouldn't really be possible but instead she concentrated on sending feelings of warmth, welcome and her sincere affection towards the egg.

It was with some reluctance that she stopped touching it, from the colour of the shell she wondered if it was a green? Though that kind of guesswork was best left to the riders really. Sionann didn't mind what she Impressed as long as she did. Walking towards one its closer siblings she repeated the touch [30] and sharing on this egg, slightly more dusky in its colouring than the other - did that make a different colour or just a different shade? It was all so very fascinating really.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #11 on: May 19, 2017, 12:31:04 PM »
In the same way Cole knew the exact number of eggs he’d watched hatch over his turns standing, he’d know exactly when the Touching was coming up long before O’sir began reminding them about it approximately a sevenday prior. His mood over the last few months had been tumultuous to say the least. He picked fights with people, Cal most notably but even Oarlen, Erieen, Desh, anyone who’s buttons he could push and would give him the satisfaction of rising to the bait. He’d even snapped at O’sir during their chores planting the new bamboo and that had been a mistake. He was anxious and short tempered and prone to more low moods than normal, retreating into himself and eschewing regular social contact for meaningless sex with whoever he could get into his bed or burying himself in the Harper record room, or with his instruments. But, through all that, he hadn’t had fellis in months. He’d kept his promise to K’mar.

Cole arrived at the Candidate classroom, cleanly shaven (a much needed improvement as he’d been letting his facial hair go) and dressed properly though his hair still had a slightly tousled “I just woke up” look to it. He’d thrown himself wordlessly into one of the chairs to wait for the rest of the Candidates to show, his knee bouncing with endless, pent up energy. There was no worry that Vic would be anywhere near him today. The blue was practically scared of his own shadow, Cole didn’t have to warn him to stay away from Kalestath. Vic hated the Hatching Sands almost as much as he hated water. Knowing what today was, the blue had disappeared to join Virilise and Terra in the kitchens for the day.

Once they were headed to the sands, his energy seemed more muted but it was hard to tell if he was just playing it off as being nonchalant or if he really didn’t care. He was mostly quiet through the walk over, weaving through the group to purposely brush by Erieen and wink at him, ruffling Oarlen’s hair in a silent greeting/encouragement/whatever, but thankfully he mostly kept his smartass comments to himself.

As O’sir stopped them at the entrance to go over the rules one last time, Cole yawned. He didn’t mean to, it hadn’t been intentional, but he’d heard these a thousand times and unlike some people nerves weren’t enough to keep him from enjoying his lunch so he couldn’t help the after-lunch sleepiness. He lingered near the back of the group and when the Candidates filed in, Cole let everyone go before him, even hand waving and shooing a few of the more shy and hesitant ones in. He stopped in the entrance, leaning against the stone wall and watched.

The Harper side of him admired the rich tradition of this, the self-doubting side of him thought it was a waste of time. His gaze followed his fellow Candidates as they took turns bowing and then began to weave through the eggs. He watched Erieen approach an egg at touch it. Cole studied his expression. Did anyone ever actually feel something during the touchings? Some people claimed they did—said they knew it was their egg. But he wondered how many of those actually went on to Impress that particular dragon. He watched the expressions of all of them, Taeghan, Rinokan, Lokin, Isalia, Desh, Ysveta, Thea, and Sionann among others as they touched egg after egg and he watched and waited to see a change, to see that moment when any of them felt something. He didn’t see it though. Didn’t know if he’d even know it if he did see it. He saw a lot of anxiousness. Worry—no doubt largely a byproduct of Imyth’s last clutch. Curiosity. But mainly he saw hope. Hope and longing that one of these eggs would have a dragon that would Impress to them.

The other observation that interested him besides the expressions of his fellow Candidates was seeing which eggs drew which people. Three so far seemed to be drawing the most attention. A dark smokey gray one [30], and lighter gray one [6], and a fairly innocuous looking green stripey one [20]. What was it that drew people? Asthetics? If the Candidates believed the shell color had any indication on the color of the dragon (a fact Colvin adamantly did not believe) it was interested that two eggs that caught the most attention might be considered to be carrying blacks. Despite the resistance from the more traditional riders, judging from the Candidates, blacks may not be as unaccepted in the very near future.

