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Author Topic: A Weyrling's First Steps [10.5.2590 / 8 AM] | Kalestath's 2589 clutch  (Read 400 times)

Offline D'zel

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Today was going to be a big day for the islands first weyrlings. They drilled, ran, and puked for days, but now the group might actually amount to something. D'zel put the final materials in place and stood with Robharth next to the mountain side. Spread out in a circle on the grass in front of the barrack's door was piles of leather, hammers, hole punchers, metal buckles, and other assorted tools to assist the weyrlings in making their first harnesses for dragon riding.

D'zel waited for the weyrlings to file in from breakfast, some more alert than others. "Good morning!" D'zel didn't wait for a reply, but he put his one arm behind his back as he walked around his students. "You know what we are doing today, because starting tomorrow, a good majority of our drills will be in the air."

He walked back to the front and pointed at a large drawing on the wall next to the door. "This is a procedure for how to make your harness. I used it as Weyrlingmaster before we found Southern Winds, so don't remove it.  I am here to help if you get tangled up in your straps, punch a hole in your hand, or manage to render yourself unconscious. But making your first harness is a trial. One that you must do yourselves." At this, he gave a few choice weyrlings a lingering gaze for a warning, but didn't call any names. "

"Now unless anyone has any lingering questions, I suggest you get going. This will take everyone all day."

Spoiler for Hidden:
This is for weyrlings who impressed during our first hatching here on the site. If you fit that criteria, jump on in!
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Offline M'lan

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M'lan made his way to class and watched the weyrling master tell them what to do. Making a harness for riding yah that would be fun not. He was not into this at this time why should he have to make it at this time why did it have to be made by them anyway didn't the weavers make the harnesses. He was not going to question anything but he was not going to refuse to do it. He grumbled about having to do something that should already be done for them. They where riders were they not? You do not want to fall off but I do think you should work on them. Maybe work alone with me to watch you.

M'lan smiled and shook his head "Your right Corvath I do not wan to fall off and I will work on the straps alone with just you. No more fights for us. We will be good and not get into trouble but I do not like this." He took some leather and walked to a corner of the ground measuring them around Corvath to make sure he gets the right length. He did not want to fall off at all.

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Offline J'hal

Mornings were, generally, the best time to catch J'hal in a good mood. He'd have had a good early bath, a good early breakfast and some good time (mostly) alone with Lesserath. Few people had had a chance to annoy him by this point. Many of the other Weyrlings seemed somewhat less keen on being up and out of bed, meaning they were less inclined to talk during breakfast, which suited the black weyrling juuust fine. So it was that he lined up easily with the others to await their morning instruction. Probably more fitness and ground drills, which were beginning to get detestable, but at least he could be fairly certain they were building up to something better.

As D'zel greeted them, eyeing his students with his usual suspicious look, J'hal's attention wandered to the grass behind the bluerider and fixed there rather abruptly. Piles of leather. Tools, some unfamiliar, others he recognised from the time he'd been made to look after R'sin's spare set of straps. His gaze snapped back to D'zel, eyes widening slightly with suddenly ignited anticipation as the Weyrlingmaster opened his mouth to speak again. Lesserath crowed in his mind when their joint suspicions were confirmed. Fuck yes! Today was the day they'd get to make their harness, which meant only one thing: they were finally ready to begin using one. That meant flight, actual flight with the two of them together, not just Lesserath gliding up and down the bowl on his own.

Don't forget to check the diagram first! Lesserath cautioned when J'hal made a beeline for the pile of leather as soon as D'zel gave them leave to begin, an unpreceented amount of entjusiam for the usually grumpy blackrider. You may have a good idea of how to fit an existing one, but you've yet to cut one yourself.

I'll be fine, J'hal replied, rifling through the pile of leather sheets to find the biggest one, because he was convinced that Lesserath would need it more than the rest of his classmates.

You didn't put all that hard work in to extra lessons only to embarrass yourself at first chance by messing it up, Lesserath chided. Double check.

Fine. Have it your way, smart-ass. At least I got us the best bit of leather to work with before anyone else could steal it, he added, seizing upon the piece he deemed the largest and strongest beore reluctantly wandering back to the chart and peering over the heads of some of the younger Weyrlings already studying it.
As of 6.2590, Lesserath is 22.38m long and 4.5m tall (10 months old)

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Carayia lined up with the rest of her group, Vesith by her side. It was interesting to note the size difference between him and other males. Vesith was comparable to some of the greens than a brown or even a blue. But that wasn’t what was on her mind today, what had her attention was the piles of leather and the grizzled blue rider giving them instructions for their task for the day. //Riding harnesses! We are building harnesses today// Oh?? Does this mean that you will be with me during drills now?? That will be great! I like drilling with the others, but doing that with you will make it so much better.
Now D’zel had Vesith’s rapt attention too. Which was an amazing feat in itself. When D’zel released them to start their initial attempts, Vesith walked a small distance away to give them some room for their efforts and waited, his tail flicking around with nervous waiting.
She walked up to the diagram, studying the cuts and holes that would need to be made. It was a lot more involved than she anticipated, but having worked in the smith hall, she knew all the tools and understood the procedure faster than most.
After all the leather and tools were retrieved, Cara walked back to her red, and started taking his measurements for the straps.