Finally, Saviavi caught his eye, or rather her lack of movement caught his eye. He smirked and pushed off the wall. He approached Kalestath and Halirina and gave a wordless, perfectly executed bow. (He was the son of an ex-Lord Holder who still had delusions of grandeur. One thing he could do flawlessly before he was four was bow.)

Afterwards he slid up next to Savi, briefly, staring straight ahead at the eggs with a smirk. “If there’s one thing I know, it’s that those eggs, no matter what dragon is inside, would love to have you stroking them.” His tone was quiet and calm, not teasing or full of innuendo despite the weight of insinuation in the words and Cole never looked at her. She shouldn’t be holding back, she was good enough as anyone of them out there to touch the eggs and have her shot. Afterall—in its essence, tradition or not, being able to be this close to the eggs, being able to touch them, was something that a very small percent of the islands population could claim first-hand experience with. It didn’t matter who you were, that alone was sharding cool.

Colvin moved away then and made his own way among the eggs. A particularly pale, white shelled egg [3] catching his interest. He crouched down near it to get a closer look, peering at its exterior with curiosity. Eventually he reached out a hand, letting the tips of his long musicians fingers press against it. Fuck—he even irrationally closed his eyes. And felt nothing. He nearly laughed at his own foolishness. He lingered for a while longer at this egg before standing again and walking around for a bit. Soon he found himself peering at another egg, this one near fully hidden behind two others, [22]. He crouched again, laying his whole palm on this one. He didn’t try to close his eyes and he sure as hell would not be caught dead talking to the eggs. But the hard, firmness of the shell and the warm, reassuring heat radiating from them was a sort of comfort.
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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #12 on: May 19, 2017, 08:52:40 PM »
Since Kalestath had laid her clutch Dro had been counting down the weeks. Etiquette was refreshed and rehearsed and she made a point to wash her good clothes in advance, just incase. The added addition of Wander wasn’t as much of a hiccup as a promise of good things to come. The Bronze flit had been a wonderful student and carried himself with the mannerisms of a king. Today would not be his first time away from Droissa, oh no, but he was not used to the excitement that buzzed around her. His curious nature made him want to see what the commotion was all about but the fear that his bonded responded with made him subdued and obedient. He’d have to be content with the images she passed to him.

Class began in the candidate hall but quickly they were on the move. O’sir’s instruction was given polite attention. She did not much pay attention to what her classmates did once they were turned out, but then everyone seemed mostly in their own heads. She did remember to bow to Kalestath and Halirina as she approached the heat of the sand.

This was Droissa’s second time attending a Touching. The atmosphere was as she remembered it, quiet and pensive with a touch of muted awe. The only notable change was the amount of eggs on the sands. Imyth’s clutch had been small and full of beautiful green and blue eggs, Dro fondly remembered those shells. This batch was numerous and the colors spilling over the hatching grounds were delicate shades of grey and pink and blue, like sunrise on a rainy day.

Unlike before, she didn’t look for a particular egg or eggs to set her attention on. Instead, she walked with slow purpose through the groupings. Her fingers glided over the shells, one by one, weaving a path and counting each egg as she passed them. Thirty three eggs was certainly a lot. Thirty three chances to Impress, thirty three new lives waiting to start.

Droissa was curious what grew inside of them but she tried not to dwell on it. Anything was fine as long as they were strong and brave and patient.

She only paused to allow other candidates to move before her but the pace she set meant she made the rounds on all thirty three eggs in short order. After, she moved herself to the sidelines and let her eyes drift to the actual people. Rinokan was there, of course he was there, occupied with a blue egg. She found herself smiling but shifted her attention before he could catch her staring. Onto Colvin, who was looking a little uncharacteristically vulnerable crouched as he was, next to a fragile egg. Isalia was here, too, talking to the eggs of course.

All of this she passed on to Wander, leaving no detail behind. She could feel his envy. Perhaps one day they’d have a Gold that loved flits and allowed them on the Hatching Grounds. Droissa snorted at herself and decided to not share that false hope with her baby lizard.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #13 on: May 20, 2017, 01:58:57 PM »
Karou knew the Touching ceremony was a somber thing, serious and heavy with tradition. She knew Kalestath and Halirina weren’t ones to be foolish around and that all the Candidates should tread lightly. But it was only her second touching and Karou couldn’t help but be excited. Imyth’s touching had been all nerves and adrenaline.

She’d spent many marks sitting in the stands and watching the clutch ever since the eggs had been laid and now she was going to get to touch them. As the Candidates crowded into the entrance tunnel to the sands, Karou hopped from foot to foot and ran her hands across her braided hair to make sure no strands had fallen loose.

Finally after reiterating the importance of their good behavior and decorum O’sir let them enter. Karou squeezed her way through as far to the front of the line as she could, her small frame an asset. It wasn’t just the excitement over the eggs that made her eager to get to the front though, the cramped area inside the tunnel with all the Candidates pressed around her was making her feel claustrophobic and uneasy. So much so that when she actually walked onto the sands, the dry, oppressive heat was actually a welcomed relief. She felt like she could breathe again.

Karou had to keep herself from skipping up to Kalestath and Halirina. Somehow she didn’t think the Gold or the Weyrwoman would consider skipping to be proper decorum for a Touching. She walked quickly, brown eyes wide with awe, and bowed low, nearly losing her balance with how far she bent over.

Once that was done she turned and surveyed the eggs she felt she’d come to know so well from afar. There were so many more than Imyth’s clutch. Karou wandered among them, touching any and all in her reach. She didn’t want any of them to feel left out. Eventually she found herself in the smack dab middle of the clutch, a tiny slip of a girl surrounded by beautiful dragon eggs. It was like a dream.

Three eggs in particular were closest to her, a striped looking one with green hues [7], a brownish gray shelled one with the ever so subtle sheen of red [27], and a smallish egg hidden behind two others that looked green or gray to her depending on which way she looked at it [10]. She barely had to stoop to touch them and she laid her hands on the reddish brown one and the gray green ones first. “Look at you beautiful things, you guys have so many people here to fawn over you and all your siblings. I bet you can’t wait to hatch and see everyone!”

Unlike some of the older Candidates, Karou had no problem whatsoever in talking out loud to the eggs. Karou had no problem talking to anyone or anything ever.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #14 on: May 20, 2017, 06:45:45 PM »
Syrena had braided her hair in a crown around her head to keep it out of the way, and was grateful for it as she lowered her head to the queen and Weyrwoman. Her bow as she arrived upon the sands was elegant and well-practiced, something that she at least tried to get even better every time she came near a golden dragon and her eggs. The first time, she'd been awkward; the second, she had to make B'nyn proud, of course. She'd been giving it attention since, as she saw herself as an extension of him every time, and part of her also wanted Kalestath to like her. Not that that made a difference in Impression, nor was it likely to change Kalestath's opinion of Niskyleth in his favor -- dragons didn't think that way, and how would Kalestath know? -- but she just preferred to be liked.

Even if she wasn't sure the Senior Weyrwoman liked anyone. Syrena found that sad, too, but now wasn't the time to think about it; now wasn't the time for sad, or for any emotions besides that funny blend of excitement and calm that kept her breathing steadily and not bouncing on her tiptoes ... but also not letting her mind flit around in multiple directions. Her focus was for the eggs.

So that they recognized her and didn't attack her on the sands, as the stories went.

Did that even work for those little red dragons? Could superstition stand up to--

Stop thinking, Syrena, she chided herself, and moved slowly around and through the group of eggs, walking nearly on her toes just out of caution rather than bouncing, until she settled at a pinkish one toward the back [29], and then immediately after the two she was thinking of as 'its friends,' another darker, ruddy reddish-gray one [27] and a pale green [31]. Each time it was easy to lose herself in the egg's warmth, and while her thoughts weren't clear words, they were still very bold concepts: if the dragons inside really could read their minds, they'd find welcome, and love, and comfort, and wanting. And that promise that she'd made so long ago to be the best rider she could be. She wouldn't be discouraged by being left behind a few times.

This was still the right place for her, whether any of these were her dragon or not.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #15 on: May 21, 2017, 01:49:27 AM »
Cabryn, after having visited her children in the morning to settle her nerves, felt far more at ease than any of the touchings she’d attended before. There was something about the laughter and joking of her children that made the weight of the day easier to bear. Each child had spent the visit offering their opinions on what kind of eggs she should touch, what her dragon would be like, what colour it would be, how big.

Before long Cabryn’s head had spun with laughter and possibilities, and she had promised to take all of their choices to heart and touch all the eggs they described. Unfortunately, given her children hadn’t actually seen the eggs, having been kept the safe distance from the protective Queen since the day they were laid, she’d had to make the decision along her trip that she would touch all the eggs.