Vesith: 9 meters, 7 months old

Offline T'veck

As always, T'veck was up before the sun rose over the horizon. There were just some things that he could not shake from being a smith in a past life, though rising early and retiring late were not two things that he would want to give up; they were useful as a rider. He had made his way to the bathing caverns, a short jaunt from the nearby Weyrling Barracks, and had a quiet bath, with only Baleth to keep him company. The water, as usual, was warm and T'veck sank against the side of the bath as his muscles loosened and relaxed. After a few long minutes, and with a sigh, T'veck got out, dressed, and continued to the next cavern over, the Weyrhall, to grab a few meat rolls. Downing a mug of klah, the black weyrling headed outside to sit, with his growing black dragon, near the beach.

He was lounged across the dragon's hind leg, post-breakfast, when he spotted D'zel scurrying about with leather and nails and the like. With a sigh to express his unwillingness to break his bonding time with Baleth, T'veck slid to the ground and made his way to grassy area that the Weyrlingmaster hurried around. He knew that the older blue rider had something crocked up for the weyrlings to do today and as he drew closer, his eyes fell upon the diagram that was drawn on the wall. Realization dawned on him like a wher ramming a child. They were making riding harnesses!

//Riding harnesses!// T'veck bespoke his bonded with a smirk on his face. //That means we'll be flying together, dear friend!// With a hum and thrum of excitement, Baleth leaped into the air and glided over to the grassy area that his rider would be working in. Finally. We'll go where we want and do what we want. The black settled next to T'veck, as the rider drew to a halt, who then rested a hand on the black's dark hide. They had reached the area just as the other weyrlings from their class made their way to the day's training site.

When they were released to start working, T'veck made his way to the diagram and studied it intently. Though he did not have a photographic memory, he was pretty good at memorizing diagrams and designs. His ex-Smith's mind had been trained to build from diagrams. Once he was certain that he had a good grasp of the process, T'veck returned to the pile of materials and tools near Baleth and started to work. He looked over to J'hal and Lesserath, as he noticed that the other black weyrling had turned to the materials, first, without looking at the drawing. T'veck shook his head with a chuckle and sized up his dragon for the first cut.
As of 5.5.2590, Baleth is nine months old. He is 19.8m long, 4.125m tall, and has a wingspan of 32.868m.

Offline A'lori

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A’lori was excitable in general anyway, but he was especially so today. As soon as he’d arrived where he and the other weyrlings from the same clutch would be having their class for the day, he’d recognized the diagram and materials the Weyrlingmasters had set out. He’d never worked on straps before, since most riders did them individually, or entrusted them to the appropriately-specialized Journeymen and Masters, but the sight of them wasn’t unfamiliar. If nothing else, he knew how to use the various tools for leatherworking, and sewing, and piecing everything together.

This was in his element. And the fact that it would be leading up to actually getting to fly with Querliuth had him nearly bouncing in place as he listened to what D’zel had to say.

Make sure my straps look the best, my A’lori. His Green was as excited as he was, eyes almost a hue to match the bright points on her hide as she twitched her tail in anticipation. I want them to look good on me.

Ducking his head some, A’lori stifled a chuckle so D’zel wouldn’t think he was laughing at anything he’d said. //I think you’d make rags look good, darling. But I promise, your straps will be as pretty as you.// There were advantages to being an ex-Weaver after all. It was a shame, though, that he probably wouldn’t get a chance to embroider them or give them any decorative patterning.

Maybe when she was fully grown, he’d be able to do so for a set that would last her for a while.

Once they were released to their own devices, A’lori made his way over to the diagram, putting some of his height to good use so that shorter classmates could crowd closer to it while he could still see. Yes, all of this seemed familiar. The straps might be a bit complicated, but the key to it would simply be in taking it in chunks.

Measuring Querilith would be the first order of business. He knew he’d need to refer to the diagram again, but at least he had some idea what he was working with. Moving to the tools, A’lori snagged a measuring tape, notched and painted like the ones the Weavers used, and moved over to his dragon. The whole thing wouldn’t reach around her, of course, but that too was a trick he’d been taught during his apprenticeship, and he’d gotten rather good at eyeballing and extrapolating distances from what he could actually measure. This would be like that, just on a bigger scale.

Queriluth | 9 Months Old | 11.5 M Long | 1.925 M Tall | 19.25 M Wingspan


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