Some might consider it rude or disrespectful, and Cabryn hoped the Queen and Weyrwoman would understand. But she’d promised her children and more so, Cabryn honestly didn’t care what egg or colour her dragon was. She knew she would love any hatchling that chose her, she knew she would spend the rest of her life as a rider working to make the Weyr proud with that hatchling. So why not touch every egg? Why not let every hatchling know they would be loved and welcomed by her no matter what.

Feeling a serenity that she rarely felt outside the bathing pools when deeply lost in her work, Cabryn paused momentarily before she moved forward to bow and begin her touching, she didn’t really want to offend anyone… but then swallowed it as she looked over the eggs. This was her plan, she would stick to it.

Stepping forward to bow low to the Queen and Senior Weyrwoman, she took a deep breath before moving towards the first of the eggs. She wouldn’t spend long on each egg, really she didn’t stop walking at all as she softly brushed her hand over them. She didn’t want to monopolise any egg the candidates behind her might want to touch, and she didn’t really believe in talking to the dragons before they were ready to hatch, so she simply walked her way past, running her hand along the bumps and wrinkles of each egg.
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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #16 on: May 21, 2017, 06:47:27 PM »
It had been a sober sort of day for Oarlen. O’sir had given them plenty of warning, so he’d woken up knowing they were going to be visiting the clutch again that day, this time to actually touch the eggs and not just look at them from afar.

He was well prepared, waking up earlier than normal and removing the items that decorated his clothes chest to place them gently on his bed, fishing around inside the box for what his mother had always referred to as his “Gather Wear”. Boots made with dark hide, slightly larger than necessary so he could grow into them, brown trousers rarely worn, pale shirt and a dark vest to finish the look.

With the help of another candidate he placed these items on the floor, leaving his boots to one side and moving the chest so that it was pressing down on them before replacing his possessions on top. There would be time to change into them before they moved to the hatching sands, and he didn’t want them getting dirty between now and then, should his chores leave him a little grubbier than normal.

His Firelizards, curled up in a pile on his furs, Canopy herself wrapped tightly around the gleaming golden egg that would hatch into his final flit brushed his thoughts lightly, not quiteas ready for the day as he was. “You guys need to stay here today… Keep her safe.” He whispered softly, giving each creature a gentle pat before stroking the egg itself. A quick image of Kalestath, hat day that she almost ate someone else’s flit was projected with the words, and while they stirred uncomfortably at the thought, all three soon trilled a sleepy agreement.

They would stay in bed.

Breakfast, chores, a (very quick) lunch, followed by a (not quite as quick) bath and a moment to himself to get into his dressier clothes before he was in among the other candidates listening to O’sir explain the standard rules for what was about to come.

He had no questions.

Not this time.

“Thankyou for allowing us here” he repeated after O’sir, bowing low, once to Kalestath, and a second time to Halirina, to offer them both the appropriate respect. He did hesitate before stepping away from them, mouth slackening as a question tried to bubble up to the surface, stifled, though, by the growing unease that had been sitting in his belly like gutrot since that morning.

He was not in trouble, he knew that, and Kalestath’s clutches had yet to disappoint as far as the health of the hatchlings. The last hatching had been Imyth’s, however, and so many of those dragonets had been lost. The possibility that one of those had perhaps been his own, or that it could happen again during this clutch did not escape him, and it was with a touch of fear that he looked at the eggs, uncertain as to whether he wanted a connection with any should they meet an unfortunate end come hatching day. It would be his luck, after all… To find his bonded only to have him between that same day.

It was Colvin who gave him the encouragement to disperse his negativity, the young man ruffling his hair as he brushed past, saying not a word yet the affection of the action bolstering what courage Oarlen had. He moved forward slowly, glancing at his fellow candidates and finding a convenient spot amid a small cluster where he could crouch down. [9][10][11][12]

He frowned at each of the four eggs in turn, resting his hands on the tops of his knees as he balanced carefully, not wanting to endure the burning sands on his not-so-protected rump should he fall. “Are you four all the same colour maybe? Or are you different? Maybe you’re still deciding?” He asked softly, tilting his head slightly as if waiting for an answer. When they were hatching, there was lots of noise… But at the moment, he could only hear the voices of his fellows as they too, spoke to the eggs before them.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #17 on: May 21, 2017, 07:50:36 PM »
Ysveta touched all the eggs that she could, fingers trailing across the surfaces, not wanting to linger too long and take the opportunity away from another candidate.

The more she thought, the more she realised she didn't and couldn't have a plan about this. There was no way to tell which egg contained which dragon, and she truly didn't care what colour she was going to impress.

It was a dragon after all. And any that picked her would be the perfect dragon for her... Right?

She finished her round by crouching down in between a cluster of eggs, ([1],[2],[3],[4]), taking the time with them to think about the other colours which she could impress.

Red and Green had already been considered, and she thought that either could be her perfect match. The only two that were left were brown and blue. Female brown riders were rare, she knew that, but she supposed that she could be one of them. If a brown took a fancy to her, Ysveta was definitely not going to be disappointed.

Gazing over at the blue egg nearby [5], she considered her final option. What about a blue? Another male dragon, she didn't have any problem with that. Women had been just as nice to her in the past as men have, she'd experiment with both sexes, and hadn't found a problem in them.

Honestly, Ysveta would just be happy if she impressed. She had loved being a harper, but felt like she needed more. Her mother inspired her, was the kind of person she felt a dragonrider ought to be. So, whatever dragon decided to choose her. Ysveta would be happy.

Ysveta was obtained posterior back and hip injuries on the 34.06, she will be allowed to start moving and physical therapy on 19.07, and will be out of the healer hall 20.10. Her cheek will have a scar from jaw to hairline across her left cheek.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #18 on: May 29, 2017, 09:03:13 AM »
Colvin was, as always, perplexing. While she considered him a friend, and sometimes more, she was not sure where he saw her in his life. His nature was one she couldn’t pin down and that had her frowning now at his comment. Despite the suggestion of the words he seemed like he was giving genuine advice. That was rare enough that it spurred her forward, finally, to the eggs.
Observing as she had been, she made note of which eggs had been visited and which had not. Some candidates had managed a full walk through, gracing each shell with a brief touch, but that didn’t satisfy Saviavi’s nature. She was the keeper of waifs and strays and she did not want these eggs to be at any disadvantage.
The first she approached was very pale and colorless. This egg [8] only had a mild mottling to set it apart, which apparently hadn’t been enough. Saviavi placed both of her palms against it like she might to a pregnant belly and bowed her head in silent thought. Be strong, she told it. Moving on, her next target was a smokey neighbor nestled in a cluster [16]. This one she traced the swirls on, Be patient, Savi advised.
With more to gift a little attention to, she only had to turn to place herself beside another egg. Like the first, this one was a bit bland [21]. She understood why these plain eggs hadn’t gotten much focus, they weren’t tantalizing shades of red or blue, nor did they carry a sunny yellow warmth that teased the mind with thoughts of Bronze dragons. You’ll show them. she told it. You’ll rise above. She kept one hand trained on this milky shell and then stretched her arm further out, toward another [23]. Another dark, cloudy pattern. She wondered, perhaps, if the fear of more Black dragons was working against these eggs. Whatever you are makes no difference, you are precious.
She lifted both of her hands up, tucking her arms to her sides so she wouldn’t bump into anyone or offset any eggs. Stepping forward to a shell that mimicked the sky above [24], she made a point to settle here. She was halfway done with her goal and she thought that awarded her a little break. Of the eggs she had visited, this one was certainly a standout. Like the lazy days before winter, the pattern was a mottling of white, cloud shaped spots. You are lovely, she told it with sincerity. Saviavi drifted in closer to the little group, recognizing the two companions [25] [26] to this one. They were similar in look, but different enough to deserve separate attention. When she felt ready, she brought her fingertips to each of the other two. Be brave. The world here is harsh but it is ours to embrace.
Of the last two she had to visit, this one was a surprise [28]. The shell was a lovely burgundy and again Savi considered that the prejudice against the mutations had won out. She herself thought it was the most outstanding egg in the entire clutch, and she’d be proud to Impress whatever slept within- Red or not. Placing a hand over the top of it, she promised, You’ll be my inspiration for Turns to come. All of my new dresses will display your color. A cheesy pledge, perhaps, but she felt the need to honor it in its solidarity.
Saviavi gave a few minutes longer to the red egg before moving to the final. This one, again, was very plain. The shell had hints of some blue color, but not enough to be considered pretty. She gave it a few appreciative strokes and then, to end her venture, bowed to it and those around it as a whole. Thank you.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #19 on: May 29, 2017, 09:34:14 AM »
It was another momentous day for Calladren; he would finally be able to touch the hard shells of the eggs that he had spent so much time admiring. When he was told of the touching, Calladren quickly readied himself. He had Octave stay on his bunk, commissioning him to tidy the place up. While he knew that the little blue could do little more than move pebbles out of the area, Calladren was confident that Octave would be occupied long enough with that task.

The boy followed his fellow Candidates and the Candidate Master to the Hatching Sands and bowed towards the Queen. He could feel his excitement growing inside him but he forced himself under control. It would not be good for him to get kicked out of the Sands. Calladren believed that touching the eggs had an influence on which dragonet looked to a Candidate for Impression.

As with his fellow Candidates, Calladren milled about the eggs. He was careful not to touch everyone that he walked by, though every fiber of his being screamed for him too. His sister was right, it was his destiny to be a rider. He could feel that deep in his bones.

He passed by a cluster of eggs near the back of the clutch when one egg [28] caught his eye. It was a mottled red over a white background. It shimmered in the light and it was the most beautiful egg he had seen. Unsure of how this egg escaped his fanatic observation from the stands, Calladren crept his way through the eggs. Slowly, he reached out his hand and touched the hard shell. It was smooth and warm to the touch. A grin broke out across the boy's face; he could have sworn he felt movement under the shell. He ran his hand along the shell, feeling every vein and every feature on it. It was the greatest thing that he had felt.

Knowing that he should not spend too much time on one shell alone, Calladren poked his head from around the egg to look. His fellow Candidates were just as enraptured as he was. There was an egg [12] near the front of the clutch that caught his eye. It was lightly mottled with a grey color. He picked his way to the egg and began to caress it in a similar manner to the red egg that he had just left.

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Re: The Cradle of the Future [ 22.6.2590 / 1PM ] || Event
« Reply #20 on: June 01, 2017, 05:56:06 PM »
Qrellanor tried not to be nervous, tried to... contain himself and not let the what if? which echoed through his mind get to him. He didn't want to get his hopes up, nor did he want to be a pessimist about this. Trying to be realistic, he pushed negativity and positivity out of his mind, and focussed on the situation. O'sir had been very specific with his instructions, be clean, be polite, and be ready. Qrellanor was all of those things, and regardless of whether this actually did anything in preparation for a future impression, Qrellanor was going to undertake it as he was directed.

Trying to stay out of other candidates way, Qrellanor walked right to the back of the room, after he had bowed to the Weyrwoman and the Queen. His eyes were focussed on an egg which colour seemed to fade across the surface. It was a dark at the top, fading to lighter at the bottom [28]. He tried not to linger too long, tried not to let his thoughts wander too much into whether or not he would actually impress, but simple logistics.

It was a large clutch, fathered by Neisoth too, so perhaps more blacks and reds would be fathered this time. He wondered whether the colour of this egg meant anything about the colour inside, and considered asking the nearest candidate to tell him what colour this egg was, but decided against it, and instead turned his thoughts to what colour this egg might be. What if this egg hatched a little red darling? They were cute, a little overexcited, but Qrellanor didn't see anything wrong with that. If a red wanted to choose him, he would be more than happy to deal with incessant talking for the rest of his life.

He moved on, touching a few dappled grey eggs at the back of the clutch [26], [25], [24], and considered the possibility of them being green. Qrellanor wasn't afraid of sex, wasn't afraid of strangers or attention either, he didn't see a downside in a female dragon, having no particular preference for men or women in his bedroom. A green might suit him as well, he supposed.

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Getting the Ducks Back in a Row - 2.4.2590 x D'zel

The Down Low - 3.4.2590 x Callista

Now It's a Party! - 7.4.2590 x B'lye

Twisted Ankle - 25.04.2590 x Isalia

Dragon's Dance - 8.5.2590 x Bekareni

A Weyrling's First Steps - 10.5.2590 x D'zel

Evening Showers - 11.5.2590 x K'ran

Singing with Flits - 20.5.2590 x Lokin

They Aren't That Heavy - 21.5.2590 x Tiynnalacia

How To Train a Dragon - 01.06.2590 x Nalise

Avoiding Responsibiliy - 04.06.2590 x Elremmiria

Another Homecoming - 15.06.2590 x K'eir

All the Pretties Shine - 19.06.2590 x Laimora